Massih Bin Dawud - Containing the 1st Volume of 'The Complete Testament, Marvels Of Space And Time, His Story',accompanied by the playlist all three' Reflections, Retro, Remixes, and the Rest', The 1st volume or book is titled '3' and was originally stored on


Welcome to a 12-3 Production presenting a work dedicated to the gnosis, the esoteric meanings and the spiritual dimensions of the number


“I feel that people focus on only one or two sides or the final third of the trilogy,

but they should try and think 3 dimensionally.”

By listening you know

By seeing you believe

By saying you learn


There is light in knowledge

There is power in belief

There is wisdom in learning


Know the light

See the good

Learn the truth


Where is the Light

Where is the Love

Where is the Peace


By A Submitter





3 Attributes of God

The Omniscient (Al-Aleem )- The Knower

The Omnipotent (Al-Qadir) - The Most Powerful

The Omnipresent (Al-Wasi’) - The Most Wise

3 Sciences:

Chemistry is about the mind, mind is fluid.

Physics is about the body, body is solid.

Biology is about the soul, soul is gaseous.


3 Arts:

Music- the sound waves- ears to listen

Making images (art) - figures, paintings and pictures to show- eyes to see

Writing- a form of speech- a tongue to read


3 Classics:

Philosophy: what one knows (of the future)

Linguistics: what one observes (in the present)

History: what one learns (from the past)

There are 4 triangles. Which are interlinked, in words what it shows is a tetrahedron, which consists of 4 triangles with three sides each. In this order the three attributes of God, the three sciences, the three arts and the three classics, the main three or the base triangle are the three attributes, then from these three points the triangle of knowledge, the knowing of certain phenomena, the working of the mind, the sciences. The second links with power, with Arts with the body and physics. The third, Omnipresence, links with the soul, with learning and wisdom. The mind needs knowledge, the body needs power, the soul needs wisdom.

Think 4 seasons in 12 months in a year.

If we look at these ‘four threes’ in another way, by placing one from each we can get three fours.

The Omniscient




The Omnipotent




The Omnipresent




=three fours=12

The first four link with hearing, mind and knowledge the second four link with sight, body and power and the third four link with speech, soul and wisdom. The tetrahedron has 4 triangles, 4 faces and 4 points.

Next is a poem of 3s, it is mainly made up of one word or a few words, but they are threes which can be elaborated upon throughout the rest of the book, and will become clearer as to what is meant by them, but I will achieve this in my own way, and will do this in my own way.

Poem of threes (in logical sequence)




God is Omniscient

God is Omnipotent

God is Omnipresent

The Old

The New

The Final

The Tree of Knowledge

The Fountain of Youth

The Elixir of Life










Serve the ego

Serve the people

Serve the devil

Power lies in money

Power lies in guns

Power lies in (the) boys







The hypocrites

The liars

The ignorant

=12=1+2=3 2x6=12

Monkey Talk

Firstly ‘the three wise monkeys’ is a relatively old Buddhist idea originating from Japan, based on See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, there is a fourth which does not figure called Do no evil. They are not wise, only the third of the three Speak No, is wise, the second See No, is potent or powerful, and Hear No is enlightened. One gives exclamations, one asks questions, one says things. The first Hear No - has an exclamation mark at the end of what he exclaims for our ears to know because they don’t listen! The second See No - has a question mark to show the potentiality and choices, to believe in what we see, because they don’t see? The third Speak No - has a full stop to part with the impartial truths or wise words he says, because they don’t learn. I do not think that all three are in relation to evil, Hear No is in relation to light and darkness, See No, is in relation to good and evil, and Speak No is in relation to true and false or right and wrong.

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were the founders of three Semitic religions, and are the manifestation of the three, Hear No, See No and Speak No.

Those who wish to rule the world believe power lies in money; these are the jealous ones who lead to darkness.

Those who desire to own the world believe power lies in guns; these are the cruel ones who bring evil.

Those who want to control the world believe power lies in (the) boys; these are the mad ones who cause corruption.


Concerning the three gifts Tree of Knowledge which affects the mind, the Fountain of Youth which replenishes the body, and the Elixir of Life which nurtures the soul. With these three gifts given to three distinct groups the first didn’t like it, the second didn’t want it, and the third didn’t need it. There are those who say it is all in the mind, but there is also a body, look at the miracles of the body that Jesus performed, and there is a soul, look at the history and the ever present God who on numerous occasions told Muhammad to SAY. Through sayings you become wise.

Because of jealousy for the Elixir of Life through greed led to failure to know the Tree of Knowledge and instead of having faith in God, they have chosen devotion to laws. They have been tested but so often when tested they are found to be without faith. They are the jealous kind, always looking at others fortune and complaining of their own lot.

“And remember ye said: "O Moses! We cannot endure one kind of food (always); so beseech thy Lord for us to produce for us of what the earth groweth, -its pot-herbs, and cucumbers, its garlic, lentils, and onions." {2:61}

They did not like what God had given them, the Tree of Knowledge, they liked what the world could give them, for light they substituted it for darkness, for the eternal they substituted it for the temporal.

Ridha- (Arabic for) contentment is something they cannot understand. They are tested but most of them fail.

The second stage and group to emerge because of rejection led them to seek the tree of knowledge in place of the fountain of youth thinking that knowledge is power. They are the cruel ones, who have been seduced to believe power lies in guns, guns are evil but they think they can do good with them and use them in the fight to see who has the upper hand on territory. They only take ownership of things in order for them to indulge, and when it is removed from them they become cruel. Their history shows that they have colonised and hurt people and taken ownership of land and resources, caused mass suffering and world wars have been fought over deceit. They divide and rule, when there are those who say let us share the world they answer let us divide the world into small pieces, let the people take ownership of the land which only leads to the trade in weapons and guns, and let their people have a government to act in the interest of the people so that we get wars because governments have a need to excise dominion, and let them follow the example of the victors of the last world war, on one side those who proudly claim to be the master race, and on the other those who boast to be the superior race. So now the world follows the example of Britain, as it claims to be the superior.

What is apparent in Iraq where the Western Christians have occupied the land through guns and force, because they need the oil to continue with their hegemony over the world. They don’t care how much it costs, all they want is ownership of the oil. .

They will not simply send their troops home to alleviate the crisis because they are seduced into thinking power lies in guns and that they can own in order to indulge and if anyone gets in the way of their indulgence there is a price to be paid with a life and the example they follow is from the gospel accounts of Jesus, who when trying to challenge their lusts and greed was cruelly slain, they think he tried to free them of their egos and seductions and evil only to pay for it with his life, so they continually bring about suffering and cruel treatment of those who oppose their possession and seduction in power lies in guns

America believes power lies in guns, their history points to that, the ‘guns’ civilisation, they have held ransom the whole of Iraq on the basis of a protection racket, they say they are there to stop the violence, when in reality they are the cause.

In their eyes guns are the source of power, through which the good can defeat evil, but this is seduction because they lack belief. They are seduced because they don’t believe in God they have faith in Christ but no belief in God.

Then there are the ones who are inflicted with madness who look for power to control others and are corrupted to desire the fountain of youth which means they believe power lies in the boys, or young men instead of the elixir of life, a book which guides you to eternal life. They do not devote to the One God, they believe in Him and in His Prophet and his companions, there is a need to differentiate between devotion and belief, through belief they think they can attain salvation by sacrificing their lives so that they think they are victorious however they find they have caused suffering and jahilliya has prevailed rather than wisdom and truth. In the haste and recklessness of youth they bring about destruction and chaos but if they were not killing themselves they could live to attain the wisdom through study and learning, but they think this is the be all and end all of everything, and so lose to their corrupt ideals.

A cleanliness of mind and intentions to avoid hypocrisy,

A purity of heart to avoid cruelty,

And the goodness of soul to avoid corruption.

What is corrupt to follow God in His word as revealed to the last Prophet, or to follow the companions who came after them with their hearsay? I hope this explains not only what they are, the three, but also why they are and what they’ve done.

Are Jews Jealous?

Are Christians cruel?

Are Muhammadans mad?


In this context the answer is yes. I can visualise how cruel the Christians have been since the Crusades, where the Knights of the Templar massacred many, or recently when the Nazis killed the Jews during the Holocaust, or during the slave trade where the first slave ship they named it Jesus, or with the treatment of indigenous people throughout the world, or in Vietnam and Iraq, or the European colonialists in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. And coming from a Muhammadan background, I can see how mad they are, mad about the different rites in Islam, the madness of the stories and tales that have been fabricated about the Prophet, mad in how they choose to blew themselves up and kill themselves and others, I don't see that as a crusade for justice, it is an act of barbarism and ignorance.

We can also see that the Zionist state of Israel is the Jewish egotistical vision of a land that is theirs through an ancestral link and divine right, but how does that prove they are jealous? Because they can't be everything, they try to make themselves proud but in the end they fail to know light from darkness.

Marcus Aurelius once said, 'I have been everything, and everything is nothing'- This can be a confusing statement, only some people will get the true meaning of it, it has taken me some time to understand it, and I am still only seeing things not in their entirety or with any certainty. He is not saying he has been everything in sense that he was a dog, or a cow, but in the sense of pride in that he was somebody high like a ruler, and he found being a ruler was still nothing, because he failed to see the light, and thought that power lies in money, and never once had faith to be humble only they became egotistical and proud and in the end they realised that everything is a number, and not eternal, and therefore is nothing. There might be a lesson to be learnt in this by the Jews or Zionist elite. Another explanation for this could be, upon reflection, is maybe we sell ourselves for the illusion of everything, when we obtain the object of desire we find nothing. Redeem yourself seek the eternal. For that you would need the elixir of life, too often this temporal world and its curses are such that people refuse to learn the truth and make it their business to divert from the truth even when it augments their own understandings and knowledge, or they sell themselves to their ignorance by worshipping the devil, because of this most are seduced towards evil, ponder upon this how many have said they have very little way of knowing the Quran, because they prefer ignorance. When the Quran is the manifest elixir of life, which shows you the two paths to eternal life one to the Garden of Eden the other to Hell. Continue to show your ignorance and your blindness to it, it will only be your own undoing.

What struck me about the statement wasn’t the bit where he says “I have been…” but the bit which reads ‘everything is nothing’, the sun is up during the day then night falls, the moon is up at night, then morning comes and it too goes away, everything is in a state of nothingness, and that is why we should look closely at the three attributes because God is the Eternal, the all-Knowing, and the Most Powerful, everything in creation is not permanent, there in a state of flux and reflux.

Life, death and resurrection. And still there are those who argue there is only life and death, when there is three, the third being resurrection.

Heaven, Hell and Earth. – The three symbolised by the angels, the demons/devils, and humans- the angels know, the devils/demons see, and the humans learn.

Future, past and present. The three tenses of time, if future and past are opposites then present is neutral, in this is a sign of the three dimensions with the three tenses of time.

There is everything in this life, and there is nothing when we die, but there is the eternal salvation or damnation to come.

Everything is nothing, nothing is still nothing, the eternal is to come. Try find eternal in what exists physically, and you will find nothingness in space and on earth, you can traverse in your mind the whole of the globe and you see nothing, because what we are looking for does not exist on earth, but when we look at the vast nothingness of space, the earth becomes just as insignificant.. If everything is nothing, then what is nothing? Nothing is still nothing but for everything to exist there has to be a reason, what exist is the manifestation of God’s attributes.

As time passes everything is nothing.

“Everything perishes, except His presence”. (28:88)

Their quest is for everything, they allow themselves to be dictated by their pride, not by their conscience how they have enslaved the world to the idea that power lies in money, is money the elixir of life? Money is for most the elixir of life, through which you think you can live forever. You put money before God.

What I am trying to explain by the changes of the gifts of God, through the interchanging, which has been brought about through jealousy, through rejection and through ignorance, rather than seeing a balance they saw one being better than the other, or they thought they could manipulate the first and reject the second, or they needed a drug something powerful or portent so they thought they could use the second and not need the third.

How they disbanded from light and chosen darkness instead. It is money that built the Zionist state, into a developed country, and it is only money that keeps it going, and all for the sake of pride, while millions starve and die their only worry is how to satisfy their jealous egos, only to realise what Aurelius once spoke of, “I have been everything, and everything is nothing”.

What of the cruelty of the Christians, for so long women were seen as the temptress the one who seduced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge (between good and evil), through the story of Adam they derive their idea that mankind are God's children. Because the tree of knowledge in this part has the addition of 'between good and evil' they derive that man is good and women are evil, which led to the cruel treatment of women as witches during medieval times.

But in reality the Tree of Knowledge, is simply the tree of knowledge and is mentioned in the Old Testament, you shouldn't put it in context with good and evil. What I am writing may be a seed that is being planted into someone’s heart or mind or it maybe a branch from already growing/existing tree, a tree of knowledge, is only how you build from things, how you grow in light. What the Jews had was the Tree of Knowledge, they were given a niche, but instead of reaching enlightenment, when they were tested they failed due to their belief that power lies in money and put gold before God. A little faith will see them go very far - faith. What does a tree need to grow, it needs light. Knowledge is Light.

But like Adam they were seduced into thinking a temporal thing could change their status.

The Christians rejected the Fountains of Youth for the Tree of Knowledge, the knowledge they have derived or have been given has not been constructive it has been destructive, because they think knowledge is power. They each chose to change their gift. There is only one more thing to add, they have each been given the time and space to make their choices.

Are Christians Cruel?

Whilst researching on 3 as a concept and a number, seeing if there was anyone who has been on the path I tread, or shares the same ideas, some of the things stated in these pages have not been committed to writing and some are unveilings of the unseen and some are solid proofs. Either I’m barking mad or this is really the beginning of something phenomenal. Christians are the cruellest people on earth they think there is a war or a fight between good and evil, and they pursue knowledge in order to fight evil or to destroy it, they are seduced into believing power lies in guns or weapons, and therefore take ownership of things like the land. They do not serve God they are nor servants of God, they serve people, through things like democracy, only because they do not see themselves as servants of God but as children of God, which is a perverse suggestion and allows them to indulge their senses as long as they give the Priest or the Pope or the Queen the rights that belong to God alone. The Church however shows the prevalence of the Pauline school rather than the early church or school of the Apostles which Paul was not part of, this saw the disregard for Mosaic Law and the deification of Christ.

They think they are doing good by serving people, but in reality they do not show how cruel they were or are to the people of the world for the sake of appeasing the lies with which they think they are free. They think they are setting an example to the world, but their works are evil as they have taken up others as sovereign instead of God. Who are they being good to, where pride matters, to Queen and country that’s where, is that not a sense of discrimination and apartheid. We should be servants of God, after the lies of the gospels which state that Jesus was God’s only son, when in the context of the Old Testament, only some were called sons of God, not as the Church tries to sell the idea we are all the children of God. In terms of the Old Testament only some were known as sons or children of God, not as the gospels teach Jesus was God’s only son, which is a blasphemy, or for the Church to say we are all God’s children because another part of the Gospels teaches Adam was God’s first son.

Who are they helping anyway? Indulgence doesn’t ease the suffering. I believe Christians are being cruel, you only act in accordance with the cruelty you hand out to others that are not protected by the sovereignty of the Queen, only you have accepted her as a your sovereign and by so doing have turned idolatrous.

When we accept that our Sovereign is God, only then will you see this web of deceit for what it is the flimsiest of homes.

“The parable of those who take protectors other than God is that of the spider, who builds (to itself) a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider's house; - if they but knew. (Surat Al-Ankabot: 41)

The Christian quest for knowledge, leads to destruction, the tree of knowledge does not rightfully belong to them it belongs to the Jews, for them is the Fountain of Youth and for the Jews is not the Elixir of Life, which they think is money which only brings darkness and oppression, but the tree of knowledge.

The Final Testament which is free of manipulations, additions, editing, and is still found in the original language that it was sent in, this, no other religion can claim, but only the scripture of Islam. But sadly one has to add an addition was made to the Quran, during the Caliphate of Othman 19 years after the Prophet had died, and now not all the Quran’s are free of the addition which they made in the copying of the Quran from the original as written by the Prophet’s hand. Only one Quran, today, is free of the additions and that is the Final Testament, the authorized translation by R.Khalifa, the messenger of the covenant, who found that two verses at the end of Sura 9 were additions made to the book because the mathematical code would not allow for additions to be made without it breaking the code. This is even verified by their own books in Hadith, in Bukhari there is a Hadith which verifies every verse in the Quran except the last two at the end of Sura 9, which is from their most authentic book on Hadith. This is the Sura which does not start with besmallah irahman niraheem, the only sura without it , pointing to a change that occurred in it after the Prophet had died who had left behind the original Quran as recorded by his own hand, which they made several copies of 19 years after the Prophet had died which the hypocrites hide from the people, but God will make it known, even a mustard seed in a rock, God can bring it forth, there is nothing hidden from God in the heavens and the earth.

The Elixir of Life is not money it is the Book, the Arabic Quran, the Fountain of Youth is the Aramaic Gospel, and the Tree of Knowledge is the Hebrew Torah.

These are the word of God as sent to the Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Moses. God does not want to burden you, or create hardship, the straight path is a path of righteousness, when you realise that through submission to God and acceptance of the rites of Islam as given and performed by Abraham, and you have chosen to live your life in this way, you will find peace and happiness in this life and in the next.

I do not expect you to accept my word right now, especially when I keep mentioning the Tree of Knowledge, the Fountains of Youth and the Elixir of Life, (notice there are three ’of’s’) but you will soon see they are well placed and not some bias slant or political motivated rant that I employ, it is the unseen that I do not expect you to accept as readily as I do at present.

They have changed their rights for something else, due to jealousy, rejection or ignorance. Ask the Christians about Mohammedans, and they will say they are mad but that's only because they are cruel to them. They have been cruel to the Mohammedans since the Crusades.

Was Hiroshima cruel, let me ask?

How can you justify such an act?

They believe that power lies in guns and weapons even their superheroes and Hollywood fight between good and evil story which they have sold the world over for fight evil with weapons of superior powers, and fight monsters that are different, elaborating on the thoughts of discrimination and prejudice and justification of continuous destruction.

To them Christians are the children of God, so what is the fate of those who are not Christian, as we see for them is a cruel fate at the hands of the Christians.

In Britain they have a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, it is strange that out of all the things that happen in a child’s life, from being a bundle of joy, and something most people show love and affection to, and they pinpointed cruelty as something prevalent in children’s lives. Cruelty to children? Think about it I’m lost for words; do they mean the children of God or just children? You know things by their opposites, what is the opposite of cruel it is kind. That’s why during Christmas they are taught to satisfy their desires and are taught to indulge, whereas Eid for Muslims is a day of festive after a month of fasting and practising self restraint. A clear contrast and difference, as vivid as the East is to the West...

They also have a Royal Society to prevent cruelty to animals, why is it that they need to prevent cruelty and that these charities or ‘societies’ are found in a Christian country? Obviously they are hiding the fact that they are cruel, knowing full well that they are the ones bringing the systematic hurt to various people on earth, from the Middle East, to Africa to the Far East and the Americas, all they have shown to these people is their cruelty, and to animals they use them for scientific tests, or put them in zoos, or cramp them into pens and mass slaughter them.

How about how cruel your being to the Iraqi people, but they are not children, nor are they Christians, How about how cruel you were to the African, Aboriginal and Native people, but they not children, nor are they Christian. (Even though there are children amongst them) I get the picture, then why are there Catholic or Christians priests who are paedophiles? Let me ask that then, now who’s lost for words? Why do Christian clergy molest and sexually abuse children, if children are not to be treated cruelly. Especially when the West likes to use Hadith narratives to argue that Prophet Muhammad had a relationship with a minor, and this has been used again and again by Christians to infuriate those Mohammedans, and to degrade the rank of the Prophet, I guess we should practise what we preach.

Are Muhammadans mad?

They think they are Muslims, but just call one of them a Muhammadan, and see how mad they get, something that the Christians achieve with ease, is to infuriate the so called Muslims.

That's the first part of the test.

If I said, “Muslims are mad!” then many people from the cruel Christians trying to bring some order to Iraq whilst stealing the oil, and the jealous Jews trying to stop the madness on its borders, whilst they quest for everything, will agree and say it’s true.

The problem I face is that I do not regard them as Muslims even though there is a billion who call themselves Muslims, for the simple fact that they added Muhammad’s name to the universal proclamation of faith that ‘there is no other god besides God’ . They follow the Arabs who God says are worse in disbelief and hypocrisy, the Koran says concerning Arabs from whom most so called Muslims take their religion:

al arabu ashadu kufran wa nafaaqan

wa ajdaru alla wallamu haduda ma anzalallahu ala rasoolehe

Wallahu Aleemun Hakeem.

(Koran Sura9 verse 97)


”The Arabs are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy, and the most likely to ignore the laws that GOD has revealed to His messenger. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.”(9:97)



They are Muhammadans because they argue that Muhammad was an Arab, this therefore legitimises the Arabs, but they have chosen the Prophet and Hadith and forsaken God and the Word. They are the mad they changed the elixir of life by adding two verses honouring the Prophet, and that proves they are not Muslims they are Arabs and Arabs are Muhammadans. I’m aware that people cannot accept this, because it means that their families, their loved ones, and those they have adorned and admired are nothing more than Muhammadans not Muslims. Though this may be the truth. Do not choose the Arabs as the guides take the Quran as the guide. The reason why I think they are Muhammadans is because all the major religions are named after a person or a place, only Islam isn’t named after a person or a place, therefore I find as Judaism is named after Judah and Christianity after Christ, then rightly those who think they are Muslims for adding Muhammad’s name to the universal proclamation of faith be named Muhammadans after Muhammad.

The second part of the test is to say to the so called Muslim you just called a Muhammadan

“If you are a Muslim say the kalima”.

They will, most likely, respond through ignorance, “there is no god other than God, and Muhammad is His Messenger”. Or even say there are 6 kalimas, when there is only one, the universal kalima not the exclusive kalima of the Muhammadans.

Then you can ask “is that the kalima of Abraham, Jesus, and Moses?” or “what would Abraham say?”

The truth is the kalima, is only, “there is no other god besides God.”

And that’s all.

Ask why do they need to add anything to the kalima?

Because of the word of God that has been sent before them concerning the Arabs.


Some scholars like Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, say such as “whose winning? Allah has already won!”. At first, I didn’t understand the implications of what was being said, I was at the time none the wiser concerning many things and was listening to Sunni Sheikhs. You can sense a competition, also in philosophical realms could be understood to mean things, there may be light in these words, but first impressions were, that never appeared in the Quran because it felt like an amazing statement, however the extent of the intention should not be undermined or given false witness against, though it reminded me of the Quranic verse, of those who twist their tongues to imitate the scripture, when it is not from the scripture and claim it is from God when it is not from God, uttering lies. (3:78)

Allah is just the name that they give to God, it means literally 'the God', the reason why they differentiate and say God is Allah, and don't call Allah God, is because they have an idea that God, Allah is winning or has won, and they are defeating the other Gods and their people, but eventuality leads them to lose because the absoluteness of God does not allow them to make the Creator Allah the God of the 'Muslims, and Father the God of the Christians, and “our God” the God of the jealous Jews, because there is only one God the Lord of the worlds. This is a sign of prejudice and discrimination and leads to pride rather than to humble submission to the Lord of creation. Just as the Christian see their religion as a war between good and evil, and the Jews as jealousy between the chosen people and the gentiles. The Muhammadans see their religion as a quest of who has won, or is winning, so they have pride in their boys that are in battle with other men and their religions, and they attempt to defeat others and their religion in order to say their God, Allah, has won or 'has already won' as Sheikh Nuh once said in a talk he gave.

If I was talking in Arabic it would be Allah like when I recite the Quran in Arabic, even the Christian Arabs refer to God as Allah., if I was talking in Urdu(my mother tongue which is mainly a Hindi dialect) it would be Khudha if I was talking in English then it is God.

For example when you read ayat ul kursi, Verse of the Throne in Arabic it starts with:

Allahu la illaha illa hu...

In English would it be?

Allah He is! There is no god but He!


God He is! There is no god but He!


Confusing I know, but if lah means god then why would Al lah mean the word Allah, not the God, or just God, starting with a capital letter, or in capitals like so - GOD. That is my point, lah and Allah derive from the same word so it is incorrect that you want me add this:

Just add:

true Muslims are those who are TOTALY devoted to Allah: the One True God

By that statement, you could say that God and Allah, are not one and the same, God is not Allah, Allah is not God therefore. You must tread carefully by emphasising one aspect you may lose the other half, how do you expect people to believe in God when you refer to him entirely as Allah, and by doing so have implied Allah is not God. Think about it, what do you wish to profess and allow.

“To God belongs the most beautiful names, call upon Him therewith, and disregard those who distort His names. They will be requited for their sins” (7:180)


The Hypocrites

Hypocrites are those people who contradict themselves, hypocrisy can through its etymology mean the inability to sift or to decide, though I’d like to disagree with the dictionary or the encyclopaedia, with the passage through this chapter it shall, God willing, become clear what is meant by a hypocrite. What I would like to do (lest I forget) is to show at least 3 examples of the hypocrisy of the Jewish people.

The first example I shall give is taken from the Book of Exodus, and is also explained in the Koran. It is when Moses on Mount Sinai received the commandments, the Children of Israel, in Moses’ absence made a golden calf with all the gold they carried and Samarian throw in dust from where the ‘messenger’; or angel, stood, and they forged a calf which they began to worship, saying this is the God of Moses.

They had witnessed the 9 signs that God sent on to Pharaoh and his people, they were witnesses of the parting of the Red Sea and the fall of Pharaoh, and also with the knowledge they had through their ancestors from the 12 children of Jacob and Abraham Even after all this they still showed themselves as hypocrites, which I think is because of the gold they hoarded with themselves, or maybe it was the oppression they suffered at the hands of Pharaoh the reason they failed the test, the hardship and the persecution made the sufferers assume the psyche of those subjecting them or altered their perceptions of the world, it all depends on history which history you learn from and which you disregard.


Secondly it is not in my nature to write lengths, and I will most likely fail to write enough for a book, but there could be volumes written about the Israeli and Palestinian situation, there could be an outrage throughout the world if the media was allowed to print or show some of the things that occur in Israel and Palestine.

The oppressed become the oppressor; the victimised become the victimisers, is that not contradictory? Is that not a sign of hypocrisy? After all there is a global awareness of the suffering of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, but very little is said of the genocides that have occurred since then in say Africa or Bosnia or even Palestine. The number of books published and films made to show the cruelty which the Jewish people endured at the hands of the Nazis, the remembrance and even the propaganda that goes on in Israel suggests that the Jews were victims of atrocity and oppressed in history. So if the oppression was felt, isn't it ironic that to a lesser or greater extent they are the ones oppressing other people.

Whilst looking for fresh, new ideas to add, that would maybe strengthen my argument concerning the hypocrisy of the Jews. I came across a David Duke article, titled 'Hypocrisy of the Jewish Supremacism'. Which in length talks of the power that the Jews have in finance, government and military rule, but how have the victims shown their hypocrisy? By going out and victimising different people

He says in the article:


Israeli government and military have occupied a land of over 2 million

people against their will for over 35 years. They have incarcerated

hundreds of thousands with no probable cause, they have tortured tens

of thousands, they have bulldozed thousands of homes, they have killed

and maimed thousands of men, women and children in one of the most

brutal military occupations the world has ever seen. What is Israel's

justification for this slaughter, that the Palestinians have resisted

this illegal and brutal military occupation? Just the other day, an

independent cameraman journalist caught Israeli tank gunners firing at

and killing children on their bicycles. Where is the outrage?

Only extreme power could successfully hide such blatant hypocrisies

from the world.


Was it a small lie or a big lie from this writer who is after all a Christian, when he mentions the Israeli tank gunners killing children on their bikes, and this being caught on camera, how did the information reach him, I think he's lying but that is common amongst Christians, after all they are known to be actors. After a list of crimes, he couldn't help himself by adding a little extra emotion by lying, only showing the cruelty of the sort that Christians are known for.

David Duke also points out, that the Jewish controlled media was for example against apartheid in South Africa, but there is a code of silence on reporting the segregation of Jews from non Jews in Israel, where Arab Israeli nationals who make up 20% of the population of Israel are not permitted to buy Israeli government land, which happens to be 85% of the land in Israel, how true this is, one cannot be sure, but does suggests a form of apartheid... A sign of hypocrisy?


Jesus and the Pharisees another, third and final case study:


"But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up

the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves,

neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in...

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye pay tithe of

mint and anise and cumin, and have omitted the weightier matters of

the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these things ought ye to have

done, and not to leave the other undone. Ye blind guides, which strain

at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye make clean the

outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of

extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee...." (Matthew 23:13,



Jesus had an amazing way of talking, these gospels show a style that is unprecedented.

Would you not accept this is as proof that the Jews are hypocrites, maybe the idea of a hypocritical Jew comes from the word of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. Jesus doesn't say it once, he says they are hypocrites three times, therefore it is the curse of Jesus as there was also a curse of David and it is damning in this case. But hypocrisy as I have shown appeared much earlier than just during the time of Jesus.

I've now given three cases which prove the hypocrisy of the Jewish people.

What I also found and would like to argue is that hypocrisy isn't just apparent with the Jews, but is also the trait of the Sunni people in so called Islam... We can show this in threes:

First the Sunni, known as the ahle Sunna (the people of the traditions of the Prophet, as passed down through the generations).

Secondly the Shias, known as the ahle Bayt (the people of the House of the Prophet, the Imamate of Ali and Hussain and their progeny).

And thirdly the Salefis, known as the ahle Hadith (the people of sayings and actions of the Prophet as recorded by the early so called Muslims).

The first are hypocrites like the Jews, the second are liars like the Christians, the third are ignorant like the Muhammadans. So the Semitic religions have been mirrored and reflected by the three major sects in so called Islam, this is one of my arguments. See also that they follow a chronological order from earliest to the latest, and in the case of the sects they also show the largest group to the smallest.

Also note that these three groups in Muhammadanism, are people of something or the other, but none says they are ahle Koran, people of the Koran, which is the fourth group to recently emerge with the discovery of the mathematical miracle of the Koran, They say they are ahle Kitaab, people of the Book, but that is secondary or also, but not primary and only. The Koran teaches that the people of the different Books the Torah and the Gospels, and the Quran are the people of the Book, Books sent by God. It is advised in the Quran:

[29:46] Do not argue with the people of the scripture except in the nicest possible manner―unless they transgress― and say, "We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our god and your god is one and the same; to Him we are submitters."

Isn’t that better than stressing the Sunna of the Prophet, so that you imitate the Prophetic traditions, or the House of the Prophet, so you elect your leaders from the line of the Prophet or from Ali, not as Caliphs as is the case with the Sunnis, but as infallible Imams as is the case with Shias. Is it not better to say you are ahle Kitaab or Koran than to say you are ahle Hadith, people of the sayings and actions of the Prophet as recorded in the generations following the Prophet?

“These are God's verses; we recite them for you truthfully. In which "Hadith", beside God and His verses, do they believe in? WOE TO EVERY SINFUL FABRICATOR. He hears God's verses, then insists arrogantly on his way, as if he never heard them; promise him painful retribution. When he learns anything from our verses, he takes it in vain; these have deserved humiliating retribution. Awaiting them is hell; neither their earnings, nor the idols they had set up beside God can help them; they have deserved terrible retribution. THIS IS THE GUIDANCE, and those who do not believe the verses of their Lord will suffer debasement, and painful retribution." (45:6-11)

Even when God chooses the word Hadith, they still compile books and call them Hadith, even when God says in which ‘Hadith’ they are still stupid enough to believe in hearsay.


Since the title of this chapter is 'the hypocrites' I will show and examine how the Sunnis like the Jews are hypocrites. The first noticeable fact is that both groups believe power lies in money, the early conquests by the early Muhammadans were not fought to spread Islam but for booty, that is the argument of Montgomery Watt, in his book 'Religious Truth for our Time'. He says:


"After Muhammad's death in 632 the state he founded developed rapidly

into a large empire. It is completely mistaken, however, to see this

expansion of Islam by the sword… Christians, Jews and other 'peoples

of the Book' were accepted as 'protected minorities'…The ordinary

Arabs, and later the other peoples who took part in the wars of

expansion, seem to have been chiefly interested in obtaining booty."



Another example of the Sunni hypocrisy can be found in the Koran. From this you will know a Muhammadan from a Muslim.

The Koran says:



"When the hypocrites come to you they say: We bear witness that you are the messenger of God. God knows that you are His messenger, and GOD bears witness that the hypocrites are liars."63:1


This shows how to differentiate between a Muhammadan and a Muslim, a Muslim says there is only one God and goes no further, he does not add Muhammad is His messenger, or create a false three like the Trinity, . Read the chapter on 'are Muhammadans mad' for further clarification. I think the question we need to ask, is 'what would Abraham say?' what is the kalima of Abraham? In their ignorance they add 'and Muhammad is His messenger' that is the case of the so called Muslims today they are ignorant, but during the time of the Prophet it was said by the hypocrites, and most of the Sunni sect is borne through the endeavours of the hypocrites after the death of the Prophet.

Another angle you can use to show the similarity between the Jews and Sunnis, is the devotion to laws, the Sunnis developed the Sharia Law in which the jurists expanded the laws to live by and what was permissible and forbidden in Islam. These Sharia laws were based on the Hadith as well as interpretations of the Quran, but in many ways it has led to corruption of the basic rites in Islam as practised by Abraham. For one they no longer believe the ancient rites were from Abraham they believe them to be from Muhammad, things like the five prayer were said to be a bargain between God and Muhammad after Moses told Muhammad to go back and ask God to reduce the number of prayers to five during the mirage of the Prophet, or the ascension to heaven, there were many false stories and lies that appeared after the Prophet had left the world. This is a clear sign of the ignorance that became apparent because they were not willing to learn but felt obliged to add and change the rites of Islam by their hero worship and idolization of Muhammad the ‘Arab’ Prophet What we learn now though since the deciphering of the Quran by computers, is the prevalence of the number 19, and this is even apparent in the 5 prayers, if you put the units of each prayer like so, 24434, this number is a multiple of 19. Then if you add the result of the number which you get from the division of 24434 by 19, which is 1286, this number, 1286 adds to 17 which is the number you get by adding the number of units for a day. A miracle!

But what the Sharia has done based upon Hadith is to say that the number of units per prayer can be divided into three categories, the fard (obligatory prayer) this has remained the same as the units I listed in all the different madhabs and sects, there are 2 units for Fajr (prayer at dawn), 4 units for Zohar (prayer at midday), 4 units for Asr (prayer at afternoon), 3 units for Maghrib (prayer at sunset), 4 units for Isha ( the evening prayer), which if you list like so 24434 is a multiple of 19. Then they added the sunna ( extra unit that are read in the tradition of the Prophet, which are read for the Prophet’s sake) and the nafil (which are supplementary prayers for God‘s sake). By doing so the mathematical code for the unit of prayers has been broken. The reason why I have noted the units of each prayer is because I would like to point to the 3 fours that appear, there are three prayers with four units each, adding to 12.

The ablution which God says, in the Quran, involves the washing of the face, the washing of the arms, the wiping of the head and the washing of the feet, even this has been added to, now they wash in-between their nails, they rinse their mouths 3 times, clean their noses 3 times, wipe their beards, and clean out their ears. There may be a spiritual reason for God to choose only four instructions to perform the ablution, yet the literalist think they have to burden us with extra instructions. They also say the ablution was taught to Muhammad by the Arch Angel Gabriel, another lie they have forged to justify their additions to the Quranic method of ablution.

Please see the chapter at the end of the book on how to prayer the Abrahamic way, if you wish to know the rite of Salat in Islam and how to perform it. You can find the method in detail

The Liars


“What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of

the good and for the Christian church ... a lie out of necessity, a

useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he

would accept them."

– Martin Luther


I used the word of Jesus as recorded in the Synoptic Gospels as proof of the hypocrisy of the Jews, maybe the idea arrives from his word, but I had no prior knowledge of this before arguing that the Jews are hypocrites, I arrived to that answer before reading Jesus' word, when I became aware of three dimensions, not see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, but I placed them as Hear No! See No? Speak No. The three have always been written as hypocrites, liars, and ignorant, so I thought maybe they correlate to the three Semitic religion, and found that they appear to.

I will in due course use verses from the Koran, as an argument to prove the lies of Christianity. The main body of people that will argue that the Christians lie, are the atheist, who tend to be born or raise as Christians or are acquainted with the Church and Christianity through its prevalence in society, who grow up to reject it or to ridicule it, but they will still celebrate Christmas! Showing atheism is just an attachment onto Christianity, an extension or a branch, instead of once choosing the Catholic Pope as the Sovereign they now choose the Secular Queen, they still fall into idol worship but know it not. If you were to search the net for 'Christian lies' you'd find a fair few results, most of them from atheists, but… there was one link for a video on YouTube from a Muhammadan, you know them by their attire, you know them by their oath of faith, who responds to some Christian who posted a video on YouTube about Islam. It is titled Christian lies/hate. The reason why this caught my eye wasn't the continuous affirmation from this person that the Christians lie, but because as I scrolled down the screen I came across a comment that seems very reminiscent of the sought of statement you'd expect a Knight of the Templar to make, or their modern counterparts the Presidents of United State of America (which as it says on many buildings in America ‘the Masons built this’) were cruel to the people of the Middle East, during the Crusades, and even today - the origins of Free Masonry stems that far and the Queen and the Duke are both Free Masons. It follows:


"we have a problem with Islam because we are told to hate evil and

thats what we are doing. maybe ur not the example of a true muslim but

back in the middle east, a christian or jew would get jailed and

beaten for practicing their faith. however, muslims in north america

are free to do what they want and even start complaining when

something doesnt go their way...i say we treat islam like islam treats

other religions....may God have mercy on your souls"


Cruelty is a Christian trait not a “Muslim” or a Muhammadan trait. He lies to say Jews and Christians get beaten or put in jail for their beliefs in the Middle East, it is actually the other way round look at what way the Jews treat the Palestinians and look at what the Christian Americans are doing in Iraq. Anyway by the end of which he then justifies cruelty based on this lie. He lies about the freedom of Muslims in North America, with no consideration about the cruelty a number of Muhammadans are receiving who are detained and held in Gauntanamu without charge, they can't even complain and are definitely not free. Then he lies that Islam is cruel to other religions, truth is it is Christians and Christianity which is cruel to others. What about the mistreatment of Iraqis in Abu Gharib, is that the sort of response to the evil perpetrated by so called Muslims, or is that another sign of the cruelty of the Christians? Same old Christian dialogue, good and evil, when there is also light and darkness and right and wrong, not only good and evil. And when called a good teacher, Jesus responded do not call me good, for only God is good.


Maybe by paying attention to this sort of Christian talk then someone somewhere will pay attention to me.


Anyway to return to the topic 'the liars'. What gives me justification to accept the Koran's testimony concerning Christians. Let me show you in threes:


The Old

The New

The Final


The Koran was the final scripture to be delivered, as we can agree upon if we assume that the Muslims throughout the world say this all the time. It is also called the Final Testament as shown in the translation by Dr Rashad Khalifa. If you have any intelligence you will realise that the Bible ends with the New Testament and the Christian Bible is made up of two Testaments the Old and the New. But we are 3 dimensional, and the third place has not been fulfilled, until recently. The Koran is the Final Testament. The miracle of the Koran is not that Muhammad was illiterate and was still instrumental in the deliverance of a Book, but the discovery of a mathematical code, concerning which we have only recently become wiser, and have learnt it to prove that the Koran is truly the word of God.


The Quran says,


"They lie who say: God is one of three, for there is no god except One

God. If they desist not from their word, verily a grievous penalty

will befall the blasphemers among them." (Quran 5:73)

God says in the Koran:



‘And to warn those who said, “GOD has begotten a son!”

They possess no knowledge about this, nor did their parents. What a blasphemy coming out of their mouths! What they utter is a gross lie.’

(Koran 18:4-5)

Like the Shias who make the Imams infallible, and in so doing have lied, so have the Christians taught that Jesus is the son of God, which is a blasphemy.

Another case is the manipulation of the Old Testament during its translation into Greek. The Christian translators lied when translating Isaiah 7.14, changed the meaning of the word for young woman to virgin. The verse follows:

"Hebrew original says:

'Hinneh ha-almah harah ve-yeldeth ben ve-karath shem-o immanuel.'


Honestly translated, the verse reads:

'Behold, the young woman has conceived — and bears a son and calls his name



The Greek-speaking translators of Hebrew scripture (in 3rd century B.C. Alexandria) slipped up and translated 'almah' (young woman) into the Greek 'parthenos' (virgin). The Hebrew word for virgin would have been 'betulah.' The slip did not matter at the time, for in context, Isaiah's prophesy – set in the 8th century BC but probably written in the 5th – had been given as reassurance to King Ahaz of Judah that his royal line would survive, despite the ongoing siege of Jerusalem by the Syrians. And it did. In other words, the prophesy had nothing to do with events in Judea eight hundred years into the future!”

Another lie, and an example what lies bought nothing but destruction, was "there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" which we heard from the Western, Christian leaders such as Tony Blair and George Bush, who lied even more to say that the false intelligence reports were to blame, but in reality it was the conceit of the Zionists and the deceit of the Free Masons that led to war in Iraq.

Another lie is that Bin Laden is still loose or alive and was behind 9-11 which if was true then Lee Harvey Oswald did shoot JFK., here is one reason why Bin Laden is not alive. Bin Laden is said to have suffered from a kidney problem, for which he would need regular checkups and constant medical attention, he was last seen publicly receiving treatment in a hospital in Pakistan. For him to survive with this condition without seeing a medical professional regularly would not be possible, so there goes the idea he has been hiding in a cave all this time.

The lie that frames Bin Laden with 9-11, was a video tape of him in which he somewhat testifies to 9-11. The tape was thought to have been found in Afghanistan in a hut, during the country’s invasion after the puppet Musharraf agreed to be on America’s side, when he knew full well that nor Bin Laden or the Taleban were behind the terrorist attacks in New York. However Bin Laden on a federal government website was described to be left handed, in this video he is seen writing with his right hand, showing the video is a fake. But how many people would know that? All the tapes that have been made post 9-11 have been made to continue to put fear into people about an al Qaeda, terrorist threat, the Zionists and the Masonic West have been using Bin Laden as a scapegoat and to further their own political interests, like releasing his videos before elections. Those in power in the West are acting like the mafia and this mafia is an organisation which has Satanic ambitions, it is always ‘you are either with us or against us,’ leading to the globalisation and westernisation of the world.

It is not the Sicilian mafia I'm talking about, it is the mafia of the Christian Free Masons and Jewish Zionists, the dealings of which are very sinister and evil. Ask yourself what would be easier a conspiracy involving thousands or a conspiracy involving a few, if you take into consideration that they framed the assassination of John F Kennedy on one person, but how many were truly implicated. I'm not saying that people like John Gotti are behind 9-11, that is not the type of mafia I'm talking about, I'm talking about a larger mafia, a mafia that eliminates smaller mafias like Saddam.

What we see is that the Christians are liars who blaspheme and are deceitful known for their craft in deception, showing the fight between good and evil is fought through deception, but they’ve been seduced into bringing evil through their belief power lies in guns. The lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, led to destruction in Iraq and the wasting of billions of pounds, or maybe the cost has gone into trillions, on a war which has no justification and are unjust. The Christians because they lie, are untrustworthy.


Are you (Christians) blind? Can you not see the language of the Koran ? Does it suggest or show up that a man has written it, with only knowledge of the book of Genesis and Exodus? If it was a man who wrote it, it would not be perfect, flawless, and would not miraculously be easy to memorise, and why would the word day appear 365 times, does that seem easy to you? Or the word ‘month’ appears 12 times, if it was written by a man, why is there such an intricate, and elaborate code based on the number 19 if this book was the work of one man? There are many examples of the miracle of the Koran, just do some research on www.submission,org.

The Shias lie also, they say that God sends new infallible Imams who are innocent and incorruptible or free of blame, they say Gabriel made a mistake in who to deliver the Quran it was supposed to be Ali not Muhammad. They raise Ali and his sons Hussain and Hassan to a rank that is similar to the blasphemy of the Christians concerning Jesus. You only need to look at the collection of Hadith, to realise they are lies. Why do the Sunnis and Shias, both accept the Quran, but then have different books on Hadith, each having their own political basis of argument, and narrators, each turning a blind eye on the other and focussing on their own doctrine, why can't they share? Who is lying, the one who invents a lie or the one who forges one, in this case it is both the hypocrites are liars and the liars are blasphemous.


When you say God, they think Jesus, so when you say God is Omniscient, God is Omnipotent, God is Omnipresence, all these qualities have been attributed to Jesus by the Christians, they say such about Mary, “holy mother of God”, they have blasphemed to such a level that they no longer distinguish between God and Jesus. Jesus was a servant of God, the truth is found not in the Gospels but in the Koran. At the end, we will know the real ending of Christ, because God says ‘they did not slay him, nor did they crucify him, but was made to appear to them so’- what this means how far we can say either way, at present with the sources and the knowledge we have at our disposal we can only argue that either Jesus died for our sins and conquered death, and so is in a way the three attributes of God, he is now Omnipresent for example by there saying that his spirit lives on, or others argue that he didn’t die that God raise him to Himself, and that the person they crucified was fleshly parted Jesus, just the body, not the spirit or the soul of Christ, another group however argues that Jesus wasn’t crucified but someone in his place was crucified. At present, one of these may be true or these may just be conjectures and do not point conclusively to what actually happened. There is still hope though one day the truth will surface, we’ll see, or the truth is already there but I cannot grasp it.

The Ignorant


Ignorance can be seen to be the continuation of the dark ages of Arabia, and what can be said is still the same as it was previous to any knowledge, the all prevalent truth that man is ignorant, man is so ignorant. If you were to ask the Jews why have they caused the suffering and oppression of so many, they will answer “were we not oppressed, and so why?” and in the end the vicious cycle points to ignorance primarily, and shows that we find truth in whichever part of history we chose to emphasise and only learn of our own selves through that particular history.

The time before the Prophet, this time is known in the Muhammadan world as the time of jahiliya, or a time of ignorance. So before we even begin to assess the various ways you could argue Muhammadans are the ignorant we can see that for pre-Islamic Arabia the term ignorance was used to describe it which is found in the Quran. With the advent of the final scriptures and establishing of the Muslim state in Arabia it is assumed to be the end of ignorance, or the end of the Dark Ages.

What I would argue is that this period or culture of ignorance among the people did not end with or after the revelations of the Quran and it was ignorance that prevailed over wisdom for so long, and it was ignorance that was dominating once again after the deliverance of the Quran. Many aspects of so called Islam as practice by the billion or so, so called Muslims today shows the prevalence of ignorance.

They have lost sight of right and wrong, true and false, there seems to be no end to the ignorance because they give authority to the Prophet and so commit idol worship but they should accept the authority of God in the Quran, from whence we can learn the difference or the ‘criterion of right and wrong’, this is also the title of one of the chapters in the Quran. If we assume others have authority as well as God’s word, be it with Hadith or infallible Imams or the Sharia, when you put these things as a source of authority alongside God’s word then you have committed idolatry.

The question that needs to be asked to Muhammadans is ‘are you dumb?” because of their ignorance, the Jews you ask , “are you deaf?” because of their hypocrisies, and the Christians ‘are you blind?’ because of their lies?

The Muhammadans are known firstly to have fabricated lies about the Prophet and secondly believing not in the religion of Abraham but the religion of the ashabs, they say the Ashabs were the earliest Muslims so they were rightly guided and therefore they choose to love and support this group. But it all really stems from the verse in the Quran which I quoted earlier where God says the Arabs are worse in disbelief and hypocrisy, it is this verse that has lead them to try and find a way out, and the only way out is to raise the Arabs to a superior rank than the rest of people, by saying that Muhammad was an Arab, and whereas you have chosen to add Muhammad to the universal kalima and by doing so making Islam an Arab religion rather than the religion of God.

If the Ashabs came from a time of ignorance, were born and raised in it, how then do you expect them to be wise, Muhammad was only a human, not a demigod who transformed the people of Arabia, his sole mission was the deliverance of the Quran, which we find stated quite a few times in the Quran. And throughout his ministry he was persecuted and rejected and warred against by people who were mad that he taught the religion of Peace and shunned the false religion of the Arabs and their idols.

You can evaluate how much wisdom they had by seeing how many wars were fought after the Prophet had died, and how they vied for power, how they were gripped by madness.

But then in what ways have things apparently changed from the time of pre Islamic Arabia and that of now, the major change is in idolatrous practices after the revelations of the Koran, idolatry has always been seen as a sign of ignorance in Muhammadan culture. So they have stopped worshipping stone idols.

Idolatry is a sin which is unforgivable, according to God in the Quran, and this is therefore something which all people of the Islamic faith agree upon. But where there were once idols does not mean they have submitted absolutely to God, what you will find is that ‘shirk‘ (Arabic for polytheism) has resurfaced in many different guises, from making an idol of the Book (Koran) by attributing supernatural powers to it or by the making of two Sacred Mosques instead of originally there being one - the Kaaba in Mecca, the Sacred Mosque God talks of in the Koran, they have made the Prophet's mosque in Medina which houses his tomb, a sight of grave idolatry, a Sacred Mosque also. They give power to many things, such as water, taweez, or magic charms, to graves and sheikhs.

In the past few centuries there has been a movement initially led by Abdul Wahhab, which thinks that it is purifying the religion of Islam from idolatry, they have taken the religion of the early generations of so called Muslims saying that we need to return to the period of the Salefs, the early generations after the Prophet who were barbaric people in reality. They believe these people fought for God, but as we know they fought for booty. In so doing, they placed emphasis on early Muslim texts, like Bukhari and Muslim which are collections of Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet), but early Muslim texts date from the time of the Tabieen, which is two generations at the earliest from the time of the Prophet,. Early text, like Bukhari date 200 years after the Prophet had died, so it goes without saying they are unreliable and mere hearsay. What you will find is that this group is barbaric and reminiscent of the pre-Islamic Arabia, barbaric practices are seen as the way to punish and to fight. But like the Jews who emphasise the history of the Holocaust, so you will find most so called Muslims emphasise the time of the Salefs, for different reasons, and the Christians will emphasise the World Wars. The barbaric people have been the instigators of the religion they profess, there is no room to learn from history, from other people but only at the beginning of the Muhammadan civilisation and those who lived then, as the true guidance, that is their way, they are the ahle Hadith people.

By learning you become wiser or wise, but what the people of Arabia 1400 years ago learnt when the revelations of the Quran were sent, was it wisdom, it only filled most hearts with madness for their idols, not humility for the truth. There were those who accepted the message sent by Muhammad, but they are not your guides nor are they your helpers, only seek the help of God and answers in His complete and detailed Book, the Quran. There were servants of God but it says in the Quran, ‘if you love God, follow the messenger…’ and when the messenger is no longer with us, follow the message, the Rasool (messenger) when he is present and the Risala (message) when he is gone. By following Hadith, you are not following the messenger, you are following the people who came after the Prophet.

“Which Hadith, other than this, do they uphold?” (77:50)

And if you do not believe that God mentions Hadith by the very word, the verse in Arabic reads:

“fabay aiya hadith…”

With the Arab religion there was the continuation that power lies in the boys (men) or that there’s a battle of gods, so the question was not devotion to God to become wise, but only to believe in one God, and to fight those who did not believe in one god. The question is were they devoted to one God or were they too busy trying to defeat and win against others to show that their God was triumphant against theirs. Taking into account the statement from Sheikh Nuh, “who is winning, Allah has already won”.

When God talks of their reaction to having female offspring, you will find a sign of what the Arab mentality was, what good is a woman who only cares about beauty and is no good at WAR. Words to that effect. Showing they believed power lies in the boys.

With the capture of new land, was not the end of suffering it was the accumulation of wealth by the few men in power, that is the reason the wars were fought, not the spreading of Islam. The people after Muhammad fought only to win against other men, it was a competition to show who has won, those who believe power lies in boys.

What I am trying to show is that with the last scriptures being sent, the mentality and ways of the pre-Islamic people did not change, it remained the same.



The following extract comes from an internet source, but shows the level of ignorance prevalent in Saudi Arabia, the home of the ahle Hadith movement, which lost in its attempt to purify the deen (religion), because it resorts to violence and aggression, and ‘God loves not the aggressors’, as is stated in the Quran.



"On March 11, 2002, flames engulfed a girls' public intermediate

school in the holy city of Mecca. Although this alone was tragic, what

happened next was appalling. Members of the mutaween, a law

enforcement agency of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and

the Prevention of Vice, severely hindered the rescue efforts. These

religious policemen blocked male rescue workers from entering the

school in order to prevent them from 'sinning' or coming in close

contact with uncovered females. Unfortunately, the young girls were

not wearing the abayas (black robes) required by the Saudi government.

Some of the students trying to escape the burning building were

stopped from exiting by the mutaween, and one witness reported seeing

the religious police "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving

the school because they were not wearing the abaya" (according to the

British Broadcasting Corp.). As a result of this debacle fifteen

innocent children died cruelly and unnecessarily…


…Most people in the West are not familiar with the concept of jahiliya…

Today, a millennium and a half later, the world observes a Saudi

Arabia that has returned to a state of 'ignorance'. Nowhere is this

more egregious than within the leadership. An autocratic monarchy,

consisting of thousands of princes, rules with an iron fist of

fundamentalism and oppression while basking in the lath of luxury."

(written by Taufiq Rahim)

The final point of ignorance, is the suffering Muhammadan actions through terrorism cause, they are totally ignorant of the fact their actions are the cause of suffering to other people.

Why are they hypocrites? Because they are jealous!

Why are they liar? Because they blasphemed?

Why are they ignorant? Because they insult God's wisdom.






Money is a test – Money the power of darkness! There is knowledge in this exclamation.

Money is a curse – Money the root of all evil? There is power in this question.

Money is a drug - Money corrupts people. There is wisdom in these words.

Money has three uses:

1.For the advancement of a person’s education - investing in the Tree of Knowledge.

2.For the pursuit of pleasure and hedonism, - spending on the Fountains of Youth,

3.For the future and for the betterment of the community or family - saving for the Elixir of Life.

You will find the Jews are best at investing, the Christians are good at spending, and the Muhammadans are wise at saving. Money is a test, hear the angel, money the root of all evil- asks the devil, money corrupts people says the man. The war between light and darkness is between the love of the material and the love of the spiritual upon this are we tested. And when asked if money is the root of all evil, they answer - you cannot buy happiness, and when one says ‘money corrupts people’ it is because it is precious to people, but as they say ‘water is more precious than gold to people’- only for those intoxicated by wealth to say - ’gold is powerful’ like the Children of Israel who forged a golden calf and worshipped it, or like Judas who betrays Jesus for some gold coins - only the Quran teaches us, which we believe because ‘God is the Truth’ [24:25]

“And for claiming that they killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of GOD. In fact, they never killed him, they never crucified him - they were made to think that they did. All factions who are disputing in this matter are full of doubt concerning this issue. They possess no knowledge; they only conjecture. For certain, they never killed him” [4:157]

There is only one Messiah Jesus, son of Mary he has come and gone, even though there is dispute that he will return or that he conquered death, or that some other person was crucified in his place, or that, as I have learnt, (from the submitters) Jesus was raised up, and the person they slew was a ‘fleshly parted’ Jesus - I agree with this explanation, that is the answer, I am not in dispute with the word of God as given in the Quran, but I do question many things as written in the Gospels as we find them today. It is not a bias argument, it is an impartial truth because where we have a scripture that is still found in its original language, the Arabic Quran, the Aramaic Gospel is lost, and that leads me to question the validity of many things recorded in the Synoptic Gospels. As well as the change of the prophecy of Isaiah which we found was wrong where they changed the meaning or translation of the word for young woman to virgin, in the Chapter titled Christians Lies, suggest you cannot trust the translators of ancient texts such as the Greeks.

The question therefore is what triumphed, for the Jews the answer is money or gold, in relation to the crucifixion of Christ, but the power of God triumphed as we read in the Quran. It is the Christians who believe the power of money triumphed for that is what the Synoptic Gospels elude towards.

To return to the topic of wealth or money, the Quran says:

“The devil promises you poverty and commands you to commit evil, while GOD promises you forgiveness from Him and grace. GOD is Bounteous, Omniscient.” [2:268]


See how little appreciation or thanks they give. For the blessings of sight with which you enjoy for example the art of photography and film, or for the hearing with which you enjoy music, or for the tongues so that you enjoy food and the company of others.

So little thanks we give, we just abuse our senses for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment, and that is their sole purpose. I do not think God wants to burden or create any hardship in the religion, that would be far from the truth, because it says ‘God wishes to redeem you’ (4:27) and ’God wishes to lighten your burden’ (4:28) - do we not have to live once we are born but to give thanks brings peace to the soul, to be appreciative for the blessings and the experience we derive from them, how often do we stop to reflect on our own selves upon life and upon the things we take for granted. Upon the ears, the eyes and the tongue, through listening you know, through seeing you believe, and through speaking you learn, Hear, See, and Speak. Three is the magic number. We use these amazing abilities of sight, hearing and speaking for the sake of pleasure, without which we would not have the will to live, but too often what we watch, what we listen to, what we learn in this day and age is trash, rubbish, and junk but for momentary appeasement of the self we bombard ourselves with these stimuli and for the purpose of satisfying the self.

Darkness, evil and corruption, these are the three things the Jews the Christians and the Muhammadans are familiar with.

The Jews cannot see beyond the darkness, but when they have old Yiddish proverbs of money, money, money we understand the cause of the darkness is not a flaw in God, or like they have said. ‘God’s hands are fettered’. Ask the Jew what causes darkness, what is the power of darkness? And when you tell them it is money, they will answer ‘you know’, and you will say,‘knowledge is light what is the power if it isn’t of darkness, if knowledge is power, when power has the added suffix of darkness, then it cannot be, knowledge is not power knowledge is light. The (old) tree - of knowledge - leads to enlightenment’.

And the Quran also says:

“God is the light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of his light is that of a concave mirror behind a lamp that is placed inside a glass container. The glass container is like a bright pearl like star. The fuel thereof is supplied by a blessed oil producing TREE, that is neither eastern nor western. Its oil is almost self radiating, needs no fire to ignite it. Light upon light. GOD guides to His light whoever wills (to be guided). GOD thus cites the parables for the people. GOD is fully aware of all things.” (24:35)

The Old Testament is the Tree of Knowledge, the New Testament is the Fountains of Youth, and the Final Testament is the Elixir of Life.

Mind, body and soul.

If the Old still has remnants of attaining enlightenment but they wished to attain eternal life (on earth) and so perished, the New if it was still in its potent Aramaic original version we would be able to perform miracles as it would show who to invoke and how to perform miracles and in which language, they were both young Jesus and John the Baptist, through baptism of water you wash away sin ( original ) or sins, through the cup of life Jesus taught that his spirit would live on, these are imageries of the fountain of youth, not to speak of the miracles that Jesus performed. But they did not want to believe in God in order to be able to perform miracles they wanted to be enlightened through Christ. The Final Testament is the Elixir of Life, the only religious text to have survived in its original language from all the world major religions, even the modern religions like the Sikhs change various parts to suit the times. The Quran is preserved by the mathematical miracle that prevails throughout it and codifies it, and still is found in its original language - Arabic. The mathematical miracle makes it a certainty that what we have is the word of God, unaltered and unchanged and where there is doubt that we have a Quranic verse or a man made verse like the last two that appear at the end of sura 9, which have been found to be additions because the Quranic code doesn’t’t allow for additions to remain. And so it was discovered 1400 years after it was revealed that the miracle was of maths not of an unlettered prophet. Mathematics is the only certain tool we have, no matter what, where and when what is true in maths remains true, 1+1=2 always wherever, whenever or whatever. Galileo said God created the universe on mathematics.

But they did not want eternal life they wanted miraculous powers.

Visit and find out how to give thanks, and learn to prayer 5 times a day, they are very easy but require discipline.

Humble Submitter

Moses was a humble submitter, who was given knowledge by God

Jesus was a humble submitter, who was given power by God

Muhammad was a humble submitter, who was given wisdom by God


God is The Light

God is The Love

God is The Peace


Those are the three things I have learnt from the 3 Semitic religions, with Muhammad we learn the true religion of God is Islam, meaning Peace. With Jesus we see that God is the Love which is the greatest commandment according to Christ, ‘to love’, and with Moses we learn the first thing that God created was light because he was the author of the Book of Genesis.

A Muhammadan scholar was asked “what is knowledge?” he answered, 'knowledge is light', that was, I think Imam Malik, but I got it from hearsay my older brother who is a Sunni told me. It is the Christians who believe knowledge is power, and the Jews who believe knowledge is wisdom. Knowledge is light, through gaining knowledge one becomes enlightened, not powerful or wise.

God knows best.


Omniscience of God - the all-Knowing who has knowledge of everything.

Omnipotence of God - the all-Mighty who has power over all things.

Omnipresence of God - the Eternal who is free of time.


There are 3 attributes of God, which I have listed a few times, but they are very important to me, not even the Wikipedia lists the three attributes of God in its article on the number 3, . The Christians should realise that the Omnipotence of God should dispel any ideas that any other being has power of its own, that God has begotten a Son, who dies for all our sins, these are nothing but lies which lead to transgressions .

Time has come to unify the three Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Muhammadanism and to remind you there is only one religion acceptable to God and that is Islam.

At the time of writing it is September 2008 and it is Ramadan, so God willing, I will show how the mentioning of enlightenment in the Old Testament and the right way to fast as mentioned in the Old Testament.

We will study Isaiah 58 3-14, which mentions the hypocrisy of the Jews in verses 3-5 when fasting, then the right attitude to fasting, after which a verse about enlightenment - ‘then shall your light break forth like the morning’.

3 Why have we fasted, they say, and you do not see it? Why have we afflicted ourselves, and you take no knowledge? Behold on the day of your fast, you find profit in your business, and you extort from your hired servants a full amount of labor. 4 You fast only for strife and debate and to smite with the fist of wickedness. Fasting as you do today will not cause your voice to be heard on high.

5 Is such a fast as yours what I have chosen, a day for a man to humble himself with sorrow in his soul? Is it only to bow down his head like a bulrush and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? Will you call this a fast and an acceptable day to the Lord?

6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?

7 Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house--when you see the naked, that you cover him, and that you hide not yourself from your own flesh and blood?

8 Then shall your light break forth like the morning, and your healing shall spring forth speedily; your righteousness shall go before you, and the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

9 Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and He will say, here I am. If you take away from your midst yokes of oppression, the finger pointed in scorn, and every form of false, harsh, unjust, and wicked speaking,

10 And if you pour out that with which you sustain your own life for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday.

11 And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not.

12 And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

13 If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your own pleasure on My holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy day of the Lord honourable, and honour Him and it, not going your own way or seeking or finding your own pleasure or speaking with your own words,

14 Then will you delight yourself in the Lord, and I will make you to ride on the high places of the earth, and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it

The Old Testaments Prophets were enlightened; the Old Testament is the Tree of Knowledge, which grew from Moses, whose branches were the Prophets of Israel. The tree of knowledge is how you build on things, in logic. Knowledge is not power, something you measure your worth by, in terms, of how much wealth and money you make as a result of your education. Knowledge is light from which you achieve marifa (the Arabic word for knowledge of God - an awakening or enlightenment or gnosis)

GOD’s will be done


Put your faith in one GOD, and know His signs

Believe in one GOD, and see His miracles

Devote yourself to one GOD, and learn wisdom

The Jews do not have faith in one GOD, they have faith in themselves, it's a test of faith,

Christians do not believe in one GOD, they believe in the Trinity, it’s a question of belief

The Muhammadans do not devote themselves to one GOD, they idolize Muhammad, it's a challenge of devotion

By listening you know

By seeing you believe

By speaking you learn

As a result of the Tree of Knowledge you reach enlightenment!

As a result of the Fountains of Youth you receive miracles and powers

As a result of the Elixir of Life you find a way to eternal life.

But they failed the test!

But were seduced?

But lost.

They do not have faith - they devote themselves to the laws of God AND the scribes’ and doctors’

They do not have belief - they have faith in Christ AND the Holy Trinity

They do not devote - they believe in One God AND His messenger and his companions.


Elohim means God in Hebrew

Alaha means God in Aramaic

Allah means God in Arabic

All three lead to the eternal, but there are distinction between the enlightened, the potent, the wise.

The faithful - who have faith in the future in the prophecies to come

The believers – who believe God begets not nor is He begotten

The devout – those who devote to God alone.


Where is the love? Where is the light! (And) where is the peace.

Where is the love? (Asks Jesus)

Where is the light! (Shouts Moses)

Where is the peace. (Sayeth Muhammad)

There is light in my ears!

There is power in my sight?

There is wisdom on my tongue.

He shoots and he scores! (player!)

He shoots and he hits the bar? (A miracle?)

He's gone past one and another, he's on a mazy run, he shoots…and he misses. (Keep trying, it's not how you win, is how you get there that counts)

Player rules (over the other players)

Soldier owns (the pitch, can pick anyone out)

Daddy controls (the game)

Angel! The enlightened Moses

Devil? What they thought of the potent Jesus

Man. The wise Muhammad

The Jews think Moses wise

The Christians think Jesus enlightened

The Muhammadans think Muhammad potent

Look what the money has achieved, they say, and they show us their Promised Land. Do they know the future? No they live in the past

Look what the guns have achieved, they question the reasons they went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do they live in the here and now? No they think they know the future

Look what the boys have achieved, when they sent them to kill Rashad Khalifa do they devote to the past? No, they believe in the here and now

Man is forgetful – through remembrance you draw closer

Man is ignorant - they prefer ignorance than enlightenment

Man is corrupt - puts money before his Lord

God rules – “His dominion encompasses the heavens and the earth, and ruling them never burdens Him” (2:255)

God owns – “To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth”. (2:225)

God controls – “Not even an atom’s weight is out of the Lord’s control, be it in the heavens or the earth.” (10:61)




The Jews wish to think it is a test of devotion, can you sense the hypocrisy, they know full well that it is a test of faith, but they think it to be test of devotion, so they like the Sunnis who devote to laws of scribes and scholars and doctors, and start to love the Prophet, who neither knows them nor they know him, they say such as ‘love for Mustafa’ (Mustafa is a name of the Prophet, meaning selected one), they don’t listen! Or they listen and disobey.

The Christian think it is a question of faith, rather than belief, what do they know, “that God sent his only son, who died for our sins,” they say we have to have faith in this, not in the miracles that Jesus showed during his ministry not to question their belief, but to question their faith (in him), because they lie, they choose to have faith in Christ rather than belief in God, they do not question their belief, as they rightfully should, they question their faith. Are they blinded by their own lies?

The Muhammadans think it a challenge of belief, rather than a challenge of devotion, they think if you believe in God you would sacrifice your life for Him, and for that you will be rewarded, but when you ask them to love and devote to God, you will find most of them love Mustafa and the Prophet and his companions more than God. Showing their ignorance in what they should love, rather than what they should believe. You are deceived by the devil if you think that by loving the Prophet he will intercede on your behalf, remember what the Quran teaches, ‘no soul shall carry the burden of another soul’.






Man is ignorant! – shouts demoneyes to angelise- what Jesus complains to Moses about, what the Christians shout to the Jews

Man is corruptible? – asks humanize to demoneyes- what the Christians want to do to the the Spirit of God, or those strengthened by it, to corrupt them, with intoxicants, gambling, alters of idols and games of chance, the Muhammadans never ask Jesus, they make their Imams infallible, not the one strengthened by the spirit of God

Man can see the light. – says angelise to humanize- What the hypocrites say to the ignorant, the Jews to the Muslims.

Can you see the light of the Prophets? The light that shines through them, when I look at my own debased soul, I know when I see the light of the Prophets, their enlightened beings, those souls that carry with them noor, but only when I know what my soul has done only when I know what my own bad deeds do I look and see the enlightened Prophets. Can you see the level of ignorance at the time of the Messiah, that they did not believe in the genesis, and the tree of knowledge, nor of the Omnipotence of God, nothing could corrupt the Prophets, they were guided by God's light, love and peace, they were the few who God guided to the straight path, a path of those God has favoured. They were the chosen few

Man can be enlightened if he has faith

Man can be potent if he believes

Man can be wise if he devotes


Thy Kingdom Come

And he said, whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? Or with what comparison shall we compare it?

It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:

But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.

– Mark 4:30–2

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name…

“Where is Zion ?” - the blind searched until they found they could not wait any longer, now that they had the money and the power it brought and ventured off into distant land to build their Promise Land. When in years gone by the Messiah spoke of the Kingdom of God, and likened it to a grain of mustard seed that grows to be greater than all herbs, this, I tell you is like the tree of knowledge, and as awareness spreads so also will there be hope for the future. It has now grown to answer the question that the Zionist do not see, nor the Jews, ‘where is Zion?’ and they have blindly been led back to where the bones of their forefathers rest to settle upon there. And what is the Kingdom of God that the Messiah showed in the Gospels? The Kingdom of God is it near? That tree of knowledge that grows in logic.


The word Muslim means submitter and believe it or not it also means peacemaker, the word Muslim derives from three root letters of S,L,M, which means to bring peace from which we derive words such as Salaam, or Islam and also Muslim. Muslims are those who say there is only one God, there is a need to distinguish between Muslims who say just as is written in the First Commandment given to Moses in essence that you take up no other gods except God and as was the greatest commandment of Christ to love the Lord thy God, your Lord is one God or with the Abrahamic proclamation of faith that there is no other god besides God, which we find emphasized in the Quran a book revealed to the final Prophet…From those who add Muhammad to the Unity of God, in their oath.

Muslim in English means submitter to the will of God; it isn’t a person or a group of people who take their religion from only the Quran and Sunna, or the Quran and the infallible Imams, or the Quran and the early community after the time of the Prophet. What you will find they extol in all three of the additions, the Sunna, the Imams, or the early invaders of Muhammadans who called themselves Muslims, but when it comes to the Quran what you will find is that even Muhammad will say they have deserted it, The messenger said, "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran."[25:30] - so you will find most of those who profess Islam and call themselves Muslims have deserted the Quran, do not abide by it, try and say there are contradictions or is not fully detailed, and therefore they have a need for other sources other than the Quran, they are well educated in hypocrisy, lies and ignorance.

So the problems arises with the Jews who live in the past, and have no faith in the prophecies and what they know of the future, even if the truth is plain to see, they only wish it to be different. As for the Christians who have made Christ the enlightened one instead of the potent one and have faith in him and that he will return in the future, LIES, so they forget about the here and now, to all the suffering around them only they wish indulge and to live in the future. And the Muhammadans who do not devote to the past, to learning but live in the present to believing.

Islam is not to be taken from sources other than from divine revelations, whether Ayatollah Khomeini emphasizes the 'sword' and promotes war based upon the actions of early so called Muslims after the Prophet had died, as I read somewhere, that is not Islam, Islam derives from the history of the messengers and the prophets, and is binded by the Holy scriptures, as revealed to the Prophets, the words of scholars and leaders are irrelevant to the truth of the matter concerning a religion, the religion is one, the people are in difference to it. What needs be done is that we learn only from divine scriptures, and in the Quran it says 'God loves not the aggressor' - far too often the ulema and the scholars of so called Islam have twisted Gods perfect word to emphasize their own irrational interpretations. When God says fight those who attack you, that does not include random people of the street, and it doesn't mean you fight on hearsay that you heard of people dying and you want to exact revenge for it, so you begin killing indiscriminately. Far too often the devil incites animosity between them, and they become the aggressors.

Quran alone - ahle Kitaab - ahle Quran – submitters to the will of God.


Arrested Development

After numerous suicide attempts and a broken back, through being in a wheel chair to walking with crutches, these are all the signs of what happens when you undergo the systematic degradation and an institution with a rigid framework that attempts to kill off expression, which doesn’t stop not until death. You do not see the consequences of arrested development, you do not see sense in the argument to live and let live, you pour money into proving that the knowledge the scientists have is all binding, all knowing, and that we should be subservient to their wishes, that they know the future when only God knows the future, who only has the messengers tell what God wants known, like prophecies of Moses, of the Prophets and of the messengers.

Just as the democratically elected President and UK Prime Minister choose to wage war against other countries and send their young off to fight people of distant lands, and to occupy their land by force, and after so many desperate acts of terror after so many pleads of self-will, after so many dire reactions to obey law and order, we find they are all power mad, from top to bottom they are all driven by the need to have power and to excise power over others.

There needs to be change, the things they think are etched in stone, are only as old as their history makes them, they could in the real sense of time be, scratched in the sand. What I feel is a major flaw in man, is its ability to take up sovereigns other than God, in order for it to be able to indulge or to satisfy its longing for pride, these things are for sure the work of Satan. They never question why we have a monarchy, what the monarchy symbolises, and what the crown has done over the years. All this is played down and it is as though these things will last or will stand the test of time. But how many have come and gone, what makes you certain it will stay. For does it not say to look upon the earth and to see what was the end of those that came before you, who boasted great wealth and domination, but in the end perished with time.

“Have they not roamed the earth and noted the consequences for those who preceded them? They used to be greater in number, greater in power, and possessed a greater legacy on earth. Yet, all their achievements did not help them in the least.” (40:82)

Just as so many in this world live and work under the protection of the British monarchy, just as the monarchy seems to feel snug and happy in its home, no matter what they say, the word has already been written, and you will then know what fools were we to take up as sovereigns other than God the Almighty, then you see and your sight will be keen as to what man has led itself to.

How many relapses and breakdowns will it take before the administrators realise that we are all better off and will all be better off if we stop administering arrested development, if we stop trying to administer brutality or inhumane practices, if we let people live and live ourselves then there would be no need for such acts of transgression of evil where those who are called the good guys are really the evil ones, the ones who are supposed to protect us, to round up the bad guys, what future is there if these very people are now turning against the flock and bringing cruel treatment to people from wherever because they have lost sight of the real power which is not in money, guns or boys but in God, the Supreme, the all-Knowing.

“…They will realize then that all power belongs to God alone,” (2:165)

This leads to the inevitable question, ‘were we not attacked on 9-11?’ – To this my only reply is to Look? look at every terrorist attack throughout history, find me one which has been as elaborate or as sophisticated as 9-11, it sticks out like a sore thumb, it goes to show that from planning to implementation it is the most impossible mission known to man, to have been brought about by the likes of Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, from going undetected on planes carrying weapons, to taking control of the plane, just in time to steer the plane with little resistance from those in the planes to attacking two sky scrapers and the Pentagon, and for the sky scrapers to free fall to dust, all this was the work of a terrorist organisation ran by Bin Laden who happens to reside in a hut or a cave in Afghanistan. Surely you’re pulling my leg. How long will it take, for any simple rational logical person it doesn’t need Sherlock Holmes, it is obvious that terrorist that are commonly the cause of suicide attacks and outlawed behaviour, were simply not behind such a Hollywood style attack on America. When will the black sheep of American politics stand up and speak out against this tyranny, so that we can be rid of this vile evil twisted few, for whom the people of the world bend backwards for through slavery.

They act for the sake of a few not for the many, just for a few.

The number of children I will have, the lives they will live, it is all recorded, I believe that now. What has all this got to do with 3, I’m only human too.

Never seen a miracle of science that didn't go from a blessing to a curse

You only have to look at how the people have reacted to the latest craze - the mobile phone, from the latest mobile phones with their so assumed 'miraculous' capabilities, everyone seems to be looking for trendy handsets, but in years to come we will or may find extensive mobile phone use can have a very bad impact on the brain, as research suggests. So we see that science isn't worthy of the title of miraculous, herbal remedies that seem potent to this day due to their being time and tested whereas modern science discards with the old remedies in place of animal tested, believing not in time the great healer but time as money. Not learning patience is a virtue but regarding importance to haste. This corruption only brings with it a manifold of problems and in the effort of correcting one problem, a million other arise.

Look at Viagra, there were many remedies of old from Chinese to ayurverda that can cure impotence yet the most sold drug is Viagra which only helps in the short term, but nowadays you will find people are scared of Viagra because it can cause blindness or has other side effects. So where is the blessing and where is the miracle? We need to learn from the past, time the great healer not time is money as I hear people say. It's a bit of hit and miss with modern medicine, you are not sure what other effect it could have on you and you are also unsure of what it takes to produce these concoctions.

Look what we have realised as a result of genetically modified crops, we now understand they have a bad impact on the soil, and are very costly and are high maintenance, and GM crops were supposed to feed the world, to end starvation and poverty, another miracle of science that went from a blessing to a curse, where to correct one small change a million other things are required.

What it shows is that God creates without flaw, everything has a reason and has a manifold of great qualities and benefits, if there was any other god as some scientist like to play, then there is only one outcome when they try and say that there is something wrong with what God has created, and so try and make better that which has a reason to be perfect as it is, the outcome is that their works are destined to become a curse, because the source is no longer God and His Providence but man and his belief that knowledge is power. They forget the whole and focus on the particular, by doing so only create a manifold of problems.

From the train to the car to the aeroplane, which were seen as blessings to get to places very quickly, miraculously, to now seen as the cause of climate change and pollution, to the television, cinema and the internet used for propaganda and the politics of lies, where one lie is told and many more are given to promote this false notion, until it gets lost as to who was the cause of the initial lie.

There are three stages to human civilisation, the angel, the demon, the human, angelise brought with it great potent miraculous occurrences, of knowledge. Demoneyes with whose end we are now going to witness, saw the quest for speed and of power, when humanize occurs we shall find what we are looking for, neither the light or darkness or good and evil, but the difference between right and wrong or true and false, of wisdom.

Time of wisdom is approaching


Know things by their opposites

The opposite of yes is no, there is a third 'don't know'. Just as there are opposites, and we know things by them, so too there is the third the neutral, like the opposite of angel is devil or demon, but there is a third man, who is neutral. Life and death, and the third resurrection, but there are some who argue birth, life and death, emphasizing the temporal world and there are those who emphasize the eternal with life, death and resurrection. But the opposite of birth is death, so it cannot be the third or the first of the threes, so also the opposite of life is death.

Everything - life and nothing -death, then the eternal -resurrection to come, makes up the three. Just as there are two sides to a coin, there is the third side the middle strip.


Want More


The banksters, have plotted, and the government have succumbed, sold their souls for a miserable price. When the fat rich few wicked and evil tyrants are rich enough to end poverty a few times over, only want more, you want more, well sell your souls!

$400 trillion that is what the Rothschilds are worth, and you think they ever heard of the saying 'everything is nothing' - have they ever learnt from this, they think they can rule if they have the money, what's the difference between a penny and a billion, guess its a question of numbers, they think it is a rich mans world but most of the world is under a hypnosis that it cannot free itself of tyranny of the few. They think power lies in money, just leads to oppression. So when they start making cuts on public spending, and I feel the pinch, I'll know the difference between the faithful Jews, who believe in God, and in the Last Day, and in the Resurrection, and those who sell their souls for a miserable price - money. They say this life can offer you everything, well then what do you have when you die? nothing. And what you will be your fate on the Day of Resurrection? Eternal life in hell.


If you give the Pope the right of Savior, the Queen the right of Sovereign, and the Zionist the right of Protector. Do you not see your idolatry.


God is the Light

God is the Love

God is the Peace


God rules

God owns

God controls


God is the Savior

God is the Sovereign

God is the Protector



How they get jealous when they cannot protect, so they become driven by their military might, and try and take out their enemies, ask yourself who is asking for your protection? Get lost with you idolaters, we don't need your protection God suffices.

How cruel is the Queen, while she welcomes her aristocrats, turns a blind eye to the suffering of the common man or woman, not befitting her is it to take up the life less ordinary, only for show.

How mad is the Pope, for whom they allow the right of interceder and as representative of God, so that they can indulge.


Want more? Sell your soul


No Subject


"Buddha regarding the origin of life has said "Conjecture about [the origin, etc., of] the world is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness & vexation to anyone who conjectured about it."and in regard to ignoring the question of the origin of life the Buddha has said "And why are they undeclared by me? Because they are not connected with the goal, are not fundamental to the holy life. They do not lead to disenchantment, dispassion, cessation, calming, direct knowledge, self-awakening, Unbinding. That's why they are undeclared by me." (creation- wikipedia)




I have tried to understand creation and the conflict with evolution, I read an article on the website titled 'Evolution divinely controlled', which refuses the idea of evolution, saying that for a change in species or evolution to occur the mathematical probability is nil due to the number of nucleotides that have to be arranged in order for the particular change to occur. The article says:


Some evolutionists have stated that the human gene and the monkey's gene are 90% similar. However, even if the similarity was 99%, we are still talking about 300,000,000 nucleotides that must be haphazardly re-arranged to change the monkey into a human. The probability laws preclude this as an utter impossibility. The human gene contains 30,000,000,000 nucleotides; 1% of that is 300,000,000.


With that in mind, as well as the fact that scientists are uncertain if life evolves suddenly or gradually or constantly. I think the problem lies in what we choose to focus on - the particulars or the whole, the microscopic or the macro expanse.


All I'm saying if you watch as many David Attenborough wildlife programs like I've done, then you would say that life evolved, even if the probability to evolve from species to species is mathematically impossible, you would still say that with time everything changes, nothing stays the same apart from mathematics. If life evolved, not by accident as Darwin would say as the result of climate and environment and genes, but in my opinion as the result of the Omnipresence of God, who guides and sustains, and is free of time. Because the Quran says "From water we initiated all living things." (24:45), would that mean life evolved from water




It depends on which history we emphasise and find our light in.

In birth life and death, there is a transition of changes, why humans alone have the ability to speak, through speech we learn, without it we would be no different than a bore or a dog or a rat. But what we choose to learn, to become wiser, in this life I live we will witness many things, I just hope I do not lose my soul in the process. I have no problem with Buddha, in that I do not view him as an incarnate of God, but possibly a messenger, whose followers have corrupted and began to worship him, as we find in Christianity mainly, however I have learnt that we have to devote to the one God, for God is the Truth, have faith in the prophecies to happen like the Resurrection, and to believe in miracles..


Absolutely all matters are controlled by God (42:53)


Kill the self

First problems only arise when you focus on particulars and forget about the whole. When you see the big picture, you see with out using your eyes, you feel with an inner sense.

'Knower of all secrets and declarations' (6:73)

Do you think because you do not show your true self and hide your thoughts that no one will not know, do you think you can hide from the Creator of the heavens and the earth?

Who is the real God? Who is a pretender?

Where the Nazis were open about their deciet that they were the master race, what is the thoughts of the victorious of the last World War, that they are the superiour race, that they set the example for the world, that they are bringing about the global dominance and order; subjecting the world to the Queen, the monarch of Britain, who we shall know and we see is the great pretender. Is this what the people of the world want, to take the Queen as their sovereign, who worships the devil, if you but knew, do you want to serve the people or serve God, who created us to worship Him, who created us in His image, a manifestation of His three attributes, our hearing with which we know, our sight with which we believe, and our speach with which we learn.

Do you want the New World Order, seduction to evil, with its lust, pride, hatred, envy, greed and malice, or do you want the Kingdom of God, with light, love and peace.


Is there such a thing as a simple cell? Fact, no, scientifically proven

Can you create life from inanimate matter or inorganic matter? Fact No, scientifically proven

Did life evolve gradually or suddenly, or constantly? Answer we don't know, in other words not proven to say life evolved gradually like Darwin claimed. Not my opinion, the opinion of a well researched argument.

Like I've said before problems only arise when you focus on particulars and forget about the whole. When you see the big picture, you see without using your eyes, you feel with an inner sense. I believe in the power of the written word, and I enjoy the art of writing, but sometimes I fail to see the wood from the trees, and when i look at something at a different time and place I often corrupt it, this piece when it changes hands will most likely also change in essence.

You say I am referencing a book written thousands of years ago, well that might be your view being that you are a modern Western man, but I come from originally the East, I not only represent the modern Western man, but also the old Eastern man, I like to think I am a fusion.

The Quran is a beautiful book, flawless and perfect, that is my opinion shared by many. It teaches you the wisdom and the prevelance of the immutable system of God. There are many groups who like to put there own agenda into the Quran, so find one that suits you that you agree with, I for one accept the messenger of the covenant as Rashad Khalifa and read his authorized translation, but I have read others, but I rely and quote from Dr, Khalifa's translation.

The whole is good- doubts concerning evolution


Answer three simple, logical questions, and I will agree that evolution is not a theory and a certainty like 1+1=2, which is the same no matter when, where or whatever.


1. Is there such a thing as a simple cell? Those who know will not need an explanation, but for the sake of those who do not, Darwin claimed life began with a simple cell, up to 50 years ago the scientist such as

"Wells, Huxley, and Wells wrote in their classic textbook that "nothing can be seen inside the nucleus but clear fluid." We know now that the cell, is an extremely complex unit, with billions of nucleotides in the gene material inside the nucleus, and millions of biochemical reactions. The probability laws tell us that the probability of the haphazard creation of the exacting sequences of nucleotides into DNA is Zero, many times over. We are not talking about 84 nucleotides; we are talking about billions of nucleotides that must be arranged in a specific sequence.” (taken from the article ‘ Evolution- Divinely guided. On


2. Can you bring to life using inanimate or inorganic matter? Again for the sake of explanation, Darwin claimed life began prior to a simple cell with inorganic matter coming together which came to life. Scientist have tried to create life from non living things, and have failed, they have managed to build the building blocks, like amino acids and proteins, which are no more than molecules not living matter but cannot build the building.


The third question:

Did life evolve gradually, suddenly or constantly? Again there is uncertainty, because if we are to believe Darwin then life evolved gradually, but now some scientist argue it was or is suddenly, and the X men will argue it is constantly.


The explanation for life being as it is, why a giraffe has a long neck, to reach leaves in the upper branches, is rubbish, life is as it is not because of climatic, environmental or genetic changes, it is, in my opinion, because of the Omnipresence of God, a God that guides, sustains and is free of time.


Stop blaming the scriptures, when you take up false gods, when you intend to make submitters of the world to the monarch of Britain, what are you hiding what are your intentions, what is your own selfish ego unwittingly desiring? What pretense do you wish to subjugate the world to now, that man was not created and that he evolved from a monkey?


Problems only arise when you focus on particulars and forget about the whole. When you see the bigger picture, you see without using your eyes, you feel with an inner sense.


Everything is nothing, nothing is still nothing, and the eternal is to come




A Witness from the Children of Israel [46:10]


Proclaim: "What if it is from God, and you disbelieved in it? A witness from the Children of Israel has borne witness to a similar phenomenon, and he has believed, while you have turned too arrogant to believe. God does not guide the wicked." [46:10]


The following quotation is taken from STUDIES IN JEWISH MYSTICISM, (Association for Jewish Studies, Cambridge, Mass., Joseph Dan & Frank Talmage, eds., Page 88, 1982). The quotation refers to the work of Rabbi Judah the Pious (12th Century AD).



The people [Jews] in France made it a custom to add [in the morning prayer] the words: "Ashrei temime derekh [blessed are those who walk the righteous way]," and our Rabbi, the pious, of blessed memory, wrote that they were completely wrong. It is all gross falsehood, because there are only nineteen times that the Holy Name is mentioned [in that portion of the morning prayer]... and similarly you find the word ' Elohim nineteen times in the periscope of Ve-'elleh shemot... Similarly, you find that Israel were called "sons" nineteen times, and there many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain many secret and esoteric meanings, which are contained in more than eight large volumes...Furthermore, in this section there are 152 (19x8) words...





(This extract is found at the end of appendix 1, in the Final Testament, an authorized translation of the Quran, by Dr. Rashad Khalifa)






Zionism of Israel- serves the ego

The Queen of Britain- serves the people

The President of America- serves the devil


When we choose to serve God, the Knower, the Most Powerful, the Most Wise, instead of that which leads to darkness - Zionism, brings evil - the Queen, cause corruption - the President. When we choose to serve God, then there will be light, there will be love, there will be peace

Only when we submit to the one and only God, Lord of the heavens and the earth.


We all know the light from the darkness, with every passing day and night; we know the differences between light and darkness. We can see the difference between good and evil, how many a story be it from movies or books, that tell of the good and evil, we can see good and evil. We can learn the truth and false, to understand and become wiser, we learn from right and wrong, when we are in trouble we realise our wrong, when we are successful we remember the right.




Time to think anew because of the failure to know light from darkness, because of the seduction towards evil and the loss of being wrong, which has been brought by those who have been questioned about belief and have chosen the Queen of England as their Sovereign and placed the monarchy before God, saying this is our Majesty, this is the highest goal to serve Crown and country for whom they have divided the world, whilst building their paradise. Why is it that 80% of the world's population live in poverty, where is the equality, they must be hiding something, and that thing they are hiding is their idol worship of the monarchy. This is however easy once you believe that Christ was the incarnate God, or God's only son, as the Gospels say. But she cannot guarantee anything, only that evil lives in the world, with the continuous media stream of violence, decadence and crime, showing the prevalence of evil. What do they want to show, only that evil exist, which makes the establishment good, rather than the truth, the One God, only who is good, they make the establishment as good, idolatry! They think servitude to people rather than to God, their Priests have three themes, children, people, and 'good and evil', they bore me whenever I listen to them speak. The politicians are even worse, they have no qualms in selling their souls, they try and guarantee you the world, but far too often we know that the future is never as they said it would be, all their guarantees and assurances and reforms, when the people forget their true Lord, and take these humans as their Protectors, Saviors and Sovereigns.

Seek guidance from God; God's guidance is attainable for those who seek. If you have pure intentions, or a clean heart, or a good soul, they all lead to eternal salvation. There is no need to forsake your mind, for the sake of the soul, because you become jealous, thinking one is better than the other.

The three gifts were the Tree of Knowledge, the Fountains of Youth and the Elixir of Life, all three lead to eternal salvation, but the distinction are in faith, in belief, and in devotion, they lead to enlightenment, power, and wisdom.

How often have you heard the term devout Muslim, but so often the corruption of the religion leads them to be known as ignorant Mohammedan. Devotion is a Muslim thing, faith is a Muslim thing too, and so is belief, because it was Abraham who named us Muslim, but the three attributes of God manifested in three stages over the period of the Torah - the Old, the Gospel - the New, the Quran - the Final. In fact submitter is the term that transcends the three Semitic religion, There maybe submitters in other religions, but it was Abraham who named us submitters, not Jews, Christians or Mohammedans, and submitters are not idol worshippers, or associate partners to God and worship Him alone, have faith in the prophecies, believe in the miracles, and devote to the Truth.


A Democratic Solution

Give us a choice at least, you claim to be democratic countries, where the voice of the people does not go unheard.

Choose one,

1.God is good


The establishment is good ( why did Charles De Menezes get shot if the establishment is good?)

2 choose to serve God alone


choose to serve the Crown or country

3. The Trial of the Queen of England

Even the Queen may recognize the problem is not in what God creates but what man makes, does she think she will reign until she dies, this might be a test to find out, this might be the time when we will know whether she is a believer or whether she disbelieves, this is your test, we have seen you through the years, through being a young Queen at the time of World War, we seen the dividing of the world after the war, nationalism being seen as a normal and inherent right for different people, we saw how helpless the Palestinians were when the armed Zionists took over the Holy Land, armed and equipped by those who serve Crown and country, whilst the Palestinians were left to fend with sticks and stones, the Zionist were armed to the brim.

Do you think you have been kept protected from the ways your minions have operated throughout the world, that your self is an embodiment of light and virtue, that you are the authority we should be subservient to, that we should cherish, while those dogs of war that are unleashed throughout the globe are in the name of the crown and country, who have divided the world for her, so wherever one looks, there is no peace, there is no light and there is no love, all there is, is idolatry and woeful idol worshipping of the Queen, of riches and boastful egos.

You have seen how power works, you have seen how infected by power the leaders of these divided pieces of the world have become, how they vie to keep power and to have their descendents take over and power is kept by a limited few who are tied through families and friends of the family.

Do you want to contribute to the world? Do you want to see the end of oppression where darkness allows all routes out of Palestine to be closed so they cannot fight back, to see the end of transgression, where the decadence is vanquished and piety and righteousness are restored, to stop the aggression, the indiscriminate violence which no one can stop which brings its own suffering and replaced by justice and trust.

What is your will, how do you want to be remembered, by whom and why? Is hypocrisy your fate, or is it as a liar which I think it will be, or ignorant, that I doubt you are.

Who would you listen to, the impartial descendent of an immigrant from Kashmir, or from the aristocrats and the few who sell their souls for this temporal world.

Choose one ,

God granted us freedom, it is up to us to decide which path to take.

The Jews wish to think it is a test of devotion, can you sense the hypocrisy, they know full well that it is a test of faith, but they think it to be test of devotion, so they like the Sunnis who devote to laws of scribes and scholars and doctors, and start to love the Prophet, who neither knows them nor they know him, they say such as 'love for Mustafa' (Mustafa is a name of the Prophet, meaning selected one), they don't listen! r they listen and disobey.

The Christian think it is a question of faith, rather than belief, what do they know,

"that God sent his only son, who died for our sins," they say we have to have faith in this, not in the miracles that Jesus showed during his ministry not to question their belief, but to question their faith (in him), because they lie, they choose to have faith in Christ rather than belief in God, they do not question their belief, as they rightfully should, they question their faith. Are they blinded by their own lies?

The Muhammadans think it to challenge of belief, rather than a challenge of devotion, they think if you believe in God you would sacrifice your life for Him, and for that you will be rewarded, but when you ask them to love and devote to God, you will find most of them love Mustafa and the Prophet and his companions more than God. Showing their ignorance in what they should love, rather than what they should believe. You are deceived by the devil if you think that by loving the Prophet he will intercede on your behalf, remember what the Quran teaches, 'no soul shall carry the burden of another soul'.



Man will never learn


How many of mankind have made the same actions that have seen the repetition of a world where the people have failed, been seduced or have lost. So many proponents of the truth, of light and of good, that one who started when I started would be lost, seduced and bound to fail, but as it says in the Quran, ‘God wishes to redeem you’ (4:27) how many have been saved from the fire or have atoned for their failure, or repented for that which seduced them or learnt what causes the people to be lost. The same tests, curses and drugs have led those born into this world to find no light out of the darkness, no good from the amount of evil, and no truth from all the falsehood.

If the theory we are re-incarnated back onto earth, emphasising birth rather than resurrection, and our previous lives influence the life we lead, then it surely is a flawed idea as we never learn, if I had lived a hundred times or a thousand or a million times, what I bring from all these lives that I have lead would be a profound understanding of where we at loss, or where we are seduced, or where we fail, but all we have is gnosis which is limited to time and place or how long I have been around. Not all my life has been spent on the development of the mind, body, and soul, it has been spent in youth on that which corrupts on drugs, on fast women, as much as my income allowed, I spent it on the fountain of youth, thinking there was power in cigarettes, it would give me courage or in sex, it would make me confident, on whatever I thought would make my life better I found no answer, only on fate do I rely heavily upon, on the family I was born into, onto the woman I married, and I remember where all seemed lost but an exit was made for me. Remember when you were detained on a Section in an archaic mental hospital, how you was transferred and a day later released from hospital, on that day you nearly died from an acuphase overdose and was taken to A&E, remember when you attempted to stab a community nurse but you cut your own hand in the attempt, and later he did not press charges and you were saved from medium secure hospital and a long sentence, remember when you fell from 50ft and your brother found you lying paralysed in the garden, it wasn’t meant to be that you die, remember when you were paralyzed but now can walk a little, remember when they wanted to put you on horrible anti-psychotics like olanzapine and clozapine, and God created an exit for you and now you are on a monthly injection that has no side effects. A reminder of how much I am grateful to God for, for these times were signs for me to be appreciative of God, no other for the blessings and God being the only Savior. These things are written, it is the people who wrong their own souls, God is never unjust towards anyone.

“Anyone who reverences God, He will create an exit for him.” (65:2)


No Subject


Restrain from greed, resist from lust, refrain from pride


mind (wants), body (desires) soul (needs).


Those who protect the interest of a few, and say we are protecting you, when God suffices as Protector, and they wickedly oppress. But when you have pretenders who assume their position ranks as god upon earth, when there is only one God, Lord of the Heavens and the earth. And then there are those who corrupt the land, who divert from the Quran, and attribute lies to the messenger (hadith).


where is the light

where is the love

where is the peace


mind reacts to knowledge

body fuels by power

soul needs wisdom


Know the light

See the good

Learn the truth


The stories of good and evil, there is power in belief, do you belief? Fountain of Youth for powers over the elements, for example you could have Jedi powers if you believe. Ye of little faith, but when Jesus talked of faith, it meant in my opinion belief, even a person with faith of a mustard seed, could say to a mountain move, and it would.


It is a test of faith

it is a question of belief

it is a challenge of devotion


A film today


Did you know that one of the things that Rashad Khalifa established was that anyone who dies before the age of forty will go to paradise, the lowest heaven, as a mercy from God. So I guess you could say Heath Ledger was lucky, although his part of playing the manifest devil shows that there may be other reasons why he isn't around. Did you notice in Dark Knight how when they turn off the sonar system, the name that appears on the screen, is 'Lucius Fox' sounds like Lucifer, another devil worshipping propaganda from America. Then I heard the Beatle song a day in the life, and I mixed up the words and put it as the subject title.


The age of discernment and judgment comes with the age of 40, not exactly the age of maturity, which varies between people, but the age upon which we become judged for our beliefs. We should submit to God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Innermost, the Outermost, the First and the Last, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, when we reach the age Moses was when he God spoke to him, or when Muhammad began to receive scriptures. 40 is also symbolised by the amount days Moses stayed in communion with God during the receiving of the Commandments, 40 is the number of days Jesus was spent in the wilderness leading to the temptations by the devil.


If Jesus could fast for 40 days it shows a sort of person who is spiritual and shows the body can withstand many ordeals, from hot and cold, from hunger and starvation, from good and bad.


When I was 22 I felt quite spiritual, tears were flowing easily as I began to recognise myself pittance, from broken hearts to broken dreams, I began to hear voices but they all seemed in synchrony rather than anarchy, I drove one day from noon till the break of dawn the next day, I drove, I stopped by a lake near Manchester, on the m62, and thought of baptism, so went under the water, that day I took off my boxers, and for forty days I went commando, exactly 40 I counted before I returned to wearing underwear. Then as I was approaching Manchester, I saw paint spilt on the hard shoulder, it was a line of paint going on for about 50 yards. So I parked up before it got out, and walked along the white line, saying this is the ' sirat ul mustaqeem' - the straight path. When I reached the end of the paint, I turned to face where I started from, I had no idea what to do next, I was wearing a ring, which had written in Arabic, a verse from the Quran, 'inna fatahna laka fatahun mubeen' - verily we have opened for you a great opening. I have a scar right in the middle of my forehead, in between my eyebrows, which I got by smacking my head whilst at uni coming out of a bar in my first year, it is small line inbetween my eyebrows. I place my ring against the scar, with my fist facing my face, and waited. A truck was coming, and I was standing at the edge of the hard shoulder, so we played chicken me and the truck driver, see if I would shitted, or if the truck driver would swerve at me, or if I would step into its way. The truck carried and sped past me, but as it was passing, I saw two birds fly across the truck over my head and behind me towards the fields, so I thought I would follow the birds. So I climbed this muddy bank and as I reach the top of this muddy hill, I saw the two birds, perched on two sides of the fence, as I reached the fence, I stopped, and thought what next, shall I go through the 'heaven's gate' so again I place my ring against my scar, and waited, I then saw a bee, fly past me, and to the side of the fence. So I followed the bee, and found this hollow tree, with its roots out of the ground, and a place to sit underneath the tree. I sat there I called out 'Ian Brown, Ian Brown...', because I thought he led me to this through his music, and I wanted to take him through heavens gates. After a while being sat there, I decided to go to Manchester, and write to him, when I reached my car, I found my side mirror had blown off, maybe it was the truck driver who hit it, I didn't think of taking it with me, and saving money in getting a new one, I thought I would leave it there as sign to remind me where heavens gates were. So for the rest of the day and night on the road, I was driving on the freeway without a side mirror, but I had my inside mirror covering that side of the road as well. I never again found that bit of road again, on the many attempts to find it, didn't find the paint on the hard shoulder, nor my side mirror, but the lake was still there, a really beautiful lake, which I called, 'Mersey paradise', a song by the Stone Roses, which I was listening to a lot them days, the melancholy of turns into stone really made me wonder about the state of mind they were when they wrote those songs. I would break into tears quite quickly back then. But one thing is true, I didn't go commando during the baptism, it was afterwards during the road journey, when I would do things on the sixth minute thinking I was in the presence of the devil, I would have challenges to beat him, the number 6 was the devil's number, for obvious reasons.




Long story maybe I will continue some other time.



I saw many things on the road, some felt quite good to be a movie, but I began to lose sense because of the numbers appearing on number plates and on road signs, I started giving meaning to each number, I would use this formula to figure out what was what,


Water is more precious than gold to people


It also says that we should seek God's help alone, like in the opening sura, the key.


'Thee alone we worship, and Thine aid alone we seek',


I do not want to be thanked, but pray they thank God, it is really hard to do anything with money, it becomes a test, like the gold that Children of Israel carried during the revelations of the Commandments, or it becomes a curse, like one Christian said, ‘money the root of all evil’, was he pointing to the role of gold in the betrayal of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel.

Or money is a drug, like wise men have said, 'money corrupts people'.


I'm finding it really difficult to give, I do not know what it is that is stopping me, but there are people who worship money, who think that money is the key to happiness, that the material world is not an illusion. I've been on that road, where I thought I could buy happiness, and I took out an overdraft and bought a home theatre system, but I rarely use it now, and I fear that when tested I failed. But sometimes I like its presence, but it is same every time I leave a hospital detention, I go on a spending spree with all the money I’ve saved by not spending my benefits. If I could, I would show and make them know the light from darkness, and instead piling up gold and silver, and have wealth in the trillions like some people do, I would not use it spend on the ego, I would try and give it away for free, to buy freedom for other people, but in the end we tend to look after the needs of our own and forget the poor and needy, I would plant seeds, but I can only advice since the capitalist system is one of sucking the people dry (or even the world), very vampiristic- dark, evil and corrupt.





Mersey Paradise


It has to be as clear as pure water and as good as rain.

There is a reason for this let me explain

The water is clear like the mind free of dirt

The air we breathe like the soul free of illusion

The rain is pure like the replenishing of youth

The mind is one step away from darkness

The soul is one step away from corruption

The body is one step away from evil

Two steps behind, one step forward

To regress, or to progress

To stand firm, free from the devils whisper

Or to be seduced and frightened of death



To walk on the straight path

Leads to a challenge of love and devotion

This life or the next

As the truck appeared to test you on the motorway

Would the truck swerve to kill you

Or would you step in front of the truck

Are we playing a game of chicken

See if you shit it first, and move away from sirat ul mustaqeem

OR if the truck driver shit it and not swerve to take your life

Would I step forward or step backwards, or remain on the spot

So close to the edge maybe a step back life is precious

Maybe I’ve tread the straight path and found nothing a step forward. life is meaningless

Or wait and stand firm. life is a voyage

Then two beautiful birds fly overhead, a pair of beautiful birds

Just as the truck passes, and across from nowhere into vision

They flew over, to go behind, so follow the birds

Climb the muddy bank, the holes in the ground, remind you of the dark, black pits

And places where we fall to bits

As I've climbed the slope, there the two birds are perched on either side of two fence poles

I must have reached heaven.

I'm spellbound and not thinking clearly





In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


I have witnessed something that felt more than just coincidence, like I have been mentioning I was finding it difficult to find anywhere to give my Zakat, or from my earnings to the relatives or the needy or the parents or the travelling alien, but today I witnessed something, the other day I was sat with my grandmother and I said I would like to give some money, not much but about 20 pounds, to my uncle who has just settled in the UK, if he did not find it insulting to be given from his nephew, or take it badly, I was a bit scared after I gave my grandmother the money to give to my uncle. And today after the Friday prayer my uncle usually visits my grandmother and she gave him the 20 pounds, he ask me for what purpose and I didn't say until he mentioned giving to the mosque for them to prayer, as is the custom among traditional muhammadans, I was scared to say I was giving out of trying to please God, by giving Zakat, but I agreed that he could do that if he pleased. My dad at that instance came in, and handed me an open letter, the letter said, you have been given £60 for a late Christmas bonus from my disability allowance.

That was quick but it reminded me of a Quranic verse,


'The example of those who spend their monies in the cause of God is that of a grain that produces seven spikes, with a hundred grains in each spike. God multiplies this manifold for whomever He wills. God is bounteous, Knower. [2:261]


I would like to think that this was God who made this occur, not mere coincidence, it reminds me that the more we give in the cause of God or whatever we can give with God is a greater reward.


Nobody’s perfect


I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this, I could only read the opening few remarks, anyway but has anyone said this, ‘nobody’s perfect'- Has anyone told you that, beauty's only skin deep, and the body is a shell, the less glamourised by the media the better one becomes because media provides the illusion to perfection, but it is just an illusion, just as this world and vanities within it are illusions. We live in apartheid, fascism and slavery, but we are eluded to believe we have freedom, equality and prosperity. Work it out, what cause do wish to stand for, the cause of God, I wish not to be an idol worshipper, for that is the reason God created man and jinns, to worship Him, Exalted is He. But we fail the test, are seduced and are at loss, except those whom God has blessed.

Some worship the female form, some worship idols in the form of Jesus, Muhammad and the saints, some worship money, these are ways that Satan has led them astray, some worship Satan himself, like the Queen of England, she's a devil worshipper. And so is Batman, in the Dark Knight, there is a part when they switch the sonar system off, and the name that appears on the screen is, 'lucius fox' sounds like Lucifer.


“Did I not enjoin on you O children of Adam, that you should not worship Satan; for that he was to you an enemy avowed? And that you should worship Me, for that this was the Straight Way? But he did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did you not, then, understand?” (36:60-62)



All the pretenders who have no knowledge, only take the transcript of words saying this is mere words and no more, have I got news for you. The Quran has a physical evidence a mathematical miracle and is a numerically structured book, proving it to be the words of the Almighty God not the words of a human.


19- the First and the Last

BesmAllah irrahman nirraheem has 19 Arabic letters in total, now for certain there is no coincidence, for a as surety there is a higher intelligence whose greatness no one can fathom, who has counted the number of all things. A small miracle, take the word Wahid in Arabic, has a geometrical value of 19, and means one, then the number 19 returns to the number one, in two succession to 10, then to 1, when the numerals are added.


listen to the recitation of the Quran, the Final Testament, it is quite therapeutic and harmonious.


3 Faults with ‘the three wise monkeys’


There are apparently or coincidentally three mistakes with the idea of Three Wise Monkeys. I am certain of only two but I can think of a third, first the three are listed as See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil. However they should start with Hear No, and then comes See No, and then Speak No. That is the first mistake.


The second mistake is that they are not all in relation to evil, Hear No is in relation to light and darkness, See No is in relation to good and evil and Speak No is in relation to true and false (or right and wrong).


The third mistake is that they are not, all three, wise, Hear No is enlightened, See No is potent, and Speak no is wise.



By listening you know

By seeing you believe

By speaking you learn

There is light in knowledge

There is power in belief

There is wisdom in learning

Know the light

See the good

Learn the truth

Where is the Light

Where is the Love

Where is the Peace



Hear No





See No





Speak No






The three are symbolised by the times of Moses, where God tested them on light and darkness; Jesus- where God questioned their love and heart and hate. And Muhammad where God challenged them on war and peace,


(Moses shouted) Where is the light

(Jesus asked) where is the love

(Muhammad sayeth) where is the peace




Restrain Greed



How do most neglect the hereafter for this life, how do most people reject the concept of resurrection thinking that it probably will not happen, how do most forget the afterlife, through greed. Ever heard the song in which it says, 'gained the world, but lost my soul' that exactly what leads to forgetfulness and neglect and rejection. In the heart of the Masonic empire, where the apartheid has led to the indulgence of every whim and desire and caused the misery and suffering and most of the people of the world, in order to satiate the greed of the pig farm of Great Britain. We live in apartheid, the world is just the same as the apparent apartheid in Israel from the Palestinians, 7% own 84% of all the wealth on earth, there is an apparent apartheid, between East and West and North and South, everywhere you look the rich and poor are being drifted apart. Then there is the Fascism, that white is better than the rest, that Brad Pitt is perfect, they say the evil died by the end of the World War, but if you see the victors have also assumed the psyche that the white man is better than the rest, with their science and technology, with their sport, and with their guns. Then there is the slavery, when the economy is in crisis the poor suffer, the rich seem immune to the economic downturn, nor are they held accountable or liable or responsible, they are allowed to indulge whereas the innocent taxpayer has to take the responsibility and liability and accountability. When like I mention 7% own 84% of all the wealth on earth, then why not ask the wealthy to give instead of taking all the time.


Forbidden fruits, like coca cola, like Muller yoghurt, like Cadbury’s chocolate, lead to forgetting the hereafter, and can seduce people into thinking this world and its delights are not illusions. Corruption of water, corruption of fruit, corruption of air through nicotine addiction, these are all the ways of the white folk, who's miracles of science of gone from being a blessing to a curse.


We all have to die, laughing at you as I say so because it is a reminder of something which you fear, life, death and resurrection. Just as life is for living, so love is for giving, this something we call love, ever thought of 'this something' and realise 'this something' is what they call love. Life is for living, no one is stopping you, but remember you were placed on earth, to see if you would accept God's kingdom, or side with the disbelieving devils that we can assume the rank of God because there is no god, or there is not one God, or that there are many gods.


Mistakes, what mistakes, there are only saying things without saying anything at all.


The rites established by Abraham, are not burdening, in actuality through submission to God, and I know there will be pretenders, the headmaster to a dedicated teacher may assume the rank of God to that person or to them self, or the prime minister to a back bencher, or the queen to the army, only through submission to the God alone, will lead to true salvation and happiness


It is not a theory it is solid proofs


I am a messenger sent to you, who brought you solid proofs from your Lord, it is not my will but it is the will of God, that you are led astray, I concise the matter into bitesize works, but you chose the straying for the guidance, the time it took me to reach this pinnacle of thought, for you would be only a decimal in comparison. You say I developed a theory on 3, and that it has no place in scriptures, so when God states 'the deaf, dumb and blind' is that not the three that my works are based upon? Yet you say that I'm leading you away from the scriptures and that you are dedicated to the scriptures, they are not everything, they are everything in terms of the soul but not everything in terms of the mind and body, but the one who has time to develop his soul is a true winner. But when you get your life on track, then you only catch a momentary glimpse of what I am saying and in what place, and then it is gone. There is no turning back, it is so easy to erase and go back when you type on a computer, but when you have a pen, you shouldn't go back and change anything because most likely the reason and time for it being there will not be clear when you go back and it is best left alone, break one piece of the chain and it all comes undone.


Is nothing impossible?



Nothing is impossible, and I mean that literally not in the sense of hope and despair, for nothing to exist is impossible. The fact that everything is perishing and in a state of annihilation, proves everything is nothing. When you come to that belief that everything (physical) is nothing and for nothing to exist is impossible, then you are one step closer to realising the reality. The reality of the Divine, of the all-Knowing, Most Powerful and Eternal God, and the greatness of God no one can fathom, from the Innermost down to the atom or even smaller, up to the universe and galaxies, the Outermost, God has counted the number of all things, from the number of hair on your head to the cells in your body. This is a bold statement, but we have solid proofs, not theory which proves the validity of the statement that God has counted the number of all things. If we look at the Quran, we find that it is a numerically structured book, based on a mathematical code based upon the number 19. Here I would like to recommend a site, which goes into detail the mathematical miracle of the Quran. But the very basic statement In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, has 19 Arabic letters. There are a multitude of examples of 19 being the signature of the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God. Now you have physical proof that the Quran and previous scriptures if unedited or omitted will have the signature of God based upon the number 19.


Follow Abraham, in his spirit, and mind we realise the one true God, and shun idols and come to the belief that there is no other god besides God.



Knowing God


If you know God, like angels, whose creation we as humans never witnessed, sometimes I wonder what are angels created of, if jinns are created of smokeless fire, and man is created from clay, but what angels are created from is a mystery, though it is noticed that they have amazing powers as given to them by God. If there was anyone who might show us the angel, it would someone of the likes of Ian Brown, who used to sing like an angel whilst with the Stone Roses, and who references the angel quite often in his music, ' spread my wings, and fly, fly home' -from his latest album, and one song which really sticks out is Stardust, in which he says, ‘I’m made from stardust, like a planetary soul, same DNA as stardust, like an elephant's trunk it's a snorkel full of water.' So I guess angels may be made from stardust, which seems quite right because angels are assumed to be of light, rather than of darkness, enlightenment leads to knowing God, but for angels they know God, that is not my theory it is elaborated upon in the Quran, when God creates man he ask the angels to name the name of everything and the angels respond, 'Be You glorified, we have no knowledge other than what You have taught us. You, only You, are the Knower, Most Wise.' Emphasis being knowledge, but if you knew God, then you would be certain and would not require the sequence and development processes in order to learn of God. The jinns however see, as it says in the Quran concerning demons, that they see you (humans) but you do not see them, ever heard of the saying there is power in sight, that is why you will find they have been given powers through their defining feature of sight, humans can only see where light falls, whereas demons can see where darkness prevails, and that is why most are disbelieving. Now to come to the humans, they are after all an animal, but with the ability to speak, and that is what defines them from other animals is there sophistication of language, but more over it is the ability to learn, and quite rightly when God names the three things, He says, ‘He has given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brains' - from this we can say.


Through listening you know

Through seeing you believe

Through learning you become wise


It has to be like so, because, angels can assume the form of humans, demons can possess humans and humans can reflect and use their minds, but after all it is only the will of God that prevails.



Angels know (God)

Demons see

Humans learn










Light and darkness

Good and evil

Right and wrong



There is only one GOD


How many gods are there? There is only one God, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, and the Omnipresent. If we say God is also a thing, then we have to count how many of them there are, and you will find that there is only one GOD, not two or three, or as many as you like. For nothing to exist is impossible, there is right and left, but there is also middle, there is everything, and nothing, then there is the eternal, this life shows the manifestation of everything, whilst death shows us the nothing, and only God can resurrect us after we die. In the previous chapter I said, God has counted the number of all things, I did not say everything I said of all things, and the number of Gods that were counted were one, there is only one God. Everything is physics, all things could be a word, could be a noun or a verb, if we look at this page, first we have to say it is a page, then upon the page there are words, but then they’re English words, and written in English, then there are sentences, and chapters, then the ability to think whether what you are studying is theory or solid proofs. It is very difficult to understand God, only by not focusing on particulars and forgetting the whole, will lead to true knowledge. I should not say the mistakes are signs of not saying anything at all, rather it could be Satan who is making me make mistakes, or it could be that I am only human and make them. There are nouns, verbs and adjectives, there is grammar, and style, there grammatical and spelling mistakes, there is the infinite in sight.


Devil worshippers


They are devil worshippers, it just goes to show they worship the devil, because it is out of synch with real life and is the bringer of injustice and hatred, and maliciously ignites the suffering caused by war, only to realise later they were out of time, they were not on time, there is a time and place for everything, but when you choose the Devil as your Lord, you will only have an enemy who wants to destroy you yet you take him as a friend or ally and will tell you it is the best thing one could possibly do but it is totally out of time, not the right time or the right place just unjust and evil filled with hatred. They are a few evil wicked few who have enslaved the people of the world, and who pretend their wealth and status makes them rank with god, but only when we say we want to be rid of the old boy establishment and the monarchy, because they are great pretenders and are devil worshippers, I say we rally in the cause of God, against the monarchy and the new world order, only then will we succeed in bringing light, love and peace, otherwise we are continuously duped to think we have freedom, equality, and prosperity when in reality we have apartheid, fascism, and slavery.


Only a few will understand that the example I give, is that of Moses, when they were told to enter the area God have decreed for them, they refused and said there are strong and mighty we will not go in unless they get out. When those blessed by God said, if only you went in through the gate, you will prevail, they still said we are not going in, Moses you and your Lord fight then we will go in. It is such if only you lifted the banner against the monarchy and the new world order, and walked the streets they will have to pay attention, and you will prevail, God willing.



The Third Eye


Atheists say we worship an invisible God, whereas they worship the physical god in the form of the secular Queen. What do you see? Are the blind and the seer the same? Do humans only see where light falls? As a submitter we believe in the Unseen, just as cats and dogs can see in the dark, so also do jinns see us but we do not see them, they hate us, and they usually disbelieve in God, and yet humans are still stupid in enough to take them as friends, when they are the enemies of man. Satan is your avowed enemy, may God Almighty, never let me forget, and that I stand firm on the straight path, and do not waver or go astray, and that I remain steadfast and guided to the path of righteousness. When you take Satan as a friend, he only brings loss, suffering and evil, because he hates you (humans), when you lust, when you envy, when you hate, when you desire more, when you are malicious, when you are proud, you are worshipping the devil. These are all the things they did in the war in Iraq; they were envious that Iraq a socialist state was about to trade oil in Euros, they were greedy about the oil. they were malicious against the Iraqis, they were proud, saying, ‘they were victorious' , and they lusted when they tied naked men on top of each other during the torture of those in Abu Gharib, and they showed their hatred by carrying guns, killing and bombing innocent people. These six signs show they are devil worshippers.


Ever heard of the third eye, only when you awaken the third eye, the eye to your soul, only when you see without using your eyes, and feel with an inner sense. When you do not focus on particulars and nor forget the whole, because the whole is good. There is a third eye, like a sonar, through listening, that you visualise what you hear, that is a form of the third eye.


Because these patients retain the capacity for grief and anguish, they may be more prone to act in despair based on a realistic recognition of the effect of their disorder...





Before my failed suicide attempt where I broke my back, I kept telling the nursing staff that I was in despair, they failed to read the signs, or basically thought I was a loyal dog to their treatment and way of rehabbing, through reward and punishment, I had also ingested some caustic cleaning powder I found on the cleaners trolley, and began to vomit all over room 13, which I was staying in, they still did not register, the third sign that truly wish me ill was when they let me go home for leave, without doing a risk assessment. I had been on arripripazole for 2 and half years and had attempted suicide twice before, I was getting no better, and they were too busy selling me a drug than caring about how I was coping, and I was too scared of telling them, because they record everything and I trust God, but never a psychiatrist, that is idol worship, they would lock me up for years.



In this article, (link below) it states somewhere in its parameters that there was/is a case filed against arripripozole in that it causes suicide:]



In this article they found someone who overdosed on arripripazole or tried to commit suicide.



1 in ten people commit suicide who are diagnosed schizophrenics, and 3 to 4 people in ten attempts to commit suicide with the same diagnosis. The question that needs to be asked is would these people be suicidal if they weren't placed like guinea pigs in cages and fed drugs and have no freedom other than to smoke cigarettes and get fat on the pig diet of the NHS hospitals. Another question needs to be asked is why are people forced to take drugs, when there is no evidence other than theory that says that schizophrenia is caused by a chemical imbalance of dopamine, what if there schizophrenia is caused by other factors such as enlargement of certain parts of the brain during early adulthood, or infant issues, or prenatal issues and complications. Why are all schizophrenics deemed to have a chemical imbalance? Are these drugs safe, or can they lead to further humiliation and depression, and cause suicide. Would these people be safer, if not placed in cages and locked up for years upon years, for petty crimes, when the American and British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have destroyed the homes, the livelihood, the families , and brought about a mass despair of the peoples who live there,








Isn’t it ironic that these three are the allies, the ones who do not lead to light, bring good, or cause innocence. Who worship their egos, or people, or the devil.


I am a warner and bringer of glad tidings to the believer, and submit to the one God, Lord of the heavens and the earth.




I have a multitude of good quotes, name me one you remember Hamza Yusuf by.


All that glitters isn't gold


The elite


First and second are Oxford and Cambridge, third is Durham, in England there are only three college based university, so I’m right to say I went to the elite, and am more qualified than most of today’s ulema, plus the amount studying I have done since my graduation in 2002, the growth of my tree of knowledge, that grows in logic, God guides whomever He wills, and send astray whomever He wills. When I said a multitude of good quotes, that can be any number, it is not specific to a high number or a low number; it is saying something without saying anything at all. And on paper I could challenge the likes of Sheikh Nuh and Hama Yusuf and Yusuf Islam, who adhere to the hero worship of the Prophet and his companions, not recognising that Hadith are made up by people living 200 years after the Prophet had died, and you should not equal anything with the word of God, what I write is just research, for a simpleton not to make the same mistakes I made, or maybe learn something that the tight and controlled education system will not allow to be taught in schools. I call you again to submit to the one God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, and not set up idols to rank with God, nor to associate partners to Him, and to recognise the lies of the Hadith, and call you to return to the Quran alone, and not to desert it.


The unfortunate fact is, a good education is reserved for those with the money to afford it, whereas the rest of us live on scraps and leftovers. It is this old boy establishment that needs to be challenged, and I don’t call for bringing down the government, I’ve gone one step beyond I call for the end of the monarchy, end of apartheid, fascism and slavery. What do children who attend state schools learn, what is wrong, in most cases, drugs, gangs, violence- which leads to cruel fates leading to prison and beyond, or to poverty and unemployment. Just as much as these children can learn what is wrong, they can apply themselves to learn the truth. Why are 99% of the MPs or cabinet ministers from private education backgrounds? For us in my family it was different, we were attending private schools through a government scheme, called ‘assisted places’ which paid for our school fees, and when I went onto university we were fortunate enough to have our tuition fees paid for. My eldest brother went onto Oxford, and became a school teacher at predominantly Asian ‘ghetto’ school, leading to many successful students going on to study medicine and other courses at university, he was the successful one, his success bred success, my other brother went onto medicine, and became a GP, and my cousin who’s father paid for the school fees from his own pocket although he was like my own father only a bus driver, did a PHD in micro biology, and works in pharmaceuticals, I was the last and I was the most gangster of them all, but I went to Durham, to study History and Politics of the Middle East with Arabic, that too was my eldest brother’s choice, otherwise I was heading for Manchester, and probably would have failed, but when you attend Durham, half the work is done by your tutors, because the last thing they want to see happen is you drop out, it doesn’t look good on the statistics and so they make every effort to keep you going even if you are struggling. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and undying confidence once you successfully complete the course.


When will enough be enough, I wonder.


Example of Adam


When God created Adam, He taught him the name of everything, and then asked the angels, what are their names, the angels responded 'Be You Glorified, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us, You are Omniscient, Most Wise.'

[2:31] He taught Adam all the names* then presented them to the angels, saying, "Give me the names of these, if you are right."

[2:32] They said, "Be You glorified, we have no knowledge, except that which You have taught us. You are the Omniscient, Most Wise."

[2:33] He said, "O Adam, tell them their names." When he told them their names, He said, "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heavens and the earth? I know what you declare, and what you conceal."

The example of Adam is such, that i too have been taught the name of things, the hypocrites, the liars and the ignorant, I too know their names, the Jealous Jew, the Cruel Christian and the Mad Muhammadans.

I said to my wife after lunch, because she was being a drama queen, I said ' you are like a rotten/dead apple. you are like an apple that has rotted.' I said,' because you like too much sugar, and your teeth have started to rot.' Later as she was washing the dishes I went to her and said, ' don't worry, I would eat a rotten apple for you.' she responded, 'you can have fresh one.' i laughed, reminded me of the story in the Garden of Eden when Adam ate the forbidden fruit after being seduced, tricked and deceived by Satan.

God is the Redeemer.


Why should I live in fear of psychiatrist/s, when my crime was their fault in the first place, when I was saying I wasn't feeling well, that the medication was making me worse, they chose to treat me in the community, and when it led to me attacking a nurse with a blunt, small, old knife, it was more an act of desperation rather than savagery or barbarism, the blade cut my own hand and did not penetrate, by God's mercy I was fortunate I did not take another person's life, it hit him on the ribs. For that I was labeled a paranoid schizophrenic and assessed for medium secure and since then for the past 5 years since the incident I have been in forensic care. During the institutionalisation process I have developed a fear of psychiatrist, with their questions that continually make you feel as though you have a problem, if I had a problem the last person I would tell is YOU! And when there is no problem then why try and create one. Looking into particulars only develop problems, which create a multitude of other to be correcting, why not remember the whole, because the whole is good.



[3:175] It is the devil's system to instill fear into his subjects. Do not fear them and fear Me instead, if you are believers.


I have developed a fear of psychiatrists, when they twist your logic and make out that you are threat and danger, and when they try and take your time and freedom away by making decisions such as detaining you, sectioning you, and putting you in a higher danger bracket and hospital. Worse still is there random tranquilizing, they come out of the blue, whenever the psychiatrist feels like it, when you do not comply or when you are frustrated or annoyed or pissed off with them.


When I became subservient to them, they put me on a drug that I could not tolerate and caused me suicidal thoughts, but because I feared ever attacking anyone again and going through the process of reward and punishment at the hands of psychiatrist/s, I remain compliant, overall it hasn't been them who has overcome the obstructions and obstacles in the way, it has been the will of God, and through learning you become wiser, so you learn from your mistakes, when you do good you repeat it, when you do bad you remember it, just learning from it. But I am institutionalised now, my idiosyncrasies have changed and become altered, my eyes refuse to remain open, and I look as if I'm trying to stay awake, and I have lost something that meant a lot to me that was dear to me, when they manhandle me, and force me to the ground and injected me with tranquilisers.


When is enough enough, when will we sit and reflect upon this, and see that it isn't achieving anything, only through ignorance do they not know they are worshipping the devil, through pride, greed, envy, hatred, lust and malice, 6 signs of devil worshippers. When will enough be enough, when Hell is filled, it will be asked, have you had enough (to he Hell) and it will reply give me more. (From Quran, not exact words).

You reap what you sow. Try and be as giving as you can. God willing, it will not go to waste. Spend your money in the cause of God, may He bless you in this life and the ultimate abode the afterlife.

God controls everything, the Knower of all secrets and declarations, the Most Powerful, no vision encompasses Him, but He encompasses all visions, the Eternal, the ever present God.

If you wish to learn go to, they are not liars or hypocrites or ignorant.



I gave a cousin some trainers, now I have the latest Nike trainers (Nike rifts), I bought him a mobile, and now I have an iPhone, I gave my television to an elderly day center and now I have a projector system.


You are rewarded when you give.



When you make the decision to give up this worldly life for the ultimate abode the Garden of Eden, when you do not substitute light for darkness, when you do not show the evil instead of the good, when you do not learn wrong instead of right.


a clean mind

a pure heart

a Good soul


instead they think it is :


a good mind

a clean heart

a pure soul


clean water

pure snow

good air



Enough is enough, these pages are being formalised for a book, sorry if they

Cause innocence

Free the world; stop sucking the world dry, vampires! No man alive owns a thing; everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. Free the world, stop caging people, when will enough be enough, when will they stop substituting light for darkness, instead of showing good they show the manifest devil, with their lust, greed, hatred, pride, envy and malice, instead of learning the right way and the path of righteousness they learn the wrong and the false. Free the world, first you take the land from others, colonise it, barricade it, and prevent others from accessing it, then you stop others from coming in and think you have sole right over the land, since when did you start taking ownership, in history. To God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth.


Just as life is for living

So love is for giving


Try and give, and return reap the rewards, if you start becoming stingy and selfish, then there will be no compassion from God on the Day of Resurrection. You have a system, and this system is replicated throughout society, but one day will come when you will see that the ego never satisfies, the mind is quenching its thirst on sea water, instead of quenching it is making them thirstier, until they are sick and die of high blood pressure. You need clean water, not good water, clean water, so that your intentions and thoughts are clean, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the clean intentions will lead to enlightenment.

A pure heart, like snow, is pure white, but is darkened by cruel hearts, who indulge and lie, and are cruel to others, and think there is a battle between good and evil, when only God is good, in the words of Christ, and the demons are evil but we do not see them but they see us, and they hate us (humans) yet humans are fools to take them as allies and friends when they are and so is Satan your ardent enemy.

A good soul, like good air, free from corruption, and causes innocence to mature, instead of causing corruption it causes innocence, through learning you become wiser, it learns the truth, and what is wise, to serve God, to submit to God, to worship and reverence the one God, the Innermost and the Outermost.


A clean mind has faith in the Light

A pure heart has belief in the Good

A good soul devotes to the Truth

Al –Noor, Al- Raoof, Al-Haq





Do not neglect the afterlife for the illusion of this worldly life.

The eternal abode for this temporary station. Do you not know that

abode, is another word for home, it is where it begins and where it

ends and is reserved for those who do not neglect the akhira for the

dunya. Always implore God to protect you from Shaytaan, who will

continue to try to lead you away from the path, he is your enemy, and

he will say take these as partners onto God, or love the material, or

be stingy and selfish so that you do not spend in the cause of God.

With God are the treasures of the heavens and the earth, do not forget

that this is just a voyage and not the final destination, and do not

forget that we once lived in the Gardens of Eden until Satan seduced

man and we were placed on earth.


The Quran says of God:


No visions encompasses Him, but He encompasses all visions.


The Quran is a book, you can sleep through, you can have your eyes

half open but you still can read as though you are asleep, because

there is no oddities and no editing or grammatical errors, it is

written in an amazing language, which alone proves that it couldn't

possibly be written by a human, or else we would all be able to

produce the likes thereof. I read with my eyes half open and I still

do not feel I need to give it my full concentration, please forgive my

language and written word because it far from as fluid as the word of



Why does God say He does that imply He is male?


Please could you verify this question in the subject title?


All praise be to God.




Peace be upon you,

God does not say or imply that He is male. This is simply a rendering of the English language as it does not have an appropriate word to refer to God as a neutral entity. That is why the Arabic language is so efficient as it has clear words to express every situation. See Appendix 4

The Light of Faith

[2:20] The lightning almost snatches away their eyesight. When it lights for them, they move forward, and when it turns dark, they stand still. If GOD wills, He* can take away their hearing and their eyesight. GOD is Omnipotent.

*2:20 "He" and "she" do not necessarily imply natural gender in Arabic (Appendix 4).

Similarly some may ask why God uses the word “we” sometimes though He alone is the doer for everything.

Masjid Tucson


If I could I'd give my iPhone away, to someone who'd appreciate it, I'd like to give it to someone in the third world, but doubt they would be able to see or understand the language and know how to use it. The point being, we are taught through the Quran that, the example of those who spend their monies in the cause of God, is that of a grain that produces seven spikes, with a hundred grains in each spike, God multiplies this manifold for whomever He wills. God is Bounteous, Knower [2:261].

Love is for giving, every time you give expects to receive something more worthy in return, it is the law of God.

It is happiness, because when you give without expecting a return, when you give with an open heart, God rewards you. We are taught to give Zakat, meaning charity-which has been a small percentage of whatever we earn, it should go to the parents, the relatives, the poor and needy, or the travelling alien, forgive me if I missed anyone out.

Ask me how I got the iPhone? I bought a teenage cousin of mine a phone, praise be to God, who made this act of giving a selfless act and in return I have been recompensed by God. I gave my television to an elderly day center, and now in my room I have a two grand home theater system, praise be to God, I rarely use it, and have no need for such things, I think the material plays games with one's conscience, when you have to much material you become stingy, tight and selfish. You should not love the material and give too much heed to the vanities of this world, for they are likely to be illusions, and you should not neglect your hereafter for sake of the temporal, the eternal abode is awaiting those who submit to the will of God, the one and only God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, for them the eternal abode is far more worthier than this lowly life.

By the will of God, the third example made me think that God controls everything, truly, it was when I gave my uncle through my grandmother £20, and just then my Dad came in and gave me a letter which said I had been given £60 in late Christmas bonus.

So think again, giving can be rewarding, but remember God often, for He is the Providence, but I do like the iPhone, like beat maker, I’m not that good at them, but will attempt to learn.

You shouldn't give, and place a burden on that person, that is not the way to give, I've learnt in the West people expect returns once they give, and for people to remember them as the giver, some people give and then place you in their pockets, that is not the true way, it is wrong. The more you give, or whatever you give will not be fruitless.


You reap what you sow


I'd like to donate an iPhone to a child or a teenager.




Just don't look back, try and live in the present, where you live

fully whereas if you remember your giving it will become a curse for

you. But always remember God is good, even if you feel like it isn't

the right thing to do, if you do it to please God, no matter what

Satan says to hypnotise fear and wickedness, God is Most Gracious and

Most Merciful. Don't count what you got, only say mashallah, they are

blessings from God- we live in polarities people where my parents

come from, are very money conscience, very protective an very tight,

for them money is necessary to feed ones family, whereas in England,

it is the opposite, we give more, but live in apartheid, i wonder

whether the mentality I have will succeed in places like Pakistan,

where they have very little. It is like the story of Cain and Able,

where the sacrifice of Able is accepted and of Cain it isn't, what we

need to remember is what happened next, Cain kills Able, and you find

Able is willing to die because he says I wish you to bear my sin as

well as your own, so we see, for that reason of not becoming proud but

being submitting was why God the Knower accepted the offering of Able

and rejected the offering of Cain, becuase God is Omniscient, the

Knower, the Omnipotent, the Most Powerful, the Omnipresent, the




You reap what you sow.


3 sides to a coin


There are three sides to a coin not two; you will find the symbolic representation of 3, throughout life and this world, from Olympic medaling, to the three tenses of time, through to the 3 Attributes of God, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, and the Omnipresent. You will find that each attribute connects to each science, chemistry links with Omniscience of God, physics links with Omnipotence, and biology links with Omnipresent. We know this through the fluidity of mind, the water, liquid and such things as they say such as, 'brain chemistry. The physicality of the body links with food, solid, which talks of the laws such as energy can never be created but can only be used from one thing to another, can be transferred. Then we come to the gaseous substance of the soul, which links with air, and the breath of life. In my opinion because we only see 3 dimensionally, we should try and think in threes also, looking for three sides rather just knowing things by their opposite we can bring and use the third dimension which will lead to a better ability to reason. We only see where light falls, that was the meaning of the Quranic verse, that no vision encompasses Him, but He encompasses all vision. There are 4 threes just as there are four 3s in the number of month usually denoting the four seasons. There are 12 hours in a day, there are 12 months in a year, 12 is symbolised a lot in the Bible from children of Jacob, to disciples of Christ, from throughout the history of Israel up until the dispersion of the Jews after Jesus' death, 12 was a holy and important number.

If you add the two digits that make up twelve you get three.


There are 3 attributes, there are three sciences, and also three Arts, and there are three Classics, philosophy, what one knows, linguistics- what one observes, and history- what one learns. These 12 link to the three faculties, Hearing, Seeing, Speaking, which in turn link with the three Semitic religions, with Moses it is about hearing, you find examples of when the Children of Israel said we hear, (but they also said) and we disobey, and such, with Jesus, it is about sight, whether they believe in God, or whether they look at the agent and make him the god and fail to revere the sender, and with Muhammad, it is about learning, throughout the Quran God commands Muhammad to 'say'- God never lists the three according to their faculties of hearing , seeing and speaking, he instead say 'I have given you the hearing, and the eyesight, and the brains'- there is a time and place for everything, and that was not the time to be divulging the secret on three, however we have been given brains in order to learn, because God does say 'deaf, dumb and blind' they are deaf because they do not listen, they are blind because they do not see, and they are dumb because they do not learn.



everything in this life, nothing when we die, and the eternal to come


everything it changes

nothing stays the same

no one can extinguish this eternal hallowed flame


everything is nothing, nothing is still nothing, the eternal is to come


life, death and resurrection

heaven hell and earth

angels, devils, humans


light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrong.


Mother Earth


Theories not solid proofs, but one thing is certain with sight there are three dimensions. After a little research on Wikipedia, what I found with the idea of space-time, both space is seen as 3 dimensional and time is also three in the sense that there are three tenses of time, future, past and present. It is only a combination, of space and time, making it the fourth dimension. The other two M theory and Bosonic String Theory, I can say through your wording are theories. What I tried to achieve with the previous post was to answer their question whether there is anything certain which can prove that with the Quran, you have solid, physical evidence in the way of a numerically structured Book, which shows that God controls everything, with it's simple to the most intrinsic mathematical code based upon the number 19, and top of that if you are native Arabic speaker, you will find when studying the Quran the description of earth is given as egg-shaped, so whether people during medieval times thought the world was flat, based upon their own thinking, it is uncommon among other people that the thought that the world was flat prevailed throughout the various people, the Quran for one, during its revelation proved that knowledge of the shape of the earth was known. I see personally see mother earth as an egg, but with a more complex and far more complex existence, though one could be lost in the structure of an egg in an ovary. Just as one could be lost in the multitude and infinite complexity of mother earth.


[79:30] He made the earth egg-shaped.*


*79:30 The Arabic word ``dahhaahaa'' is derived from ``Dahhyah'' which means ``egg.''


First point, th translation I find myself reading and devoting to, is the Rashad Khalifa authorized translation called the Final Testament, but I agree prior to his affirmation there was very little understanding or consideration that the earth was egg-shaped. But because I accept him as a messenger, due to the physical proof he provided which shows that there is no coincidence that he is one of God's messengers, so in terms of who I choose to believe, him through whom we learned of the mathematical miracle of the Quran, which settled my faith, or those who came before who for one reason or another were not allowed to divulge this, and are open to the same fallacies that everyone is exposed to. Because messengers are supposed to be guided by God, and have submitted to God and they clear many misunderstandings and burdens placed by people preceding the messengers, like Sharia and Hadith.

Another fact I am not a scientist, I come from a humble village in the mountains of Kashmir, my name is strange but common, Kash means if in Hindi, and if means the same in English, so I may be the only 'if' kinda guy, the two syllables that make up Kashmir, Kash is my nick name and Mir refers to the town I am originally from called Mirpur.


I think it was Galileo who said, 'God created the universe on mathematics', if we say mathematics is a science, then this pervades over all things that exist, there would be no distinction in science, there is just pure mathematics. The concept which I hold myself accountable to is that mind, body and soul, have manifested themselves in many ways, even in the 3 sciences, liquid, solid and gas, that was the three I was focusing on. The reason why physics is food is because it is the solids we eat to keep our heart pumping, it is about the body and I thought the body was more physics, that gaseous biology which is the soul or liquid chemistry which is the mind.


I have had this same criticism before, why isn't mathematics a science, but for life to survive it needs water, food and air. I recommend the study of R.Khalifa's appendices, to understand the intricate mathematical code found in the Quran, and if you get to the end you will witness a profound miracle, god willing.




Everything is nothing



I have been everything (I ever wanted to be), and (found) everything is nothing.


The pinnacle of whatever, the heights of whatever, the fame, notoriety, the glory, are everything, but we find they are nothing. A hip hop star, will go for being everything, and then find everything is nothing, the President, or the surfer .Only if I can start again, if I can follow that train of thought, instead of halting and returning to something previous, only if's. If’s and buts’ and wishful thinking, you need to be certain of who you are, certain about the reason you are here. And what is the purpose, to serve God, and to submit to Him. My memory is fading pretty fast, these dopamine blockers affect ones memory, I'm going to have to stop taking it, I'm not on track, I’m going from one thing to another with no fluidity and no memory, it is full, and I do not know how to flush it out or erase it, my short term memory is gone, but because I am alert I retain some information, if I was sedated then as well as my memory my brain would be cloudy I would be a zombie. Been thinking of this statement 'I have been everything and everything is nothing', only heard it from one person Marcus Aurelius, other than that it never seems to be the answer, They say men cannot multi task, I think not all men are the same, but I do find it hard to be able to do more than one thing at a time, like playing a computer game, and talking to a friend, I have to concentrate fully on the game and have no time for idle chit chat. Is everything nothing, being a music producer yeah I like that, but once I’m there would I feel it is nothing, I’m thinking of getting some kit to make music see if I can create a new sound if I got time for it that is, I wonder if the likes of Ian Brown, ever know what this statement 'I have been everything and everything is nothing' is there a need for redemption from this.



I’m not treatment resistant I’m highly sensitive to these drugs! Prove a chemical imbalance


Risperidone and olanzapine have generated some evidence that permits their consideration as an alternative to clozapine in clinical settings. Herings and Erkens15 demonstrated a 4-fold increase in suicide attempts for patients who interrupt or stop treatment with these drugs. Similarly, another study found a significant association between good versus poor adherence with these atypical antipsychotics and quetiapine, as well as a decreased risk of suicidal behaviors.16 In addition, risperidone and olanzapine have been reported to be safer in overdose than clozapine

From this we know, that if treatment is stopped then the patient is likely to develop suicidal thoughts. Due to intolerable side effects when firstly administered with olanzopine, over sedation and being a zombie, was stopped after 6 months, from then on i have developed suicidal thoughts, risperidone cause tardive dyskenisia, pains throughout the body and muscles unable to relax whilst on it. This proves suiicdal thoughts originated from the anti-psychotics rather than from schizophrenia. Why are everyone who are sectioned first port of call is olanzopine, why is this the preferred drug when it is known to cause sedation and weakness and in other cases obesity amd weight gain and if stopped suicidal thoughts, is that fair upon the patient that he has to live with something that will impair him for life, be a pig, or die a rat, or live like a pussy cat wth no ambition and edge left with all those cat meals and over satiety on cat food.


we should not forget that depression from antipsychotic adverse effects can also occur.7 In fact, dysphoric responses to both typical and atypical antipsychotics may, and often do, occur with high individual variability. Dynamic interactions between the state of the dopamine receptor and the pharmacological properties of conventional antipsychotics may be responsible for the variability in dysphoric responses

This suggests that anti-psychotics can lead to depression


since depression associated with quetiapine has also been reported in patients with schizophrenia.33

proves certain anti-psychotics can cause depression




Quotes taken from an article o psychaitric times, 'can anti-psychotics cause suicide thoughts


Rocket Explosion from the earth to the moon, the opposite of the fertilization of the egg, and the earth being egg-shaped


I think what you are pointing to in the assertion of the number two, is the opposites, there are not two sides to coin, heads or tails, but a middle strip without which you would not have the two opposites of/on a coin, but that does not prove anything more than that there are three dimensions to space not four. With many things three is an important concept, right and left, which are opposites, then there is the neutral - the middle. Life and death and then there is resurrection, this is the basis of what my idea revolves around it comes from the affirming conviction that there is an eternal life to come, because there is everything in this life, nothing when we die, so there has to be the eternal yet to come. Remember space and time, should be kept separate, there are three dimensions to space and three TENSES to time. Also you will find heaven and hell are opposites but earth is neutral, same with angels and devils are opposites and humans are neutral, angels know God and can assume the form of humans, the devils see humans but humans do not see them and possess humans, humans can learn and can reflect upon themselves. When you submit to God, when you read and understand and study the Book, the Final Scripture, the Quran, we have the old and the new, which are opposites but then we now have the final, which is neutral, if you ask a layman if you have the old and the new what is the third they will answer 'the last' i.e. the final, in this is a solid proof, I’ve done this test myself and that was the response I received, 'the last'. Praise be to God.

As for why God refers to the earth as egg shaped, I have a theory of my own, I view the mother earth as an egg, and just as a sperm enters and fertilizes an egg in the ovaries, in similar manner, we have NASA exploding out of the earth, through various layers and discarding various parts of the rocket to enter space, only when it reaches the moon it places it on it a flag of America. In similar fashion what is expressed in this action is the opposite, of what occurs during the conception of life. No wonder why the Americans are so


You get what you give


Saving money is surely like a drug, spending money is like a curse. Investing money is like a test.


Why is spending money like a curse, because when you buy things material things, you begin to lose to this temporal world, and the things you buy become a curse because you no longer love to go to the eternal abode, but instead love this earthly temporal abode.


Why is saving money like a drug, it is the powerful effect of saving which when you have dependents you understand, need to tame the beast, rather than let it run wild, need to restrain it, but not starve it, but to quieten it and bring peace.


Investing money is like a test, only those who give without expecting a return will find their recompense in happiness, but those who give only to expect a greater return, will find their manipulating light for darkness, only if you give in the cause of God will you be rewarded with happiness, security and contentment.


But the established ways are to be recognised, rather than rejected or ignored, they are there, their existence may be wrong and upside down, but what are your choices. When we have more we try and live in the past, of what we would do when we didn't have the money, like being a DJ when you're at school or university, but only when you leave school and have the money do you buy the kit, but, by then, you are no longer at school. Or having a car in your youth, or a motorbike, only years later can you realise that dream, it is the same with everyone. But God is compassionate upon us, humans, because He knows the means and abilities vary among us. Happiness in simple things as it says on a mug I read.


You reap what you sow


The wine I drink does not lead to intoxication it leads to fana’ (annihilation)


Is there a god more greater than money on earth, they, maybe I’m talking to you, but they are strangulating the world, choking the earth, polluting the air all because they think that you need money to be able to succeed in whatever agenda you have. Are they trying to say that money is powerful and without one cannot succeed, so they take control of the economy and financial system, only to find they have forgotten God, they no longer believe in God, they only pay lip service, they have chosen power lies in money, before God, they are the Jews. The Christians have chosen power lies in guns, and the muhammadans have chosen power lies in the boys.

God has power over all things, but because they think gold is more powerful, that money is what everyone wants in this life, that for money people will sell their own children, they are deceived not because they are greedy but because they are jealous that they wish to be everything, to them it is a game, if they can rank in the all-time greatest, so they have not read the news that the last messenger on earth brought, the solid proof to which we know for certain that the Quran is a numerically structured Book showing beyond human capabilities in mathematics, and we know everything is counted, to the number of letters in bismillah, (19), to the number of chapters in the Quran, 114 (6x19), to the word Wahid (meaning one) which appears 19 times in the Quran, and geometrically adds to 19. There are just letters on a page, but with God the number is known, there are just words and sentences in a certain language, but with God the freedom to say and to be mathematically correct is possible, and the language remains perfect, it is only a book, given to a human with knowledge beyond his own experience and knowledge and it is the final book.

Now we've named them, but it is just the same whether you warn them or say that they are not listening, they will pay the price for ignorance, because the devil preys on ignorance, it is through ignorance they worship the devil, through lust, greed, pride, hatred, envy and malice.


Have you seen the one whose god is his ego? Will you be his advocate? (25:43)


Only if asked whether I’m qualified I responded, 'I’m a messenger', not saying haughtily, 'BA Hons, mate, not from your pittance Bolton, Durham, the elite,', I'm learning but I need to be meek, rather than haughty and egotistical or proud. For I read in an article concerning the ego, which quoted the Quran:


Have you noted the one whose god is his ego? Consequently, God sends him astray, despite his knowledge, seals his hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him, after such a decision by God? Would you not take heed?(45:23)


So you see their only wish is to serve their egos, not the Lord God, and to not to kill their egos but to enslave the people to their capitalist sucking the world dry system, they worship gold, because of greed, which is a sign of the devil worshippers. The wine I'm drinking does not lead to intoxication it leads to annihilation (fana') of the self, the more you drink the less likely you are to bring about injustice. A messenger told me Hadith were made up by people who lived long after the Prophet had died, in a book I read by the messenger, they've stopped printing the Final Testament, or the book on Hadith, but they are widely available to read online, on Ponder over this:


Man’s pride causes his humiliation, but he who is humble of spirit obtains honor. (Proverbs 29:23)


Made me think that people do not understand that wealth is a test, like I said, you either give in the cause of God, and receive the recompense of happiness, but because we live in such a dire and dark world it is hard to find any solace when we are living in world full of hatred, war, and darkness, but those who trade this worldly material things in exchange to make a profit, but cannot give to others because they are stricken with the selfish gene, or shall I say the ego and the manipulation of light for darkness. Best things in life are free, the air we breathe, the water, the fruits, what we reap and harvest, only now the world economic system is a global sucker which sucks everyone in from the remotest parts to the most urbanised, we are all part of one global system, the new world order, and it is time to challenge this, because nothing goes to waste when you give in the cause of God, but everything goes to waste when you make you make the devil as your lord. The Devil is man's avowed enemy, but you need to kill the ego, and submit to God in everything, from your private to your public, to your wardrobe to your closet, from your hidden to apparent, seek forgiveness and mercy, of all the merciful ones, God is Most Merciful.


It’s like a candle lit glow


It's like a candle lit glow through the darkness, shadows appear and disappear, if I don't find my way there is no grey zone there is a light out there, whether you choose to believe or whether you don't know who to follow. You need to trust in the light of the Book and you need to put the Book as your light and your way home will be lit. But if you take illusions as the real then the light may leave you behind, or there maybe obstacles in your way that you would need the light to know how to get beyond them. May God guide you to the straight path, may God enlighten you, and may you find your way home in the Garden of Eden. I submit to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the one God, Exalted is He.

I don't know sometimes I seek God's protection from the uncertainty and of hypocrisy. I hope no grey zone appears in my writing or in my experience, if I follow the light of the Quran and submit then there will be light and an answer.

There are three distinctions in science but we do not make mathematics another one just as there are three branches to Abrahamic faith, Judaism, Christianity, and Muhammadanism. Islam pervades all three branches because Islam is an Abrahamic faith not Muhammadan, it was Abraham who named us Muslims, submitters if you follow the Quran, but the followers broke away into sects and different groups. In similar manner one could say mathematics pervades through the 3 sciences but. Like. Galileo pointed out, God created the universe on mathematics. Why is it that no matter what living thing on earth it has to die? Life and death are opposites the rule remains with life there is also death but with temporal there is also eternal, the opposite of human is beast, and angel is devil, but there is only one God, I submit to Him. To God belong the most beautiful names. Submission to the will of God, when Abraham was asked, do you submit? His response was, I submit to the Lord of the heavens and the earth. This is the perfect religion, Submission the religion of Abraham, whose belief was that there is no other god besides God, and there is none worthy of worship except God. Return, think twice, remove the burden and enter the religion of Peace.


Salamun alaykum



End of history


the challenge remains that they claim to have reached certainty beyond which there is no doubt. Once that point has been reached it will be the end of history. We have the three in which they think lies power, in money, in guns and in the boys. They all claim to be part of Abrahamic faith, why then do they think power lies in these things money- keeping most of the world without, or guns through which you colonize and take ownership with your apartheid, fascism and slavery; or the boys who neither reason nor see beyond their cult and bring about suffering to others which they are ignorant of.

Shall I tell where power lies? In submission but most of us until now have been fulfilling the devil's expectations. The Queen of England is an instrument of evil, you should never think she is nice to you, because it is God who deserves the praise and who is nice to you, she is a pretender. Instead of submitting they have taken the course to rank higher than the God of Moses Jesus and Muhammad.

The victory of God is near. End of history occurs with the Day of Resurrection.

Those who call themselves submitters who follow Rashad Khalifa say that the earth has yet to have most of the people who will live on earth are yet to come. They say in around 200 years before the final day the world's population will be around 75 billion people that is nearly ten times or more, if we struggle with 6 billion then how do you think we would/will fair with more than ten times that number.

Stop the apartheid. Stop the fascism, stop the slavery.

You cannot be everything when everything is nothing. Just pray that you enter the right door and that you are able to know your true way rather than lie. I took the oath again to be a submitter after Reading books based on new age spiritualism and anthropology. These books made me re emerge my own thoughts and views once I had read others views when I held atheist views about historical evidence on the lives of biblical characters and I was informed that their true identity were in Egyptian civilisation. That was nonsense because they had not studied the Quran nor had they witnessed the miracle of the mathematical code in the Quran. From all the books worthy of study the Quran is the best for this life and for eternal abode.



The mystery of the Star of David


There are 4 equilateral triangles, top and bottom there are two small triangles, and the star consists of two large equilateral triangles. 3 sides each adding to 12, and around the edges of the main star there are 12 sides. There are four isosceles triangles adding to twelve sides, and the center has six sides and there are six triangles on each side of the center shape. 12=1+2=3

3x4=12. 4x12=48. 4+8=12. Mashaallah a sign. Praise be to God for this solid proof.


They will never understand me, I think that was David telling me that this mystery would not be solved by a Jew or the children of Israel; to them it is just a star. When they look at it they say, ‘a star!' but I guess David did not tell them. Even when Solomon built the temple there were many twelve’s. Only now a submitter by the will of God has solved the mystery concerning the so called Star of David.


Peace be upon you


If you turn or rotate the star it is the same six times, it is amazing how it is exactly the same at every turn.




There are not 4 isosceles triangles, there are 8 apparent equilateral triangles, and 4 hidden making 12 equilateral triangles, there are two going from in and out of each other which are interlocked, these are the two main large triangles. There are two smaller triangles which are doing the opposite of the two large triangles they are facing away from each other, pointing north and south, where as the two large triangles are facing south and north, the top large triangle is facing south, and the bottom facing upward is facing north. that makes 4 triangles,


then there are 2 pairs of triangles which are facing each other and touching the tip of each triangle, that is another four which both point to the centre, then the same 2 pairs touching each other, there are 4 hidden ones facing in north westerly, north easterly, south easterly and south westerly. In total there 3 different occurrences of 4 triangles. This makes 12. So this is the third set of 12s, from 4 twelve’s listed, it is incorrect that there are 4 isosceles triangles, I had not studied the star closely at that stage, but noticed there are 12 sides to the star.


My writing is a reflection on reality, the Knower of all secrets and declarations, who in Arabic is known as Allah, and in English God, may have allowed my reflection to be the reason why this symbol remained elusive to the people. If we cannot accept that it is a symbol which has 4 twelve’s adding to 48, which in turn makes twelve with 4+8, then we can at least say the triangles all have three sides, and also we recognise that there are 12 sides to the star, that is certain, other than that it is just a theory but I would argue that with the knowledge of Solomon's Temple where he built and used the number 12 quite frequently where 12 was a major factor, I would argue that with David 12 was what the symbol was emphasising, by the will of God.


Affecting Reality

What makes you proud, to be the sole reason why due to your actions and because of your love, is that the reason why you enjoy prosperity, but then it is relative every time Satan tries to trick you into thinking you are the sole reason why things are as they are, be them for the better, you have to remind yourself, 5 times a day, at dawn, at noon, at afternoon, at sunset and during the night, that when you bow you say, ;Glory be to God' when you prostrate you say 'Glory be to God', after a while this becomes your mantra, your humility and your light, with time this will strengthen your faith and you will arrive to certainty.


Life is uncertain

Death is certain

Resurrection is a mystery


With that we need to have faith, that not only do we believe the word of God, but we are in the affirmative concerning resurrection, when we set aside our differences and come to the one transmission and one Book, which is preserved and mathematically, and numerically structured, showing mathematically God has counted every word letter, sentence and chapter, which then leads us to assert that God has counted the number of everything, be it in the past, the present or the future. The number of walnuts a walnut tree bears in a season, to the number of humans with their brains that live, there I made a correlation, now I have written it, as well as what I am writing, it means the future is known by God, whatever I write, the higher intelligence of God will be able to make something like a walnut the shape of a brain, I feel that my writing are a reflection of reality, sometimes impacting the reality itself, because when you note that God is Omniscient, God is Omnipotent, God is Omnipresent, and have them written alongside each other, whereas in the Quran, two are mentioned but the third is not mentioned, there I may have done it again, I may have affected reality.


Freeing excellence affects reality



There is only one God, Blessed is He! And I am a submitter


4 Psychiatric patients dying each day in NHS care


How many were caused by the haphazard drugging and placing people on anti-psychotics whoever comes in contact with the NHS mental health system. Ask also why are so many people suicidal who end up in mental hospitals. They make the hospitals like prisons only they added with drugs, the more they try and make it impossible to commit suicide in a mental hospital the more prone the patients are to having suicidal thoughts. Why? I rather die, than wait. QUESTION? DO ANTI-PSYCHOTICS CAUSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, like for example Prozac? That is the multimillion dollar question, as big as the tobacco industry hiding that smoking causes serious health problems, as big as the whistle blower who told the world about the lies of the tobacco industry.


Every suicide that has occurred in the NHS mental health service has been down to the fact they were all treated with anti-psychotics, there is only one constant and consistent factor when determining these fatalities and that is all these people were all on anti-psychotics. If anti-psychotics are suppose to prevent suicidal thoughts, like clozapine, apparently, then why so many fatalities, serious questions.



Letter concerning the article


Dear sirs,


Regarding the article '4 psychiatric patients dying each day in NHS care'- I myself was nearly another figure in that statistic, and have an opinion on what causes the suicides, I have searched high and low, for any evidence pointing to medication being a cause in the suicide rate among mentally ill patients, there is hardly any evidence other than the acceptance that suicide among such people is high. The only link between medication and suicide is found with anti-depressants such as Prozac and other SSRI inhibitors, that is serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, recently they are found to cause suicidal thoughts, through this we can link to other medications which treat different mental disorders and we will find all agree upon the principle that the disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance. There is very little evidence used by psychiatrist to prove there is a chemical imbalance which would need rectifying or correcting with the proportionate amount of chemical that is required, however that is not the case too often various cocktails of drugs are administered or varying drugs are used haphazardly or a case of trial and error occurs so that no matter what day of the week, rain or snow, or time of day people deemed with mental illnesses are constantly fed medication. With this ultimately, the problem arises with when will enough be enough, or is there a constant danger which a chemical imbalance in the brain implies so therefore it is best to keep them on medication, or how will they fair without treatment?

Treatment plays a vital role of which medication is a part of, it also makes me say that with experience of having gone through most of the oral anti-psychotics and now after being deemed treatment resistant placed on injections, they are quite dangerous and can lead to all kinds of problems, sleeping pills administered in mental hospitals can cause hallucinations and nightmares, the anti-psychotics can impair idiosyncrasies and cause sedation and varying problems. Now what the article implies by treatment is the care provided by the NHS for vulnerable people, however what a patient regards as treatment is the obstacle and obstruction to happiness and a free life. The waiting, the side effects, the medication taken long term, the assessments and reviews, the incarceration, all add up to a suicidal person. There is a lack of self-worth, with this there is no worth, you are deemed inferior or castigated as different, and then preyed upon by vicious, evil cruelty. Is true happiness fear of death, or is true happiness based on the reality that death is natural factor of life, life is uncertain, death is certain and resurrection is a mystery. Have faith in prophecies, believe in miracles, devote to the Truth.

I have managed to remain off cigarettes for over a year now, having read a book by Allen Carr, in which he says his work is like a snowball, which as it gathers momentum will be like an avalanche, and will be the end of nicotine because he was so certain his method worked, in similar vein as soon as someone links medication with suicide or treatment with suicide then it is the beginning of the snowball.

Possibility of suicide

When the possibility of suicide arises, the psychiatrist doesn't think enough is enough, he adds a new post, they begin to monitor on a frequent basis, they don't try and see sense in the whole they try and cater for any probable problem that may arise, very particular. If the population is estimated to expand more than ten times in the next 200 years or so, should that not point to a common ancestor, that in 200 years there will be more people living on earth than at any other time, so how young is the world, if we have only 6 billion people living on earth at this moment. How bad is it that the basic things that some take for granted are being denied to many people, like food and shelter and clothing, in this day and age, a reformation of thought is needed, and the main fallacy that divides us is what we choose to focus on the particulars or the whole, and not only that but what we challenge and what we support, what we sacrifice and what we surrender.

With hardship comes ease


With hardship comes ease

No pain no gain

Submit to the Lord to please

Blessing will fall like rain


To practice self restrain

To be content with your lot

To be free of blame

To never lose the plot


When the morning comes

When the light of day shines in harmony

Until the people rise from their tombs

And take up their destiny


Never failing days and nights

As they pass people seem oblivious

From the lowest to the heights

The afterlife will reckon us


Where we're you when we saw

The miracles plain to see

Where did you hide and deceive

Why did you become obstinate and not submit


“the aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure but to avoid pain” –Aristotle


Song 2


You say that we should punish them for their crimes

When you carry the guns and bring in the warplanes

You tell us there is an enemy at the gate

All your endeavors because you rejected faith


Who shall we point the blame

To the patsies like Bin Laden

Was it all in a name

To show us our enemies and friends


The Queen shall lose her throne before she dies

This little gold digger is attacking the heart

They maliciously invented a lie

Causing suffering,misery and death


How will you make your new world order

Through greed, lust, and pride

Envy hatred and malice

Through darkness, hate and war




These crackpot leaders who serve the Queen

Making after another dangerous enemy

Their lies make them to blind to see

After all the suffering, and misery


Where is the light

Where is the love

Where is the peace


My writing a reflection on reality

The Queen shall lose her throne before she die

They maliciously invented lies

Sold their souls for a miserable price


Where is the love

Where is the light

Where is the peace


Who do they choose to serve

The devil who brings hurt

Hell will be their final destination

For showing the devil manifestation


where is the peace

Where is the love

where is the light



God is the Light

God is the Love

God is the Peace


by kash12-3, aka A submitter


Song 3



why don't you write songs about money

Why don't you write songs about women

Why don't write songs about cars


I aint much of a singer,

nor a player

nor a writer


But if i could i'd go with the flow

Through the chemistry of water i drink

Like the physics of the clean snow

Like the biology of the air i breath


If I could write a song about the message i bring

If I could guide you to the water i cannot make you drink

They say they don't do God because they are devil worshippers

They try and hide but the truth is they are devil worshippers


Write a song about what you know

About the devil manifestation that they show

Write a song about the reality

Try to submit to God and with it be happy


Crackpot emptiness


Before getting into music production, I was concentrating on writing, exploring the hidden secrets, unveiling new dimensions, and unravelling mysteries. I don't think it is good to be a crackpot, whatever you put in it it cannot hold, but to be able to flow - to be appreciative and to regard the blessings with peaceful reflection, a cleanliness of mind, a purity of heart, and a good soul. Or is it a purity of mind, a cleanliness of heart, and a good soul. Let's not confuse things. let us just say both can be as easily applicable or justifiable. But the first remind me of clean water, pure gold/snow, and good air, each linking with mind. body and soul and the second points to the Quran in which it mentions a clean heart and pure water. People think me a crackpot, but whatever you put in me is safe and holds, it doesn't break or crumble. "If we reveal this Quran to a mountain, you will see it tremble, crumble, out of reverence for God." (59:21) When you submit to the will of God, the danger arises when you do not accept what God gives but think you can get better, this leads to arrogance and boastfulness rather than happiness and contentment. May my Lord forgive me and teach me to do better next time. Sometimes though it gets lost in a mire, and it is hard to distinguish a pure gift from a corrupted one or false one. and it is hard to let go, make amends or to come to an end. O well I must learn, life can be a learning process need to implore God in my daily life, in case i stray or become opinionated. My Lord, the Hearer, the Omniscient grant me happiness and save me from misery in this life and the next, make me a vessel, a carrier and a bearer and protect me from being a crackpot and its emptiness. to learn my point of view.



Try and be a vessel

Try and be a carrier

Try and be a bearer

Not a crackpot, that breaks as soon as you pour some water

Not a crackpot, always empty



Be a bringer

Be a submitter

Be a warner

Don't be a crackpot that breaks when you pour some water

Not a crackpot always empty


3 Allies


Who says we have come to the common ground and taken the Queen as our sovereign, before we talk of English in Hong Kong, Chinese and China, Asians in Britain, we need to understand the root of the crisis that has taken over the world, the greed, the pride, the hatred, the envy, the malice and the lust, all because the highest in most eyes is the lowly figure of a woman who is the monarch and head of the Church of England. And so we do not look in awe at what we see in the world, the miracles of life, the miracle of day and night, miracles of the eclipse, we instead look into our own selfs as say what have I got, what about me, what is there for me, the more we question our ego the more it digs further into a hole, that is why there is a big hole in the world, that will not consume itself, or become bigger than itself, there should come a point of realisation, that the hole is the ego, and when we serve our egos the hole get's bigger.

Then this leads me to race to the end, and because I have been on this trek before know where it leads to, but let us take it another step further, the question is who we serve, the trees, the animals, the people, the earth, is that because we pretend or is that because we have not believed, seeing is believing, so do we take these things these temporal factors that will no matter how much you concentrate upon will perish, do we not see the ultimate mathematics that governs the existence of things, of all things be it words on a screen, to letters in a word, to the contrast of black written letters upon a clear white sheet or screen, was it not Galileo who said, 'God created the universe on mathematics', of the opposites, opposite and neutral, black and white, paradise and hell, heaven and earth, angels and demons, humans and beasts, everything has an opposite, like they say 'you know things by their opposites'- you must have come across that one before, this symmetry this geometry of the 3 dimensions of space, the tenses of time, the 3 Attribute of God, this mathematics. It is not hard to get rid of the Queen, she is after all only human, and not a mighty angel or powerful devil, the question is only how, not whether they have not challenged and have submitted to her, when they should submit to the Lord and Creator of the heavens and the earth.

But they have rejected the scriptures, turned arrogant and have remained ignorant, through ignorance you worship the devil, when you refuse to kill your egos, when you take up false gods, and when you do not submit.


The 3 allies

Israel- serve the ego

Britain, -serve the people

America- serve the devil.


What does Muslim mean in your language?


Asking people what does Muslim mean in their own language, like for example Urdu, what does it mean, there isn't a word for it, because they have borrowed the Arabic word, like the word oranges, becomes 'ranges', so the word Muslim was not translated into the common language but was borrowed and they came up with Musselmaan, i.e. a man of Muslim faith. That is the closest they came to looking at the word Muslim, but we know that in English an effort to understand the basic meaning of words has occurred, and we know that Muslim mean a submitter (to the will of God), I also read in the Articles of the Bishop of Uremia that it could mean peacemaker, so what does submitter entail, that you put your head down and accept the word of God and that there is only one God, that you submit to God's will, that you are a submitter, not obstinate or a rejecter or stupid enough to make up lies and fabrications and attribute them to God and the messenger.

So next time you meet a traditional Muslim ask them what does submitter mean in their own language, if they come from a similar background as mine, they will not have an answer.


My brother used to be able to draw perfect circles without using a compass that is my objective to draw circles, but feel there is always someone or something tugging at the sides to break the curve. Like for example submitters argue we should focus on God alone, and that we should submit to God alone, then the name of Muhammad appears on honeycomb, which I refute initially as being fake, but then later I am upset what if there is some validity to it. Then today I researched it, as for the name Muhammad appearing on honeycomb that could easily been made in Photoshop. As this article explains:


then another picture of the shahada appearing on trees, again this was found to be fake.


So again I return to the truth, when there are those who wish to disbelieve or deviate, when the truth is manifest, to submit to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, that is where true salvation and prosperity lies.



Then this author of wiki Islam wants to tug at the side of the circle, annoyed that it follows a curve and has no sides, so he starts using fake images to make the apparent miracles of the name of God which has appeared as not being a miracle.



Here's a triangular affect, Muslims attack Christians, Christians attack Jews, Jews attack Muslims.


Armenian massacre, Holocaust, Palestine.


The triangle, the twelve, the circle


I went onto wiki Islam, site, which is supposedly critical of Islam, however when I posted responses, as anyone is allowed to edit the contents, like Wikipedia, they blocked my IP, and sent Trojans to my computer and now the keyboard is totally malfunctioning, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!

I picked an article 'contradictions of the Quran'- the first point which question the creation of man, which I explained was a transition, the second point was if I can remember, anti-psychotics do affect the memory, no I’m blocked can't find a way into that channel in my brain. They were using a Yusuf Ali translation, which I said was dated and not with the times, and only a translation not the word of God.

Do not cause mischief!

Be warned of mocking because it could rebound back and shame you instead causing laughter.

Do not worship the devil; he is man's ardent enemy.


And when there is a circle, with no sides, appreciate it, because it has no sides, and stop trying to create points by pulling or pushing at it.


When you look at the star of David, it embodies the 3s in the triangles, the 12 in the number of sides, and the circle, because, if you draw the star of David, very simple symbol, two triangles overlapping and interconnecting and interlocking from one side to the opposite on each other, then turn the page to the side, and see it, behold it is the same star, and it goes round and round and it remains the same.


There are 8 triangles and 4 hidden ones, try and find the four hidden ones.



Close the hole to your ego, and nurture the growth of your soul

It all links with mind, body and soul, the three dimensions of space, the three tenses of time, future past and present, the three affirmations, positive, negative and neutral. Just as the three Semitic religions each emphasising the three sides of a coin, light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrong.

Light and darkness link with the ego

Good and evil link with the people.

Right and wrong link with the devil.


Moses told the Children of Israel to 'kill their egos' because they worshipped the golden calf in his absence. The ego is a hole which you have to close, rather than make bigger, thinking it will get so big it will consume itself, that is the illusion that the Devil entices you with in this life, you need to reflect on the temporality of your existence, of the uncertainty of life, the certainty of death and the mystery of the afterlife.


Jesus performed miracles by God's leave, he SHOWED, emphasis is to show the Omnipotence of God, the Most Powerful God, through whom the example of Jesus' birth and life are showing God's Omnipotence, just as the Omniscience of God is shown during Moses and the time of the Children of Israel. Seeing is believing, the demons or devils see us but we do not see them, as the Quran teaches. There is power in belief, there is power in sight, there is power in language, most demons do not believe or worship God, they tend to be on Satan's side, view them in term of their looks as orcs, goblins and demons, they are scary, which brings me to point of movies and story books, which use the theme of good and evil quite often. Good and evil is in sight, it’s what you observe, and links with physics and the body, just as Omniscience links with knowledge, and what you know and links with chemistry and the mind.


Muhammad sole mission was to deliver the Quran, in this there is victory for the believers, because the Quran states it is fully detailed and complete, the mathematical miracle of the Quran which shows the Omnipresence of God, the free of time, the Most Wise, and guides to distinguish between right and wrong. This links with biology of the breath of life, the gaseous substance, which when nurtured can grow to amazing sizes, so therefore you should close the hole to your ego and nurture the growth of your soul. The third stage links with the Elixir of Life, the soul, air, gas, biology.


3 Attributes of God

3 Sciences

3 Arts

3 Classics


Uni Tables


Durham 5th, where's Bolton? right at the bottom, keeping the league table


I take heart in the fact that I went to one of the best in the country, I couldn't cut it, but I found light at the end of the tunnel, make a prayer 'my Lord grant me happiness not misery in this life and the next', and watch your life past and present because you asked only God, and did not associate partners or set up idols to rank with him, your life will be blessed, God willing, and in the hereafter you will be among the righteous.

I went to St Bedes Grammar for my a-levels, a wise choice because I found th A-levels exam board much more flexible than the ones used at the private school I attended until my A-levels, then after my A-levels I never applied for uni through UCAS, I thought I’d wait till I got my exam results, and take it from there, my elder brother was a school teacher by then, and had gone to Oxford, and he said to me after my results, and checking through clearing, 'I would love you if you go to Durham', he's my big brother, older than me by 8 years, and someone I look up to a lot, so I said alright, and my brother wrote my reference and got letters to prove I was quite well-versed in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies, and I got a place in Durham. And then from St Bedes Grammar I went to the place where St Bede is buried, Durham. Sometimes I wonder I wish I had ten G.C.S.Es because I got 2 Ds in Physics and Chemistry, then I think I much happier with eight G.C.S.,Es and 3 A; levels and 1 Degree, in total I have 12 qualifications. Be content with your lot; do not look to those who are arrogant and boastful look to those who are happy and content. There are only 3 college based universities in England, Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.

Got in through clearing, transferred courses in my third year, and one year abroad in the Middle East, and then managed to stay afloat for two years, and get a 2:2. Soon after I was detained on a Section2 mental health act, that was in 2002, I developed schizophrenia, but now I’ve grown out much of the fixations and traumas associated with schizophrenia, I’m settled and married, had to deal with some terrible consequences, it doesn't work, heard that one before, a million times, try telling that to the doctor, to get to this point, was it the drugs they gave me, or my own free will, my own learning, my own mistakes and not making them again, and the will of God, I don't see how any change can occur as soon as a wondrous medication is applied, there are numerous medications, and numerous doses, and different periods in people's lives, most of my aggravation comes from taking medication, not from my illness, medication has not stopped, deterred or prevented any of the things it has supposed to but yet I’m still being treated with it, and any moment now, I will relapse and then they will look at another drug to administer.


Why don't you use your position, your learning, not in terms of capital, but in terms of reward with God,


Saj do you know what it takes to get a degree from Oxford, it is hard, to get there, first, from the ghetto we come from, and to get the degree, through all the racism and prejudice, you should take heart you are at the top, a good education is reserved for the rich, what when a few poor migrants second generation, were by the will of God, educated, then there is a revolution on our hands, then there is the possibility to achieve something with the experience and education. The Quran Muhammad, will say on the Day of Resurrection, 'my community has deserted the Quran'- think about that, 'in which Hadith other than this (Quran) do you choose to uphold', that too is in the Quran.



What you know, what you observe, what you learn

What you know is future, what you see is present, what you learn is past. Science is a study of what you know, Art is an expression of what you see, and the Classics are about what you learn.

There is 1 science from 3, that is linked with Omniscient, there is one art from 3 linked with Omnipresent, and one classic from 3 linked with Omnipresent.


Chemistry is about the mind

Physics is about the body

Biology is about the soul


Music is about listening

art, (drawing, taking pictures, making sculptures) is about seeing

Writing is about speaking


Philosophy is about what you know

Linguistics is about what you observe

History is about what you learn


The Omniscient- the Knower, the Hearer

The Omnipotent- the Most Powerful, the Seer

The Omniscient- the Eternal, the Most Wise

There are 3 dimensions to space, length, height, width, there are three tenses to time, future, present, past, there are three affirmations positive, neutral and negative. There are 4 threes making 12, another truth concerning 12.


Have faith in prophecies

Believe in miracles

and devote to the truth


Up and down, right and left, forward and backwards- are?

Don't you think Christians are a bit too 2D, with their cross, what about forward and backwards? When they make the sign of the cross on their chest they go up and down and right and left, but never forward and backwards. They say there are only two sides to the coin, but they forget there is a middle strip without which there would be no opposite sides.


You have the old, those who know God through various signs

You have the new, behold the miracles proving that God is good,

Then you have the final, a historical book, a book of guidance something to learn the difference between right and wrong.


The old- light and darkness

the new- good and evil

the final- right and wrong


angel (know God), devil (see humans but humans do not see them), human (reflect upon themselves and can learn)



Alhamdulillah rabil allameen


Praise be to God Lord of the universe.


If you cannot read, try it again, it will open God willing.



“Chemistry is about the mind, Physics is about the body, biology is about the soul , all of this is false” (Quote Oceana)


So what about when they talk of brain chemistry, the fluidity of the mind, the stream that clears your head.

What about everything, defined as being what exists physically,

What about when God fashions the new born in the womb, and then breathes into it and it comes alive, ask yourself when does life start? The chicken came before the egg, or the egg before the chicken. I guess that is what it could mean, but there is a beginning and an end, the first and the last, 19 being the signature of God, not like an autograph, but like a signature upon scripture to show you the word of God from additions, alterations and changes. 1 being the first numeral and 9 being the last. There are only quantitavily 9 numbers from which larger numbers are made, zero is not a number, the first number is 1 the last number is 9. For life to begin you need air, and you need food to get energy, and you need water. But then you also need knowledge, the Omniscient God, then you need a powerful God, the Omnipotent, then you need an eternal God, the Omnipresent.


There is only one God, with 3 attributes, and many beautiful names, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful, the Redeemer, the Truth, to be scientific you need to know, the outcome the potentialities the probabilities, to be artistic, you behold, an expression of belief, of the creativeness, to be classical, you need to write to learn, history is about what you learn, as we see in the Quran, stories about the seven sleepers of Euphesus, with Christ it was about linguistics, about observation, seeing is believing, with Moses it was about what you know, God has not forsaken us, God is the Light, God is the Love, God is the Peace, but we have turned arrogant, rejected his sctipures, and not submitted or devoted to the Truth, which is God and His word.


There’s nothing more powerful than the written word in the history of mankind



Another victory, yet the Jews think power lies in money, yet the Christians think power lies in guns, yet the Muhammadans think power lies in boys,


guess who's laughing now


Happiness is submission to God


Victory for the believers



[3:144] Muhammad was no more than a messenger like the messengers before him. Should he die or get killed, would you turn back on your heels? Anyone who turns back on his heels does not hurt GOD in the least. GOD rewards those who are appreciative.


But he showed he was victorious, the completion of the Quran, the unadulterated truth had taken root. The Quran is complete, fully detailed and complete as it says of it in the Quran. So whatever their endeavor whatever their pretensions , whatever the denial, the truth remains the Quran was fulfilled, no one can take that away from us, whoever wishes to seek he shall find, you only find the gold by digging in the dirt, if you gonna play with fire you're gonna get burnt.

The refiner as I like to know him as, the one who like a refiner left pure gold to behold, with every mathematical discovery, with the deciphering of the scriptures, he was like the refiners fire, as is noted in Malachi, concerning the messenger of the covenant. Upon witnessing the mathematical miracles and then seeing the prophecy in Malachi was what made me accept that Rashad Khalifa was a messenger. Also the reaction when I read some things about the last two verses in Sura 9 (I found on and how they were thought to be dubious even by Bukhari, they looked at each other and then told me to shut up now. I knew by their reactions that this was something they hid, and did not share with the wider world, that power lies in boys, and they were thinking of their forefathers sold out ways to take up the devil's side, and to make idols of Muhammad and to die in disbelief.


When they see red, you wonder at the sorry souls who are treated for psychosis, when everyone they meet is vulnerable to seeing red, and most people who are mentally unwell never see red, just the effects of the drugs they give them. When you see various people becoming red-eyed with hate, you wonder am I the one suffering from a mental illness, or is it those who cannot see beyond their hatred. Preying on others fears.


Some they rejected, some they killed, that is the story of messengers.


[3:139] You shall not waver, nor shall you grieve, for you are the ultimate victors, if you are believers



I prayed O God let this be my last injection, rather than one in many, let me die rather than suffer continuously, and it is like water for me, I do not notice a thing, Praise be to God. Apart from my idiosyncrasies which are in disarray with the shock of being man handled, with every attack on my person, I lost something that was dear to me, I am a nervous wreck, I no longer behave pragmatically, I become lost and found, forgotten and afraid. Rape


With the Jews there is only one I


With Jews there is only one I, with Christian there is only two sides to the coin, with Muhammadans, it is the final and what follows being best.


There is the third eye, without which you never reach enlightenment, it is musically achieved through sounds and hearing, it is like sonar, images through sound waves. Knowledge is light, but the Jews are jealous only thinking about their self, and how to feed their egos.


For Christians it is two dimensional, just opposite, just the old and the new, when there are 3 dimensions to space, three tenses to time, three particles in atom, positive, neutral and negative, and there are three Semitic religions, Islam being a pervader over all three divisions, the Jews, the Christians, and the Muhammadans, for all three the proclamation of faith is, there is no other god besides God, he is known in English phonetics but Hebrew speech as elohim, in Aramaic alaha, and in Arabic Allah.


But the Muhammadans add Muhammad's name to the universal proclamation, and therefore make it exclusive.


Glory be to God who manifested His name, in signs for the believers on for example an egg plant, which I witnessed with my own eyes. Glory be to God who showed us the straight path in His scriptures to the Prophets, the written word is more powerful than anything in the history of mankind.

Who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel = latest incursions in Gaza? I know what you mean Jesus

Stuff you, miser, miserable hole digging egotistical dark oppressive rejecter of scriptures. My Lord taught me in the Quran, that believers are stern with disbelievers and humble among believers, and that is what I will be, with you disbeliever. Every time a messenger comes to them with something they dislike, some of them they rejected some of them they killed.


It is the system of God, immutable, whether you wish to continue to forsake the truth, in favour of diversity, as you wish to not conform, inform, or reform and you hide the truth. To you the symbol on your flag, the flag of Israel, is a star, because you do not, and are not allowed to know the true significance of it, to you Kabalist it emphasises 7, but you have not counted the number of triangles each with 3 sides, the sides of the 'star'-12, the 8 apparent triangles and the 4 hidden triangles. To you when you look at, you are the jealous ego glitterati who only see 'a star', David cursed you, Jesus cursed you, for you are hypocrites, who strain at a gnat but swallow a camel. Yet you claim they are Jewish, they are submitters to the one God, they do not known themselves as followers of Judah, or as followers of Christ, and disguised Muhammadans who are ignorant, there is only one religion acceptable onto God, Submission, Peace, and Abraham was a submitter, never an idol worshipper.


Knocked you for six, try better next time to bowl me out.

Boxing you out, like a champion.


Pharaoh and the New World Order, and the 3 allies


Moses said, "Our Lord, You have given Pharoah and his elders luxuries and wealth in this world. Our Lord, they only use them to repulse others from Your path. (10:88)


Those who strive in the way of God, those who do not set up idols, those who worship one God. Those who have faith in prophecies, those who believe in miracles, those who devote to the Truth. Those who hear and obey, those who see and believe, and those who learn and become wise.


Why then have they the unfinished when many things have finished, everyway you look at it, the covenant is broken, yet they argue against the Most High that the covenant wasn't kept on His part. Glory be to God, the Most Wise, they are hypocrites who sell their souls to the world and then rebuke the truth for no reason. Once the truth is manifest, cling to it and let your light shine forth, do not sell the truth for a price, happiness is submission to God.


When people have patience and are steadfast, when people learn that the written word is more powerful than money, guns and the boys, then there will be true happiness, that time is nearing, what is more peaceful than the written word, when there is conformity, informing people of the Truth, not repeating what you got taught when you were young, but the development of your mind, body and soul, not blindly following the masses like sheep. And reforming the character, seeking help from God, who guides from darkness into light.


If power lies in money, it leads to darkness.

If power lies in guns, it brings evil.

If power lies in the boys, it causes corruption.




The New World Order, is the attempt of devil worshippers to be like Pharoah,



Pharaoh said, "O Haamaan, build for me a high tower, that I may reach out and discover.

"I want to reach the heaven, and take a look at the god of Moses. I believe he is a liar." Thus were the evil works of Pharaoh adorned in his eyes, and thus was he kept from following (the right) path. Pharaoh's scheming was truly evil. [40:36-37]


That is what the pyramid with the all seeing eye symbolises, Pharoah and his tower, but they are ignorant, because they do not look for themselves, they merely follow the ways of the forefathers and parents, even if they were not guided.


The three allies:


Israel: serve the ego

Britain: serve the people

America: serve the devil


Creativity and Mental illness


After so many heartaches and misery caused by the medical profession that has made anyone with any kind of imagination as being labeled mentally ill, only now there has been a recognition that there is a link between creativity and mental illness, only now have they began to see things beyond the particulars and see that the whole is good, only now do they try and change their position upon the mentally ill, when economically and practically it is impossible to continue with the idea that mental illness is dangerous, and chemical imbalance is also dangerous, no one saying to those who poisoned their minds and abused drugs so often that they are chemically imbalanced no they are allowed to get on with things, here I would like to point to the Rolling Stones, notoriously induced on drugs yet no one blinks an eye at them to say they are not normal.

I have entertained some serious minds in my own head, I hear a voice and I can talk to that persona forever and a day, it provides me with the refinement and the progression that I create through my own work, I have many personas in my mind, I have a Jewish persona who talks like the robbers from the film Snatch, I can talk to Ian Brown after I heard him speak, I can talk to my old Sunni sheikh who I heard in talks before I became a submitter. These personas and voices have an input they create an imagination upon which I rely for stimulation, no one says to Rory Bremner that he is not talented, or clever, but my mentality is on a smaller scale, I'm not an actor or comfortable with the limelight, but I do entertain personas, because I can't find anyone on my level, and find my tongue tied in knots in most situations. That might affect reality, but I hope it gets me out of a lot of the problems that we face these days, and that my being tongue tied saves me from the Hell fire.


I try sometimes to say things, without saying anything at all, but fail to realise that it leads to me lying, so out with it, out with the honest just and do not try to disguise the pitfalls of the ego with flowery words at least I understand, for example I couldn't say Ian Brown's name, so I said Noel Gallagher, but then changed it to Ian Brown, which is more to the truth, but I have also felt the presence of the Arch Angel Gabriel, it is very narem, that is the word I used to describe it, find an English equivalent but in Urdu the word is narem, really peaceful I guess I could add, it is the fine balance between polarities, nether hot or cold, neither hard or soft, neither full or empty. That too may also affect reality.


I'm blessed to be the author of 12-3, to be a submitter, and to discover the 12 sides to the star of David, and the 12 triangles of what they refer to as the star, and the three sides to each triangle, 12 is made of 1 and/plus 2 which is 3. That too may affect reality, there in this passage there are three occasions of mentioning, it came before I just said this last line??? -1678929.html





Above a link to the article I read


He says thief comes to kill, note her lies



It says to kill the infidel in the Quoran. I didn't print it. In Christianity it says "Only satan comes to kiil, steal, and destroy.'-(John 10:10)








Then the Iraq War is the devil manifestation, look what has happened there, they have killed and destroyed and stolen the wealth of a country, just because it was about to start trading its oil in Euros and was a socialist country.


Devil worshippers has 6 signs, lust, greed, hatred, malice, envy and pride, these are the six signs of devil worshippers.


I've said it before but each of these things has manifested in Iraq, but I do not remember exactly. Other than the lust manifest in Abu Gharib, with naked men, and torture and vile pictures, with malice against the people of Iraq by going to war against them, and pride with the President of America, then Bush, saying they had victory.


Let me advice, believe in one God, repent to Him, and seek forgiveness and guidance from Him, and do not associate partners to Him nor set up idols to rank with God. Submit to God, and your past sins shall be forgiven, and you shall attain happiness and peace in this life and the afterlife. After all the solid proofs, why then do they still choose not to believe. Do not worship Satan, for he is man's most ardent enemy.




I've written a book what I think is a discovery on the twelve and three,


For solid proof read this:





A prophecy I bring the Queen shall lose her throne before she dies.


When this occurs fall prostrate to God, the Most High,


I ask no wage only point out the truth and I come with a solid proof


My Lord is my witness, He alone controls all things


I may be only human but I have been given knowledge


Exploring hidden secrets, unveiling the unseen, and unraveling mysteries


Everything changes, apart from mathematics


1plus 2 is three always whenever, whatever and wherever,


A Book numerically structured preserved by a code of the number 19


Holy Scriptures are coded by the signature of God based upon 19


They say there is no logic in scriptures,


For they have not witnessed the discovery of the mathematical code in the Quran


In the name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful


There is no other god besides God


The One, the Absolute, the Great


Nothing is hidden from Him in the heavens and the earth


He encompasses all visions but no vision can encompasses Him


Praise be to God, there is none worthy of worship except God





What you hear is limitless, what you see is infinite, what you say is free


Despotism and repression must be resisted with full force. Short of initiating aggression, believers are directed to eliminate oppression with everything under their command. This is because God does not love the oppressors. What is the meaning of the word oppression? It is the creation of disorder, the act of subjugating by cruelty, the state of being kept down by unjust use of force or authority, to be repressed, subjugated, subdued, where there is coercion, cruelty, tyranny, intimidation, viciousness and brutality.



Reminds me of times in the mental health system, we are oppressed because they think a chemical imbalance is bad, but just like bacteria and germs, they have a reason and not all are dangerous, it all depends on circumstance or destiny, we can learn from history but we do not know the future, I do not know, because whatever I wish to emphasise may not really be the tangent upon which the future is based. And now they are considering a link between creativity and mental illness, so we see they are wrong to detain people and force them to take medication, and not let them live without medication.


I do not know, knowledge in time is based on the future tense, through listening you know, what you hear is limitless, what you see is infinite, what you say is free. Sight in time is present, learning in time is past. When you witness a miracle, you do not say do it again, you ask yourself how did that happen, then you reflect and believe in God.


So often this decadence led by Western thinkers like Nietzsche who try to live for pleasure with least pain, without God, and when something ill befalls them they blame an unjust God, Nietzsche said 'God is dead', and that is what the modern world has embodied in spirit, but why make a star out of him.


When I say I bring a prophecy, a prophecy requires faith, because it is a future event that has not yet occurred, like the prophecy of the Day of the Resurrection, so we will see a prophecy does not mean you're a prophet, but messengers make them also, by the will of God.


Queen Elizabeth shall lose her throne before she dies.


A song I’m working on

This worldly life is no more than vanity and play

For all the poets there'll come a day

For all the children there is a time to play

For all the heros there is a way


When the future is decided

When the truth is enlightened

All the idols you make to pretend

The destiny is filled with pretense


When the future is known

And the horn is blown

Then come on on home

The eternal garden to roam


This life is no more than vanity and play

The hereafter is better for those who pray

Not the arrogant and the debase

For the pious and the righteous forever and a day


Or with a different ending


This life is no more than vanity and play

The hereafter is better for those who pray

Not the arrogant and the debase

For the pious and the righteous who prostrate night and day




Liars and Thieves


Only Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy

The war in Iraq a devil manifestation story

With greed, malice and hatred

Dark pride, evil lust and corrupt envy


The Satanists with their Queen of England

Their great idol to pretend

She'll not die on the throne nor will her son succeed

God willing this is a prophecy


The killers and oppressors

The thieves and transgressors

The destroyers and aggressors


Serve the ego

Serve the people

Serve the devil


Is it light to break promises!

Is it good to serve people?

Is it right to kill indiscriminately.


The devil manifestation in 9-11 (liars)

The devil manifestation in the war in Iraq (liars and thieves)

The devil manifestation in Hollywood (liars)

The devil manifestation in the Pentagon (liars and thieves)


Solid Proofs


[67:3] He created seven universes in layers. You do not see any imperfection in the creation by the Most Gracious. Keep looking; do you see any flaw?


[67:4] Look again and again; your eyes will come back stumped and conquered.


Now i do not argue I know the conditions of the universe and the earth many many years ago, nor that life evolved from a simple cell, and now today we read that they say they've built the building blocks of RNA, well, that is far far away from saying you've built the first living simple cell, from which Darwin argued life originated from.


It is all speculation, and it is a gross falsehood to say humans descended from apes. and the media in Britain wants to promote their own world view upon us, why is there no imperfection in creation, why is there no half way there yets and nearly there yet creatures?

Why can you not answer if life evolves or evolved gradually (as Darwin claims) or constantly or suddenly?

You cannot answer that question exclusively to one direction without having to take up another direction with it, you are therefore contradicting and lying and decieving yourselves.


Better to remind yourself that God does not fail or break His promises, and the eternal is to come, prepare for it, rather than remain with the ifs and buts and wishful thinking. Do not set up idols to rank with God, nor associate partners onto Him, devote totally in submission to the Lord of Daybreak.

Serve the people


Serve the people


They divert the people to believe

It is good to serve the people

Look didn't Jesus die for our sins?

What higher goal is there than to serve the people?


No man shall bear the load of another man's soul

In vain (Jesus said) they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men

Do they follow the Word or do they follow the teachings of men like Paul

Who was not even an apostle, nor even knew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary


It is Paul who has brainwashed them to believe

That we should serve the people

Instead of striving in the way of God

To take up idols in the form of humans


The miracles of the body

Jesus performed by God's leave for those to see and believe

That God is good, that only God is good

Is it better to serve the body which perishes

Or the soul that lives forever


Why then do they take up a human with a perishable body

And make him part or at one with God

Why do they turn arrogant or turn evil

When God alone is mentioned


Tree of Knowledge, having faith in prophecies (not breaking the covenant, by serving your jeolous egos)

Fountain of Youth, believing in miracles (look beyond the physical body, that perishes)

Elixir of Life, devoting to the Truth (not taking up baseless Hadith)




Coming from a humble background of farmers from a valley in Kashmir, where due to relocation because of a dam being built, his father settled in the UK, who started work at the age of 14 in 1963, pretending that he was much older.

A Submitter real name Kashif Hussain, was born the youngest of four siblings on the 11th of November 1979, he was raised a Barelwi Sunni, and attended Woodhouse Grove school, on assisted place, following from his two older brothers, who also attended the school on assisted place. His eldest brother became top brass and is at present a deputy head of a grammar school and also attended Oxford University, and the middle one became a GP and his older sister teaches History at an overseas grammar school.

A Submitter attended Durham University, upon graduation, he was driven insane by a song called Begging you by the Stone Roses, listening to it constantly for whole night whilst driving to and fro from his hometown to his uni in Durham, he was arrested in the early morning and detained under the mental health act. But nothing could stop him from completing his degree, he was out of the tunnel and into the light, he was going from strength to strength, it was his fate that after finishing he would be detained and thought of as mentally unwell. That night he passionately felt the spirit of belief and felt the reality of being a submitter, though he would need to go further to realise the fallacies and errors of the religion of his forefathers and to learn the prevalent truth of the scriptures and to find a guiding teacher.

The Old, the New and the Final Testaments teaching that you take up no other gods beside God, that you do not associate partners to Him, nor set up idols to rank with Him. That you devote to the truth, and devote your worship solely to God, have faith in prophecies and believe in miracles.

But the seed was planted in his brain, and when it opened, something new had begun, a tree of knowledge needs logic to grow, the tree of knowledge grows in logic.

The low part to his life began when his family thought him mentally unwell too due to his fixation with music, and thought he required medication, and so the despair and the waiting, the assaults and humiliation began, then in 2004 he was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, battling the system and drugs and loose women, it all came to a head in August 2006 when a nurse allowed him to go home without a risk assessment, where he throw himself out of the attic window, he survived but broke his back, all the contingencies and factors considered because God controls everything, it wasn't his own cleverness that avoided the slavery of working for other people, now was it his cleverness that led to him winning a negligence case against the hospital, and so where most lose he was successful.

In total he has been detained seven times, and the only thing that keeps him well is himself or a medication that causes no side effects, he has at present been out of hospital for the last 2 years, and has written a book not finished but available online on, twelve- three dot co dot uk divulging secrets, unraveling mysteries and discovering new dimensions. He also completed his first music album, in which he attempts to reunite and create harmony and unity through reality, he works under the name A Submitter and his first album is called Reflection, and should be available soon on iTunes and other online stores, God willing.



Fri 29th May 2009



What a seriously bad job the British and American forces are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, they never find who's manufacturing the bombs, the never find the illusive al-Qaeda cell in Afghanistan, all they seem to be doing is protecting their own asses, at any cost, not only that but the number of horrific and evil pictures taken by the forces there show what sort of devil manifestation is occurring in the world.


This is the work of devil worshipers, and this is the result of their efforts. All you seem to hear in Iraq is so many people died today by a suicide bomber, or a bomb left in the rubbish pile, I sort of turned off thinking who cares, or so what what's new, it's been going on for years. But now it's got me asking question, how incompetent are these troops out there and how come there have not come across a cell manufacturing bombs??????????????????


So you see there is no war on terror, there is no al-Qaeda, and there is no suicide bombers manufacturing high category bombs from nothing, like they are the work of miracle workers. It is just deception, and deceiving people of imminent threat, when the only threat comes from those who serve the ego, the Zionist, those who serve the people- the British, and those who serve the devil- the Americans.


Submitters unite, those who observe, trust, and love God, time to unite against this sort of making enemies of humans, and people, fighting each other and then searching into outer space looking for another challenge, time to unite against this sort of hierarchical matrix, building pyramids, where they sell their souls, to the pyramid of souls/ghosts. See how pyramids were built to house the dead Pharaohs and its dynasties, and how they sell their souls to be part of this subordination and superiority network, this hierarchy.


Leads on to the question how do the al-Qaeda operate, from getting the necessary equipment to build bombs, to have the expertise to build bombs, and to have suicide bombers queuing up outside without a word of a lie, to carry out mass murder. It doesn't seem to add up, because there has to be loose chain somewhere and at some point, they can’t be working like clockwork, and synchronized for every morning news headline, another suicide bomb went off in Iraq today.


Beggars’ belief.


Deception and Satan practices to deceive, the West has taken Satan as their patron, and it is time to fight in the cause of God.




Another Ian Brown remix, that happened out of the blue, was just recording sounds and the iPod shuffled a song, and it was upside down by Ian brown, it was playing the bass part which I recorded and then later thought I would just mess around with it and added other samples. Kept the beat and background simple, it was hard to keep it together, but I like to break things up to let things reverb and echo until you can hardly hear them. Check out the eagle noise at beginning and end. It’s my favorite animal noise, which I do when I can't do a two finger whistle like a pro, so I whistle like an eagle. To produce took less than two hours, so felt fresh rather than satiated, but am I happy with it? Not really it's just fun, to add to the randomized collection of beats music and poetry that I use. But like to keep it fresh, until I have drained all avenues for fresh sounds to incorporate.




New album, debut, so first one I’ve ever made, it's a start, let's just see how things progress from there, it's quite authentic, called Reflections by A Submitter, featuring tracks such as Dub Romance, Liars and Thieves, 3 and Tree of Knowledge, some ideas that were part of the process rather than the end product, where I am at now is not a reflection on what I thought back then, if you have heart give it a listen, it's not long 30 minutes or so, but remember it's only the first and debut shot at music production. It's not high fidelity recording that sort absorbs you into a subliminal state to receive their antidote, it's lo fi, and not supposed to be played at high volumes, hearing is a gift we should cherish it.


All tracks by A Submitter available from, membership may be required. Randomize them as see where it leads you to. Oh yeah there are some other remixes available on YouTube by a submitter


By listening you know

By seeing you believe

By learning you become wiser


mind body and soul


chemistry physics and biology


angel, jinn, man


(Tetrahedron) 4 threes equals twelve, there are 4 triangles with 3 sides each in a prism.


A pyramid goes beyond fours and threes; it goes to five points, 5 faces, and four triangles with one square. It's not obvious but it is the odd one out, like the 13th one to sit on the table during the last supper with Jesus, that is what it is, it symbolises 5 rather than 3s and 4s.


There are three symbols in Islam or Submission, there is the Star of David, there is a prism, and there is a cube. The prism consists of 3 attributes of God, 3 sciences, 3 arts, and 3 classics. Which make 12, A cube is times by itself 3 times, and the star of David has 8 apparent triangle, two large ones going in opposite directions of which the star is formed upon, which then has 6 small triangles, but if you look there are 4 large triangles at every point of the six small triangles if you follow them just as you follow them through to their end points, which give 12 triangles with 3 sides each, 12 is made of two digits 1 and 2 which when added return to the number 3. The twelve triangles with 3 sides each make 36, if you turn the hexagram (Star of David) on its sides, it rotates like a circle, and this represents the 360 degrees in a circle, which is also a multiple of twelve. Also there are twelve months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac and 24 hours in a day, which is a multiple of twelve.


This is all speculation, but it seems to differentiate the truth about 3 and twelve, and looks further into the meanings concerning the pyramids which house the tombs of dead Pharaohs, the pyramid of ghosts, and that is what the hierarchy in the world is built upon those who sold their souls for the world, who disbelieved in God, or committed idolatry or associated partners to God. The Jews disbelieved, the Christians committed idolatry, and the Muhammadans associated partners. Ask why are there three sides to the Abrahamic religion, should there be relevance to the number three, I think you will find there is a lot to be said about, the minds of the clean, the body of the pure, and the soul of the good. When we look to the angels we realise it is chemistry, that which is invisible that binds and structures, when we look to the jinns we realise the physics, the beyond the laws of physics they exist in, and when we look to the man we see biology, the flesh and blood and air it breathes. Mind body and soul.





Pyramid of souls

Everywhere you look they are building hierarchies

From best schools to best students to best jobs

To decipher the ones to continue the elitism

To continue the tyranny of the Pharaohs


From best economies, to best countries, to best colonies

From serving the ego, to serving the people to serving the devil

Selling their souls for the world

To fit into the pyramid of souls


To whom belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth

The Lord of Abraham, Muhammad and Rashad Khalifa

To whom do we submit to the pyramid with the all seeing eye?

Or the Lord of the Kaaba, built by Abraham and his child



The twelve that sat at the table

When they feast was sent from heaven

Were submitters to the one God

Whereas the 13th one sold his soul for the world


But Jesus was never slain nor crucified

He was raised up and his life was terminated before this

It was made to appear that they crucified him

The one they stuck there nails in was fleshly part


Who is the one who controls life and death

Who is the one who has counted the number of all things

Who is the one who is in control of everything

The Lord of mankind the Lord of daybreak, the Lord of the universe


For those who disbelieve in the hereafter

Who sell their souls to the world of illusion

To become slaves and live in misery

When all they need to do to be saved is to submit to the one God


To believe in the hereafter, to believe in the scriptures

To believe in one God, not to associate partners to Him

Nor set up idols to rank with him

To follow the rites given to us through Abraham


We will see whether 12 triumphs the Cube,

The hexagram and the prism

Or the 13 wins the pyramid with the all seeing eye

They only have power over those who take Satan as their lord




There were 12 children of Israel Jacob or Israel as he is known was the father, there were 12 disciples of the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, who sat at the last supper, when the disciples asked Jesus to pray for a feast from heaven, I regard the account given in the Quran about the Disciples asking Jesus to ask God to send a feast from the sky, correlating with the last supper in the Gospels.

The relevant passage follows:





[5:112] Recall that the disciples said, "O Jesus, son of Mary, can your Lord send down to us a feast from the sky?" He said, "You should reverence GOD, if you are believers."

[5:113] They said, "We wish to eat from it, and to reassure our hearts, and to know for sure that you have told us the truth. We will serve as witnesses thereof."

Greater Miracles Bring Greater Responsibility*

[5:114] Said Jesus, the son of Mary, "Our god, our Lord, send down to us a feast from the sky. Let it bring plenty for each and every one of us, and a sign from You. Provide for us; You are the best Provider."


[5:115] GOD said, "I am sending it down. Anyone among you who disbelieves after this, I will punish him as I never punished anyone else."

The Gospels never elude as to who provided them with this meal, and from whence the meal came from or who prepared it!?. It was more concerned with the count of disciples and the 13th one to sit at the table, and who sells his soul to the world, for gold coins he gives Christ in to be crucified. The question is; is money more powerful than God? But here I tend to disregard the Gospel accounts concerning his death or passion as they call it, and choose to believe the Quranic account, which is totally unrelated to the Gospels, in that it says that people were trying to murder Jesus son of Mary, and God said `O Jesus, I am putting you to death, and raising you to Me; I will save you from the disbelievers.''

(There were 12 springs for the 12 tribes of Israel)

I found something which I have not come across before, and it was amazing to read especially the quotes from the Bible concerning Jesus, here I borrow for the sake of the reader, through saying you learn, God taught man that which he knew not, taught man by the pen.



The Quran, informs us that Jesus was a human messenger of God whose sole mission was to deliver God's message; he never possessed any power, and is now dead (4:171, 5:75, 117).

Those who consider Jesus to be God, or Son of God, or part of a trinity are "pagans" (5:17, 72, 73). Outstanding Christian scholars have reached these same conclusions (THE MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE, John Hick, ed., The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977 & THE MYTH MAKER, Hyam Maccoby,Harper & Row 1986). Christianity is the product of Nicene (AD 325).

The Bible's Jesus

Jesus proclaimed aloud: ``Whoever puts faith in me believes not so much in me as in him who sent me; ..... For I have not spoken on my own; no, the Father who sent me has commanded me what to say and how to speak. Since I know that his commandment means eternal life, whatever I say is spoken just as he instructed me.'' [ John 12:44-50 ]

"I cannot do anything of myself. I judge as I hear, and my judgment is honest because I am not seeking my own will but the will of him who sent me." [ John 5:30 ]

Jesus said: ``My doctrine is not my own; it comes from him who sent me.'' [ John 7:16 ]

"Men of Israel, listen to me! Jesus the Nazorean was a man whom God sent to you with miracles, wonders, and signs as his credentials. These God worked through him in your midst, as you well know."

[ Acts 2:22 ]

``...The man who hears my word and has faith in him who sent me possesses eternal life.''

[ John 5:24 ]

"Whoever welcomes me welcomes, not me, but him who sent me."

[ Matthew 10:40, Mark 9:37, Luke 9:48, & John 13:20 ]

``...I have not come of myself. I was sent by One who has the right to send, and him you do not know. I know him because it is from him I come; he sent me.'' [ John 7:28-29 ]

Jesus looked up to heaven and said, ``...Eternal life is this: to know you, the only true God, and him whom you have sent, Jesus Christ.'' [ John 17:1-3 ]

All who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

[ Romans 8:14 ]

Jesus looked upward and said, ``Father, I thank you for having heard me. I know that you always hear me but I have said this for the sake of the crowd, that they may believe that you sent me.''

[ John 11:41-42 ]

As he was setting out on a journey a man came running up, knelt down before him and asked, ``Good Teacher, what must I do to share in everlasting life?'' Jesus answered, ``Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.'' [ Mark 10:17-18 ]

``None of those who call me `Lord' will enter the kingdom of God, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven."

[ Matthew 7:21 ]

``...Go to my brothers and tell them, `I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.' '' [ John 20:17 ]

``God is my Lord and your Lord; you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path."

[ Quran 3:51, 19:36, & 43:64 ]

Trinity, the doctrine of God taught by Christians that asserts that God is one in essence but three in ``person,'' Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Neither the word Trinity, nor the explicit doctrine as such,

appears in the New Testament, nor did Jesus and his followers intend to contradict the Shema in the Old Testament: ``Hear O Israel: The Lord our God is one'' (Deut. 6:4).

[ Encyclopedia Britannica, 1975 ]

Jesus' Death

This has been the single most controversial subject in the world. The Quran's miraculous mathematical code has now provided the final answer to this topic:

Jesus' soul was raised, i.e., he was put to death prior to the arrest and crucifixion of his body. Thus, his persecutors arrested, tortured, and crucified an empty body - Jesus was already gone to the world of souls (3:55, 4:157).

They plotted and schemed, but so did God, and God is the best schemer. Thus, God said,

``O Jesus, I am putting you to death, and raising you to Me; I will save you from the disbelievers.''

[ Quran 3:54-55 ]

They claimed that they killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of God! In fact, they never killed him; they never crucified him; they were led to believe that they did.

[ Quran 4:157 ]

Mercifully, God has given our generation a living example of a person whose soul departed this world, but his body continued to live for 19 months. On November 25, 1984, doctors at the Humana Hospital of Louisville, Kentucky removed the diseased heart of Mr. William Schroeder and replaced it with a plastic and metal pump (THE NEW YORK TIMES, Monday, November 26, 1984).

On the 19th day after this historic operation - Thursday, December 13, 1984 - Mr. Schroeder, the soul, the real person, departed this world. Mr. Schroeder died. But his body continued to function with the artificial heart implanted in his body. The world was told that he "probably suffered a stroke" (THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 14, 1984).

Significantly, only one day before Mr. Schroeder's departure, he talked with President Ronald Reagan on national TV, and demanded that the Social Security Administration send his overdue check. He was

perfectly alert. From the moment "he suffered a stroke," he did not recognize the day or time, nor his family members. In fact, Mr.Schroeder was no longer in this world.

The Gospels state clearly that the arrested body of Jesus was oblivious to the events surrounding it: The chief priests, meanwhile, brought many accusations against Jesus. Pilate interrogated him again: "Surely you have some answer? See how many accusations they are leveling against you."

But greatly to Pilate's surprise, Jesus made no further response. [ Mark 15:3-5 ]

Herod was extremely pleased to see Jesus. From the reports about him he had wanted for a long time to see him, and he was hoping to see him work some miracles. He questioned Jesus at considerable length, but Jesus made no response. The chief priests and scribes were at hand to accuse him vehemently. Herod and his guards then treated him with contempt and insult. [ Luke 23:8-11 ]

The Savior said to me, "He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is the fleshly part. [Apocalypse of Peter, VII, 3, 81] from THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (Harper & Row, 1977, James M.Robinson, ed, Page 339).

The facts that

(1) Mr. Schroeder's soul departed on the 19th day after the operation, and

(2) his body survived for 19 months, are uncanny reminders that God wanted the world to know the parallel between Schroeder's situation, and the proven account of Jesus' departure prior to the arrest, torture, and crucifixion of his soulless body.



Making enemies of people

Guns are evil they make enemies of people

Man trusts the machine more than God

Man keeps on deceiving who he worships

Man does not need the power of the Almighty


When we worship our idols

When we salute our patrons

When we honour our neighbours

When we refuse our brothers


How long will we continue to defeat our purpose

How much is the weight on the balance of our souls

When can we see the final decision

Will there be a reckoning of our deeds


The time taken to say

Maybe there is one to learn

If they weigh up there choices

Who are they more inclined to believe


Their parents, their bosses, their schools

Their cultures, their ideals, their manufactured insinuations

When we succumb to this world, we begin to dig like heroin addicts

Looking for the ultimate rush, only to become a miserable junkie


Guns are evil they make enemies of people

To divide into pieces God's good and perfect earth

Show me who is good, only God the Eternal

Who creates without flaw, who needs no monsters to make us subservient


Who sends His messengers to Proclaim

That there is no other god besides God

What frightens me a creature like a spider

Or the bombs that fall on my neighbour


The guns that point at my fellow human

Making him the enemy when there is no enemy of man except Satan the Accursed

Guns are seduction to evil

Guns going off like there's no forgiveness


[2:30] Recall that your Lord said to the angels, "I am placing a representative (a temporary god) on Earth." They said, "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said, "I know what you do not know."

Mission FAILED


Heroes? When they never found the illusive al-Qaeda cell, what are they doing out there, bring em home, the useless waste, I thought they were there to round up Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Just another deceiving ploy, to trick people into thinking there is an enemy among us, when the only enemy of man is Satan, not fellow humans. When they understand peace, they will give up this illusion of better, and resolves issues without crying wolf, when they start to understand peace rather than war, understand love rather than hatred, light instead of darkness. Isn't it strange, usually males fight for mating rights, but in this day and age women have to flaunt themselves as sex objects, foxy, sexy provocative, women have to fight to keep their man, but man seems tends to change his opinion so quickly it is hard to frame them with lies and deception, rather ignorance is prevalent, only what they learn, not what they know, or what they observe. Women can easily be more modest and straightforward but they sell themselves as temptresses and seducers and drugs, do they thank God for their minds with which they know, do they thank God for there bodies with which they have their health, do they thank God for the souls which breathes life. They say of children, they are too young to know any better, children can be egotistical but they can also be enlightened and children can be violent but they can also be loving, and the third well we will have to wait and see. Probably mad but wise. No that's me.


The common ancestor points to Adam and Eve, who ever said that the scientist think they know it all, the mathematics of existence of temporal things only suggest that everything is insignificant, but the numerically structured scriptures show an impossible miracle of a code based upon not 3 which is easy to count, but 19, and making a scripture amazingly configured on this number, whilst not losing in thought or language, but having an amazing point and ideas to tell, this Book (Quran) is the antithesis of the endeavor of those who reject God's word and those who hide the truth when it is plain to see, and that is why we are where we are, that is why the world is as it is, dark, and whenever a light appears they only wish is to extinguish it, but God perfects His light, there wish is to say about God what they do not know, there wish is to die in disbelief.


Foxes, wolves and rats


Same old, same old, tired horses,

Same formulas, same repetition of successful antidotes

Same beats, what works for one must work for all

Same old crap just a new day


With over excited sugar fuelled youth

with over satiated mindless crap

No soul, no hereafter, no God

Just the ego, people and the devil


Rat infested colony

Wolf scaring with its bright teeth

Fox hunting the ways of pigs


Don't like the Israelis

Don't like the Americans

Don't like the British


When the word gay used to mean happy

Not homosexuality and sodomy

The devil worshipers don't like happiness

Because happiness is submission to God



You get what you give


When someone close to you, like a son or a daughter, a wife or a husband, a mother or a father, becomes unwell or develops a condition those close to that person do whatever it takes in their means to sort it out, only once they develop that condition, they will seek faith healers, doctors and pray to God, for safe passage. But when they do not seem to see an imminent danger or a sufferer getting worse, they become or remain tight and stingy. You get what you give, but they refuse to give to atone for their own sins, for the blessing of health, for safe passage through life. If a child develops cancer, there are parents who will remortgage their houses, or if a child becomes paraplegic they will stop work, only a parent can understand, but before this they were totally unwilling to make sacrifices, to give in order to get. When people perform the pilgrimage to the Sacred Masjid the Kaaba, they make an animal offering and distribute the meat to the poor, or they give to charity, maybe it will atone for their sins. But when they come home, they forget they revert to stinginess and value in terms of capitalism, if you want something you have to work for it, nothing comes for free. When the world we live in, this world we marvel in, that we live in for free.


Today’s fashion


Looking for some clothes, something’s happened to two of my maharishi tee shirts, one was cool had a motif of palm beach with a palm tree and the sun on it, it fit well but I lost it, another tee shirt I had by maharishi which I didn't like as much as the palm beach one, has also gone missing. They didn't cost a fortune, got them on an auction site, but they are really hard to come by, and I have just spent the last 3 hours looking at clothes on the net, came across some weird brands like 'club religion to death', or 'saints and sinners' and my favorite label, though I have never been to their Covent garden store in London, MHI, they've started adding Masonic inspired prints to their tees, like the pyramid with the all-seeing eye , or stuff like ' workers of the world', another tee shirt I found was a Michael Jackson tribute one, and it said ' it is better on the other side', what does that mean, reminded me of the doors track break on the other side. Very Satanic, and that seems to be the overall perspective of things, very Satanist, everyone doing the hand signal of devil horns, well I won’t be, so that's where the world is at. Hearts have hardened like rocks,


For there are rocks from which rivers gush out. Others crack and release gentle streams, and other rocks cringe out of reverence for GOD


I might start designing my own tee shirts. With things like 'reserved' written on it, quite sexy I thought for all the single people out there, Or I don't have to sell my soul for all the clean people who believe in fidelity and the sanctity of marriage, or a prism the final third symbol, after the Kaaba and the star of David, 123. twelve three, 3 which is synonymous to the Hindu symbol, or an atom with a cube inside, with particles orbiting it, which is similar to a mhi tee shirt, called atom collider, but reflective of the Kaaba and the pilgrims who circambulate the House.


Strange I remember when I used to borrow my older brothers CD player and it had a alarm on it, every morning i used to set it to play the doors break on through, and asked my brother what track do you wake up to, and he said 'i wanna be adored', I used to like the opening to break on through, he says ' you know the day destroys the night, the night divides the day, try to run try to hide, break on through to the other side.' And I wanna be adored has a long intro, like a train stopping at a station, then begins with Reni’s magic tish tish, and then Ian Brown angelically sings I don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me. You wonder who? The spirit of Christ or the devil.



The Stone Roses, and the spirit of Christ, and the straight path



My older brother, always had the best things, when I was about 12 and was waking early to go to school, my older brother who was 7 years older than me, had got a place at Oxford, and was too scared to tell my parents that he had bought a stereo, a Panasonic stereo. Anyway I used to get excited because I used to be able to listen to all the music my brother brought back from uni, at first it was things like Queen, which I listened to a lot. Then I heard This Is The One, and my life changed, it wasn't that it was a love song, it was the spirit in which it was made, that took me away and which I loved. I used to borrow the stereo and cds from him, and set the alarm on it to play a certain track, it used to be the doors break on through, which starts with 'you know the day destroys the night , the night divides the day, try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side. Later I asked my brother if he played any track when he woke up in the morning to go to lectures or breakfast, he said he played 'I wanna be adored', which starts with what sounds like a train stopping and then reni hitting his drum sticks with each other, and then Ian Brown singing angelically, 'I don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me,' you wonder who? The Spirit of Christ or the devil. But you have studied the Stone Roses which I later did, you will find that the spirit of Christ is what it is all about, my brother never used to get out of bed he used to listen to the whole album. He has sonic ears, he can hear what is being said even if it sounds welsh or a language you never heard of before which I thought it did.


The Straight Path, well we all know what that is, to worship God alone, to not set up idols to rank with Him, nor associate partners with Him, to believe in the afterlife, in angels, in the Books sent to the Prophets. But there are diverters, dividers and deviators of the path, I call you to the straight path, there are those who divide the path, there are those who deviate from the path, and there are those who divert from the path.


One love


That was in the school days, he had just bought a stereo in his first year, all my influence comes from him, he was scared to tell my parents he had bought a stereo, they were like we sent you to study not to listen to music. He's never held on to much always ends up in someone else’s hands. As hard as rock, or rock hard, that's the feeling i get from break on through, but there is an answer. It can also be easy peasy, one love.


Cracked the code


I cracked the code

Visualise the sounds

Was part of mission impossible

Saw a movie whilst I drove


It was in two parts

About a troubled couple and a lonely single

For once I understood angelic light

A light that is clean and clear


The preparation to be touched by the Spirit

And been deemed mad

Why could they not understand light

Only when they die will they ask this


Who would you love

Your quarrelsome wife or your lost brother

Why is it a challenge and competition with your wife

But one heart one soul for your brother

Nothing can tell anybody anything


Except God the light of the heavens and the earth


Wanna call it quits?


Only for the sincere


Only for the upright


Wanted to call it quits


I'm cocooned in my own habitat


Following the same routine everyday


But as most are slaves to money


I find myself blessed to serve God the Almighty


Only if my family would take heed


But I am not in control


Only God guides whom He wills


The power of the Devil is nil


He has a set formula


To lead to darkness, to spread evil, and to corrupt souls


Before they can even calculate their loss, they are enslaved to be minions


Beware of those who serve the Devil,


They wish to say lies and choose to deceive


When you ask them to be straight forward


You sense their hypocrisy


When the truth is revealed


You sense their disbelief


When falsehood vanishes


You sense their ignorance


We follow the light of the revelations


We are guided by the truth of the scriptures


We are submitters to the will of God


When you ask them about the cleanliness of the mind


Why do they associate partners onto God, like Muhammad


When you ask them about the purity of the heart


Why do the set up idols to rank with God, like Jesus


When you ask them about the goodness of the soul


Why do they disbelieve in the hereafter, thinking people like Bukhari have been given angelic knowledge


It follows a set pattern


The unveilings of three


The symbolism of the twelve


The twelve months in a year


The twelve signs of the zodiac


The twelve disciples of Jesus who sat at the last supper


The Cube, the Hexagram and the Prism


All these things I have discovered


Some have not been written before, some are unveilings of the unseen and some are solid proofs


God is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent



The Spirit


Noah spent 950 years on earth


He preached to them for ages


They did not listen


Then the punishment overcame them


And then we realise the true meaning of losers


Not the poor, not the cripple or disabled, nor the abused


Only those who could not kill their egos


I quitted on the ego a long time ago


With the living Spirit that I heard in music


Songs like This is the one, I wanna be adored


One love, Fools' gold, and begging you


These woke the inner spirit


And with the reverence of God from my Sunni background


I began the quest to seek knowledge


The songs brought the spirit of the gospels and Christ


The Quran told us Jesus was strengthened by the Spirit


Only when this clicks,


Then say I submit to the Lord of the universe


When you look through everything, when you traverse the globe


You come back to own self in a circle, and find the beauty of the words




Then you find life is uncertain, death is certain, and the resurrection is a mystery


Cruelty and indulgence


Cruel slave masters

Cruel disorders

Cruel victimisers

Cruel adherers of Christianity


Indulgence does not ease the suffering

Indulgence does not bring to end the abuse

Indulgence does not give a damn

For the sake of indulgence we sell our souls


Only to have one more go at big time

Only to die and made a name

In the tyranny of the pyramids

Rather than the Kingdom of God


Do you think we are all dogs

Some are dolphins that just don't live in the sea

Do you think you can train us like dogs

Don't you know we are born with an innate knowledge of God


Only the jinn who is a companion through this life

Will try and provide the devil's argument

To take up false gods, to lie and cheat, to corrupt them with intoxicants

Until your time ends and you realise you should try to kill your egos


Philosophy- what one knows

Knowledge can be mathematical or scientific

But it can also be how the mind operates

What you know as certain phenemena or what is regarded as learnt


What affects the mind

What tells a child to be selfish!

What prevents a child from jealosy?

What shows the child the true history.


Linguistics-what one observes

There is power is sight

There is power in belief

There is power in language


The body that needs food

The body that desires

The body that derives energy

The body that ages and dies


History- what one learns

The wisdom of the written word

Through saying you learn

The Omnipresent, the Eternal God


The soul that grows

The soul that is good or evil

The soul that devotes

The soul that needs the Truth


When the spirit awakes


Those who entered through the wrong gate

Think they can achieve supremacy

Think they can deceive by breaking all of their own rules

Think they can monopolise on man's foolishness


When they look back

They will think we entered through the wrong gate

One was to kill your ego and worship only God

The other was to become arrogant like Satan and worship your ego


When will the spirit awake from the mist of morning haze

When will the soul ascend through the clouds of heaven

When will the mind elevate from this debased and arrogant selfish voice

When will the body decay to become rotting bones, how will they be clothed anew


The first understanding of there is no other god besides God

Is to negate and then approve

The other understanding is there is meaning to it

There is solid evidence of man's folly to challenge the words written in the scriptures


Submission is the only requirement

Not to indulge on the ego

But to discipline the folly of ignorance

Submission means you will always have a link to God


When you read the Quran during the night

In the language you understand

And again at dawn

Money is not the elixir of life, it is the word of God, the preserved Book


It is not a Book to read only once

It is a Book that needs devotion

But you must find the correct teachings

The nineteenth English translation of the Quran was Dr,R,Khalifa


Concerning the last two verses in sura 9


One of the first commandments that appears in the Quran, appears in Sura al Bakhara, the Chapter of the Heifer, when Moses tells the Children of Israel to kill their egos and to sacrifice a heifer because they worshipped the calf, through this act God brought back to life a person who was killed and the truth prevailed.

When you (My father) say that in the Quran God or Allah in Arabic, says he will 'protect' the Quran, ask then how? I think you are living in the past, using understanding of old that have no real knowledge and cannot say for certain in any way how God will protect the Quran, or preserve it. Your ego will not let you understand you blindly follow the assumption if God says something then inevitably it will be true regardless of when the problem is not with the word of God but with what people think later. So you want to challenge God on the Day of Resurrection and say 'O Lord did you not say that you will preserve the Quran', I cannot speak for God for that will be fabrication, but in this time, in this blessed time, the truth is here and you have to be sincere in order to accept. The mathematical composition and code of the Quran points to an amazing miracle, one of the great miracles, which shows that God has counted the number of all things. There is not an atom or anything smaller that is not recorded in a profound record. I'm not doing this to spite, sometimes I do not get the time to say the things I want to, but the nafs is such that needs to be killed, in order to attain knowledge,

I read a passage in the Quran, maybe at dawn or at night, sura al hijr, about when the angels were commanded to prostrate to Adam, after God fashioned him and blew something of His spirit, Satan did not prostrate, and he was told he would be banished, but then asks to be respited upon this request being given, Satan says,


"My Lord, since You have willed that I go astray, I will surely entice them on earth: I will send them all astray.


Except those among Your worshippers who are devoted absolutely to You alone." (15:39-40)


The Quran is only scripture preserved in the language it was sent in, out of all the scriptures there is only one that remains free. I told the two verses at the end of sura nine were added later, firstly the sura does not begin with the usual In the name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful, secondly the sura is Medinan but the last two verses are said to be Meccan, and thirdly even Bukhari reported that all the verses in the Quran have two witnesses for them except the last two verses at the end of sura nine, which only carried one, but then the fabricators made another Hadith stating that this persons testimony was regarded as two witnesses.


About the verse (33:21) Al-Bukhari reported that Zaid ibn Thabit said:

"When we copied the pages into volumes, I failed to find a verse from Sura al-Azhab, that I used to hear God's messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, reciting. I did not find it with anyone except Khuzaima al-Ansari, whose testimony God's messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, had made as the testimony of two men..." (Al-Bukhari, Matn vol. 3, 175).

Ibn Abu Dawud includes quite a different story about Sura 9:

On the authority of Ubayy ibn Kaab, they were collecting the Quran from the volume of Ubayy. Men were writing, while Ubayy ibn Kaab was dictating to them. When they reached the end of the verse in Sura Baraa (9:127): Thus, God has diverted their hearts, for they are people who do not comprehend, they asserted that this verse was the last of what God, the Exalted, revealed of the Quran. Then, Ubayy said, "God's messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, had me recite two verses after this: Indeed, a messenger has come to you from among yourselves. Your suffering is hard on him. He is anxious over you, compassionate and merciful to the believers..." to the end of the Sura. He said, "So this is the last of what was revealed of the Quran" (Ibn Abu Dawud vol.2, 30).

Here is Al-Suyuti's version of the story:

On the authority of Ubayy ibn Kaab, they were collecting the Quran and when they reached the end of the verse in surat Baraa: Thus, God has diverted their hearts, for they are people who do not comprehend, they thought that this was the last of what had been revealed. Then, Ubayy said, "God's messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, had me recite two verses after this: Indeed, a messenger has come to you from among yourselves..."to the end of the Sura, (and he said) "Meccan." (Al-Suyuti vol. 1, 61).







what the mathematics say about the two last verses in the Quran:




[1] The first violation of the Quran's code by Verses 9:128-129 appeared when the count of the word "God" (Allah) in the Quran was found to be 2699, which is not a multiple of 19, unless we remove one.

The count of the word "God" is shown at the bottom of each page in this translation. The total shown at the end of the Quran is 2698, 19x142, because the false injections 9:128-129 have been removed.

[2] The sum of all the verse numbers where the word "God" occurs is 118123, or 19x6217. This total is obtained by adding the numbers of verses wherever the word "God" is found. If the false Verse 9:129 is included, this phenomenon disappears.

[3] As shown at the end of Sura 9 in this translation, the total occurrence of the word "God" to the end of Sura 9 is 1273, 19x67. If the false injections 9:128-129 were included, the total would have become 1274, not a multiple of 19.

[4] The occurrence of the word "God" from the first Quranic initial ("A.L.M." of 2:1) to the last initial ("N." of 68:1) totals 2641, or 19x139. Since it is easier to list the suras outside the initialed section of the Quran, Table 1 shows the the 57 occurrences of the word "God" in that section. Subtracting 57 from the total occurrence of the word "God" gives us 2698- 57 = 2641 = 19x139, from the first initial to the last initial.

If the human injections 9:128 and 129 were included, the count of the word "God" in the initialed section would have become 2642,

[5] Sura 9 is an un-initialed sura, and if we look at the 85 un-initialed suras, we find that the word "God" occurs in 57 of these suras, 19x3. The total number of verses in the suras where the word "God" is found is 1045, 19x55. If 9:128-129 were included, the verses containing the word "God" would increase by 1.

[6] The word "God" from the missing Basmalah (Sura 9) to the extra Basmalah (Sura 27) occurs in 513 verses, 19x27, within 19 suras (Table 2). If the false Verses 9:128-129 were included, the number of verses containing the word "God" would have become 514, and this phenomenon would have disappeared.

[7] The word "Elaah" which means "god" occurs in Verses 9:129. The total occurrence of this word in the Quran is 95, 19x5. The inclusion of 9:128-129 causes this word to increase by 1, to 96.

[8] The INDEX TO THE WORDS OF THE QURAN, lists 116 "Rasool" (Messenger) words. One of these words is in 9:128. By removing this false verse, 115 "Rasool" words remain. Another "Rasool" word which must be excluded from counting is in 12:50, since it refers to the "messenger of Pharaoh," not the messenger of God. Thus, the total occurrence of "Rasool" of God is 114, 19x6.

[9] Another important word that occurs in the false Verses 9:128-129 is the word "Raheem" (Merciful). This word is used in the Quran exclusively as a name of God, and its total count is 114, 19x6, after removing the word "Raheem" of 9:128, which refers to the prophet. According to 7:188, 10:49, and 72:21 the Prophet did not possess any power of mercy.

[10] The INDEX lists 22 occurrences of the word " `Arsh" (Throne). After removing the false injection 9:129, and the " `Arsh" of Joseph which occurs in 12:100, and the " `Arsh" of the Queen of Sheba (27:23), we end up with 19 " `Arsh" words. This proves that the word " `Arsh" of 9:129 does not belong in the Quran.

[11] The Quranic command "Qul" (Say) occurs in the Quran 332 times. Also, the word "Qaaloo" (They said) occurs the same number of times, 332. Since the false Verse 9:129 contains the word "Qul" (Say), its inclusion would have destroyed this typical Quranic phenomenon.

[12] The Quran contains 6234 numbered verses and 112 un-numbered verses (Basmalahs). Thus, the total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, 19x334. The false Verses 9:128-129 violate this important criterion of the Quran's code.


The Quran is the word of God


In the mist of morning haze

I caught a glimpse of forgotten days

When I saw the past rubbed into the mud

I realised the future was misunderstood


The rivers lead to the sea

Every fall brings the view of peace

In the knowing of the meaning of existence

The greatness of God's Omnipresence


Feel the change appearing in the horizon

Awakening and rekindling the Spirit of the One

Kill yourself, the ego

Not through intoxicants that corrupt the soul


In the real world of arrogance or submission

God does not put anyone into Hell they go there through their own volition

Because they cannot stand being close to God

All their idols will fail them, they will have no reward


How can you claim it to be the words of a man

When it took computers to decipher and understand

If you are the originator then why would you let someone else take the credit

It is the words of God the Almighty who preserved it


Only to be discovered 1400 years later

The contact we make through prayer

Only after it was deciphered

We learnt the truth of the Quran one of the great miracle


Free Time


There'll come a time

When I might be asked

You were given and had so much free time

Did you achieve anything


I spent it pursuing wisdom

I'm learning all about the workings of the unseen

As well as understanding the fallacies and shortcomings

Whether you choose to reflect upon ourselves or merely pass them by


It wasn't long ago that I too was a child

But now it is the time of having my own, God willing

And then I see my older brothers and their kids

And I seem to understand things from their actions


I would like to say to them

Give them answers to how they are reacting

But moments pass me by

I remain dumb founded unable to say a word


I prefer writing as a form of speech

Rather than to speak because I like to learn

Devote to the past, learn from history

Writing is an art not language


Language or the study of linguistics

Is the way we observe, it is one of the classics

It is the present moment that we see

Just as philosophy is to study the knowledge of certain phenomena concerning the future


Hearing is linked with the ego, the mind, everything

Sight is linked with the body, power, nothing

Speech is linked with the soul, wisdom, eternal

And history is the study of the past




Started to meditate

Facing the Kaaba

After the night contact prayer

I sit and read the 3 Kuls that appear at the end of the Quran

I keep saying la ellaha ellallah

There is a time to meditate and it is at night

Read the Quran also,


Going to extend my meditation

Include God's names God willing

Reflect on his creation the alternation of night and day

The Compassion and love testimony to a good God

The greatness of God from whom we learn the truth


What led them to fail

What caused them to become seduced

What brought them loss


The test

The question

The challenge


Of faith

Of belief

Of devotion


For light they substituted it for darkness

For good they compromised with evil

For truth they invented falsehood



They don't listen

They don't see

They don't learn



What the 3 monkeys, shouted, asked and said


The darkness of the void,

The evil of sin

The falsehood of lies


The failure of the mind

The seduction of the body

The corruption of the soul


Do you have faith that God is the Truth or that nothing is true!

Do you believe that God is good or believe in the goodness of people?

Do you devote to the eternal God or is the world eternal.


There is light in knowledge

There is power in belief

There is wisdom in learning


To know God you need faith in prophecies to come, the knowledge of the Torah

To love God you need belief in miracles that are happening, the power of the Gospel

To learn of God you need to devote to the truth of the past the wisdom of the Quran


Is this the only world there is, should we try and save this world!

You should not put money before God?

Do you think God has not counted the number of all things?


Everything perishes except His presence

None equals Him

The One God, Eternal, Great and Glorious


Today’s teachings from the enlightened, potent and wise ‘monkeys’


The light of the old

The goodness of the new

The truth of the final


To know God by His signs in the future

To love God by His miracles of now

To learn of God by His wisdom of the past


To listen to the light of the words of scriptures

To see the good in the present moment

To learn the truth of what has gone by



By the afternoon

The human being is lost

Except those who believe and lead a righteous life, and exhort one another to uphold the truth, and exhort one another to be steadfast. [103:1-3]


4x3=12, 4+3=7


Is it too late

Is it right on time

Is it too early


How are we going to find our way home

When is it Armageddon

What is our fate on the penultimate scale


What deceives you

What convinces you

What informs you


To realise what your hands have sent forth

All your crazy wars based on lies

The arrogance and defiance of submission to God


If only it could be as you said it would be

If only you could defeat the ego of the black hole

If we begin to assess the damage of our ignorance


God is the Truth or nothing is true

God is good or the goodness of people

The Eternal God or the eternal world


God is the light of the heavens and the earth

Do not call me good for only God is good

Save your soul or save the world


To be like Abraham


The most enlightened mind - Moses heard the knowledge of God

The most purist body - Jesus showed the power of God

The most good soul - Muhammad said the wisdom of God


They are not Abraham

But they are his inheritors

They are like onto Abraham


To be like Abraham

Is to search for the eternal

To not associate partners nor set up idols with God


To believe in the Unseen

To work righteousness

And to give to charity


Sorry I lost it


Just had a row with my family, i was the one who got angry, sometimes i think of being the only child like Jesus, so treat my family like they are not my blood. I am decieved, I believe in the spirit of God that strengthened Jesus, so my anger is like when Jesus throw alll their tables and stalls outside the Temple, and rebuked them, it will simmer with age. Then I think like Abraham, trying to find the eternal, but I have reacted to their stories rather than learnt from them. Once I smashed all the pictures in their frames, thinking they were idols, but left one of my nanna. i get angry with my family that is not right. I shouted at my sister, don't tell me what to do, she said stop pointing fingers at my dad it is rude, I was like where does it say that you should not point fingers, throwing things without using your intellect. The argument started because they my dad, said he don't believe in Hadith but he still uses them, when i sent him some information about the uncertainty of two verses in the Quran, that are even mentioned in the books of Hadith like Bukhari, Suyuti and Dawud. The reason was obvious why i quoted them, because i wanted them to question whether there was any validity to this claim that two verses were added after. Instead of questioning this they instead mocked i was using Hadith but claimed not to believe in them. The question arises do you believe these Hadiths Dad?



Evening sun


Evening sun sinks to an all time low

Morning brings the light of lore

The living mind revives the dead

Poet's restless raveled head


When comes the summer sun

Where the fountain of youth has begun

Was that me in that place

So long ago, life can pass me by I'm not in haste


What is my everything

The dream of everlasting

The joy of spring and the blessing

Of understanding the steps at the crossing


We fill our time with action

With no time ever to think of a right decision

Continue on a path of sorrow

Rather than to lead but to follow


Those who divert from the path

Those who deviate from the path

Those who divide the path

True guidance is from God, the right path,


What will save you

Your long lasting soul

From the devastation in its bodily form

The only source free of corruption, the Final Testament


Do not say nothing is true, rather than God is the Truth

Do not say good people, rather than good Creator our Lord

Do not say the eternal earth, rather than the Eternal God

Reverence and submit to God who is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent


The Spirit in which he lived in


The spirit in which the Messiah lived his life

Not hermitism but a form of ascetism

Denouncing Satan and the material illusion

To recognise the fallacy of building pyramids


To never sell the right to walk the earth

With meekness and will to do right

To have your feet on the ground

Rather than your head in the sky


To show language is art

Rather than a form of art

The written word is a form of art

Which is a form of language


The expression to show

The eyes to believe in the now

To not be blinded by lies

But to work righteousness


You cannot build on false idols

Only when you take the Lord God

As your only guide and Saviour

Then you are building rightly


Only when you submit to God

Not set up idols to rank with God

Nor associate partners onto God

And believe in the Day of Judgment


Jesus was a person strengthened by the Spirit

There was also the spirit in which he lived

Free of the curse of money

A servant of the Almighty


When God alone is mentioned

The hearts of those who do not believe

In the Hereafter sink with aversion,

But when others are mentioned beside Him, they rejoice. (39:45)


Yet they look to the human as good

Forgetting the Creator, the Compassionate Most Wise

They believe in the goodness of people, before the good God

The Creator of man from dust, and breathed into it something of His spirit


Judge not lest you are judged


Judge not lest you be judged,

Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned

Forgive and you will be forgiven


What do these words imply

That you do not say to others you are going to hell

To not judge like you are God


It is an unspoken rule

Among the righteous who never condemn

They pray to be saved from the torment of the hell fire


They believe in the scriptures sent to the Prophets

They do not associate partners to God or set up idols to rank with God

They believe in Almighty God and devote to the truth and have faith in the hereafter


Clarification concerning certain verses


Where can I find information concerning halal meat as far as I am aware Dr. R. Khalifa taught that God's name should be pronounced on whatever morsel of food we eat, it is to be done at the time of eating and where animals are involved also at the time of eating not at the time of slaughter. Is this correct?


I have however, in my studies of the Final Testament, which is the more agreeable translations, a verse which I hope you can clarify. It is the 138 verse of sura 6 which reads:


"They said, "These are livestock and crops that are prohibited; no one shall eat them except whomever we permit," so they claimed. They also prohibited the riding of certain livestock. Even the livestock they ate, they never pronounced God's name as they sacrificed them. Such are innovations attributed to Him. He will surely requite them for their innovations." [6:138]


Here I would like to stress the part which says they never pronounced God's name as they sacrificed them. Does this not mean that any animal we sacrifice for human consumption should be done with the name of God pronounced before?


Also the other day I came across a verse, that baffled me, as i did not expect it, sura 49: verse 29. Which translates as and starts with:


"Muhammad- the messenger of God- and those with him...'[49:29]


I had a debate with my brother who stated that muhammadur rasoolallah does not necessarily mean muhammad IS the messenger of God, it just affirms that muhammad the messenger of God. From what I learnt the true kalima which transcends all religion is 'there is no other god besides God', which is more universal and does not associate partners onto God, by placing anything alongside or in relation to Him. But this verse I did not expect to find in the Quran, I come from a traditional Muslim family, but have found happiness and faith in the signs and miracles of God that were revealed in our time, such as the mathematical miracle of the Quran. I wish not to create division or a tangent for people to pull at, everywhere in the Quran we are told there is one God and that we should worship only God and devote solely to Him, to accept the only source free of contradiction that is fully detailed and complete. I

thought dur, in muhammadur, means is, but the Arabic is written as muhammadur, but translates as muhammad - the messenger of God. This verse has not been explained I am not sure what to think , I was very stern with the traditional Muslims but now I feel I have lost the fight in me.


Twelve Three (12-3) Movement


Write an article about the twelve three movement, and how Pakistani forces took on the might of West, and launched an offensive against the British and American troops in Afghanistan, due to the deception that led them to war, 9-11 a self orchestrated attack. This is your moment, stand up for your rights, launch this offensive and watch the end of the Masonic new world order. Do you want to sell your souls to the pyramid of souls, or do you wish to share in the afterlife, and not be among the condemned. No more holier than thou, type people, we are all in need of mercy of God, turn to Him alone and devote to the Truth, to the scriptures, is one source better or two or three. Return to the Quran, do not desert it.


This worldly life is no more than vanity and play

For all the poets there come a day

For all the children there is a time to play

For all the heroes there is a way


Remember Salahuddin, when they went to meet him, and they became so tired and in the end the Knights of the Templar lost, after all the cruelty they did in the Holy Lands. Same again this time, they come all guns blazing, and by the time they reach Salahuddin's army they are too weak and cannot fight. Just like that, you will be defeated again. History repeating itself, well all the deception for what, all the cruelty for what, you devil worshippers, the monarchy will fall, and you will be a spent force O Britain and America. You lose!


If you don't remember Salahuddin go watch Kingdom of Heaven, they don't show what happens to the devil worshippers in the end. Bring it to us, time has come for the Masons who inherit from the Templars to lose.


Time to unite


My Lord, the Omniscient, the Knower of all secrets and declarations, the Hearer, help me in this moment, guide those who are astray, You answer the prayers, new guidance has come but most cling to the religion of their forefathers, guide them to do what would please You, that they do not set up idols to rank with You like Jesus, or associate partners onto the Almighty like Muhammad, nor disbelieve in the Hereafter, after we have witnessed the solid and profound miracle of the mathematics and code of the final scripture, the Quran. My Lord, the one God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, glorifying God is everything in the heavens and on earth, in this penultimate time, I turn to you and ask for guidance, mercy and help against those who have conspired, who use their prosperity and dominance to repel people from the path. Grant us victory against the disbelievers.


O you Saudis, O you Syrians and Arabs, you call yourself Muslims, but you allow the Devil worshippers to kill maim and destroy your brothers, while you shake hands with your enemy and the enemy of God, you choose to side and ally with these transgressors, and in your ignorance fail to comprehend the true nature of your bargain, are these not the people who believe and said 'God is dead', do you wish to side with these people, like philosophers like Nietzsche, when you are told to submit to the one God, devote to Him, and believe in the Last Day.


I'm trying to unite you, not to divide you further, nor to deviate or divert from the path, you have to come to your senses, this worldly life is no more than vanity and play, as God teaches in the Quran. Stop bargaining your souls for auction, nor selling it for a miserable price, return to Submission, and study the Quran, do not fabricate lies about God and the messenger, true guidance comes from God, seek God's guidance, and turn away from those who do not seek to be guided.


Pakistan will you allow these Satanists to drive you apart, where you begin to kill each other, like those in Iraq, time to unite, and make a stance, and victory comes from God, they are too far away, you only need to fight them for a few days they will conceed. They will not be able to take losses. Who dares mess with a nuclear power. You will find support, from whence you will not imagine, you only need to make this decision and fight them.


The Quran teaches,


"O you who believe, you shall not befriend My enemies and your enemies, extending love and friendship to them, even though they disbelieved in the truth that has come to you. They persecute the messenger, and you, just because you believe in GOD, your Lord. If you mobilize to struggle in my cause, seeking my blessings, how can you secretly love them? I am fully aware of everything you conceal, and everything you declare. Those among you who do this have strayed off the right path." [60:1]



And what the Britisih teaches, an omen


He who dares ...wins!


Deaf, blind and dumb


Why can't anybody see

Why are they too blind to see

Where are all those crying out from freedom from this tyranny

Oppressed and wanting to be free


Never heard the truth about 9-11 from the President

Never really understood the Masonic cult

Went to a Methodist school not a mason school

Not part of the hierarchy, of the bargaining of souls


My Lord make me blessed wherever I go

Even though I have sunk the lowliest of lows

Redeem me and guide me to the right path

Free from hypocrisies, lies and ignorance


The (Jewish) atheist prefer a world under Satanist rather than submitters

The Christian disbelievers prefer to hold on to lies, and be seduced

The devout Muhammadans prefer ignorance than to tell the truth

The straight path, only for the faithful, believing, devout submitter


Not for the hypocrites, the liars and the ignorant

Not for those who do not speak out against indulgence

Seduced by forbidden fruits, the apple of my eye

The liars blinded by their lies,


Then the hypocrites who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel

Who nitpick at little things, who have made the opposite of good bad

When the opposite of good is evil

Bad is darkness, where there is no light, in their minds, just jealous egos


And the ignorant too dumb to speak

Freedom of speech, we already had

Language is art no one can stop that

Unless there is nothing of blindness


Listen to yourself do not be deaf to your egos

See your own self and the acts and deeds

Speak to yourself to learn to redeem your souls

God guides out of darkness into light


God is love


If love is for giving

Then look how much God has given us

Yet the wars, the jealousies, the hatred,

The malice, the lust, the greed and the pride


God is love

Love is that something

We call it love

It is that something about giving


God is light

The certainty with which we know

The difference between night and day

To live our lives through certain phenomena


God is peace

Submission is all that is needed

Devoted in total submission to the Lord of the universe

There is no other god besides God


Time to be appreciative

To transcend the realms of people

To observe the Lord of the people

And thus avoid idol worship


There is no power except with God

Praise be to God

Glory be to God

God is Great


Weakness the realization of the devil’s game


Out of weakness do they subject the woman, the poor and

The world to tyranny

Rather than be appreciative of balance and equality

They only vie for who is better


With this type of pride

There is only a gamble

The luck of the dice

The uncertainty of life


It is only the weak who try to create an order

It is only the weak who deceive you

It is only an act of weakness that shows they are the godless

Neither wanting to acknowledge the miracle of their creation


Nor at the design and the ultimate end

Millions are not crying in adoration

To the few who rise to the top

They are suffering from blackmail and tyranny of violence


If you wish to surrender

Do not think it is weakness

It has a lot spiritual power

To submit to God brings happiness


There is only one God

Today after the night prayer I read a passage of the Quran ,

'intoxicants, games of chance, and sacrifices at the alter are abominations of the Devil.'

Games of chance, is a sign of weakness, I shall avoid fifa 10


Revenge, always seems to go wrong

The terrorist attack indiscriminately

The armies kill civilians

They would only fuel the flames rather than quench them




Fasting is about patience

They also say it is about self restraint

But I think it is about patience


Many people in the world wish to devote to God

Only if they choose the hereafter before this worldly life

They say the religion is burdensome

But never point to those who made it so

The religious teachers and ulema

Who they set up as lords besides God

Just like the time of ignorance

They make stipulations and laws

That God never authorised


But when a guiding teacher comes to them

To forsake this illusion of worldly life

To adore and believe in God

They say it is too hard

I cannot fast 18 hours

I cannot wake at dawn

I have too many commitments

But if they see the akhira they will know

Either you make the sacrifices in this life

Or you will be requited without the least injustice


Ask them how do you know that the Quran is the word of God?

They will be stumped and stutter they are not sure

They believe but then why do they need Hadith

It only shows the Quran is seen to come from Muhammad

Just as Hadith are said to come from his companions


The mathematical code and amazing miraculous nature of this

Shows that this is beyond human capability

It also points to the argument that people are uncertain about God's revelations

That it comes form the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God


We are certain that the Quran is the word of God

With the solid proof that we have witnessed in this time

The straight path is straightforward, righteous and upright

Whereas the deviators and the dividers and diverters paths are complex, hard and burdensome


"Do not raise your opinion above that of God's and the messenger's" (49:1)

They do not how to distinguish between a messenger and prophet

A prophet is sent with scriptures whereas a messenger is sent with signs

Just like the unveiling of the mathematical code based upon 19, and the embedded code

Which shows that Dr, Rashad Khalifa was a messenger

This the traditional Muslims cannot accept because they confuse khataman nabiyeen the seal of the prophets

With the last messenger, this is a lie, and just as it is recorded in the Quran, even Joseph after his death was thought to be

last messenger.


I'm afraid to say if you say the taraweeh prayer came after

That they attributed it to the Prophet

Does it not show that their source of guidance is not God

and His word, but the traditions and teachings of people who came many years later

If you say the taraweeh started during the time of Caliph Umar they will say how do you know, just as their source will say the Prophet prayed it a few times, then you will have to ask the question how do you know the Quran is the word of God?

There are limits, but if you play this type of game, then see it to its conclusion, where it leads you to, the disbelief in the word of God, that the Quran is the word of God. That is why you have other sources besides the Quran because they are uncertain about the origins of it. But we can't go there, it is deemed a sort of blasphemy, a sting to the lower parts, a kick to the balls, okay you disagree prove to me that the Quran is the word of God, if you claim that it is literary quality and excellence, yet there have been people who thought and beleived they could write just as well, like Taha Hussein of Egypt, and others in history have claimed similar things. You do not have a leg to stand on, and many things point to bisbelief rather than devotion to the Quran. Even the Prophet will say, 'my Lord, my community (ummi) have deserted the Quran.' (25:30). And I am only using quotes from the Quran, there is no other source. strictly what the Quran teaches.


The Quran also teaches, 'In which Hadith other than this,do they uphold.' (77:50)


Fabay aiya hadithim ba' thahu yu'minoon


You say children have no religion according to Richard Dawkins, yet your either coming or going, either your finding the world or your leaving the world. When you are young, you coming into the world, but when you get older you are leaving the world. Children have certain psychological selves, which are more apparant in children than in adults, children fight for what is theirs, with words such as mine, they even reflect the type of reaction adults use, so when you say 'naughty step!' they will re-enact this with others. sibling rivilalry, can lead to jealousy, hatred, and pride. Brothers born a few years apart tend to fight more. These are insights to the ways of children, it is wrong to say children do not have a religion, because there is still light and darkness, good and evil and right and wrong, these are religious understandings. Only when you get older, and are no longer a child, but are having them or they are part of the family, then you realise that was pride, that was jealousy that was greedy, that was malicious, that was lust, that was hatred. That is because our conscience has demonic influence, we are born with a jinn companion, who will put forward polytheism, and evil ideas into our minds. Some learn the truth, and submit, and seek God's protection from Satan the rejected. Others will flaunt it, through their actions, films show monsters and evil creatures such as orcs, vampires and goblins, that is their demonic side that is surfacing, but most are ignorant towards it.


Some music i have produced link below, available for download, new album on the way, debut album available through amazon and itunes, using the alias

A Submitter


What teaches a child jealousy, or any other thing, you will have to ask.




You have a life long time to seek redemption, God is the Innermost and the Outermost, "yet most who believe in God do not do so without committing idol worship."(Quran). God answers the prayers if He so wills, the Forgiver and the acceptor of repentance.


Have faith in prophecies to come (future)

Believe in miracles that are happening in the now (present)

Devote to the truth of the (past)


3 particles in an atom, proton, neutron, electron

3 dimensions of space, up and down, forward and backwards, right and left

3 tenses of time, future, present, past

3 types of matter - liquid, solid, gas,


3 Semitic founders and their Books- Moses (Torah), Jesus (Gospel), Muhammad (Quran)

3 Testaments - The Old, the New, the Final

3 gifts, Tree of Knowledge, Fountain of Youth, Elixir of Life

3 mathematical symbols of God, the HEXAGRAM (the Star of David), the TETRAHEDRON (not the Trinity), the CUBE (the Kaaba)


3 Attributes of God, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent

3 Sciences - Chemistry, Physics, Biology

3 Arts- Music, art, writing

3 Classics - philosophy, linguistics, history







4 3 sided triangles = triangular pyramid, tetrahedron.

4 points, four triangles, four faces -12 equals a tetrahedron,


Easy as 123


Does it have to be hard as rock

Could it not be easy as 123

Do we have to harden our hearts

Even though night and day are set apart


Hearts have harden like rocks

But there are rocks from which rivers gush out

others crack and release gentle streams

and others cringe out of reverence for God


That we never bow nor prostrate

That we never recite the praise nor supplicate

Nor see the signs of the ultimate destiny

Nor understand the great reality


From everything to nothing, to the golden life of the eternal

Everything perishes except His presence, the Tree of Knowledge

From nothing miracels are born by the Fountain of Youth

The eternal is shown in the numerically structured Book the Elixir of Life


It's all about everything

It's all about nothing

It;s all about the eternal

Isn't it as easy as 123



The 3 messengers


In the appendix to the Final Testament Rashad Khalifa listed the three messengers, as Abraham, Muhammad and himself. I agree in terms of who you should follow, follow Abraham, the rites sent down from him, follow Muhammad, by the Quran he was sent with, and follow Rashad Khalifa, in these times, it is wise to follow Rashad because he was by God's leave and will a messenger who'd given the sense behind every aspect of Submission, as well as discovering the mathematical proof of the Quran based upon 19. If someone was to ask me, who I follow, I would answer I follow Abraham, because the rites of Islam were through him, not through Muhammad, which the traditional Muslims claim, so that they can innovate and fabricate Hadith in order to say these things are needed because we are not told the method and manner of prayers in the Quran. But the contact prayer predates Muhammad, and remnants of it are found in Jewish practices and literature. And in the Quran, God commands Moses to turn their homes in Egypt to synagogues, and to observe the contact prayer, and also Jesus was commanded to observe the contact prayer, and Abraham prayed make me of those who observes the contact prayer. The five pillars of Islam do not come from Muhammad, in order to say we therefore require Hadith, they come from Abraham.


The sole mission of Muhammad was to deliver the message, we are to devote to the truth, the truth which we, of those in Islam be they ahle Sunna, ahle Bayt, ahle Hadith or Ahle Kitaab, recognise and believe is the word of God, this we agree upon. So to devote to the truth, means to devote to the Quran, because God is the Truth, and it is His word which is infallible, not the agent with which it was sent with. There are reasons why a human messenger is sent rather than a beast or a monster, so that we become whipped into obedience and slavery, because God is in need of no one, if we are appreciative it is for our own good, if we turn unappreciative then God is in no need of anyone. As Solomon says to that affect in the Quran in Surat al Naml, chapter of the Ants. And if God sent a great monster to frighten us into submission, we would say God requires the help or needs the help of a monster to make us believe, and may well say is He not tyrannical. If God willed He could make us all believe.


A solid proof came in these times, when in the 1970s during the advent of the computer age, the Quran was deciphered to contain a mathematical composition and code, which suggested a structure beyond human capability. Even the Quran, says God will cause a creature to emerge from the earth, made of earthly matter, to suggest that the people are uncertain of God's revelations. This verse has been interpreted many times, during the last 1400 years, but now we understand that this verse implies computers, through which we are able to see the complex and beyond human understanding and ability that would require a computer to decipher. With this solid proof, we learnt that God's signature is based upon the number 19. Which pervades the Quran, the rites, and also points to messenger of the covenant to be Dr.Rashad Khalifa, who also translated the Quran, into a sensible and consistent and calm collective manner and text.


However in terms of the three Semitic religions, the three messengers are the three Prophets with whom God sent the scriptures. With Moses with whom came the Torah, and Jesus with whom came the Gospel, and Muhammad with whom came the Quran. The old, the new, and the final.

The future, was made known, but they questioned the now, instead of reaching enlightenment, they failed the test and chose darkness instead of light.


The present moment was beheld through the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, the miraculous occurrences such as giving sight to the blind, healing the leprous, raising the dead, these things all happened in the now, these were miracles to believe in a good God, or be cursed to believe in the goodness of people. Rather than to believe in salvation through God, they chose salvation through Christ, showing they do not believe in a good God, but rather good people.

The past was recorded, the history of the messengers and prophets, and saint, in a Book, during a period of time in a Prophet's life, which showed the guidance and wisdom of God. The truth was made known, and prevailed, God is the Truth, and His word is infallible,


My Lord God, the Hearer of prayers, the acceptor of repentance, please help me, guide me, and protect me. There is no other god besides God, the one God, the Living, the Eternal, Glory be to God.





Appendix 26: reads

....Rashad is the purifying and consolidating messenger who delivered the religion's authenticating proof.


Satan is a liar


What is expected of angels, to have faith in God

What is expected of demons, to observe God

What is expected of man, to learn of God



So why is it the middle one, who represent the body, the physics, the food, the arts, the power and potencies, the linguistics, language is art, art is language, the way in which we observe,

Why is this group liars,

It says in the Quran, that when Satan presents his view to seek refuge in God, and then you become seers.

It also says that Satan said he will come to them, from their right, from their left, from in front and from behind, and that you will find that most are unappreciative.


What does Satan use, lies, to believe that God is not good, to say things about God that you do not know, to make up fabrications and to attribute them to God.


Out of nothing, for them it is no longer the body, for them it is the mind, and if they can tap the mind, then they envisage cruelty is not nothing, so they forget that violence and cruelty and torture are evil, suggest that with the mind there isn't nothing, it is something to be feared. It is the demons who put man into this idealogue, it is they who fill hearts with hatred, and you know them as the devil's allies and worshippers.


For the people of the mind, it is no longer, the everything, the certainty, the chemisty, the water, the cleanliness, the music for the ears, the knowledge, the way in which we know. It is not about everything, it is about the eternal, the soul,


Instead of the mind, it concerns the soul

Instead of the body, it concerns the mind

Instead of the soul, it concerns the body


The everything we know, is what we should require to strengthen our faith

The nothing we see, is what we should fear, and be wary of

The eternal we learn, is free of the corruption of ignorance


Is it the will, the intention or the action, is this something we call love


If you don't give

You don't get

It's the golden rule of love

Love thy neighbour

The second greatest commandment

To love God being the first


You can't get if you don't give

Love is for giving

Is it the will, the intention or the action

Is this something we call love


Problems we face today

Arise from the lack of basic understanding

Whether we take it for granted

Or whether we appreciate


Like karma love works in similar way

You need to be able to let go just as you are willing to take


Why should the bottom lose their jobs, time the top lose theirs


The Queen should lose her job, only then will sense prevail, rather than an orchestrated defiance to promote arrogance and debauchery, hatred and cruelty, pride and malice. Since every turn of good is being nestled away by the evil proud Satanist, who borrow, who steal the light and try to achieve that which should belong to the sovereignty of God. But as in the time of Moses, when he was sent with 9 miracles, when they saw the staff turn into a snake they said obvious magic and summoned magicians to outdo God's plan and messenger. But they said are you throwing or shall we throw, and Moses responded you throw. Then what they throw appeared to be moving and an illusion appeared, then God inspired Moses throw your staff, whereupon it swallowed what they fabricated. The magicians fell in awe, and proclaimed, we believe in the God of Aaron and Moses. So go ahead and throw, keep and taking the light away, with your ineptitude and impatience, and when the time comes, you shall see the illusion of Satan, for whatever Satan promises you in no more than a mere illusion.


Swallowed in the mud


You're gonna get swallowed into the mud, just like Qaroon who boasted his cleverness for attaining such material wealth. The whole world has orchestrated and cannived a scheme, and has brought itself to the barren wasteland of Afghanistan, the whole world has sold their souls, to the masons, the Mozartic symphony, to haunt and to challenge the sovereignty of God. But when you wish to control all angles, soon or later you will be faced with an opening, and then another and then another, until you're swallowed into the earth. Do we concentrate on the folly of sending armed men into a poor country, do we buy the right to freedom, and say it was our freedom which was attacked, when true freedom was held by the poor, until the warmongers and evil Satanists and devil worshippers appeared saying power lies in money. When one more front opens, then we will see, one more front followed by so many, that the new world order perishes. You are running out breath the tiger has got the wilder beast by the jugular, soon it will wane the beast, and see it's demise. Like playing that game where you try and get to various points without collapsing, well soon another front will open, and you will be unable to stop it, and then another front, and then another front. Until we come banging on the gates of Buckingham, and then the end of the new world order. God willing This is my vision, my Lord, the Omniscient, the hearer of prayers, the forgiver of sins, the acceptor of repentance. God alone I worship, and God alone I ask for help. Let them be swallowed into the earth.


Kul ja talaa


People of the world, with your Lord is a far better reward, with your Lord is the ultimate destiny. Will you continue to victimise the poor, and to humiliate them when will you stand up against this tyranny, did God make the Muslim land vast for no purpose, or was there a purpose, will you sit back and listen to the lies and deception of the West, while they continue to forge a hateful pact against believers in God through his final message and scripture. Will you allow them to say 'freedom was attacked', or 'there is a war on terror', when all you see in them is the manifestation of the Devil, the lies the illusion the hatred, the pride, the greed, the lust, the envy, the malice. These were self orchestrated Hollywood style attacks, take a stance today, do not fight on their side, on the side of the new world order, stand up and be counted among the people of the Book, versus the people of money guns and boys.

Open another front, unlock this padlock, unlock this and make it plain and open, anyone who believes in God, believes in the Last Day, leads a righteous life, will receive his recompense and will have nothing to fear.

The one who unveils, the opener, the discover, there's a golden key unlocks all the doors and the world is yours.





"God has decreed, "I and my messengers will most assuredly win" God is Powerful, Almighty."(58:21)



Do not be like the Children of Israel, who said to Moses, 'You and your Lord fight, we are staying here.' do not be among the sedentary, or those who stay behind, time to unite and fight the disbelievers, the masons and all that they have schemed, open another front.



Kull ja talaa


What God promises


Today i heard a story that the Romans were not cruel to Jesus, that one of them went out of his way to poke him with a spear to ease his passage on the cross.

That they don't just die on the cross they suffocate.




But Jesus was the fleshly part, almost like a person who had a stroke, his brain was dead his soul had left but his body continued to live.

That is what the Quran teaches in truth, Jesus was dead before they crucified him, God says in the Quran,'


[3:54] They plotted and schemed, but so did GOD, and GOD is the best schemer.

[3:55] Thus, GOD said, "O Jesus, I am terminating your life, raising you to Me, and ridding you of the disbelievers. I will exalt those who follow you above those who disbelieve, till the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is the ultimate destiny of all of you, then I will judge among you regarding your disputes.

So the person they crucified was the fleshly part, not the living person Jesus. When Herod and Pilate question Jesus he does not say a thing, after all the accusations leveled against him he did not say anything, because he was no longer with us. And so it was made to appear to them that they crucified him.


Who put him up on the cross. the Romans, kind of strange now thinking of it, the person who told me of the benevolent Roman soldier poking Jesus on the cross with a spear, was a Roman Catholic. As if that Roman gave two monkeys about the suffering of a person who they would torture anyway, and would stab him to ease his suffering, along those lines we would not bother resuscitating still born babies and so cause brain damage, nor would we risk our own lives to save someone who lost both legs and a arm, nor all those people who are born with anomalies or develop them later, we would just kill them, and let the healthy live. But where would you draw the line, when is it murder and when is it not. Scientist are full of crap, they give drugs that sedate you so you can hardly open your eyes or hold a conversation, you put on weight, even if you've never been much of a eater, they say it is because of the intake but i am sure they mess up the metabolism, by altering and preventing certain pathways in the brain. Totally dangerous, if you want to be just, stop oppressing, oppression is worse than murder, something you can think for Saddam, because it wasn't Saddam who was oppressing Iraqis, he was killing people, but not maiming children, not destroying families, not destroying schools and freedom and love of the neighbor. It was the sanctions of the West which was oppressing the Iraqis and their bloody war.


Just a human being, blessed and a messenger, not begotten by God, nor is Adam begotten one, God begets not nor is He begotten. In the end we will see whose side God is on, those who worship Him alone, do not set up idols to rival Him, nor associate partners to Him, or those who think they are begotten of God, and call Him Father, and think of Him as a bearded old man.


No visions can encompass Him but He encompasses all visions.


The governments are all sold out, they all are subservient to the devil worshippers, the Satanic cult of Free Masons of America, and just because Britain allies itself with America, does not mean they really know success, they will lose, God willing, and their Queen shall lose her throne and those who serve the ego the Zionist, and those who serve the people the British and those who serve the devil the Americans, will be defeated, by those who serve God.


When we go into battle against them, we will say we serve God who do you serve and the answer will be the Queen. Who are the servants of God and who are the idol worshippers.

We want the hereafter the eternal life, you want this world, the temporal life


First Pakistan open your front to the West, your leaders have sold themselves to Masonry and the New World Order, when what God promises is more everlasting you shall strive in the cause of God. Down with the new world order.


The image attached is one of three images the hexagram, with a tetrahedron in the middle, the lines that diagonally reach the centre look like person with bowed head on a crucifix.


12 sides to the Cube, the Kaaba


12 sides to the Hexagram, the star of David


4 triangle with 3 sides each the tetrahedron, equals 12, 4 triangles, 4 faces, 4 points make 12 on the tetrahedron


Amen Rah


Do not say amen, it is an innovation and a form of idolatry also, though most are ignorant of it, ever considered what it implies and what it means to say 'amen', some conspiracy theorist argue that it stems from Amen Rah the Egyptian Sun God and that is what they are worshipping, so when you say amen you are calling upon amen rah, that is what the Free Masons believe that the Biblical and Egyptian deity is linked, but it is not the case. They say Biblical characters were based upon pharaohs and their dynasties, and that legends were made of them by early people. They verify this by the work of a Mormon in the 19th century who had the ability to translate Egyptian pyraglifics and claimed to have translated the Book of Abraham, found by one of the early explorers in the pyramids. The documentary i watched on YouTube, which you can find if you search new world order, or the like, also points to a Jewish supremacism of the Rothschild family, as well as the hidden secret of the Free Masons, of the one born with the sign of Satan, they video did not point to who this could be, but some say it is Prince Charles. Who's name and title has the geomatric value of 666. The Biblical God and the Egyptian God/gods are not the same, even before Abraham there came Noah, who's watercraft made of logs and rope landed on the shores of Judea, and from whom the progeny of prophets and messengers come. In fact the pyramid of ghost that house the tombs of dead of Pharaohs, are a sign of slavery, and hierarchy, whereas the three symbols of Islam, are the hexagram, the tetrahedron and the cube, symbolise 12 this makes the square pyramid the odd one out, which symbolise 13 And the Pharaohs claimed to be gods.


Birds of the air


The birds have stop singing

The birds have stop flying

Caged in their new prison

We don't to see you like that says the dementor

We want you to remain full of life


When they've taken you away from your habitat

When they've taken you away from the people you knew

When they've put a price on you and sold you

To live in a cage, for the schooling into human life


They sit in silence

Shuffle their wings

Peck at some seeds

Sit there in silence


Afraid of the thunderous giants

As they stomp by

Afraid of the hands that handle them

Afraid of the unknown


While we continue

Not bothered by their existence

Not aware of their minds and souls

They are beautiful in the wild

Caged they become lifelesss and dull


Then we say let us free them

No they will not no how to cope in the wild

Well they can come back

No they will most likely get killed by a wild animal


They are captive birds

They do not know how to live in the wild

They will die, tomorrow

But they will suffer from the mentality of psychiatrists


Unable to think for themselves

Unable to care for themselves

Unable to act for themselves

Institutions are built to oppress God's creatures


The schools for children

The army for soldiers

The hospitals for the demented

The prisons for the unfortunate


Woohoo 5 Americans dead in Afghanistan, Doh!


5 American dead in Afghanistan, swallowed into the earth, time for the pikey revenge, or shall we say paki revenge, time to unite under the banner of Submission to one God, to not deviate nor divide nor divert, to say believe in one God worship Him, and devote to Him, anyone who shuns the false idols and turns to God alone will find happiness and peace in this life and in the next. None possesses power except God, do not turn to people, nor to the jinns nor to the angels, turn to the Lord of creation the one who answers prayers the one who supports and disposes affairs, the one who protects and grants you eternal life, the one who is Merciful, Forgiving, Most Kind and Compassionate towards His creatures.

Yet they set up idols besides God, yet they associate partners onto to God, or disbelief in one God, or on His creation or on the Day of Resurrection.

If you want to be heard by God, do not mention others in His court, nor associate partners onto Him, nor take up other gods besides God, nor set up idols, and submit to God.


They will have to learn, God controls all things, and that when they expect us to follow them, we will only follow those who submit to God, not the idol worshippers nor those who side with Satan. They will have history is for the making, not for the cheaters and evil disbelievers, for they shall surely lose.


You think you can wage war against Iran, before then the Pakistanis will rise up and take the war to you, Then the Syrians and then the Suadis, the Egyptians, the Turks, and the Morrocans. All these fronts will open, then you will feel being swallowed into the earth.


5 Americans dead in Afghanistan, God willing, let them all perish.


Pakistan stop allying yourself with America.


God controls everything


God has counted all things


God, there is no God except He. The Living, The Eternal


Friday Sermon


Those who read the Quran, the infallible scripture, beyond human capability, showing the Omniscience, the Omnipotence, the Omnipresence of the one God, la illaha ilallah, la quawata illa billah, allah rabana mawlana,


besm allah irrahman nirraheem

kul huwalla hu ahad,


lam yu lid, lam yu lad,

lam ya kulluhu kufuwan ahad.


Today is Friday, a day when the Muslims converged to their mosques, obeying the commandment of God, to drop all work and to hasten to the congregation of the Friday prayer. Yet they have loss all basis and basics of their religion, following traditions and fabrications that were not authorised by God. The salat has been corrupted beyond recognition, the zakat has been corrupted beyond recognition, the hajj has been corrupted, the shahada has been corrupted, sawm fasting has been corrupted also.


Yet people take the religious leaders and scholars as lords, when your Lord and my Lord is the one God, who sent the Final Testament to the final prophet, the khataman nabiyeen, Muhammad. Ask them why does God say ' Muhammad was a messenger and the final Prophet', if both are the same, why would they both be mentioned, surely there is something to distinguish the two, God says 'I will send the Prophets with the scriptures and wisdom', then why would you argue that messengers and prophets are the same. The messengers confirm scripture and are given solid proofs from God.


When God say 'over it is nineteen', why then do the Muslim clergy who most so called idol worship

say it is in reference to the guardians of hell, when this is followed by to convince the Jews and Christians that this is Divine scripture, to disturb the disbeliever, to strengthen the faith of the faithful, to expose the hypocrites and disbelievers how are the guardians of hell going to achieve such things, by no means it points to the mathematical miracle of the Quran, which proves the word of God, that the Quran is one of the great miracles.



It is clear to see, only the innocence of a child born free of the ego can see such things, with the wrath, against such people, who side with Satan that there can be another god with God, a-auzo billah minashaytaan nirrajeem, I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.


Why do these ulemas claim to have knowledge that only angels possess, and which is a guise of many British music artist, they write things as if it is angelic knowledge, when it is just sooth sayers. They do not worship God they worship the angels, or the devils.


Only guidance comes from God, and if you turn to God, by removing all other dependencies, and turn him wholeheartedly, then God will guide that person, that is the truth, but most people hate the truth. God says 'anyone who reverences Me, I will create an exit for Him.'


Well when they throw me into a hospital and started forcing me to take their drugs, I could have been given one of the horrible ones, one which makes you put on weight and dements your brain, but God willing I resisted until an exit came for me, and it is like water, does not affect me in any way, mashallah, but they are twisted, if you doing okay, they say the medication is working, if you are having thoughts of self harm, they blame that on your illness, and when your demented and over weight and smoking heavily they say that is your usual self and blame you.


Anything good that happens to you is from God, anything bad is from you. In reality, the fitrat, the disposition is what makes me who I am, if they keep saying to me that i am a danger and cannot cope, then I will fight the only way I know, I will spend every waking moment trying to destroy and hurt, and that is what they wish to show to the world, and psychotic person, but it is there fault, like manhandling a budgiee, they don't like it, or any wild animal, or caging them, and then saying we want you to be full of life, when they have taken you away and caged you.


There is a nurse who comes to see me, he is the sought, who thinks I cannot stop them from killing you, but I will ease your passage to death. He said there was a roman soldier who stabbed Jesus on the cross, so that he would fall forward and therefore die easier.


These are devil worshipppers, the worship Satan, the side with him, not for God's light, love and peace,



All those who read the Quran, go and study it your self, I read the Final Testament a translation by Dr, Rashad Khalifa, who has brought sense back into Islam rather than mere chaos and backwardness. All those who read the Quran, somewhere there is somethign telling you that we have to raise the banner of Islam, the believers in one God against those who say there can be another God, who attempt to say 'they killed God', with the crucifixion of Jesus, that is what the Romans and the Jews thought they had killed the truth, but the readers of the Quran, know Jesus' life was terminated and the one the crucified was the fleshly part. Also with evolution and the Masonic cult, they wish to put out God's light with their mouths, but God insists on perfecting His light, in spite of the disbelievers.



On this day, I ask you to remember God, and turn to Him alone,


Salaam alaykum


I for one have no one to go to read my Friday prayer,they all mention other names with God in the mosques in my area, you shall remember only God in these mosques, not associate partners onto God like Muhammad.


I will read 4 rakats and carry on my day, God willing




Omniscience, chemistry, music, philosophy, can intertwine and link with each other, the chemistry of music, the philosophy of science, the knowledge.

When you listen to some music like the Stone Roses with songs like This Is the One, and She bangs the Drums, she could be the first she could be the last to describe the way I feel, you question the energy he puts into it, whether he can keep it up, then when fake plastic trees comes on, and he sings 'it wears him out', you understand something. By the point when we get to Street Spirit, and he says 'all these things into position, all these things we one day swallow whole', it makes you wonder, not only the horror of loneliness but how awake you need to be to hear the harrowing music almost entrancing. Then all of a sudden the fear disappears and No Alarms comes on, then he sings ' silent silent' and then 'enjoy the silence (Ecstatic Dub Remix)' comes on, which starts with 'aah', or sort of shocked voice featured in enjoy the silence, then when the next track comes your almost unaware, but the thud at the beginning of 'enjoy the silence', makes you wonder if they knew what they were doing, and in preparation for it, if it happens and it happened to me, it is like a shock you get or a fright, but it is more than that, it goes to straight to the heart, makes you cry that song, enjoy the silence, but the start is something special it reminds you of the ending enjoy the silence, by way of the thud at the beginning. Fur Elise adds to the emotion, but when on your own comes on, and he sings ' tell me what you've seen', all the magic that you saw in the songs, then this, miraculous, very relevant.

So when I said British music artist think they have angelic knowledge, but really are sooth sayers, by testimony to this album, I think any musician believes he has powers, whether they think it is from themselves, or from God, or from devils. Musicians generally believe they have powers over the mind. So I may be wrong some artist may have angelic knowledge.


What would you like to be , beautiful or intelligent?


When I was in hospital, a place full of young pretty perfect 10s, and one day this woman working in admin comes onto the ward, she reminded me of the leading lady in the film Carlitos Way, and I was high at the time, I had been on zolpedem an anti depressant for over a year, so I was really quite fruity and having crackpot ideas. I asked the woman, ' what would you like to be, beautiful or intelligent.’ she said she'd think about it but she'll let me know. Later when she popped by again I asked have you thought about it, she said yeah 'intelligent’, I replied 'rats are intelligent, cats are beautiful.'


One up for the lunatics!


First room they put me in, I can't really remember what number room it was, but I named it cat's kingdom, and so pissed in a corner of it, to mark the territory, I went on a hunger strike, and like Gandhi refused to cover my body, only when ladies were present I would don a towel to cover my privates. I kept entertained, by various fruity ideas from the anti depressants, like a third world war, and going back to Syria finding a lost coat made of polar bear fur, and resurrecting a sparrow which I named golden eagle and buried which died in my hands after bubo the lion cub launch into mid air and brought down. Bubo was a stray cat a girl from France living next door brought in with his sister, he turned into a real lion looking cat, would be full of acrobatics, and I would make him kill the cock roaches which he would leave on the French girls bed. Bubo once while we sat in the evening in this old villa with some Albanians and Japanese Europeans, and Bosnians, who shared the villa, Bubo climbed onto my shoulders, and went round them in a circular motion. Hard to describe, but I remember these things.

Anyway the third world war broke out, the sparrow was resurrected as an eagle, bubo sister dies by gunshot, to avenge the sparrow's death, when bubo sister is buried the eagle rises. I can’t remember how war breaks out, but it does we raise the dead from First World War, and they fly across through the opponents and they become blinded. Flying horses, like Shadowfax, then after the war is won. Bubo comes back to England and pairs off with the half wildcat called Paro.


I asked my parents to bring in my iPod and speakers, the hospital took hold of my speakers, said they had to test them, finally when I got hold of them after waiting three to four weeks, my iPod dock broke, it was only a shuffle, so I couldn't charge it. One day I got hold of the sub woofer it was this JBL set, made of metal, and began smashing the double glaze window. Before this I used the notice board to make an artist impression of my mind in words, and filled it, and had a few dolphins’ tattoos that I added to it, they took it down, but did not give it to me, saying it was hospital property. After I smashed the window, they moved me to another room, I can't remember the room number, but it had some relevance, this one I named the rat lair, so I began spitting everywhere on curtains on ceilings on the carpet on the walls, everywhere, rat spit, cat piss, dog shit. I was in a wheel chair at the time too.

I would pace back forth along the corridor, laughing to myself, amused by my thoughts, this would disturb the other patients, so I would try avoid going passed their door. It was a stretch at one point, really worn out, elongated time, like being on a never ending flight, and stuck to your chair. I kind of feel of caged birds at the moment, how we expect them to live fully and happily when they are caged 24/7; I'm going to set them free, God willing. Oppression is worse than murder, they will be my friends if I set them free, if I cage them they will think of me as a slave master. My Lord give me the will and the strength to do that which pleases You.


I got beaten by one of the patients on the ward, with a video tape, my Lord protected me, but they moved me to the open ward after that. This 'I thought as reaching the golden gates, but really it was a pig farm, eating loads, I was feeling the affect of the anti psychotic.


Then the eagle kills the crow to avenge the crows gnawing at the shoulders of Jesus, white doves in the beginning representing love, black crows at the end representing death. Then when a crow comes to view the spectacle, when the eagle rises he goes into battle with the crow brings it down, with its huge claws, and then bubo finishes it off by clasping the jugular. When the crow is buried next to Bubo’s sister, the open the tomb of Bubo’s sister, and she flies off like a phoenix into another planet. Only to come down at the third world war, to blaze the disbelievers.


The eagle kills the crow


Then the eagle kills the crow to avenge the crows gnawing at the shoulders of Jesus, white doves in the beginning representing love, black crows at the end representing death. Then when a crow comes to view the spectacle, when the eagle rises he goes into battle with the crow brings it down, with its huge claws, and then bubu finishes it off vy clasping the jugular. When the crow is buried next to Bubu's sister, the open the tomb of Bubu's sister, and she flies off like a pheanix into another planet. Only to come down at the third world war, to blaze the disbelievers.


Raising the banner, la ellaha ell Allah


This is exactly what the West wants, to destroy the love of the neighbour to destroy freedom, to enslave everyone to a capitalist system. When will Pakistan see that those who read the Quran are not the enemy, it is those who disbelieve in the scripture, let us unite, let us fight in the cause of God against those who say there can be another god, auzubillah. When will the banner of Islam be raised, to call all those who believe in one God, who worship Him to devote to Him and reverence Him alone. The banner of Islam has been raised and we call all the Muslim nation to race and strive in the cause of God, to fight the Satanist and those who say there can be another god, when there is only one God Lord of the heavens and the earth. They want to say they killed God or the truth, but the truth prevails and the mercy of God encompasses all things. The Masons think they will be able to say they have killed god, if you Muslims fail to stand and fight. Do you wish to side with the deception and lies, that 9-11 was orchestrated by people, when 9 out of the 16 who were supposed to responsible for 9-11 were still alive, and to say that with knives these men brought down 4-5 airplanes, in synchrony, with very little objection or resistance from anyone on the planes, for them to cause two sky scrapers to free fall to dust, and a third to fall with miraculously nothing hitting it. Surely there are some serious Satanist people, who wish to lead the world into arrogance and unappreciation of God, a rejection of the true way we should live on earth, without greed, pride, lust, hatred, malice and envy. To worship God for that is what we are created for. To uphold God's authority like angels during the great fued, or to rebel like the Shaytaans against God's authority, or to be given a second chance to redeem our selves like humans or to remain with the opposition after the seduction to break God's commandment in the Garden of Eden.


Nostradamus predicted, my older brother told me when i was about 10, people with green hats will take over, another story he told me was that when Jesus returns the world will be in peace for 40 years, well I do not believe Jesus will return, but i like the idea of peace living under the sovereignty of the Almighty God. God willing I shall strive for it with my life . Pakistan stop siding with the Satanists, you know they are lying about 9-11, raise the banner of Islam, submission to one God.



Known as Peace Day,

The day they sent the soldiers home

Armistice Day the day of my birthday


Four Ones

Four years of war

Four aces


Counting down the days

Four lines four days

Fifth line fifth day



Riddled with bullets

Asking when will be home

You said we'd home before Christmas


Four years of war

Four ones

Four aces


Known as Peace Day,

The day they sent the soldiers home

Armistice Day the day of my birthday



My Lord increase my knowledge


God's Omniscience, the Knower of all secrets and declarations, is who I turn to and who I believe in. It is no good saying ; true knowledge is that you know nothing, that is because as humans we can reflect upon our past but we cannot know the future, but we are provided with prophecies which can lead to faith, faith in future events. That is one of the role of the scriptures to provide future knowledge, concerning certain phenomena, and that is what knowledge is regarding what one knows, as certain phenomena. You call the word of God, the work of meglomaniac sooth sayers. You side with the opposition, that you do not believe it is the word of God, nor in its mathematic miracle which you are probably unaware of. There are those who say and profess there is only one God, or la ellaha ellallah, and there are those who say there can be more than one or another god, these side with Satan. What Satan shows is he is not able to be a god, because of all the chaos and suffering in his domain. Only God can be God, none other, Satan only has power over those who side with him, who say there can be another god with God. God is the Most Merciful, His mercy encompasses all things, He is the Most Wise, who sent the Book, showing that power is in the written word, not in money, guns and boys. And those who believe in the written word, should raise the banner of Submission to God, against those who wish to say 'they killed God' because they are wicked and evil and wish to put out God's light, but God insists on perfecting his light in spite of the disbelievers. You should be more sincere in your approach, you should ask God to increase your knowledge, rather than side with the opposition and say that which is wrong and obtruse and not reverent of God, by your comment, the work of meglo maniac sooth sayers.


The Soul



Any nation and people who felt the brute hand of colonialism, this is your moment, take a stance against those who wish to say they have killed God, and have become independent, ask them how are you trying to achieve this? By dividing the world into small pieces, so that there is constant struggles and trade in weapons and guns, by wars and by controlling the economy, by privatizing the banks, and by enslaving the people to money, as though money is the elixir of life.


They think life has two components mind and body, but they forgotten the soul, the breath of life, which comes from God which grants life, just as there are three types of matter, liquid solid and gas, just as out nutrition and survival relies on water, food and air.


The chemistry of the mind, the physics of the body, and the biology of the soul.


The Elixir of Life, links with the third of the three attributes, the Omnipresent, a God who is free of time, and guides his creatures to life, this has not been answered by scientist because they do not regard the soul, the Elixir of Life, links with the third of three arts, writing, which is a form of speech, which is the devotion to truth, and then links with the third of the classics, with history, and this concerns the what one learns. These entire things link with the soul, the Elixir of Life is the Final Scripture sent to mankind, through the final Prophet, which is beyond human ability, which is coded by 19, and is one of the great miracles, showing that God has counted the number of all things.


Do you wish to side with the evolutionists, who think they can piece history through the physical manifest, tell them create a simple cell if life began with such, and if the creation of life is so simple, in a pond of circumstance create a living cell? You cannot do it, because like the scriptures teach, even if the whole world banded together to create a fly, they could not do it.

The symbolism of a fly, is something small, something we take for granted, yet how complex is life, yet you deny the Omnipresence of God, the Eternal the Most Wise, to whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth.


If you ask them why they exploit the world resources, for the satisfaction that they have hoarded and accumulated wealth, do they own, or does it belong to God. Do you show your appreciation, or say it was your own cleverness that achieved it, you take everything for granted and when asked who owns the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, you bite your fingers in rage, because you reject the truth, you wish to extinguish the light, and say there can be another god.


There is no other god besides God. The Lord of the universe, the Initiator, the Most Dignified, the Peace, the Love, the Light.


"Woe on that day to the rejecters"


A banner has been raised, Submission to God, with the word la ellaha ellallah, my Lord do not let them reject my words, let them strive in Your cause, let them unite and fight the Masons Satanists, who have an idol of Persephone on top of the Whitehouse, the Greek goddess of the underworld, because they are Satanists. Then the so called Muslim go to Capitol Hill and read their salat facing the Whitehouse, is that their Kaaba, and these so called Muslim believe it was the work of the Muslim to attack 9-11, open your eyes.


Pakistan fight the Americans and British in Afghanistan, I’m not asking you terrorise people, I'm asking you to fight the armed forces they have sent to fight the poor and oppress them. You will be supported. God willing, strive in God's cause, there is no other god besides God, and do not defy and turn arrogant against these words, seek humility and a place in the afterlife, and seek that which never ends rather than this temporal life. Fight for the poor not the rich, fight for the poor,

You are nuclear power they will be defeated if you turn against these false masters, and take the Lord of the universe as your Lord and Master.


la quwata illa billah


Disaster is approaching because they have rejected the messenger of the covenant Rashad Khalifa,

So they prophecy of the great smoke, is inevitable, and it will strike those who reject the truth, most likely the Arabs.




Gold, silver and bronze

They come to my house, a consultant a head nurse and the GP, I had been refusing visits from the community nurse, and they thought I needed to be hospitalised and come to take me from my family. My older brother was there who is now a deputy head at Dixon Grammar School, he persuaded them that as long as I complied with my treatment then I should stay at home. Anyway my brother had to leave and return to school, I try and tell him to stay because I can read the signs and knew they were up to a certain scheme and wouldn't leave until they had finished it. I recited the sura al -fatiha in front of them, read the Lord's Prayer on the computer, and left the room. My brother came to my room and told me not to worry, he left, I was living on the ground floor at the time, because I was wheel chair bound, my family had built an en suite room for me, so I went into the bathroom the only room with a lock and locked myself in. First the head nurse came in, started asking me to get out, I replied you leave the premises and I will get out, here a dead lock occurred and neither of us would budge, he kept wanting me to get out of the bathroom I kept saying 'leave the house'. Anyway, I stripped naked put the shower on, so now they had an added problem, of getting a guy in a wheel chair, who was naked out of the house. He kept at me, and so I said okay I'm coming out, I opened the door, and rolled out in my shower chair, naked and said 'say hello to my little friend', and pointed to my privates. He was flabbergasted and ran out of the room. My parents tried to get me out, too, but I told them I'm not leaving until they leave. They called the police, by the time they got me out of the house, and into the back of the police van, my brother returned, and were very upset to find that they were taking me away.

They took me into a forensic unit, and truthfully I could have been out of there in two weeks, if I listened to the solicitor who told me they had no right to lock me in a forensic unit, but at the time I felt I had no case and would lose the hearing, so decided to bide my time.

After my accident, when I fell out of an attic window, and survived with a broken back, I had been on arripripozole for two and half years, I was putting on weight, and began having thoughts of harm and self harm, which I could not understand where they were coming from. Anyway to free myself of the thoughts I jumped out the 5th storey window, but survived during a home visit whilst being a patient on an open ward. The nurse thought I was okay to go home,, they didn't notice the stench in my room, because Ii had swallowed some detergent, a powder on the cleaner’s trolley to clean sinks and toilets. They did not even do a risk assessment which the consultant told them to do, clear negligence, which my other brother who is a GP noticed.


My older brother found me, by realising I had left my shoes at the front of the house so could not have gone far. I was in hospital for six months, starting off in intensive care, had two major surgeries to the spine, and then the psychiatrist put me on an anti-depressant, called zoclone or something. Too late the damage was done, but I felt I had a mental illness at the time, so complied. The consultant who I was under care with, changed the anti-psychotic to quetiapine. By the time they came to my house it was a year after my accident, so I had been on an anti-depressant for a year.

So they put me in a forensic unit, in a wheelchair, first thing I said I want to come off the anti-depressant having read about dependency and inability to come off, if I continued on it , I would have become a fruit cake. My Lord the Most Kind, has guided me through difficult times to an easier path. Anyway the consultant kept coming to see me in my room, I was getting annoyed because I did not want to interact with him, he said he wanted to see how I was without the various herbal stuff I had been taking, various Chinese stuff I bought on the net. He increased my medication to full wack, but I was immune to it. They labeled me treatment resistance, I had no time for them.


Then while my consultant was away, I was seen by another consultant, Dr Harrop, the nurses couldn't understand why would not talk to them but would have conversations with the consultant, I mentioned the professor can only talk to his equivalent, she kept trying to put me on olanzopine, which I had been on, which had caused me over sedation, weight problem, and pain. It is the first port of call for psychiatrist, to put you on olanzopine, because they assume, your all on heroin, so they want to sedate you so you stop committing crime, make you put on weight so you're no longer a skinny junkie, and give them like acid tabs that melt in your mouth, so you cannot hide the medication under your mouth. The problem with it is once you’re on it, and this has been proven by research, if you come off it suddenly it can lead to suicidal thoughts. Because of the intolerant side effects I stop taking it, and voila I was experiencing suicidal and self harm thoughts and now they wanted to put me back on it, I held out and refused.

She came to see me on an occasion , and I would refuse to talk to her on her basis, I asked her ' I'll talk to you if you can answer me this question, gold, silver and bronze what is the fourth.' I kept repeating it, 'gold, silver and bronze what is the fourth.' She replied , 'platinum', I replied no ' black', colours beat metals, and there is no fourth so it will be symbolised by black, and platinum would replace gold at the top rather go at the bottom. So if there ever comes an Olympic games and they want to add a fourth, to the threes, then it will have to be a lump of coal, black power to the fourth place.


One up for the lunatics!


There was this Spanish nurse, who was half English, who I refer to as 'Spanish naxi', because he was upset by his coloured background and so married an English to bring back the blue into the brown eyes. He said I was acting childish, I was lying on the floor of the rat lair at the time. I got up, and at the time by holding onto the the walls, for support I could walk.

I walked up to him, and said' man to man, shoulder to shoulder, face to face, let's talk', he kept back tracking, so I kept saying this over again and again, 'man to man, shoulder to shoulder, face to face, let's talk. Before the conquest of Spain remember telling him about Moors, saying the North Africans are not moors, why are ashamed of your past, I said Shakespeare may have made the Moors black, but the Moors were not black, they were brown, with curly hair, I went stern, and made him back track all the way into the dining room, right into a corner, so I said this is the conquest of Spain, with the words' man to man, shoulder to shoulder, face to face let's talk.' When I reached the dining room, I buckled one my legs, and prostrated to the ground, and said 'Glory be to God'. He skipped past me and ran back out of the dining room.


Then they tried another scheme, I read it again, they tried to force me into an enclosure off the ward, so they could tranquilise me. I began walking back to my room, but I fell. As I began to get up , they grabbed me and took me into the enclosure.


The consultant came and then they forced me to the ground and tranquilised me, at the same time, they put me on clopixol, depot, 100mg, I woke up after two days, after this time became really slow, but because the depot was like water, I was put on a weekly dose of that. Problem solved no more, oral meds, that give loads of side effect and take over your life, the consultant had wanted to put me on clozapine, which I sited the numerous side effects and maintenance as a reason to refuse.


God, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, says 'anyone who reverences Me, I will create an exit for them.'


I have now been out of hospital for two and half years, written a short research paper on 3, found on, produced two albums, found on, and written a collection of poems, found on Mashallah, my Lord guides to the easiest of paths,



2 Types of DJs


There's two types of DJs when you talk of mixing, they think of linking each song to make one continuous song, whereas the true DJ links each track logically, making each track fit, where even the artist who made the track have to see the true colours of what they made. So much mystery concerning true meanings of songs, musicians are given angelic knowledge, and when time comes the true DJ will compile them to exact the true meaning of the songs, and leave an impression and scene in the mind. I can only attempt to copy the style, but I'm a human I learn, whereas the angels know, the demons believe or moreover disbelief.


Angelic knowledge

Demonic powers

Man's wisdom


I only come across one person who could logically compile, I know him well, I asked him 'the magnitude of it', he said 'yeah', acknowledging the greatness and size of the compilation. The science, the Omniscient God, listening to know, the knowledge of God, the chemistry of music, the philosophy of science. Hamza Yusuf knows him Sajid, from Bradford a school teacher, who studied at Oxford, who will not accept the mathematical miracle of the Quran, and side with the opposition, just like most Sunnis.




This album has 19 on it, with 17 tracks and two parts, but if it had 19 track that would be too obvious not miraculous, like having the title of your album 19, like Adele. This is a mystery, but most are deaf, sorry no offence to non English speakers, or those not familiar with this type of music.



Crime Stoppers deception


Watched crime stoppers, how stupid was the story of a group of black males targeting a couple who only thing worth taking was an Audi TT, which inevitably would have a tracker on. On top of that to be raped, sounds like an insurance scam, because if they haven't caught them yet, then it only goes to show something is missing. I'm sorry BBC but I felt let down by this program, some of the stories are becoming unbelievable, girls should know better than to wander off into the dark, and as for the story about the armed robbery at someone’s home, beggar’s belief. How would the robbers know where in the house the couple would be, she could be in her bedroom, she could be in her bathroom, he could be in the shed, he could be watching the tele. Stop enforcing coercion and no love of the neighbor, and saying that God is dead, or with your actions saying God was killed, God's mercy encompasses all things. Two of the great commandments love God and love your neighbor, seem to be lost on this failure to recognise fraud. Ask yourself what have the couple got to gain, well the car was insured, and they have a lot of damages.



Only Satanists think God was killed, like for example the crucifixion of Jesus whose life was terminated before it and the person they slew was the fleshly part, his soul left but his body continued to live, see Dr,Khalifa's explanation found on, so that they can indulge and live a unrighteous wicked life, and then go to the next world the world of souls and say, 'we believed God was killed. With our actions.' but they bought nothing but wrath, and at a pre determined time will realise their true selves and will then try to become submitters to God, but whilst on earth they hated the truth, you shall worship God my Lord and your Lord.



How would the robbers know how many people were in the house? Comic fiction



Not only that but it points to the deception of 9-11, and possibly even the holocaust, where certain people were discriminated against and false witness against your neighbor took place.



Do not be so gullible, where is Bin Laden? Who is to say 6 million Jews died in the Second World War?



These are ways in which they say 'God was killed,' or God is dead, but usually it is the people who are liars.



Love the Lord your God, your Lord is one, to love your Lord with all your might, all your soul, all your strength, all your heart.



Love thy neighbor as yourself



Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor





The crime watch program took place on Tuesday 29th September, British viewers can catch up on iplayer on the BBC site.


Greedy pigs


I follow Mr. Ian Brown's music, my older brother brought a CD from uni, and I listened to it when I was 12 or 13 around 1992, in second year at school, school started at 11, my brother was 7 years older than me, had finished the same school had gotten a place at Oxford, to study biological science, usually the tutor writes to the school, but the tutor personally rang my brother to congratulate him on his place at Oxford, an unconditional 2Es offer. He got ABC at A-levels, later would teach chemistry, when he refused to go into law, because of the consciousness of lying, I advised him when he was around 24 why don't you go into teaching you'd make a good teacher, he was a prefect at school and kids liked his supervision when teachers were away. He never lost his cool, and never has since all the time I've known him, he went on to teach at a inner urban predominantly Asian grammar school in Bradford, and there helped quite a number of students get into university on to courses such as medicine, pharmacy or to study sciences or dentistry. He helped my brother focus too, who was younger than him by two years, who went to become a GP, and the success rubbed onto my sister who would follow him into teaching. God has blessed us, mashallah, but a reminder to them, your works will be nullified if you commit idol worship. Praise be to God, Lord of the heavens and the earth. What will happen when the poor receive the education reserved for the rich, we were placed on assisted place, a government scheme to get poor family children into private schools. It wasn't a Masonic school, it was a Methodist school, who may be believers in God, but as it says most who believe in God do not do so without committing idol worship, so they too nullified their works with idolatry.

I like the mystical groove, I liked the originality, I like the power over the mind that their music showed, I liked the chemistry, and I like the mystery to their songs. I like the song what the world is waiting for, 'here comes the wise man there goes the fool...he'd sell his brother for a fistful of gold, stop the world I'm getting off.' I don't claim to know the meaning, but sometime see it as angelic knowledge. The Jews think they have man's wisdom, the Christians think they have angelic knowledge, and the Muslim think they have demonic powers. Instead of future present past, they see it as past future present.

Anyway the point of writing this, to come to the next piece after talking about greed, I don't think Ian Brown is a pig, but the people he works for are, I was told that when I buy the Stellify EP, that if I bought the album when it comes out, then I would not have to pay for four tracks, like you do on iTunes, when it says to complete the album pay so much. I still bought the album, like the song in the year 2525, but to tell you the truth the world will not ever see that year, it will be over 300 years before then, by the will of God. God says I will keep the time of the Day of Judgment almost hidden, and that Muhammad is not the one to declare it that is why when the Quran was deciphered the person who deciphered it Dr,R.Khalifa the messenger of the covenant disclosed the date of the Final Hour.

Greedy pigs, like those Zionists who bought the WTC for so much, and insured it for so much, and made so much from it, you’re gonna die one day, then you will be asked when tested why did you not seek forgiveness of God, why did you not 'My Lord, forgive us, we have sinned.', instead you sought the help of Satanists, Satanists like Tarantino, who says Jews tortured the Nazis, yeah, just like they did to the prophets. So when I turn deaf to your call, ask yourself who pretended they couldn't hear, and when I do not recognise the discrimination of the Jews but rather the Nazis, guess what I think, never will I side with a Jew!


All these stories and reenactments of the Nazi Holocaust, friends of the Jews Schindler, the Americans the British, never saw them once call to God, to help them, to support them, to protect and to forgive them, why us is all I heard. Maybe it is a test, do you not read, 'Your lord is a jealous God.', instead of turning conscience of God, they became so remorseful and said 'there is no god, how could this happen.' Maybe it was a punishment, but I doubt God needs the Nazis to punish you, you will inevitably face your judgment.


Now you think you buy support, by placing a black man as President, why all the hush about 9-11, when has any of white collar man talked about 9-11, and asked about the Jewish Zionist buying the world trade center and how much they profited by it.


Your everything



Every breath is filled with a thought, like a chain reaction, a coal fueled train, getting faster and faster, until it derails and ends up in the woodlands. Can't stop it, can't relax, critical of my own self, while everything appears calm, there's the inner child that longs to play and laugh and be mischievous. The spirits are around, the devils adorn your works in your eyes, but none sees the pain of the soul in its suffering. Got to get on track, got to get my life on track, no time to pontificate or contemplate your fate, we're all walking in the dark, just pray you're gonna get to heaven’s gate.


Is that your everything, when you get there you find the nothing, like being seduced by forbidden fruits, like the emptiness and the hole in your ego, like the weakness to intoxicate and corrupt the soul. It is not the everything, it is the reward for your works, that you submitted to God totally, devoted your worship entirely to God, believed in the Last Day, sought forgiveness and repented for your sins,


What is your everything? I'm a sinner whilst I was among the Muhammadans, I am a sinner whilst I was among the submitters, forgive me Lord, I repent of my sins and turn to you. You have to wake the Abraham in you, submit, and be of those that Abraham named submitters, because only then will God guide you. Speak to them in a nice tone, why do you set up idols that can neither hear you or help you, I have submitted to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, He is my Lord and your Lord, forgiver of sins acceptor of repentance . If they fail to repent, then say I disown your idolatry, I will never set up idols to rank with God.


What is your everything? The selfishness, to say me first, it's mine not yours, I’m this or that. Righteousness is not beating around the bush, righteousness is attained by upholding the commandments and by being straight forward (2:189)


What is everything to you? The hole in your ego and the greed in your mind, the empty waste you left behind.



To be poor


To be poor, and recognise God is rich, rather than the filthy greedy pigs such as the Zionists,, the monarchy, the Free Masons, the Saudis Sheikhs, the Kings and Queens, the leaders of the new world, and not least the fattest of them all the Pope of Rome.


When 80% of the world is poor, and the other 20% is rich, what gives them the right to be rich, when the poor are in the majority? Discriminating against the poor, the poor Nazi, who was paying reparations for losing the war when its people starved, poor communist, who were seen as pigs who had killed the farmer, poor Muslim, who were discriminated against by two unjust wars and the lies that they were the cause of the most elaborate and sophisticated plot known to man. They may have false concepts and ideas, but who gives any man the right to discriminate against them, they should look to themselves and their own closet and their own hidden selves.


Whereas the media portrays that it’s good to be rich, when in reality it is a curse, money cannot buy happiness. But money is a drug that only when we die do we let go of obtaining it, it is precious, They say they want to be rich and happy, it is an illusion, that everything is not nothing, everything says something about the person, therefore it is something, and we chase after this everything until we realise that it is in fact nothing.


How come so many animals and creatures all live climatised to their environment, was that just the process of time and place that made them make a habitat out of thin air. Every creature’s provision is recorded and set, the air we breathe breathes wisdom, the soul grows to larger lengths in the remembrance of God, but they don't regard the soul, they regard the chemistry of water, the physics of food, but the biology of air, has not been grasped. All living creatures breathe, one of the characteristics of life. How come every creature that lives on earth today has its own habitat, perfectly placed in its own habitat? Is that the process of time, who controls time, who is free of time, who is ever present? Only God controls all things, only God is Eternal, only God is Omnipresent. They consider the chemistry and physics, water the chemistry of water how it reacts and is one of the main components of living things, the physics the organs the cells the energy of the food they eat to survive, but when you mention soul, they become blind, they say we realise the knowledge of the chemistry we recognise the power of the physics, but the wisdom of the soul. We can only see the animals in action to show you that they all possess soul.


La quwate illa billah


No one possesses power except God.







No one calls lions sadists, but when you go watch your filth on TV and cinema things by Tarantino , Scorsese and Hollywood with their brand of sadistic violence you feast on it and feel entertain, like Romans and Paul the early Christian slayer. What about those days when they used to torture believers in God, what about the battles fought during the time of Muhammad, by polytheist simply because the submitters said we worship only God, the Lord of the House (Kaaba) built by Abraham and Ismail.

To get a thrill out of inflicting pain is one thing to kill to feed is another. My life and death are controlled by God, we are told to submit to Him, not to these British imperialist who wish to say we serve people rather than God, or to try and serve the anomalies of God's planet, God has subjected the earth for the humans, blessed us with so many blessings, yet they hate the truth, that this world and its people are not evil, they may have false ideologies, but to discriminate against them for their notions without the support of the Most High through the scriptures He sent is like being a pig who killed the farmer, or simply telling them if you do not submit to God you are following Satan the Accursed.


It is out of weakness, do they try and make you wish to be powerful or strong or mighty, rather than to seek protection from God, the Almighty, they try and make themselves strong or hard as rock, but there is no love, just hatred and cruel hearts.


To fight in the cause of God, to kill or die, is not sadistic, if the war fought in Iraq was a war for democracy serve the people nonsense, then to fight in the ultimate cause in the cause of God, to serve God, not so that you are blood thirsty barbarians or gory vampires, but submitters who think of the sovereignty of God, the Living the Eternal, to whom we shall return. To strive in the cause of God and to fight those who fight you because of religion, to fight those who side with Satan, and say there can be another God, auzubillah,


There is no other better time for the return to the teaching of the Quran than now, when the West have sent their troops to oppress the poor people, who will stand up and fight Pakistan? No one will dare do anything, they will lose, and they will not be able to muster an army because no one will fight their phony war if they brought in conscription.


You wanna teach me about sadism, do you white man, rather than being in the affirmation of there being a God, you chose to be among the liars blinded by the lies the nonsense of the GOD channel, who think God was killed, therefore we can live a life full of transgression, evil doers! We rather not believe at all, because there is no knowledge, because white man did not receive it and God did not place it with the white man. Have that for your Greek philosopher’s jealous egos!


It is usually the Satanist who wish to put you under their thumb, so that you look to them as masters, but you are believers in God who will rather die than take up false gods.


la quwata illa billah


No one possesses power except God


See the light



It isn't 'see the light', so that whenever you turn on the television fair people seem to dominate, promoting the Nazi master race idea, it is know the light.


It isn't know the good, so that we acknowledge acts of compassion and kindness originating from the people, it is observe the good.


It isn't defend the truth, so that we discriminate against people's ideologies and their ignorances, it is learn the truth,


There is light in knowledge

There is power in belief

There is wisdom in learning


Like money is a curse, and being rich is a curse because you cannot buy happiness, so also is the colour of your skin a curse especially when we see the colour of their skin as a sign of superiority. They are greedy, they are proud, they are lustful, they are envious they are malicious and they are hateful.


It is the British who dreamed of being the biggest, the smartest, the highest, they are attempting to become the highest with the new world order and if Charles become head of the new world, the Satanist agenda, they had the biggest empire in history, and they claim to be smartest with their evolution and scientific breakthroughs. It is all a game to them, do not trust them they are like a wolf in sheep’s wool, you think it harmless but it is in fact demonic and filled with hatred, malice, pride, lust, greed, and envy.


Look at the suffering the colonialism caused the world, how many people have suffered as a result of their exploitation, yet they sit there pretending to be decent and righteous, liars full of deception, and conceited and plagued with hatred, that is what they are, Satanists.


True Aryan friend of the Semitic


I am the aryan man

From the hills of Kashmir in India and Pakistan

I am a true aryan

Not a racist white man


The speaker of Persian and Hindi

An Indian Empire is waiting to be

Where the true aryan take over

And the new world order perishes under


Why did they steel the light of the Bible

Why did they hide their lies in front of the people

When the Lord watches over His creatures

Why did they steel the light of the true martyrs


Who are the true Aryan

The descendents of India and Iran

When India Pakistan and Iran unite

Then we'll test the Satanist might


No subject


Serves them right the money hungry western pigs, that they forsake their young leave them on their own in the care of aliens and strangers, then teach them say no to strangers, what hypocrisy is that. so that the adults can indulge upon the feast of their eyes, this world its vanities and its games. Children who become in despair because there parents left them with strangers, are to blame, when they go searching for their place in the pyramid of souls, the new world order, pigs. How do you think a child feels when he cries out for his mummy, and she's not there, cries out for his daddy and he's not there, but there is this fat bitch who's putting insinuations and adulterations into his mind. The tantrums, the lack of trust, the filth the vile ways of devil worshippers. But one thing may be the case those children will grow up to be submitters, and that is why Satan has attacked them so young, to pervert their minds. To be poor and recognise God is rich, rather than these filthy greedy pigs, like the monarchy , the zionists, and the Masons, who steel all the wealth and leave most of us fighting over scraps.



The capitalist system has failed, this should not continue, they are totally under debt, yet they continue with the illusion of paradise on earth, and to them it is agame the highest, the smartest the biggest. It si just a game to them, they don't care about teh truth, the light or the good, they just want to win, to satisfy their jeaolous egos.



The Palistinians will return to their land, that is my promise, God willing, God controls all things.



When true Submission arises, the devotion to one God, the faith in one God, the belief in one God, the banner of Islam will be raised, la ellaha ellallah. The universal truth shall set you free. The world under the sovereignty of God and his messenger, or under the pig of the Satanist Charles.



Pakistan time to fight, fear God, his retribution is awesome, and if you fail to comprehend my command you to may face the retribution of God. Be submitters to God, and strive in the cause of God, fight for the truth, not the lies that Muslims were behind the terrorist attack on 9-11.



Pakistan rise up!



They look at a picture, see an aspect and a variant in colour and texture, and begin to analyse it, focusing on the particular, never the light of reason and rationality,only the false notion of trying to hide man's seduction to pride, hatred, malice, greed, lust, and envy. Hiding these under the colours of ignorance, rather than acceptance and moving along. The hatred for the truth, that there is only one God, the pride of discrimination that we should be subservient to the Satanist of America, who place idols of Persephone, the Greek goddess of the underworld on top of the Whitehouse, we should be subservient to these Satanist? These temporal gliteratis in the history of man, who like the Egyptian the 'Romans the Greeks, have come and gone. But do we learn from them do we learn from history, do we devote to the truth, that to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, and to God everything shall return. While we dazzle the world with our colour, glitter and fade away, like blood thirsty vampires more are needed to feed it's hunger for blood of slaves. Try and see the big picture, search for the sayings from which to learn wisdom, know the light rather than see the light, observe the good rather than know the good, learn the truth rather than defend the truth. Knowledge, power and wisdom, science, art, classic The Omniscient, The Omnipotent, the Omnipresent Angelic knowledge, Demonic powers, human wisdom In this is proof for anyone who seeks the light of rationality, in this is news that everything has a reason, rather than no reason. Try to see the big picture, rather than focussing on particulars. Pakistan time to fight the West, time to fight those who say God is poor we are rich, time to fight and to say in return we are poor God is rich. Fight on the poors side, do not fight against them, God only changes the condition of a people who will to change. So will that you wish to change,and God will guide you. Peace Refuse to say God bless you, or God damn it, these are Christian talk, that have no relevance in Submission, say instead auzubillah, la quwate illa billah. God Protect me, no one possesses power except God.




"Whatever good that happens to you is from God, anything bad that happens is from you." (4:79)


It is not my will, but the will of God that sent me.


God's will be done


Whatever God wills, praise be to God who has blessed us with understanding into the realms of the triangles of the hexagram and the triangles of the tetrahedron and the 12 sides to the cube, the overwhelming suggestion that light and darkness, good and evil and right and wrong, are the three themes by which we understand the three attributes of God, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, of which knowledge of the sciences, the power of the arts, the wisdom of the classics, it is not my will that I write this, it is the will of God, he guides and sustains to Him I submit.


Anything good that happens is from God, but people do not understand to God belongs all praise, there is happiness in being submitters to God, to share and show our appreciation of the glory of God, but to take credit when all credit is due to God, is folly or egotistical, the miracle of our lives, not only going to Methodist boarding schools paid for by the taxpayer, but to achieve an education, it is the will of God, not our will, we are unable to do anything,, because no one possesses power except God. Wealth and riches do not make one happy, in the remembrance of God do hearts rejoice. But most commit idol worship at the thing they think possesses power. Instead of acknowledgement the greatness of God, they look to the person, and praise him or her.


So whether God provided me with knowledge, at a time of obstinacy and corruption, and wickedness and perversion of all that God has ordained and blessed us with. Water made into sugary beverages, fruit made into sugary chocolates, air we breathe contaminated with smoke. It doesn't stop there, the arrested development of everything because they think they are doomed by the physical manifest, rather than the end of the world coming at a time when God ordains, they think the climate will cause serious problems , so they begin to prepare for it, in their preparation like biofuels and gm products the bees start dying, the earth become desertified, or when they think they are dealing with a mental illness, so they arrest the person, only with time he will suffer a broken back, and they could not prevent now they have an added problem, ask them was that inevitable? Were you prepared for it, did you expect the unexpectable. We are told to submit to God, we can read into things and find out what may or may not occur, but to act like robots, act in unison, act in an orchestrated way, when the truth shall set you free.


All praise be to God Lord of the universe


Everything comes from God


To God belongs the most sublime similitudes (30:27)


Rise of the poor


First the communist saw part of the picture, the rise of the poor man

Then the Nazi saw part of the picture, the Aryan man

Then the Masonic capitalist saw part of the picture, the sovereignty of God


And so it will be only the submitters to God will triumph, when the poor man rises, when the real Aryan man stands up raised by lions, and the pretenders are defeated and sovereignty of the Lord of the heavens and the earth is placed into everyman, they shall devote to the truth, observe the good, and know the light.


Only those under the devil's influence think with weakness, they do not think collectively they think individually in order to say, we are rich and you are poor, you beg from us. Even the media portrays the life of the rich and fair, teaching people that with wealth comes happiness. But this worldly life is no more than vanity and play, and they derive power from their pride of office, putting themselves higher than others, these are the Satanist among men. Corrupt leaders on the champagne and caviar trek, with no regard for what 80% of the world's population is going through and saying.


People like Zardari only look to how much they can make from it, lining their pockets at the expense of the country, Musharraf sold his soul to the Satanists, by saying Muslim orchestrated 9-11, his own intelligence team could have told him; no, that is not the case. None of the rich stood up to defend justice and truth. They all wish to sell their souls to the pyramid of souls, worship the pharaoh instead of God, they have hatred for the truth and are liars. Nawaz Sharif was too much of a gentleman that the devil pursued.


Even now when you ask them to fight, and tell them 80% of the world is behind you, you only have to will to change your condition, and God will guide you, how so often has a smaller army defeated a larger army. Tactically you do not have to be reckless, you can play just as well as any other, you are more familiar with the land than these Satanist pigs, who go to sleep scared of being attacked, and only talk of the devil worshipping ways when they are in their camp and feel safe. They are humans just like you, do not fear them, even if they have superior weapons, you only have to join the cause and from there we will see the downfall of the Masonic world. I look to Pakistan, because it is a nuclear power and is a poor country, forget the riches of this world, look to the hereafter there is far better reward for the righteous, Raise the-banner , la ellaha ellallah, the universal truth, the unity of God preserved and restored, do not associate partners onto God like Muhammad, nor commit idolatry, rise up, and fight these devil worshippers.


No one possesses power except God


salaam alaykum


The knowledge of the mind, the power of the body, the wisdom of the soul


Can you imagine, Constantine went to his advisors and said 'I have seen an image, it was a downward facing triangle with three parts, the lines joined to show someone on a cross in a Y shape , what does a triangle with three parts mean when you join the points of the Y you get the outer triangle.', they could not think what was it, was it the one God with three persons, God, the Holy Spirit and the son. And so this image has been kept secret, because it does not explain the Roman lies but the amazing truth about God's attributes the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, one concerns knowledge, one concerns power, and one concerns wisdom, that is what the three parts in one triangle are saying, One God with three attributes, one part concerning knowledge, the 3 sciences, one concerning art, the power of art, and one concerning the wisdom, the classics, which have been defused by the academics so that one cannot see a pattern, they say such as language is an art, when language is art, the power of music, art and writing, writing being most powerful in the history of mankind a form of speech, linguistics is the way in which one observes, philosophy is the way one knows, history is the way one learns. The knowledge of the mind, the power of the body, the wisdom of the soul


These 3s have been hidden, only with the continuous research and soul searching, and the fortunate bit of luck, has this lump of coal, revealed a gem which has fallen to me, the fourth place after gold, silver and bronze is black, not white gold, or platinum, but a lump of coal. From which the luck of getting a diamond when opened is very remote. But it is not a diamond, it consists of four triangles, each equal in size and dimensions, but brought together to make , what I view as a prism, but since a prism is the name given to something other, but the name triangular pyramid is given to this, but prism feels like the right term for it.


A Diamond has links most formidable than any other structure, that is why when I heard an album in my final year at Durham, in 2002, it enlightened me, and showed me logic, and taught me the world that I had found myself and my feet but with time this new enlightenment became embroiled in the myth of the second coming of Jesus, which was being forwarded by Hadith scholars and Christians, only when I read Dr. R Khalifa's work, after my fall when I jumped out of a top floor window, about 50-60 ft but survived, that I forsook the myth of the second coming, and realised Jesus had left the world before being crucified and this is what the Quran teaches in truth. This diamond compilation freed me of my ego, opened my mind to a way of thinking so intelligent, so angelic that I felt it came from another world. So when Radiohead sing, I'll take the quiet life, handshake with carbon monoxide.' trying instill a suicidal thought into someone, well not exactly choking on carbon monoxide but falling from a height, could have been much more severe, could have broken my neck, could have died, but by the will of God I survived, a miracle just as my history seems to suggest, the education of my brother who studied science, and learnt all about knowledge, could evoke such feelings and stir such realities that only the deaf can deny, but the album also has 19 on it, showing that in the end it shows it is the work of God, and praise be to God, not these stupid white men like Ian Brown, who take pride in their accolades such as god like genius, idiots, and fools, the day he says ' all praise be to God, Lord of the heavens and the earth', then maybe there will be profound change among these decadent people. I live in Bradford, I was weak when I was living among Westerners, but now in the hub of Muslims or Muhammadans as I refer to them for their dilation of the universal shahada la elaha ellallah, I'm quietly content to reflect on the hidden mysteries and realities, what God wills, everything is in accordance with God's will.


Everything to the mind, nothing to the body, eternal to the soul



The prophecies of the mind, the miracle of the body, the truth of the soul


What you listen to, will open the inner light to your mind, what you watch, will affect your sub-conscience, with every action there is a reaction, what you learn, the trials and tests between right and wrong.


God guides to His light whomever He wills, God is Redeemer.


Are you a victim to your ego, with its pride, greed, hatred, lust, envy and malice.


Are you enlightened by your progression and processes of reaching maturity, to find the speech, the experiences provide lessons, everything has a definition, defining the truth defining the essence of reality.


The struggle to build without love, the energy required to answer the question truthfully or to lie, the corruption of the purpose.


The chemistry of everything


The physics of nothing


The biology of eternal



Everything to the mind


Nothing to the body


The eternal to the soul



Everything in life


Nothing of death


The Eternal Hereafter


The transgressors think they have killed God, so they can disregard His laws


The impact on the sub-conscious, no longer seeing power in the written word, but power in what is being aired on TV, from the TV they gather the impression that everything is for the taking, they talk about freedom to sleep with consenting adults, but do not look to the purpose of sex, that it is a means of reproduction, and one act of hippy love could lead to the birth of a responsibility and maybe problems, financially and emotionally.


Everything for the taking, with the brand of sadistic violence, horror and sensationalisation of sex, crime and death. According to television with their expensive production landscapes and props and costumes, with their titillation to seduce the mind into believing that one part is more erotic or seductive than another. The laws of this country are rubbish and foolish, no sex before 16 or no sex before marriage, try to see sense, even though it is difficult with the proponents of Sharia who declare man is allowed 4 wives, but when you study the Quran, only in certain circumstances are you allowed to marry more than once, it is even encouraged to have one wife, only in the circumstance of orphans is a man allowed to get married more than once. That is what happens when you take your religious scholars and leaders as lords. Look at what no sex before 16 has achieved, there are so many teenage pregnancies, makes you wonder who do these laws support and help.


Then you turn to the film industry with their certification rules, making some films viewable by people over the age of 18, does this work, you allow images of violence, sadism, sexual exploitation, murder, hatred, greed, evil, drugs glamourisation, and many other things, and the only requirement to watch these filth these vile twisted abhorrence of man's wicked mind, is to be over the age of 18. Do cinemas really care what your age is, when you go to watch a movie, I remember being 14 -15 when I watched Casino and that was an 18 certificate.


One word of advice,

'It is not righteousness to beat around the bush, righteousness is attained by upholding the commandments, and by being straight forward.' [2:189]


In fact every law man made has been broken, not only that but the laws of God have been broken by simply being replaced by manmade laws. Only when you immerse yourself into the teachings and feel the environment in which it was sent smell the musk of the land, only then do you stand as those who have submitted to the will of God. When you choose to ignore this amazing Book, these amazing teachings and commandments, and not return to a sensible understanding free of the corruption of man's interruption and intervention.

See the abuse of human rights, yet when you enter a mental hospital in Bradford the first thing on its wall is the charter for human rights. Moreover the drugs they give are not fit for human consumption they know that full well, they affect the metabolism, they affect the appetite, they sedate, and they dement, so what beneficial purpose do they support. They pump patients with drugs, until they can barely speak, until their speech becomes zombified, and yet claim to be doing them a favour. It is sadistic, getting pleasure out of inflicting pain and cruelty, and people claim they are doing them a favour.


Talk to them about the three dimensions, if Omniscient concerns knowledge, Omnipotent concerns power, and Omnipresent concerns wisdom. Those who have faith, have attained enlightenment, those who believe have become potent, and those who devote have become wise. Faith in prophecies, belief in miracles, devotion to the truth. Angelic knowledge, demonic powers, human wisdom.


So to suggest that demons do not exist is folly, as proven by the above understanding of the triangles that make a tetrahedron. The light of everything we see, will only show the certainty of things in existence, but the nothing that we do not see, is something that most children understand, our conscience our minds are in continuous dialogues with the unseen, they can intercept and read thoughts, they can act in the present moment. People will say there is only me, but do they understand the light of the knowledge, the power of belief, and the wisdom in learning. All they say is 'there is only I, I have faith in myself, I believe in myself.' only when they are afraid to understand that there is more to it than meets the eye.


So how do medicine such as anti-psychotics affect a person who is in dialogue with the unseen, do you think there is a place for them, do you think they have any benefit, other than to oppress the person, so much that he wishes to leave the country, who has no protector and has no guide, because the atheists and evolutionists have taken over the field of medicine and psychiatry.

The disbelievers and the arrogant wicked transgressors.


Science can work with everything, art can work with nothing, the 3 Classics, philosophy, linguistics, and history, can work with the eternal.


No one possesses power except God


Radio-hear no! television-see no? internet- speak no.



Even the media has gone through three stages all of which emphasise power of the arts. Radio what you hear, then television what you see then the computer age with the Internet what you learn. Music, art ( drawing, painting, film and photography) and writing are the three arts which link to omnipotence of God and power.


Any examples of the 3 sciences or the 3 classics?



God controls all things


To God belongs the most sublime examples


Everything is in accordance with God's will



Why are they the complete threes in media Satanic, because they link to power and physics, and the things that work in the present moment and can bend the laws of physics are the jinns, and jinns tend to be disbelievers, but there are submitter jinns too. Jesus was thought of by the Jews to be possessed by a demon, but he was strengthened by the Holy Spirit, and the miracles he performed were by God's leave.


Radio exclaims the light and darkness

The television questions the good and evil

The internet says the right and wrong


But the 3 Arts link to Omnipotence, and therefore are the second of the three 3s, and show the choices and potentialities between good and evil. Musicians are seen to have power over the mind, musicians believe they have powers, the artist expresses himself in unique manner showing language is art, the writing or the written word, as they say there is nothing more powerful than the written word in the history of mankind. All three deal with power, but are individually concerned with the mind, body and soul, the hearing, the sight, and the speech.


After the threes comes the fourth which like space-time, is the fourth dimension, an amalgamation and this could be the time of space-time.



Keep the Faith


By the will of God, I have 12 qualifications, 8 G.C.S.E's 3 A-levels and 1 degree, after a brief stint at college after leaving a private school with the fees paid for by the taxpayer, I went to St.Bedes Grammar, which was a Catholic school, smoked a lot of pot there, there were allotments not too far, and we found one with a shed, with a sofa and heater, so through wintery days of school, we used to head to this allotment and smoke weed. By the will of God, though it may seem coincidence, I went onto Durham, where St.Bedes is buried, the third collegiate university in England after Oxford and Cambridge. I didn't apply through UCAS opting to wait for my results, it was my older brothers idea that I go to Durham to study Arabic my father thought I was incapable of it, my older brother who was a school teacher at this point, after getting a degree from Oxford, and also attended the private Methodist boarding school as a day pupil with his fees paid due to a government scheme. A miracle that the success and the opportunity both coalesced to come together by the will of God. My brother got some references together to show I was not only proficient in Arabic but a master of the Sufi order, or some crap like that, vouched for by my local mosque, no he got some references from various schools and madrasahs to suggest I was quite in depth with Islamic studies and Arabic. I got a D in English, but he got the teacher to admit he lost the papers and that as a result of the loss of papers I was awarded a grade that was not really a true depiction of what I was capable of.


Was I happy to be going to one of the best universities in the country, my heart was set on Manchester to study history, but my brother said, 'I'd love you if you went to Durham to study Arabic', so I guess for the love of my brother and went to Durham. For the first time, I was away from the comforts of family life, but I became an opposite, you know things by its opposite, so when I went to uni, I became very street, when I went to study in Syria I became religious joining a Sufi order only though my appetite and desires were too overwhelming in the heat and coming from the urban environment where we are brought up that legally you can have sex after 16 rather than after marriage, the two cultures clashed, I went on to spend half my time living in the Christian quarter after falling out with a Syrian landlord. Or when I tried to reach the depths and penultimate point of learning and thought I became an academic when I was no longer in any form of educational structure and living at home. It is like a computer game, where you choose a certain character, and as you advance you get more powers and more abilities and become harder to beat. Like the cloak of a graduate, the badge of the car, and the medal of honor, it shows what the person has achieved. But I do not have time for any of them, it is only by the will of God that I passed whatever test came my way. God has been Most Kind, I submit to Him.


Nowadays there is too much scare mongering, before getting into a car, the theory test scares you about cars, the doctors scares you about drugs, and the education system puts fear of failure onto you. But there is light at the end of tunnel if you keep the faith, and God guides from the depths of darkness into the light. So the moment when I thought I was out of the tunnel was when I had completed the degree, my consciousness changed overnight, no longer was I struggling to say anything in class, but now I realised I was awake and on my own two feet.


My first year, I was given a credit card, I had my tuition paid for, and my parents supported me on my accommodation and rent. I failed the first year, had retakes in August, people would have a chip on their shoulder, but when you're in the grind you do not try to big up yourself, you try and make an impression but you also try and stick at it. I became very quiet after the first few months, the wind and rain, listening to the verve, 'grey skies', I was also at Grey college, everything out them days seem depressing, Ben Harper, Radiohead, Bob Marley, Perished, Massive Attack, Oasis were big at the time. If you look to music as your light that will guide you, you will be disappointed and never find any light, because the people who make music usually live as perpetual youths, and show no maturity and only show the level of education they have, which is also the case with me.


I was being taught basic Arabic, and it made me gaga, I felt like I had returned to primary school, I don't like languages. So after returning from my year abroad in Syria, I transferred courses, by the will of God, I remained in the same department, CMEIS, Center for Muddle Eastern and Islamic Studies. If I had applied to get onto that course I would probably not have made it, but I was already in the university I decided to change courses. This course would allow me to study the three classics in one degree, praise be to God.


History and Politics of the Middle East with Arabic


Politics as you know from Aristotle is a form of philosophy what one knows, then Arabic is a language and makes the second classic, linguistics what one observes, and history making the third classic what one learns.


I passed, but that is what I get for not going deep, but staying close to the ground rather than deep underground or high in the sky.


keep the faith


it is a test of faith


believe with me


it is a question of belief


devote yourself to God


it is a competition of devotion


Everything you think, do or say


Everything you think, do or say

Is in the pill you took today




What a line, from 'in the year 2525' by Ian Brown on My Way.


You know like I said you know things by their opposites, isn't it ironic that the university thinks they have ruined your life, and the psychiatrist and mental health services think they have helped you in life. The university is all sorry for putting you through their paces and the mental health want you to be appreciative of what they have done.


So they say the medication keeps him well, rather than his own disposition or maturity and time in his life. At the end they need to understand you cannot stop time, nor are thoughts permanent they are transient, and man is forgetful. As you age, I found that I used to get upset with my dad because when he told something that had happened in the past he used to change the wordings and could not repeat it for word for word, verbatim, those were the times when my mind was much more alert, but with these drugs they give, they slow you down, dement the mind, and consciousness, make your breathing labored, and you feel under the effects of anti-psychotics, people react to it in different ways, my eyes seem to give it away, they seem half open, and drugged.


After all what they try and avoid you from doing, is exactly what I’m doing, I spend a lot of time on the computer, if not, I’m revisiting previous thoughts to see what they mean and their importance and their understandings.


If they want to save money, get rid of the mental health system, and bring back capital punishment, and let the law courts deal with who should be incarcerated and stop by passing the criminal courts with your Guantanamo Bays.


Not in the money game, by the will of God, do not have the greedy pig in me, that wants more, and keeps trying to take the most from the world, just let it go, it is "the Devil who promises you poverty and commands you to commit evil, whereas God promises you forgiveness, and grace."

They do not know how to stop, and that is what the capitalist system does to you, there is no appreciation for the natural, only what money you make. I do not want to feel the intoxication of money, I hope I pass the test of money, and hope I believe that money is a curse. My Lord, God, help me against this tyranny and these pharaohs and disbelievers.

God willing I will devote to God for the rest of my days

God willing I will have faith in God for the rest of my days

God willing I will believe in God for the rest of my days.


Stop wasting your money on unjust wars, break down the barriers and borders that separate the world due to man's greed, and putting everyone into a game, rather than free of the devils schemes.





A question I have if Hajj is to performed on a specific date, what would happen to those who arrived late or too early, surely if Hajj was to be performed only during a few days in Dhul Hijjah, then most people before the advent of the transport revolution of trains, cars and aero planes would not be able to make it in time for hajj.

Another problem God condemns those who change the sacred months


[9:37] Altering the Sacred Months is a sign of excessive disbelief; it augments the straying of those who have disbelieved. They alternate the Sacred Months and the regular months, while preserving the number of months consecrated by GOD. They thus violate what GOD has consecrated. Their evil works are adorned in their eyes. GOD does not guide the disbelieving people.


So what is the case of those who snobbishly act as though their tradition is rooted in riches while the poor have neither beneficiary nor support, and that only wealth and money can decide the difference between true and false, that power lies in money. What is the fate of those who treat their religion as though they are the beneficiaries and their ancestor tread the path of holiness rather than of straying, it is so easy to see the past in glory, but try and see it with the eyes of realist will show history has been dark not light, and that when true guidance comes most stick to the religion of their forefathers, rather than accept the truth reform and seek repentance for the sins.

What was the case with Noah, did his people believe, what was the case with Abraham did his father accept the truth, what was the case with Moses did Pharaoh change his ways, what was the case with Jesus did the Jews love what he showed and brought, and what was the case with Muhammad was he not persecuted for proclaiming only one God and you shall worship Him alone.

Then when he left did the people devote to the truth, no it became smeared with lies, disgusting lies about the prophet's life, saying he married a minor of the age of 9, when the academics and scholars have agreed she was around 19-20 years of age when she was married not 9. What of the corruption of the rites of Islam, that were given to Abraham, the lies to make one messenger greater or more worthier than another, saying that the kalima is no longer la ellaha ellallah but also Muhammad is part of it, and even blaspheming to say it is embellished on God's throne, who instigates these lies who perpetrates such unjust and vile fabrications only to say our intentions were good, or that the truth became defused by the likes of the predecessors , adding to it, and destroying its essence, and claiming to be guided.


Do they understand the essence of submission, or do they try and disguise their intentions under the banner of hatred for the truth, and try to destroy it when it takes root, try to kill it so that their egos do not surrender but continue in the line of pompousness and debauchery as well as stubborn denial of the fact there has been wrong doing on the part of those who came before only to continue to deny this and to say these are who we support and adorn in our eyes, yet it never said follow the ashabs or those who came after it said follow the messenger if you love God, and after the messenger it was the Quran, the message, not ashabs. There is no mention of the ashabs apart from the two verses at the end of sura 9, 128-129, which talks of the prophet’s relationship with the companions, this is the only mention of the ashabs, and so proving it is addition by latter people rather than the word of God. Deny this, fools.

Deny also that the Quran is complete and fully detailed, and even one change or alteration will be noticed by the Quranic code; deny this also, that the word of God is the only source of righteousness.

Continue to deny, whenever a messenger brought something they disliked, some they rejected and some they killed.


So was Zachariah killed, so was John the Baptist killed, so was Rashad Khalifa killed.


Truth of the matter clarified by the messenger of the covenant was that Hajj is to be performed in the four sacred months which are in a row, 12th 1st, 2nd, 3rd, reminding of the 12-3 page, just noticed, not the 7th, 11th, 12th, 1st month, which the ahle Sunna and ahle Bayt and the ahle Hadith have changed to.

And so Hajj can be performed in the 12th, 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd months, so there is no need to cater for 2 million in one go, nor for the rush, nor for the despicable behavior and action of ignorance. Totally ridiculous suggestion that hajj is to be performed in only the few days of Dhul Hijjah.


Light of the future, power of the now and truth of the past


There is light in the future

There is power in the now

There is truth in the past


There is no light in the past

There is no power in the future

There is no truth in the present


Understanding the above


There is light in the future


-Know the music, and the knowledge of the builder, e.g. The advert, 'the future is bright, the future is orange'


There is power in the now


-See the arts, the power of sight, e.g. the Eckhart Tolle book 'the power of the now#


There is truth in the past


-Learning to write, the wisdom of speech, e.g., the Quran, a historical manuscript




There is no light in the past


-those who claim there is the light of the Prophet, or of their forefathers


There is no power in the future


-those who think they can set up a new world order, an one world empire with the all Seeing Eye, Satanists


There is no truth in the present


- Those who work in the news and media portraying continual darkness, evil and corruption, showing that there is no truth

In the present



So there is truth to the past, because it is what we learn

There is power in the now, because it is what we believe

There is light in the future because it is what we know


Know the light

Observe the good

Learn the truth





I can't explain the phenomena, it is something to do with reflections, for example a mirror will reflect what is on right on the left, and a camera will reflect what is on the right on the right, so when I lift my left arm on camera it shows as though it is the right arm, confusing, don't know, but when you say faith belief devotion, instead having faith they devote instead believing they have faith, and instead of devoting they believe. It only occurs when we take ownership of things, instead of saying this is God's religion, they say this is my religion, it is all mathematical. Everything belongs to God, right? So we should submit to Him, and submit and submission, is the main element regarding the state of a person’s consciousness in order to realise it is a test, rather than fill with hatred, see it as a question, rather try to seduce, and learn it as a challenge and so become successful.


Ever placed a mirror facing another mirror and looked at your reflection, mine distorts and shows a demon.

Ever looked in the mirror and questioned why looks can deceive and if it is a reflection of the soul, that because it comes from God it is good.

Ever seen a picture of yourself and thought is that what I look like?




They have no cause to diagnose people with illnesses they do not know the cause of nor have a cure for. In fact get rid of the mental health system, and spend it on feeding the poor, sheltering the orphan and freeing the slave. For once we can say the drug dealer had it coming, rather than try and defend him just because he is British. Why should anyone support this guy, just because he is bi polar and has been caught trafficking heroin in China, but claims he was given the suitcase in Kyrgyzstan, why would Amnesty get involved, just because he's British? What if that person was a Pakistani or an Afghan? Would still launch an appeal?

Live and let live, when heroin was killed off by the Taliban you invaded their country, now it has become a pandemic, the West has destroyed the old Eastern world, where money was not needed to be happy, but now only evil and vice are prevalent in Iraq and across the Middle East.

The people support the Satanists like the Queen and the Free Masons with their Pentagon, yet forget they are the enemies who take Satan as their lord, and do not submit to God alone.

The population is growing at an ever increasing pace, and the debt amounted by the West means their capitalist system has collapsed it is unable to sustain, yet they driven by the quest to find power in the future, by their attempt to make the new world order, and one world empire, and so enslave the people of the world, and say they are independent to God, and that they have toppled God from the Supreme Throne. Claiming it is only a book, not recognising the power of the written word nor of the mathematical code (based on 19) to show it to beyond human capability. Yet they pretend.

The Zionist try to find light in the past, and so settle on the land of their forefathers.

The Monarchy and Masons try to find power in the future, so try to establish a one world empire with a Satanist like Charles to be the all Seeing Eye.

The Muhammadans try to find truth to the present, by their corruption of every rite of Islam, and their denial of the truth and the whatever new phenomena that is shown to them.


There's light in the future There's power in the now There's truth in the past


Zionist Conspiracy


Zionist conspiracy. To make people of the Muslim faith seem like outlaws and vagabonds, they even have a way of getting on national TV, the BBC showed a clip of a man who commits armed robbery but whilst doing so starts to pray. Is that truth or fiction, is that a Zionist conspiracy, just like they conspired against Joseph, but I do not continue to doubt whether what I saw was a fictitious bogus story to make the Muhammadans angry or to laugh at believers, whether they want to conspire or whether they want to live in peace, they are only accountable for their own sins, no one will carry another person’s load.

The mathematics of it all, to air something and for it to reach me, I rarely watch TV, it is a question of belief, so whether they can produce extraordinary stories based upon deception or lies, or whether they can continue to promise but whatever the devil promises is a mere illusion, whether they continue to portray themselves as good, defeating evil, and that is their continuous promise, but they wish to chastise the believers, who turn repentant and submit to God, because they do not see the Grantor and the Provider who sustains and who gives, and they in return take to feed their egos. Their hatred for the truth, wherever the name of God is mentioned alone, they wish to extinguish it, wherever God is mentioned to show appreciation they only wish to disregard the truth and turn to lies.

They wish to hinduize the world, and I wish to Islamize the world, they wish to say there are many Gods, and I bear witness there is no other god besides God, He is One, and has no partner. I go back to the time it was a seed and came to life, in spring, when it flowered in summer, when it shed its leaves in autumn, when it became dormant in winter, I look to the four season in the twelve months in a year, and I see the 3 Attributes of God, the 3 sciences, 3 arts, 3 classics, making a tetrahedron, and the true depiction of what the trinity was really about.

But the truth shall take root, and the verse of the Quran which reads:

‘Surely those who believe, those who are Jewish, those who are Christian, the converts, anyone who believes in God and believes in the Hereafter and leads a righteous life will receive his recompense from their Lord, they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.” (5:69)

Note it says anyone, but the criterion is that not only belief in God and the hereafter but also lead a righteous life. As we know when we try to define love, what is love? We understand it is about giving. If we cannot give a few minutes every day to glorify God, and to seek forgiveness and guidance, and are steadfast that we are deep rooted and are not washed away like a bit of soil on a rock. That we remember to prayer 5 times, only a few minutes taken, but quite a lot of wakefulness needs to be implemented to remember the times of the prayer, and a way which is free of corruption or idolatry and innovation stemming from the intervention of scholars who came later on.

The tetrahedron image is a depiction of what the Trinitarians were unsure of, this image has not been used by the Church, but it is a 2D image of what a tetrahedron looks like, a triangular pyramid, which I call a prism. The Church saw this image, but because it meant they were only a part of it rather than the encompassing, they wished to disregard the threes, and instead lied to make it one God, with three persons, Father, Holy Spirit, and son, they could not make themselves see that there were three sides, and that the third was to come, rather than wait, they hastily made up a lie. This image only emerged after the understanding, the fact I was seeing this not entirely nor with any certainty. It was only a quest of writing and then reflecting upon it, to see if there was anything new to be learnt from what appeared. In a way what the image depicts is 333, which when one looks at it, you ask how many threes, and there are three 3s, but a fourth third which comes from going across the threes. Like the image the tetrahedron shows three triangles, fitted into a larger triangle, the three triangles are placed within the larger triangle. It depicts 12, there are also 7circles, as we know 4 and 3, when multiplied make 12, but when added they make 7.

Praise be to God



Third stone satellite



Ever dreamt of being seduced by beautiful people, well seduction is a major element in the making of certain people, what do I think? I think God made humans beautiful whatever their colour, I trust the light, but somehow see the deception of good and evil being played by every person who struggles to define the look of the body.


My first ever pray to God was 'make me beautiful', and I concentrated and said these words. I've prayed before this, in Arabic, and even for my ill mother during Ramadan on 27th day of fast with my Granddad reading nails at his house when I was about 9-10 years old. But I remember asking God to make me beautiful; I’m hideous on some cameras flattered on others, beautiful in the mirror, and ugly in the back mirror when the barber shows you his work on the back of your head.


I remember seeing my older brother who looked like he had drunk from the fountain of youth, the cleanliness of mind, the strength of the mind, making him seem well beyond your average person, he never corrupted his soul with liquor or drugs, whereas where my brother has strength of mind, it is really my middle brother, who has the look of the body, where my older brother looks faded after marriage so it seemed to me, my middle brother never flaunted but remained easily the best looking, the blondie with the curly hair. My brother, the oldest, has always let go of things that others would cherish, their looks, their works, he even gave me an album in my final year that really enlightened an ignorant soul like me.


So I'm a cat, because I could have asked God to make me intelligent, but I chose beauty of a cat.


After seeing my brother I thought yeah man I wanna be beautiful. I'm, the Frodo of the family, the doctor is the Michael, the middle one, and the Head teacher the oldest is the Sonny, with his second wife, I don't know. My sister's Connie, hopefully she'll find Mr. Right.


Why am I Frodo, because of all the drugs and women that I have seen, no lie.


If for Saj it is the strength of the mind

If for Waheed it is the look of the body

And for me it is the truth of the soul


My sister is the third stone satellite, Mother Earth.



The leader of men


When I was in Syria while I forsook the material world and began the quest to redeem myself to make clean what I thought had become corrupt with so many things from the decadent Western world, it was the refreshing change that I needed, somewhere new that did not know me and I did not know anything at all about, it was the start of a detox program, to become as ascetic and as natural as one could possibly be and to become immersed into the religious schooling and practice. I had grown a beard, though it was very patchy and weak rather than full and thick, I was around 20 years of age, and I had made the choice to go to Syria rather than Tunisia to continue my degree program in Arabic. The teacher there said, after looking at me for a long time, 'leader of men', I thought what sort of person would he or she be to be the leader of men, noticing the truth of man's corruption, darkness and evil. There egos, there seductions and their evil, it became difficult, almost burdensome with the added weight of having to fulfill missed prayers from the age of 12, but I was free, and I spent a lot of time at the mosques, praying and reading wirds, liturgies on beads.


The illusion of what the television and the media promises, rather than fact of the realism of life, that everything is controlled by God, and whether they want to show what we really want on the television, it is a mere illusion, like the creation of dinosaurs from the DNA found in an egg, like Spielberg try to sell for the sake of man's pride, that scientist can make an inanimate thing come to life. When the breath and the soul come from God. The Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent.


Sometimes I wonder what is my influence on people, whether anything has been disseminated or mutated or transpired, when once back in England, and deciding to stick it out, and not transfer to a local university, I had it all planned out, I would transfer courses to a minor in Arabic, and my studies in Syria would, mean I would pass the Arabic, and all I had to worry about where the history and the politics of the middle east. I went somewhere, to another college, with colleagues, I remember meeting the girl, who all of a sudden carried the persona of someone like Thatcher, it even became apparent when someone confronted her, she admitted she wanted to be a leader. I take that as the consequence of my influence, and once while we were leaving the student union, my friends who were all from different college, St Aiden’s, began to follow me, and kept a distance from me, when I looked back I became really afraid, all I wanted was to be one of the boys rather than their leader.


The leader of men would be one screwed up character, but as long as his truth from his soul, the wisdom of the man would make him choose the truth rather than falsehood, and would bring a sign like the tetrahedron, and some insight from which one may learn like a younger version, or it may just be wishful thinking.


The Sharia is very burdensome, only now when we are given the sense from someone with an encyclopedic understanding of the scriptures, as well showing clear proofs, can we now disregard all the man made innovations and return to the essence and reality of the rites of the religion.


The failure of the mind (Jews)

The seduction of the body (Christians)

The corruption of the soul (Muhammadans)


So we see the Jews are jealous, like at the time Joseph who the 11 other brothers conspired against, and the Christians are cruel, who see the crucifixion as a sign of sadism, and promote this in order to say they can inflict pain because it isn't nothing, it is a way to tap into the mind, so they are seduced. And the Muhammadans have corrupted every rite of Islam, through ignorance. One path leads them to hatred like it did in when the Messiah whose life and works were a testament to a good God and they disbelieved. Another path leads them to say there is more than one God, to try and build a new world order, with a one world empire. And the final path leads to them being known as losers, because they do not devote to the truth, they only add lies and fabrications, and extol these ignorant people and follow them, when it obvious they are lying, and in the end what it leads to is whether they consider the word of God, the Quran, as being the truth or lies.


The darkness of the void

The evil of sin

The falsehood of lies

Grey matter


Abysmal, should I look up that or this word, whichever comes first. Being straightforward is the only way to be, experimentation on consciousness trying to make what it is plain to see in daylight seem grey, like the grey matter of consciousness, like an x ray to see within, like the metallic element of the soul, like the shadow of a ghost. They wanna trap me in their world, capture the essence of my mind, try to distill the images and make me cry like a child, but I cry like my mother, and I have made her cry many times over the years, ever since I became one of the lab rats, once they inject you with any of their drugs your fuse expires, you lose it, with your own family, trying to tell them to make them go away, trying to tell them to let me hide away, trying to tell them to make a stance, I cannot show emotion in front of the psychiatrists and nurses because they think it is a sign, but I'm not scared because when it is over, everything is in accordance with the will of God, and I am a submitter to God.

The nightmares I suffer, I pass them by, there only in my sleep, when morning comes I forget, that is what these drugs do to you, these drugs which they believe help you think, do and say, it is all in a pill or an injection. When you tell them you’re having nightmares they say we are not experts on dreams.

Where in the God forsaken world am I, in the labyrinth of fate, in the heat of the energy inside, in the world which doesn't frighten nor does it intimidate but it begins to make you stronger, that you will not succumb to the petty games. Of the mind. Now I'm in, like Neo, I will destroy them from within, God willing.


la quwata illa billah


To be straight forward what am I talking about, well a nurse who comes to see me, got a MySpace site, for the first time I finally think I know the guy after he has been visiting me for years 4-5 years now, from his artistry in photography and minimal experimental music.


That's what I'm talking about


No offence, no names mentioned.


Hypnosis and ownership


Very old technique of hypnosis, but again only to attack the sub conscious, even after you have stopped looking at it, it still affects, and I think the word is disaffect. I was hearing strange noises from myself, my consciousness felt like it had been diluted by another person’s consciousness, so I struggled to see any truth or and any reality in my sleep, at one point I heard a slamming of a desk, as if I had gone back a 100 years, and heard a child laughing 'he he', and then this other persons consciousness appeared in me, and I began to see through him, and began to breath as if I was just shocked, but I wasn't shocked not by the noise nor the child laughing, and my reaction felt as though it forced upon me, as though it was supposed to be as it was a shock, I started to pray, but the experience lasted in my mind till the next day. I guess this will be a test upon me, whether I can understand the sub-conscious mind, or whether I fail to find an answer.


Very old technique of hypnosis, to show images unfamiliar or abstract, and to play a hypnotic sound, but I cannot stand repetition, so when it is a ten minute video and the sound is repetitively trance like hypnosis I can only watch it for a few minutes, and then I turn it off. But what if I was forced to watch it, that they put it on and made me sit through it, and I guess it is a question of power, over life and death, and who owns.

Do you think you own me? The power to seduce the body, to turn it into a vegetative state, and to attack the conscious mind with what you feel is my consciousness, very old fashioned, once they had me on ami sulphuride, I’m not a person with no education, I remember what drugs they put me on, I keep a historical record of it, and I remember their effects also. I kept having very waking dreams, as though these events were happening in my life, at one point I was sat among Indian people, and they were eating, I had never seen their faces before, but they looked like real people, and I remember being among them, alive almost in a different world and setting. That was the first time I had shock whenever I tried to fall asleep I was shocked, and became afraid, every time I tried to close my eyes I would be shocked to being awake again. Sometimes I would pick up the Quran and start to read, but realised it had no powers of the sort like traditional Muslim believe rather it is a book to be studied and is easy to learn, and not necessarily does it have to be read in Arabic, only in a language you understand, there is no benefit in reciting the Quran in Arabic, it is like a parrot you are just repeating sounds. Though there is great benefit in reciting the opening sura al fatiha in Arabic during the 5 salats, because it is in harmony with the cosmos and the universe and the harmony of the sounds, and the words read are like a key. A great supplication, but traditional Muslim miss out the opening verse bismillah, and say ameen at the end, and read an extra sura and verses after the recitation of al-fatiha, which breaks the mathematical code the mystical harmony and esoteric meaning to the recitation. Even the lips touch each other 19 times during the recitation of al fatiha, which would be destroyed if anything was added before or after.

The shock is what they work upon, to disturb the senses to make them uncomfortable and to become paranoid and anxious. Imagine being forced to take them over years of your life, Do they know that Satan is a master hypnotist, only when he whispers something to you, if you remember God, and seek refuge in God from Satan the Rejected, will you become seers.

What do I see?

What are my observations

The more they say 'look into my eyes'. the more you feel they wish to own you, to trap you into their worlds, through seduction, why can we not be enlightened if we chose to be, why do we have to worship God and trust in Him, rather than in our own selves, why can we not be independent. Ownership, to whom belongs the ownership of the heavens and the earth? If you answer God, then why do you not become righteous?

Sorry I know God never talks of ownership, to whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth? To God.


Geometry Muhammadans would be awed by



Do you trust their expertise, or are they hiding one really important fact, are they robots? Data imputed and they respond to certain questions, and that's how it works. They hide themselves their true selves and all they show is the robotic data that has been stored in them, teachers with their manuals and Ofsted bearing down on them, doctors and nurses with their own legislation and protocols. , my Lord God, controls everything. Four people are committing suicide everyday who are under the care of the NHS mental services. Is that because of the illness, or the hopelessness and despair people feel once they become insitutionalised, or is it the medicine or the treatment to force people to take their drugs, and tell them it will help with their thoughts.

There has been evidence to point to serotonin uptake drug such as Prozac can cause suicidal thoughts and has led to numerous suicides, makes you wonder what if these other chemical imbalance hypothesis based drugs such as anti-psychotics, what an embarrassing term, anti-psychotics, that suggest people taking these drugs are psychos, and these drugs are the antidote to psychos. Imagine being told you have to take anti--psychotics you would feel ashamed and humiliated or embarrassed. They just want to experiment, it is a form of experimentation, and psychos only get caught after their crime, by which point it is too late. Who are they to say that anyone who is diagnosed with a split personality, which is the true definition of schizophrenia, are going to become psychos? The only case which did not happen too long ago, was of the man who committed murder, then diagnosed with a mental illness treated in hospital but eventually even this failed, and then after 10 years was released into the community and he murdered another guy, ate his brain, then whilst in Belmarsh he beat up someone who died.


If the law applied, to take life in the course of justice, then that person would have been executed for the initial murder, and he would have also thought twice about killing him in the first place.


Life is sacred, but it is also cheap.


It isn't about justice, freedom, and equality, it is about apartheid, a gamble, and slavery.


This is what happens when you disregard the Mosaic Laws and begin the deification of Jesus, due to lies and seduction. After all to support a lie, is a form of seduction. It is about the body, the soulless body that they crucified of Jesus, and so the image of the star of David, in its geometric beauty that the Islamic world can admire, that has eluded so many of the great geometric patterns of the Islamic civilisation, has a tetrahedron, and if you are reading this on a laptop, then you might see the taint of the image show a man with bowed head on a cross, like a Y shape. Mashallah, not only the star of David but also included the crucified body of the Messiah. I wonder how the Jews might respond to the image they hold dear, rather see that it has twelve sides and so also another shape has twelve sides the cube, and also the triangular pyramid the tetrahedron, has 4 triangles each with 3 sides each making 12.

Now is time for the combination of the threes, instead of looking at each individual symbol, the Jews with their Star of David, the Christians with their Trinity, and the Muhammadans with the Kaaba. It is time to bring a combination to see all three. It’s all three.



Actually there has never been a case of psychosis being diagnosed before a crime or an act of violence; they just downgrade you to bi polar instead of schizophrenia.


The three symbols and the odd one out


First the question is which one is the odd one out, if you look at the hexagram and the cube both have 12 sides and the tetrahedron has only 6, so you could say the tetrahedron is the odd one out.


Then you could say the cube and the tetrahedron are 3D images so the hexagram is the odd one out


And finally you could say the hexagram and tetrahedron are triangular shaped images the cube is a square image so it is the odd one out.



A Person who does not beat his child will beat his breast. Persian Proverb



Why do people treat their children like sheep, where one thing is the same for all of them, rather than treat them as individuals, try to gain their better side, and try to win over their selfish egos, when one family succeeds in disciplining the children, the other families start to vie, or become jealous only we if have children like Dr.Arif;s they are so well behaved, what is your secret? That they do not live in an extended family, and where the role of parents are not dividing among relatives, simply put. But no, we put them on naughty step, we never shout at them, we never hit them, okay then let's all do the same, with our children, silly me, I'm not an idiot, does it work, all the formative years spent trying to copy, trying to imitate, rather than trying to be individuals with a sense of right and wrong, a sense of likes and dislikes, a sense of good and bad.


If you don't give yourself a break from eating, it will turn into fat.


Can't be who you are. This isn't a manual to teach you how to be a parent, if you felt no connection with your child, or with the child or baby, then you probably won’t know the difference of anything.


Everything is in accordance with God's will.


Who taught the child to cry when he was hungry, who taught the child to suckle, just as this is a natural process governed by the Omniscience of God the Knower, so is being a parent or growing old, some are blessed with 19 children in their family, some cannot conceive, everything is in accordance with God's will.


I read that Persian proverb on the BBC website; they usually have a quote everyday on their homepage.


Once I walked into the house with dog shit on my shoes, and there was a right stench, and shit all over the carpet, my Dad gave me a right slap, made me cry.


Another time I had a detention at school and the teacher was trying to make me do some work, I try to get it done in 5 minutes so that my dad wouldn't find out about the detention. After a bit I had to own up to the teacher, and tell her my Dad was waiting for me, she said she would have a chat with my dad, so we went to the car park, and the teacher told my dad everything. I was scared, at the time two of my cousins one was the same age and one a year younger, but we're all born in November, knew I was in big trouble. I stayed silent all the way home, my Dad once advised my cousins whose son kept getting in trouble with the police, to give him a cold bath. My Dad had done that to my two older brothers, one of them the eldest was fine with the cold water, but my other brother didn't like it. When it happened to me, a scrawny teenager, never good at any sport, I felt really humiliated and embarrassed, story of my life, I was never prepared for life, like they are today their mothers think of everything for their children, I just had whatever my older brothers left in the attic, the blazers, the rugby shirts, and PE kits, that never fit. Now I have cold baths at dawn, before my prayer. There is something really wise about a bucket of water and mug to pour with.





There is no situation where God forsakes His servants, there is no mathematical equation that God does not know the answer or the better response to, there is no solid proof that Jesus was forsook which led to his crucifixion.


The idea of forsaken is quite predominant in the West, even going so far as to say there is no need to submit to God because God is not in control of everything, this is a major criterion of some people, who see that they can out maneuver God, that their actions show that God's hands are fettered, as it is written about certain accusations leveled against God.


When I was in my first year, a person Redmond Jennings, used to level very complex questions towards me, though not precise, such things such as if could God create a rock that he could not carry, or do you believe in cause and effect, that if a butterfly fluttered its wings in one place it could lead to a hurricane in another place. I never gave them much thought until now, my first response would be the seven universes and everything in them are folded within God's hand, and define big to me, it is relative, define a thing for me, once it has been defined as a rock, then it can be no other do you think a rock however big is more powerful than the Omnipotent God. The second question is interesting, because for me it is mathematical, a formula for passing and failing, a formula for purity and seduction, a formula for winning and losing. Once a person fails to notice the test of faith, or the question of belief or the challenge of devotion, then he or she will be led to a logical and precise ending, though if it was as simple as that then we would like the grades in A-levels and GCSE improve every year, I think things have followed a pattern, and that the time of combination has risen, where we no longer refuse to share with other parts because we feel at odds or alien to them. Successful is the one who upon hearing the various advice and teachings seeks the best one out of them. And that is what I call for, a freedom from the bonds of peers, nations and cultures, to transcend the discriminations and fallacies and to make a somewhat Guru type statement, when confronted he was asked are the Hindus correct or the Muslims, and he said both. So when confronted, we can say these are the problems you face, of faith, belief and devotion, but essentially in your essence and beginnings you are not wrong. Only with time, with the corruption by man's innovation and input, has the essential truth been dissolved.


All humans have an inclination they are born with, to worship God, though they will struggle to do so, due to the master hypnosis of the Devil, who will come to you from in front and behind, from your right and left, and most you will find are unappreciative.


Returning to a question of forsaken, I tried to take my own life, things had gotten so despairing, that I could not see anyway, and so just like the 4 people who commit suicide everyday who are under the mental health services care, I was on the verge of becoming part of those statistics. I fell from the 5th floor the highest point of the family home, and broke my back, I lay there on the freezing ground bare footed like Frodo, for about an hour, and then my brother miraculously opened the window to peer out and found me. That was the closest I had been to dying, only afterwards after so many transitions would I be able thank God for not forsaking me. Then they wanted to punish me for trying to commit suicide, and again my Lord created an exit for me. God willing I shall be free of all drugs without putting myself in a difficult situation, I'm gonna ask my doctor to let me come off, I've stopped every kind of drug, even coffee, the only one now is what they give me and force me to take and pump me with, to dement, the loser drugs of psychiatry.

God willing, I shall be a winner, rather than a loser.


Redmond Jennings question


Concerning the question by Redmond Jennings, could God create a rock he could not carry, my response is this, whatever quantitative value you give to the rock, it still would not trouble God, so in your mind try and think of a value a million million billion times bigger than God, shall we compare it to an ant, the small ant trying to carry a human, what if that rock got smashed into smithereens? The first aspect you forget is knowledge, certain phenomena would the rock density become too hard to bear, or would it dissolve into nothing, like the fire that they try to burn Abraham with, God commanded it , to be cool, not only knowledge, but power too, and finally wisdom. You define a rock as being heavy, just as they defined the fire as hot and therefore would burn Abraham, but when we define God, we use the three attributes The Omniscient, The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent. Below is some long quantitative data that would be beyond humans which shows the greatness of God, no one can fathom the greatness of God.

Kun fa yaqun, God simply say to a thing Be! And it is.

If they argue what about our parents, they never had this knowledge, whatever computed data they dealt with was the result of their own actions, and whether they realised and tried to redeem themselves or whether they continued in the deafness, blindness and dumbness, in their hypocrisy, in their lies, in their ignorance, it is what it leads you to, to darkness, to evil, to falsehood.



Articles Q&A

Courtesy of



The Qu’ran was given to Muhammad, the Last Prophet. Its revelation lasted 20 years and, of course, Muhammad wrote it down in its chronological order. He left the proper instructions to put all the Suras and all the verses at the right place.

19 years after his death, a committee was appointed to perform this very important task. For example, the first Sura revealed was “The Hanging (Embryo.)” Yet it was not placed as the first Sura of the Qu’ran. “The Hanging (Embryo)” was placed as the 96 th Sura of the Qu’ran. Indeed, according to the instructions left by the Prophet, “The Hanging (Embryo)” was to be the 96 th Sura of the Qu’ran. The first one being the 5 th Sura revealed: “The Key.” The committee just followed the instructions left by the Prophet. The Prophet was but a man – he just did what his Lord, the One and Only God, told him to do. He knew nothing about the Mathematical Miracle, for it was to be revealed during the computer age. See10:20 and 27:82.

The fact that the order of the Suras of the Qu’ran is different from the order of revelation gives us a direct item for the Mathematical Miracle and confirms once again (See Appendix 1) the validity of the instructions left by the Prophet. It confirms beyond doubt that the collection and the writing of the Quran was all controlled by God Almighty, the author of the Quran Himself. See 75:16-17

Let us write down the numbers of all the Suras of the Qu’ran preceded by their revelation order next to each other. Sura 1 is the 5 th Sura revealed, thus the number representing it looks like this: 5 1. Sura 2 is the 87 th Sura revealed, its number looks like this: 87 2. The number representing the first two Suras looks like this: 5 1 87 2.

Let us do the same with all the Suras. We get a final number that consists of 468 digits and that long number follows the same pattern of the rest of the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran, is a multiple of 19. See 74:30 "Over it is 19."

Here is the final number representing the Sura numbers preceded by their revelation order:








That number divided by the number 19 gives us:







54 264905811531857424300563953062162691637163748480105859006

God be glorified!

Morad Echarkaoui.


This next miracle was published in the November 1989 issue of Submission Perspective and involves all the suras and verses in the Quran. This was the title of the article then.


Visitors to Masjid Tucson witness a miracle that is described by Almighty God as "One of the greatest miracles" (74:30-35). On the south wall is posted a long sheet of paper (40 in/92 cm) where a very long number is written down. This long number consists of every verse in the Quran, with the number of verses in every sura preceding its verses. Thus, Sura 1 is represented by the number 71234567. Sura 2 consists of 286 verses and, therefore, is represented by the long number 286 12345….285 286. This is done for all suras of the Quran, and all these numbers are placed next to one another to form one huge number consisting of 12692 digits, and looking like this:

712345672861234……….. 6123456

The very long number, which contains the number of every verse in the Quran, is a multiple of 19. It consists of 12692 digits, and this number also is a multiple of 19. Readers of S.P. are familiar with this miracle. This is a perpetual miracle that can be witnessed by anyone, at any time, in any place.

Collective Divine Inspiration of the Believers

During the annual conference of United Submitters International (Sept. 1-3, 1989), Brother Dr. Ali Fazely remarked to Brother Abdullah Arik that the Basmalahs have not been taken into consideration in writing down the long number described above. Since the Basmalahs constitute an integral part of the Quran, Ali suggested that we include them in writing the numbers of verses, and to assign a number zero to each un-numbered Basmalah. There are 2 numbered Basmalahs (1:1 & 27:30) and 112 un-numbered Basmalahs in the Quran.. Sura 9 is the only sura without Basmalah.

Another Awesome Miracle

Brother Abdullah Arik wrote down the Sura number, followed by its number of verses, followed by the number of every verse. A Zero was assigned to every un-numbered Basmalah. Thus, Sura 1 is represented by the number:

1 7 1234567

Sura 2 is represented by the number: 2 286 012345….286

This is done for all 114 suras. Sura 9 is represented by the number: 9 127 12345………127

It is important to note that Sura 9 is the only sura that is not prefixed with a Basmalah. If we place zero between the number of verses (127) and Verse 1, this whole phenomenon collapses. Similarly, if the false verses 128-129 are included, the phenomenon collapses.

The last sura is represented by: 114 6 0123456

The numbers representing all 114 suras are placed next to each other in order to form one very long number consisting of 13038 digits. This very long number was found to be a multiple of 19.

The Ultimate Miracle

Let us look at all verses of the Quran, and give them sequential numbers from the first verse to the last verse. Thus, the 7 verses of Sura 1, The Key, will have the same numbers (1 through 7). Then we get to the Basmalah of Sura 2; we give it the number 8. The first verse of Sura 2 is assigned number 9, and so on to the end of the Quran. The last verse is 114:6 and is assigned number 6346 (19x334). This gives us two numbering systems; the verse numbers as we know them within every sura, and the sequential numbers.

Now let us write down the sura number, followed by the number of its first verse, followed by the sequential number of that verse, and so on to the end of the Quran. Thus, we first write down the number of Sura 1, then the number of its verses with their sequential numbers:

1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77

Then we write down the number of the second sura, followed by Zero for the Basmalah of Sura 2, followed by this Basmalah's sequential number which is 8, then 1 for the first verse of Sura 2, then the sequential number of Verse 2:1, and so on:

2 08 19 210 311…… 286 294

The number representing the first two suras, therefore, looks like this:

1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 2 08 19 210 311…… 286 294

The number representing the last sura begins with the sura number

(114), followed by the number assigned to every un-numbered Basmalah (0), followed by the sequential number of that Basmalah (6340), followed by 1, then 6341, then 2, then 6342, then 3, then 6343, then 4, then 6344, then 5, then 6345, then the last verse (6), then 6346:

114 0 6340 1 6341....6 6346

The resulting very long number:

[1] consists of 12806 numbers (19x674),

[2] consists of 37088 digits (19x1952), &

[3] the very long number itself is also a multiple of 19

This miraculous phenomenon adds even more power to the great miracle of the Quran, and more proof that 9:128 -129 never belonged in the Quran.




Power of density over the power of God



Do you think the power of density, is more powerful than (the Omnipotence of) God?

God has power over all things, no one possesses power except God, these are some of the teachings found in the Quran. The sustainer of the universe, to whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth.


Power of density over the power of God which would win?


Everything has already shown that the relativity of size what may seem big may be small to others or in the future, like television sets and monitors, when they brought TFT screens out, everyone was like wow that's big, but now when you can get mini TV sized monitors, you wonder at what you once thought was big. Like a minaret to a child, he would wonder who would have gotten all the way up there, but then when he has grown he returns and then sees it as not that high.


Am I trying to evade the question? What did my heart say when I first heard this idea? A bit Greek, like Apollo, but I kept quiet not wanting to offend, or seem stupid.


To God belongs the most sublime examples. I think it is setting your destiny towards retribution rather than salvation, by trying corner God with what appears as power of density.


God has power over all things, the Quran is simple to understand but impossible to imitate, and also God is the Innermost and the Outermost, and the First and the Last.



It is like posing the question who is more powerful Oppenheimer or the atomic bomb, the mind of Oppenheimer invented the bomb so that is the chemistry, the physics of the bomb causing an explosion, but what is the wisdom learnt from this that through history that Oppenheimer was the mind behind the bomb, but the bombs physics belong to the physicality of the bomb, and that one plus two equals three...Basics mathematics of addition rather than subtraction, or division or multiplication.

Another question what is your definition of God, is it like Apollo lifting a rock, a weightlifter, or is it of the First and Last, the Initiator and the Designer of everything in existence.

You cannot quantify the unquantifiable; everything in the heavens and the earth is a testament of the glory of God, the Omnipresent the Eternal.


What is God to you? A rock? A superman? Or the Omniscient the Omnipotent the Omnipresent Lord of the universe.


The question is irrelevant.


There is only one God

Everything changes


One plus two equals three, it changes, it doesn't stay the same, nor does one overtake the two, nor does two become one, it changes.



Everything is not nothing, unless you say everything perishes, except God's presence


'Everything changes, nothing stays the same, no one can extinguish this eternal hollowed flame' (Ian Brown, Eternal Flame)


Everything is nothing, nothing is still nothing, the eternal is to come.


Life is uncertain death is certain the resurrection is a mystery


An example if laws are governed by precise science


Another way of putting it who is more powerful Haroon or Kashif, let's test them in weightlifting,

Haroon can lift twice as much as Kashif

But Kashif can put twice as much muscle mass with whatever he can lift


Haroon weight 10 stone, Kashif weighs 13 stone? Who do you think should be stronger?


Kashif is 5ft 10 Haroon is 5ft 8? Who should be stronger?



Not all laws are fixed nor is there such a thing as precise science. Nor can you quantify God to a piece of rock, nor make something seem obvious not the likely result. If laws of physics or scientists knew the outcome then Haroon should put on the muscle and Kashif would not put on any muscle, because of the difference in what is being lifted.


Then there's Abbas who can lift just as much as Haroon put the same amount as weight as Kashif, but cannot hold it comes off. Like a balloon he deflates with time.


True Facts.


What was I going to say?




Doesn’t matter


Don’t forget Wajid can't lift can't put muscle on


Interesting insight into an experiment of weight lifting


What did we learn from this experiment; firstly it wasn't about weight lifting which would mean Haroon would win because he can lift more, but more about weight training. Secondly did you notice that the first person mentioned was Haroon, which is Arabic for Aaron, who showed with time he could get stronger. The second person was Kashif, the writer of the philosophy and study of twelve three found on, he showed it wasn't the strength that mattered but the look, he could convert the energy into mass. The third person Abbas, first name Muhammad, showed that even if he could lift the weight and convert it to mass he could not retain it, like a balloon he would deflate with time. The question is which would you emphasise when the question is simply water, food and air. Choose one? Haroon, would eat the nutritional foods and drink the protein shakes after every session but failed to convert the energy into mass, Kashif would eat junk food, take outs and non nutritional food, but could convert very little energy into mass. Abbas would eat healthily, but the stretch marks below his armpits suggest he has put excessive bulk and tore his skin, but also that he went back to being a skinny rake. What was happening to him, did the pressure around him make him lose all his gains?

What else did we learn? That size does not matter; Haroon has nothing physically but yet can lift much more than Kashif who is more physically built, Abbas has the added advantage of size and strength, but could not maintain it.

What else did we learn? What seems obvious is not the likely result.


Now we have to look to the future, Haroon's eldest sister is married to my eldest brother, they have three children, what would happen if the strength of Haroon's family and the physics of Kashif's family mixed.


All three subjects were relatives between the ages of 22-Abbas, 25-Kashif 28-Haroon.


They are relatives but do not share the same gene pool,


It's all three.


Haroon Nawaz

Kashif Hussain

Muhammad Abbas


I'm the lion


Size doesn't matter

Weight doesn't matter

A combination of size and weight doesn't matter


Does size, weight and pressure matter?


Does size matter?


No if so why would the smaller person physically be able to lift more than the bigger person


Does weight matter?


No because with very little energy the bigger person converts more energy to mass than the smaller person with a lot of energy


Does a combination of size and weight matter?

No because the pressure is equal wherever you are, it is the same for everyone.


Does pressure matter?

No because not all physics and chemistry are governed by pressure, only life forms


Does a combination of size, weight and pressure matter?

No they are all equal to nothing.



I went to the third line and finished at does a combination of size and weight matter,

But now I come to added matter of pressure.


To recap


So the argument is this God will create a rock so big, so dense and with so much pressure on top of it, in order for those who wish to corner God to say that the rock would be more powerful than God. If everything is controlled by God, surely the laws that support these integers would also be controllable by God. So to recap upon the experiment and upon the results, size does not matter, density does not matter, pressure does not matter, nor a combination of one with two, or two with three, or all three provide any further motive to argue that the rock could not be carried and that we are simply avoiding the answer. I’m not going back in circle, because you have to ask yourself what makes the rock unbearable its size? Its weight? Or the pressure? But then you have to realise that God controls all things. Well, well, well



The size is fluid

The weight is solid

The pressure is gaseous






Angel (knowledge)

Demon (powers)

Human (wisdom)







In certain circles like for example my writing I’m angel, in other circles like with Haroon and Abbas, I’m demon, the second one, and in my own family I am the youngest of four children and there are three brothers I’m human.


Heart Rock


A song I made, called heart rock which appears on the second album, Retro, in which we discuss the hard as rock theory, or rock hard, or the hard rock (cafe), and respond can it not be as easy as 123. When you hear the Doors, Break on Through, what is the impression you get, that it is hard, but when you have an answer in One Love, easy peasy.


There is a verse in the Quran which reads, 'hearts have harden like rocks, for there are rocks which rivers gush out from, others crack and release gentle streams, other rocks cringe out of reverence for God.'


I feel I am the second type, one who releases gentle streams, and know full well that my heart has not always been full of love, rather it was duped by the world, only by the will of God, have I found guidance and light.


Tree of Knowledge

Fountain of Youth

Elixir of Life


Hearts have harden like rocks

For there are rocks which rivers gush out from

Others crack and release gentle streams

Others cringe out of reverence for God



Does it have to be as hard as rock

Could it not be as easy as 123

Do we have to harden our hearts?

Until night and day are set apart





Does nothing last forever?



Does the rock, the nothing, last forever, or does God last forever.


Hard rock




Easy peasy,


Heart of rock




One Love,


Hard as rock




Easy as 123



Grave Error


Once written, to return to the text sometimes you wish to add something that will be better than what you already wrote, but the soul you were part of in the writing is forgotten and it breaks the truth of the writing. So with what I sent yesterday, starting with forsaken, I tinkered with the text, I changed for half an hour the time I spent on the freezing ground to an hour, but I wished to capture what felt like an hour rather than hour truth of the matter is I was only out there for about half an hour until it took my brother to realise that I could not have gone far, because my shoes were still at the front of the house, so I must still be in the vicinity of the house, also I had just come home from hospital on a home leave, so my brother would have been cautious. I regret changing it, because it seems like a big lie. and remind people, do not feel that human error are such that you need to recheck your work, because sometimes it is better to let go, rather than to revisit, the essence and structure of what was said may be lost, in the new time, and it is mostly and always trying to make things seem better than they are, but modesty and humility are better than arrogance and boastfulness. Another problem, is by changing it to an hour, it seems that I was forsaken, and only by chance was I rescued, but as soon as my brother who I had left with some delivery people outside the house, as soon as he finished he came in and was wondering where I had got to.

Sorry for this mistake, for it isn't a small error, it is a very grave error.


When I was doing my finals, that was a problem for me, because every time I read my piece of answer, I would try to add to it and make it better, thinking I can add to it and show that I have full grounding in the answer. But to the other person it seems like a madman has written, and only passes the person because of the relevance of the answer, whereas I went away thinking I got a first in that exam. But Ii learnt that sometimes once you finished, don't go back, even to correct the small errors, let it be, because you might lose self control and try and make it seem better. Hand it in, that's the best I can do, and God willing, you will be more successful than the madman I became in one or two of the exams.




I wanna change boastfulness to self pity



"Even something as hidden as a mustard seed inside a rock,inside the heavens and the earth, God will bring it forth."



They want to drown, sink, and suffocate.


First they want to drown then sink then suffocate.


To drown someone he has to be physical


To sink someone he has to be physical


To suffocate someone he has to be biological


But if there was a pattern then to drown someone would have to be chemical. Let's not change the original text this time, because it shows I am working through this rather than have an answer.


To drown it has to be chemical

To sink it has to be physical

To suffocate it has to be biological


What makes God? The Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent.


As is written in the Quran.




We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth.* Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things?



Now is the time for another proof.



"Even something as tiny as a mustard seed deep inside a rock, be it in the heavens and the earth, God will bring it forth."


God is the First and the Last, the Innermost and the Outermost, the Designer and the Initiator of the heavens and the earth.



3 forms of excretion


To pee

To poo

To breathe out


Mind body and soul


Chemistry, physics biology


Water, food, air



The mercy of God encompasses all things


There is mercy for everyone, what you think is the beginning of doom, may turn round and become and painless and as easy as 123, rather than being a horror show or a nightmare. No matter what the media tries to envisage and portray, concerning all the evil, but there is mercy for everyone because God is Most Merciful, Most Kind, Most Wise, there are those who fill the world with darkness, through greed, there are those who fill the world with evil, through seduction, there are those who fill the world with corruption, through ignorance.

There were times when I thought a situation was going to become very hard to bear, like stories from movies and television, which portray the manifest evil which is out to destroy you, for what reason? It becomes very easy answer to many of the false notions of evil, that there is a manifest evil which only wants to destroy and harm you. The question you must ask, is for what reason? I may say I want to destroy the British monarchy, is that because I'm evil? Or is that because I raise the stakes, that I do not fight the minions it sets out to oppress me, does my war lie with the Pope or the Rothschild, no it starts with the monarchy, once this is over, then the others will fall by themselves. But what reason have I got to start a crusade against the monarchy, because I see it is an institution of unrighteousness, evil and transgression, that people through the golden calf situation are filled with adoration for their false god, that the world is not free, it belongs to God, and that we are not living in a forsaken world, God is Omnipresent, God is Omnipotent, God is Omniscient, and so we see, just as they say give us the big, then it will only lead to the collapse, so they wish to drown, then sink then suffocate. Just give us the big they say, does size matter?

Is size everything?

Is the weight nothing?

Is the pressure eternal?

That they divide the world, and set up a web of deception and deceit and try to lie about what it is that sets you free, manmade laws, or God's commandments.

Why do I want to destroy the monarchy? Due to the monarchy I see people try to create a new world order that people should be subservient to the one world empire, like Pharaoh they do not submit to God, nor do they reform, they continue in their violence, in their seduction, in their idea of forsaken, and they attempt to disregard every law that God established for the people. Not only that, but I know what most would be unable to notice, I know it is my destiny.

When they stick needles in you, and put you on dementing, and fuse expiring drugs, and incarcerate you for years, then you know the only way to fight is to take out the king, rather than the pawn.


Big small!

Heavy light?

Tight loose.



[2:74] Despite this, your hearts hardened like rocks, or even harder. For there are rocks from which rivers gush out. Others crack and release gentle streams, and other rocks cringe out of reverence for GOD. GOD is never unaware of anything you do.


(41:53)Even something as tiny as a mustard deep inside a rock, be it in the heavens and the earth. God will bring it forth.


[39:53] Proclaim: "O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD's mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful."






12 springs


What is everything, is it water or money? Come on Jews answer me this question? What do you need to initiate life? Is this life temporal or permanent? Is big everything?


What is nothing, seduction or purity of heart? Come on Christians answer me this question? Seduction...why? It doesn't change a thing, because there is one love. Fool’s gold, or pure gold. Is weight nothing?


What is eternal, corruption or a good soul? Is it the need to lose or the wisdom to win; is it eternal to corrupt the word? The rites? The religion? Is it a need to corrupt to show you defeated the truth or is it the good soul that wins? Answer me this O Muhammadans?



The elder, the youth and the child



What happened to the elders, did they reach enlightenment?


What happened to the youth, did they become potent?


What happened to the children, did they become wise?


Money, guns, and boys


They became so rich, they forgot about dying

They became so seduced by power over life and death, they became forsaken

They became so corrupted they began to kill themselves


The Headmaster

The Doctor

The Professor






Jealousy because power lies in money

Cruelty because power lies in guns

Madness because power lies in boys


Angel test

Demon curse

Manmade drug







Pure water

Clean heart

Good soul


Tree of Knowledge

Fountain of Youth

Elixir of Life













The (Deputy) Headmaster works with the children

The Doctor works with the elders

The Professor works with the youth


The elder

The youth

The child


The knowledgeable angel

The powerful demon

The wise man







God controls everything


Did you know that Hussain the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was not granted water for three days, by the caliph Yazid for not swearing allegiance to the power grabbing son of Muwawiya, I do not know what to believe concerning early Islamic history, but there is more to it than meets the eye, the rebellion against the Caliph Uthman and the Caliph Ali, were not simply due to power, but more closely linked with corruption, on one side there were those who wished to not corrupt the religion, and on the others were those who wished to corrupt the religion, the pure family of the Prophet was killed off, but whether they think there corruption is eternal or the soul, the wisdom of the soul, the knowledge of the mind, and the power of the body.

First they did not grant them water, then food, then later they took their air, and killed them.


So ended the devotion to the truth, and began the falsehood of lies attributed to the Prophet and to God, do you think it is all chaos, or is it cause and effect.


That was the story of Hussain. Explain the mathematics, how one thing came into existence, and how another did not, how everything is living in their habitat, is that purely by chance, or does God control everything?


Muwawiya destroyed the original Quran that was written by the Prophet's own hand, and believed their corruption would last forever.




Baby of the family



The eldest child, the younger sibling, the forgotten sister, and the baby of the family.


Mind, body AND soul


The Tree of Knowledge,

The Fountain of Youth


The Elixir of Life


The eldest went to the number 1 university Oxford, became a teacher at a urban ghetto school for about 10 years, became deputy headmaster at one of the best academies in Bradford, and recently attempted to become head of a predominantly Asian school with very low grades, got into the last 3 but did not get the post, by the will of God. It is about light and darkness, the expansion of light, or diminishing of light, light is not liquid, and follows different laws and concepts, like a torch, the closer you places it to a wall the dimmer the radius of the light, the further away the more it displays but with less concentration. To drown in a sea of light, would make the light less concentrated than to pierce with something like a laser. Has three children with someone within the family, but has gotten married again, test, chosen people or gentiles?


The second sibling was even more potent, he became a doctor, and practices as a GP at a surgery in a predominantly Asian part of Bradford.


The third child, was a girl, who turned her back on fortune and riches with a locum agency run by the doctor, and left it as it was about to become nationalised with the NHS, and became a school teacher and teaches History at grammar school.


The fourth, got a degree in classics, History and Politics of the Middle East with Arabic, has continuously researched into a variation of Islamic, theological and philosophical studies, though has been troubled by the diagnosis of schizophrenia, soon after completion of his degree. How can someone who meets you for two minutes diagnose you with a mental illness and section you? Baffles me. It is all by the will of God, he has achieved 12 qualifications, and therefore feels he does not need to pursue a masters or PHD, but his studies, and his work, recent from the past 2 years since 2007, can be found on Known as the mad professor.








Light and darkness

Good and evil


Right and wrong



To join the child to the rest of the family you need a girl, also the third planet in the solar system is Earth, known as mother earth, so should be a girl.

I'm sorry if there is no timeline, I’m not a historian as such, just like to see the truth of my soul in words, rather than try to write a script for a movie or something.


Another thing

I don't have to sell my soul.


But where the film the Godfather shows the belief that power lies in money, guns and boys, this story shows the power of the written word, the three arts, the three attributes of God, the three sciences, and the three classics.


The divine trinity according to Plato, was man woman and child. But in reality it is the elder, the youth, and the child.

The Old

The New

The Final


But the old see themselves as the final

The new see themselves as the old


The final see themselves as the new



Is it easy to become a deputy headmaster, or a doctor, or a (mad) professor?




Who is the comma?


When writing


The tree of knowledge,

The fountain of youth


The elixir of life



There is also a comma, who is the comma, the comma is my brother Shazad who died at infancy. I never visited his grave I remained in the car, he was born before me, but now I feel I should have showed some love, even though we never knew each other, but I’m no grave worshipper. He'll understand.


The elder is Sajid

The comma is Shazad

The youth is Waheed

The and is Shabana

The child is Kashif.


So ends the riddle concerning every aspect of the threes, the three ofs, the one comma, and the one and. Making three types of things, ofs, comma, and.






There is no 'the', because the tree of knowledge, means there is one tree of knowledge, it should be simply tree of knowledge rather than a specific tree, for the sake of making it seem readable we added the. But in truth, all the three that are listed on the page, should follow this manner of writing,


Tree of knowledge


Fountain of youth


Elixir of life


Therefore when writing the following there would be a comma, and an 'and' to make it proper.








5 children my parents were blessed with by the will of God, four survived and lived, by the will of God, and there were three brothers. 5+4+3=12, the three brothers all attended the Methodist school, Woodhouse Grove School, in Apperley Bridge, Leeds. 7 years older is Sajid from Kashif, Waheed is two years younger than Sajid, Shazad who was born in between Sajid and Waheed died at infancy, Waheed was in sixth form when Kashif joined Woodhouse Grove at the age of 11, Waheed stayed an extra year at sixth form having broken his thumb so could not sit exams, Kashif left the school in sixth form, finding the curriculum very tough and advance, he spent some time at a college in Leeds, but due to the travelling from Bradford and the cost, he finished his A-levels at a local grammar school called St.Bedes, he went onto Durham, where St Bedes is buried. And gained in total 12 qualifications, so the question arises even if you planned to get 12 qualifications it is very improbable that you will be able to, not saying there not people out there with 12 qualifications but could you plan it. Could you plan to be a deputy headmaster but doesn't mean you will become one, nor a GP, or anything other such as a school teacher but not enjoy being one, and wonder whether you should have worked at the brothers firm and made it into a worthwhile business, after all the contract only passed by because the and left the job to become a school teacher.


The will of God be done


God controls everything


God has counted the number of all things




Chaos, cause and effect and will of God


There is the idea of chaos, or cause and effect and there is also the will of God.


Is it chaos to the mind, is it cause and effect to the body and is it the will of God to the soul?


The elder know, the youth are powerful, the child is learning


Is music chaos, do not science explain what we know, what we regard as certain phenemena, why is it certain phenemena that Haroon can lift the weight even though it seems physically daunting and beyond him?


Is art produced from nothing, like cause and effect from something so little so much more is shown, from very little energy much mass is converted like Kashif who could not lift much but could convert it to mass. Kashif was not always big, he was 11 and a half stone and went to 13 stone, after weight training.


Is writing a form of the eternal, the most powerful thing in the history of mankind, everything starts as a word, the written word, music sheets, scripts for movies, and what we learn from writing. Is it the will of God, that Abbas can lift and can put on the mass, but like a balloon deflates.


The elder know

The youth are powerful

The child is learning


There is light in some music

There is some good in some art

There is truth is some writing




1+2=3 and the Divine Trinity of Plato


The problem most faced was looking at the combination of 1 plus 2, so they are male and female, it is true that when 1 is added to 2 it becomes 3, so in some sense it is understood what Plato believed was the Divine Trinity. But what they forget is the role of the elder, so instead it becomes 1,2 and 3, 1 is represented by the elder, 2 are the married couple and 3 is the child or are the children, I’m not sure, whichever. The Old, the New and the Final. Plato must have heard 1+2=3 and thought man woman and child, but then the elder is not in the equation. We now understand that the three or even the Divine Trinity, is based upon the 3 Attributes of God, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, and also the three gifts were

Tree of Knowledge, Fountain of Youth and Elixir of Life.


Which link with the three types of sciences chemistry, physics and biology, which concern mind, body and soul.


To produce the third there needs to be two, rather than one and two. In other circles 1 is God and 2 is the rock and 3 is the required answer of the combination, or when you have size and weight you get pressure. But even if you have size with could be a sea of light, and then have a solid mass fall, which would lead to 'aaa that hurt!', showing the cruelty of the Christians, and then they begin trying to take the air away, by sword fighting like the Muhammadans.


The elder

The youth

The child


Knowledge in light

Power in sight

Wisdom in learning


Hear No

See No

Speak No


So I also sense is when you have all that money, what is the adequate response in what should you use it for, even when the Rothschild spend on the Jewish people, their lives are not better, their living standards improve. In the short chapter Zakat I talked about what I would do with all that money, but now I sense, anyone who is appreciative is appreciative for his own good, God is in no need of anyone. It is the will of God, I can state the obvious, but only the will of God decides the true outcome of things. I pray the Lord God forgive my sins, and accept my repentance, guide me in the right path, the path of those whom He has blessed, not of the strayers nor of those who deserved wrath.

Allah Allah la ellaha ell Allah


Is size everything!

Is weight nothing?

Is pressure eternal?



One love, one heart, one soul


You can have it all, easy peasy ruhuhuhu


Hear Mani's bass going all the way up and then coming down, what goes up must come down.


Listen to the magic at the beginning, which one love are you talking about? The Stone Roses


One Love: There is no other god besides God


One Heart: cause and effect the miracle of the body


One soul: the classics and wisdom


Moses: One love

Jesus: One heart

Muhammad: One soul


The mystery of the Stone Roses, something so unique has to be the will of God, did they know about the threes? Ian Brown philosophy, King Monkey, what's it all about: Hear No! See No? Speak No.


There is this Indian comedy show, avi something something, where three actors play out the roles deaf, dumb and blind, it's on the Sab TV channel, quite funny. The dumb has to explain everything to the deaf guy, by which point he repeats everything the blind guy says, to make him even more angry. Very funny program. Well acted too. Like the 3 stooges, but one of them is deaf, one of them can't speak, and one of them is blind. The blind guy has a six pack, it’s about the look of the body, the deaf guy can understand simple sign language to make complex ideas in speech, and the dumb guy can hear and see but can't speak.


The deaf knows everything

The blind look's good

The dumb is wise. What am I going to do with all that weight and strength? Good question... very wise Abbas, you're asking for trouble.


Forgive me if I'm wrong about One Love, Hear O Israel! The Lord Your God is one. You shall love the Lord you God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength.


The Lord God is


The Omniscient: Hearer

The Omnipotent: Seer

The Omnipresent: Sayer


Is there music from everything, is it chaos!

Is art made from nothing, is it cause and effect?

Is the written word eternal, is it the will of God.


The prophecies of the mind, the miracle of the body and the truth of the soul.


You reading a writer, not a listening to music, or viewing a piece of art. But the language may be music, the image that appears in words may be art., and what you are reading may be true.


Is corruption eternal?



Size, weight and pressure


Saj is the marathon man, who was cross country captain at Woodhouse Grove


Wah was the rugby player, 1st XV winger at Woodhouse Grove


Kashif was fast as a child, was a hard kid used to fight like a cat and get other kids in headlock till they surrendered, then as he grew he became no good at sport.


Saj is the elder who knows everything


Wah is the youth who believes nothing is impossible


Kashif is the child who is learning how long must I go on for.


Like the Indian comedy drama on SAB TV on satellite, channel 816, 11pm Fri and Sat, called avi, manav and the third whose name I can't remember. The person who plays dumb, thinks how long do I have to keep going, the deaf is strong and the blind is built and looks good. The blind will have scary thoughts, about cruel people, the deaf will have jealous thoughts about money, and the dumb will have mad thoughts about power of boys.


Size is everything

Weight is nothing

Pressure is eternal.


So with Abbas he learns he cannot last forever, so asks is corruption eternal? Do drugs last forever, by adding anything to the Quran will it go unnoticed forever by the people.

With Kashif, who has the looks and the body, he asks is cruelty nothing? Does pain frighten you, do you fear the unknown, what you can't see, can't hurt you.

With Haroon he knows he can lift the weight. He asks if I know so much, can I become rich? Is money everything, or does it just bring jealous




Which came first the chicken or the egg?


Chicken or the egg?


If you ask the parents they will say we come first, but the child will look beyond and say the elders came first, so the elders become everything to the child, the parents become nothing to the child, and being a child means you live forever, don't think about growing up.


So it is in threes, the elder, the youth and the child.


Some children think of being everything

Some children think of being nothing

Some children think of being eternal




The Old sees he is before everyone, the middle see himself as neutral, and the last puts a full stop after him to say he is eternal. Future, present, past.


There are those who keep the faith, do not ask prudent questions about the present moment, for example why did my father leave me as a child, or if God exist why are there earthquakes and tsunamis, this hardens the heart. They forget the mercy of God and why God forgives but does not avenge for wrongdoing, because it is because of faith.

There are those who become believers, that God is Most Kind, in their lives they surrender to the will of people, and forsake the illusion of power, and give to others from their own earnings, and show meekness and politeness that are sacred in the laws of physics.

And there are those who devote to the past, who write and learn, who become learners of wisdom and truth, and these realise the wisdom and truth behind the history of everything is by the will of God and they learn the truth concerning devotion, to God alone, rather than to associate partners or to set up idols to rank with God. They denounce the devil and make a pledge to uphold the Quran alone, and to devote to the wisdom and teachings of the Quran, and do not corrupt their religion in vainglory or in despise of the power of the written word.

Hear my words, see the picture and read the signs.


No one possesses power except God


Praise be to God, Lord of the universe


Master of the Day of Judgment




Test! Question? Competition.


It is a test!

It is a question?

It is a competition.


Those who lack faith will argue about the chaos in the present moment


Those who do not believe will look to the cause and effect of the past


Those who do not devote will cause corruption thinking it will last forever.


Question the Jews ask? If God is Omnipresent why does he allow cruelty in his kingdom?


It is a test of faith, which questions your love of God. For God said I am a jealous God.


Is it all chaos?


No you can see it with your eyes closed.




By listening to the sounds of drums.




Question the Christians ask? If God is Omniscient why do there exist deformities and illness?


It is a question of belief, whether you have a heart for others with defects or whether you only care for your own pride.


Is it cause and effect?


Yes if you believe in the certainty of science.




Because you can look into the past.


Question the Muhammadans ask? If God is Omnipotent why does he allow corruption?


It is a competition of devotion, whether you realise that those who excel and those who are left behind, are by the will of God, whereas those who think they can put something in with the Divine Unity of God like his servant Muhammad, and that it will stay up, are deceived by their own lies. The losers stay behind, the winners move with the time, they do not hold to one thing dearer than another other than their appreciation and acceptance of the truth. Ask any druggie, does he think his corruption of his or her senses will last forever, do they think their corruption of the religion will last forever, do they think corruption of the religious scripture of the Quran will go undetected, why did God show his Omnipotence, and how everything glorifies God, when the mathematical code discovered by Dr.Khalifa showed Omnipotence of God, the sheer impossibility of such a code proves that God has counted the number of all things.


What happens to the elders?

What happens to the youth?

What happens to the children?


They look to the chaos of the present, they see the cause and effect of the past and they see the will of God in the future.


Do not be jealous!

Do not be cruel?

Do not be mad.


Have faith in future

Believe in the present

Devote to the past


God is Most Merciful

God is Most Kind

God is Most Wise


Who wins who loses, The will of God or corruption?

Everything is in accordance with God's will.


The question of the past was asked by the Christian

The question about the present was asked by the Jew

The question about the future was asked by the Muhammadans



Do they know everything, do they see nothing, do they learn the truth


Do they love God or do they love their religion


Do they have a heart for illness and defects or are they simply doing it for the money.


Do they denounce the devil or do they play its advocate.




One love, one heart and one soul


It's a test! Do they know everything! Was it not a test on Jacob when he lost his son, but he showed peace and calmness and did not let his heart harden, remembering that God does not forsake His servants. Was Joseph forsaken? Were any of the messengers and Prophets forsaken? la quwata illa billah. No one possesses power except God.


It is a question? Do they see nothing? Look around you the suffering and people with all kinds of problems, but moreover the problem of water and food and shelter. Is about the heart, if you have a heart for those in worse situations than you, or you turn away and think only of your own pride. Do onto others as you would like done onto yourself.


It is a competition. Do they learn the truth or even speak it. But if you get into the story of the Stone Roses, when you get to their second album, there are only a few songs written by the pair Squire and Brown, one of them Begging You, is about temptations whether you can take it in yourself and say I denounce the devil, I shall not set up partners onto God, nor commit idol worship, my Lord forgive me and have mercy upon me. Do you sell your soul, or do you denounce the devil?


One love

One heart

One soul


You can have it all

Easy peasy



Do they love God or do they love their religion

Do they have a heart for illness, diseases and poverty or are they in it for the money

Do they denounce the devil, or do they become its advocate


Self explanatory I think. I shall not name them, but you may see them as the elder, the youth, and the children.


Donkeys laden with greats works of literature, may hint to whom I mean. Even those who think they can bypass the love of God for the love of his messenger, and do not devote to God, but to the messenger, a verse in the Quran sums it up.


"The hypocrites bear witness you are a messenger of God.

God knows you are His messenger, and bears witness the hypocrites are liars.”






When one changes all should change, God willing.


Denunciation of the Devil


He went into the darkest dark and he prayed

He went to the end of the world and never feared

He was born on the eleven eleven

Celebrating the end of war for mortal men


He fought all day all night

Till daybreak brought new light

Captured into a web of deceit

Trying to make him a devil advocacy




Fly on a coach wheel told me that he got it

Knew what to do and everybody saw it

Saw the dust that he made


King bee in a frenzy ready to blow

But his stings all gone and now he's begging you


Weight it and say it, is it all in a name

Does it call you, and maul you and drive you insane

Can it make you remember, time is in place

Now I'm begging you


Going to drive till daybreak

Fight the devil for my soul's sake

How do I intend to fight?

Through time




Strange thing is, there was another family who were also on assisted place, who did really well, the Howcutts. Stranger still was that they were three brothers and they were each in the correlating year of the Hussain's. Sajid and Mark both got a place in Oxford, that year saw three Oxford entries, Mark got a place in Medicine at Baliol (I think that's how you spell it), then next my brother Waheed was in the same year as Neil, and Waheed went onto Medicine at Birmingham and Neil went to Durham, St Aiden’s. Then in my year, there was Nigel, and he was really good at sport, whichever sport football, rugby, cross country, whichever he was one of the best, he was also very good at school. I remember when we were in our first year, and we were racing for what they have for groups I can't remember what they were called but they were like clubs or groups within the school and you competed with other groups in various sports and competitions. In the first year we were racing the school cross country, everyone was saying that they hope I would do well for the club, following in the lines of my elder brother. About a quarter of the way through, I got a stitch in my stomach, I remember having an operation when I was about 9 on my stomach, to remove some lumps, I think it was called arranies. It took a lot out of me, but anyway I remember how Nigel and this other lad Mathew Birch stayed back with me, I couldn't go back, because there was this really steep hill which was easier to climb than to go down like the starting point on the climb of Snowdonia, where we went on exhibition day. The pressure of having such brothers. I remember going back sometime in sixth form, to collect my GCSE certificates, and I met Nigel he was really happy to see me, I don't know where he went after school, but I somehow got into Durham.


So if you think there were only us on assisted place, there were other families, and they too succeeded and excelled, Mashallah, everything is in accordance with God's will.


I came last, we were all afraid of coming last, so we started running at the end, I came last, how embarrassing,


He who laughs last wins


There is the question when we choose to laugh, some choose to laugh first then cry later, there are others who cry first and laugh later. Some see life as a joke, others see it as a tragedy, then there are those who see worldly life as no more than vanity and play.

Some remember how it felt to cry like a child even as adults, some find themselves again, some get their feet back on the ground.

We all have the child in us, the child that needs to learn, some revert to being a child, thinking that was when they were themselves before all the brainwashing and outside effects started to bring conflict to them. For others childhood may have been different. For example my mother, never felt the love of any parent and was raised by her aunt, her parents split up after she was born, her dad was in England and her mum remarried. But she was far from forsaken, there was another girl her cousin who also had lost her parents, and she too was raised by their aunt. When they grew up my mother's cousin married my Dad's first cousin, who treats my dad as an older brother, though they nearly the same age. Both my Dad and his cousin brother came to England at the same time, as teenagers and went to work in textile mills and later in buses, they returned to Pakistan to marry in their early twenties, then brought their wives over, and they settled into family life. My mother's dad married my Dad older sister for his second marriage. So I have a few double relative, uncles who are also cousins, and I have many relations who are I'm related to in two ways rather than from only my mum or dad. Not of the marriages were unlawful, according to the Quran you marry within rather than always finding new people. Everything is in accordance with God's will, life can survive in all kinds of parameters, there is no set guide for success or failure, nor is there anything to suggest that life has weakness of the sort you see on television, bones are strong, it takes a lot of abuse to worry the heart, the brain can take all kinds of substances, nothing to suggest there is any weakness in the body, everything that happens is by the will of God. Though you may look at the cause and effect of the body, and pin point causes and rational arguments, the elixir of life though is not scientific it concerns the soul and the soul is by the will of God. Just as a child is learning the difference between right and wrong, so we have the internet also to communicate and disseminate various findings and thoughts, that whether we can sift through it, or whether we realise through sheer will of God that we have found the truth. The chaos of the mind begins to feel less harmful than the causality of the body, and the will of the soul suggest the eternality of childhood.


What makes me question laughter, if you ever find the niche within the diamond compilation; whether you can make yourself believe that this music has to have a reason or an answer, whether you can follow the light. I wonder if it will make you laugh, the copy Sajid made,, who was perfection in his youth, only I heard, and it brought the child out of me, it made me cry like a child, question the light behind relationships, about the lonely soul that I had experienced while away from home, in a very hard place like Durham.

Tutors use to say, smile, when asked I used to smile, but they wondered why I wasn't happy, Only near the end I changed, I was listening to this album Saj made, that I got off him, he just gave me it, I had heard one track from it, Made of Stone, but it was the ultimate rarity version, a live a demo, where Brown inhales and then exhales, and then a powerful performance from them takes place, really amazing stuff. Anyway at first I liked the way Ian Brown and Thom Yorke coalesced and sounded really good against each other, that was what first got me, just the way they fitted against each other. Then after hearing it, I went back to my room, and remember I had my curtains closed as I was preparing for my finals, then all of sudden there were fits of laughter, I began giggling, all I felt, if this was to happen to me, why now. I went back to my car, and played the CD over, and then it became one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed, like I said do they know everything! This album shows Omniscience, not of the producer but the Lord God, it shows the Omnipotence and also the Omnipresence. And it made me cry like a child, the soul, the feeling inside my soul, take to depths of your soul, immerse your soul in love. The second part is all about the soul, mashallah, I am only human, but there is power in belief, so that is what makes me continue, it isn't about how many people turn or become believers, it is about redemption and dissemination of ideas, for the child in everyone to learn and become wiser.

Then the CD got caught in the car stereo and when I replaced it, they wouldn't let me try and get the CD out, I went nuts, I went out and bought the second Radiohead album, the second stone roses album, and the first, and started putting the formula I had learnt from the diamond album to these. I remember later reading a review of the second stone roses album on NME, and how it felt real, but almost weird there was someone else who thought the same way about the album, they no longer have it on the website, but if they did I might have sued the Stone Roses, with the evidence of that review. But the album in reality is some love songs, some good songs and some scary parts. Like the opening words to Breaking into Heaven, listen up sweet child of mine, have I got news for you.

Child? Everything comes to those who wait.

If you know everything, then it is a test

If you see nothing, then it is a question

If you say the eternal, then it is a competition

Years later I would recompile the whole album, but there is only one small difference to the original, She bangs the drums, shouldn't start with the tich, reminding of all the warp noises of This Is the One, the original went straight into she bangs the drums without this, there are two version of the song she bangs the drums, one the album version doesn't have tich on it, but the other one does, it made me laugh, so I readily added it. Whether to laugh or to cry? That is the question.


Elven ears


Elven ears, stout dwarf, mortal man


Elves with clipped wings

Dwarves with mines ransacked by goblins

Mortal man with its lost King


"Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in God has grasped the strongest bond, one that never breaks". (:2:256)


Ask the elder it is a test of hearing!

Ask the youth it is a question of sight?

Ask the child it is a competition of speech.


The elder will know the answer to everything

The youth will question the things he sees

The child is learning to speak.


Enlightened elf

Potent dwarf

Wise man


I can hear the light of music

I can see in the darkest dark

I can learn the wisdom of what is right


The hands of a King are the hands of a healer.



Forget, lie, sin



We can all look at the antics of jealous Jews, ha look we got the water you (Palestinians) don't!

Or look at the cruel Christians throwing their weight around in Iraq and torturing Iraqis in Abu Gharib.

Or even look to the madness of the Muhammadans, who try and take the air away of those who they think represent the evil.


But we can also stand back, and not allow all this to affect our sense of judgment, whether they know the light from darkness, whether they observe the good from evil, whether they learn right from wrong.


Do you love God, or love your religion?

Do you have a heart for people worse than you or are you doing it for the money?

Do you denounce the devil, or become its advocate?


One love

One heart

One soul


Most will say both, everyone forgets, everyone lies, everyone sins.


People will say remember the time you were saying such and such look at you now, like for example in my first year at uni I refused to drink alcohol, but later in my third year I drank like it was medicine.

Remember the time when you felt the necessity to lie, due to pride sake, how many albums have you sold? True answer none, lie: a few. Which one did I choose a few.

Through the very corruption of the religion of Islam, where the Hebrew Torah became lost, and with Jesus and John the Baptist it became sabotaged, and then with Muhammad it became corrupted. So what we have are rites that have been corrupted and the many lies told make the religion that was supposed to be light and easy, became embroiled in various factions of corruption. Will corruption last forever?


Is the mind forgetful of the hypocrisy?

Is the body seduced by lies?

Is the soul ignorant of the corruption?



[39:53] Proclaim: "O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD's mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful."



There are many examples of jealousy concerning Jews, for example when Moses went passed some people who were worshipping idols, the Children of Israel said make a god like the one they have. Or when the jealousy of the Children of Israel surfaced when they threw Joseph in the well. If you read scriptures they will point to hypocrisy and jealousy on their part. Like old timers they play on the jealousy feeling. To test the size of things in comparison with your own is merely jealousy or envy. It is about size, what makes the Jews Jewish their religion or their love of God? If they loved God then they would have been submitters. Remember it is one love, not two, and it is one heart, so the Christians must ask if they have a heart for people in worse situations or are they in it for the money? Then you must look to the slave trade and ask yourself was that a heartful thing. And finally the Muhammadans if they think their corruption of the religion of Islam will last forever? Do they denounce the devil, or become its advocates.





The unveiling of hidden secrets, the title of a book by a well renowned Sufi from the Indian Sub-continent, Datha Gang Baksh, whose grave is a site of many devotees of the myth idea of intercession and those closer to God and therefore can intercede belief, that originates from the corruption of religion.


None possesses power except God, you shall devote your religion solely to God. A great title but no substance, a book with very little substance and mainly made up of tell tales concerning companions and early Muhammadans.


Kashif will reveal the hidden secrets, the classical study of the 3s, of the hexagram, the tetrahedron and the cube, the four seasons in a year, the easy as 123 answer to whether God could create a rock he could not carry. His name meaning the one who unveils, God says. "We shall show them our signs upon the horizon and among themselves until they realise that this is the Truth." (49:53). Now that it becomes manifest, no longer is there any escape or will to deny, nor question the meaning of life, nor let succeed the corruption and lies that they set up to tangle people into false ideals.


Taking into the depths of understanding, no longer seen as just children interest in 3 monkeys, but more to it, only to see that submission is the only religion which transcends all religions in that anyone who believes in God and believes in the Hereafter and leads a righteous life, will have nothing to fear nor shall they grieve. The main five religions, have been corrupted by manmade additions, other religions may have been based upon temporal and geographical phenomena as well as the corruption through Satan, but one thing is clear everyman has a yearning for the truth, only by lies and corruption this natural disposition to worship God becomes corrupted by manmade inventions, lies and Satanic influence.




Four Ones



Four ones, four years of war, four aces,

The Aryan Eastern man come to new places,

To settle the fate of sovereignty

You shall have no other god besides God,

Stop the Nazi

The end to the monarchy

Four years of war, four aces, four ones

The written word against money, boys and guns

11/11 counting down the days

Till my 30th birthday

Just like you to know it's my birthday tomorrow, 11/11, on Peace Day. New meaning in a new time.

Elves with clipped wings

Dwarves with mines ransacked by goblins

Mortal man with its lost King

The heir to Solomon’s ring

There is light in the music

There is sight in the dark

There is speech in the child

Old should know an answer for everything

The youth will see the question of seeing nothing

The child will compete to see who is winning

Good day to you Mr. Ian Brown.



The Queen will tell everything about 9-11, that is my promise by the will of God.





"But take your time, think a lot,

Why, think of everything you've got.

For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. "


I made a compilation, while hearing a voice, it directed me how to compile it, it was very melancholic in parts, but felt like a really long voyage through the years with music by Mr. Brown, he was the voice that helped me compile it , the only song that it had by another artist was the Cat Stevens song Father and Son, it was about all the entanglements and melancholic feelings of Brown's music, it wasn't chaos, the last few tracks really added to it, I remember it finding itself in me when I played it in my car, all of sudden I understood everything, it was like a dialogue with Brown, in the end Love like a fountain came on, it was sheer ecstasy, indescribable high, for me usually music was just something that rhymed and you song along to, there wasn't anything more to it, but love like a fountain proves all that wrong, it may seem chaos, but there is a light locked in it, which will only free itself if the right code is placed, otherwise it will be locked in it forever. I gave the CD to someone at university who I owed £10 to, I wonder what happened to it, after I heard it and unlocked it I wanted others to share it too.


But remember this song being played to remind people, to take it easy and to relax rather than go all out. That was a great album, if it still exists, and then there was the albums before this that my elder brother Sajid made, which unlocked many things that were locked into the Stone Roses and various other great tracks, I'm a more classic type person, I prefer classics, be it what I hear, what I like to show, and what I write, even my clothing was about classics, but now I feel like a big baby, because young children are dressed like grownups, and grownups are dressed like children, rich dress like tramps, and poor dress like they're rich. If you ever go to coggles website, the clothing is very rough and ready rather than sharp and crisp. I have no idea about fashion, I remember having yellow la coste trainers that stood out like a geek, when I was 18, I never used to shop at topman, or peacocks or new look, shops which have trendy clothes at very relatively cheap prices, I tended to go to independent designer stores, and used to come home with one item instead of a few for the money my parents gave for my birthday or weddings or eid.


Now I feel like a big baby, but I know nothing beats a good pair of jeans, and a blue Gucci t-shirt that I bought for £20 from eBay, that has lasted me 8 years, hasn't changed a bit, still classic.



Jealous egos, Heartless beast, Soulless vampires


The loveless state of Israel

The heartless country of the UK

The soulless apartheid of the USA


Do you love God, love your religion

Do you have a heart or are in it for the money

Do you denounce the devil, or are you its advocate


Hear O Israel! The Lord your God is one. You shall love the Lord your God, with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength.

Love thy neighbor as yourself.

You shall have no gods besides God


3 teachings of Jesus, the two greatest commandments according to Jesus, and the last the temptations response by Jesus when the devil told him to worship him.


Do you believe he was forsaken, do you believe he is the resurrection and the life or do you believe God protected him from the scheming of the disbelievers.


Everything is a test

Nothing is a question

Eternal is a competition


The elder have an answer for everything!

The youth question whether they see nothing?

The child competes to find out who are the winners.


Whatever the devil promises in no more than a mere illusion.

Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in God has grasped the strongest bond, one that never breaks.

The devil's scheming is weak.


3 teachings from the Quran, It is weakness that the devil works with, it is weakness that he corrupts souls into idol worship, thinking they have power now or that which is better than the honest truth.


There is only one love not two

There is only one heart not two

There is only one soul not two


My Lord the Lord God, protect me from the scheming of the devil, have mercy upon me, and forgive me, lead me to a righteous path and do not forsake me, You are the Hearer, the Clement, the Most Gracious Most Merciful, Lord of the universe.


Money is a test, Judas with his handful of gold or the Lord God, the Most Kind? Choose one

Money is a curse. Can you buy happiness? Question

Money is a drug. Money corrupts the people




Hacking the mainframe 508


Hacking the mainframe

Sending a photo of words

Hacking the mainframe

A photo of my words


Will it transmute?

Will it evolve?

Will it change?

Will it get lost in the matrix?


Programmers beware

How do you hack the mainframe?

Lock all doors

There's a wolf at the pigs door


No it's a blazing tiger, no it's Sumatran Lion

To settle the kingdom

Of God which the Masons think they can win

By selling their souls


But anything the devil promises is a mere illusion

Masons sold their soul for a miserable price

They have the money the guns and the boys

But they do not have the written word


Hacking the mainframe

Hacking the mainframe

Hacking the mainframe



5 the staff that turned into a serpent

0 miracles from nothing

8 the eternal soul


Adds to 13 why?


Be warned.




When I was younger I used like snaps crisp, but fortunately I have never snapped, been protected like a fragile egg. I have gotten angry, blown a fuse but to actually snap, I haven't ever done that.

Red eyed with hatred, they tell children at school 'say no to strangers', but here we are having to welcome them into our house, welcome them to become the mediator in our affairs, welcome them to tear the whole thing down. When you shall have no other gods before God, then why do we need their intervention and what good are they doing. Surely they are more busy thinking about how much they are making and how life would be like to be a footballer or a billionaire. So you understand it isn't about heart, because their hearts are not in the right place, it can be found in the television but anywhere else it is forbidden to have a heart.

Heartless, all they believe in is the power of seduction, to play with weakness, maybe that's why for most of the time I went to shop to buy confectionary and crisps, I used to choose snaps crisp, or Doritos spicy tomato, or monster munch flaming hot. Reminds me of the dream I had about the slamming of desk, it may have been about snapping.


But I have had a childhood, I have had schooling, I have had education and pursued a different field to the main frame. I have chosen to become an anti-thesis of the ways of the Masons, a believer in God, who never forsakes His servants and a submitter to His will, who will devote to God alone.


Now it comes to the question has there been unprofessional behavior on the part of the CPN who comes to see me. He couldn't hide it, there was blood pouring from his finger and his still administered me with an injection. He probably thought I wouldn't notice the blood, but I did, and it has been playing on my mind, has he tried to contaminate my blood with his. Very unprofessional behavior, unless it was a plan to do something like that.


No one likes to put their lives in other people’s hands, they show appreciation to love, but when there is hatred, prejudice and corruption, then there is no need to come near those who are known as God's creatures. If you ask the caged birds, do they enjoy being caged, no, if you ask any person in the mental health services, does he enjoy being in hospital, no, if you ask any slave to the money, does he enjoy his job, no. Only submission to God is happiness. A bird is known to have flown from China to the Tee side of Newcastle where it was spotted, so what makes you think these budgerigars cannot fly away to a better a day and weather. How did the lion get from India to Africa, or vice versa? Even if the world is millions of years old, there is only one controlling factor the Omnipresence of God.


Red eyed with hatred, like that demon in Star Wars, "I sense much fear in you." "Fear is the path to the dark side, fear can lead to hatred, hatred can lead to anger, anger can lead to suffering".


You should fear God, His retribution is severe, you should reverence God, the Light, the Love, the Peace, you should submit to God, devote to Him alone.




Okay Darwinist how did the Sumatran lion get from India to Africa, or vice versa?


How did it get across the oceans, and how did it survive and did it fly?


Did it evolve from a different cat, into a lion?


Did it get guided by the will of God?





Experience in retrospect


To arrive at a certain idea may take a while, to write it down may take a few words, to explain it may take longer, but to keep it eternal free of any additions and fabrications or corruption, would mean a person must have strong will to leave something alone, and also believe that the work will stand the test of time. After I cracked in my final year, my work became like an artist who is never happy with his work, always looking at it in various ways and trying to get deeper and more real than he thinks it is already. Sometimes the honest truth is not the only way out of a situation. For example, while compiling the opening chapter, 4x3, there were many changes many times we revised the text, many times we went back after a long period to add something which would maybe capture the imagination of the reader. But if I kept it all documented, if for example I made new copies of the text and then added to it, then there would come a time when I would have to choose one over the others, that is the job of a professor, but to cut corners I would simply return to the original and make changes to it. There was a chapter, I am not sure if you have come across it, but it was titled “The mystery of the star of David” which is the earliest recording of the three symbols, on this there was a statement made and then following this an edit, so the reader had the benefit of seeing how I arrived to this idea, at first it was simply some idea, not necessarily true, the second time a little better, and so on, if I had heart to leave it in it would serve the purpose of explaining that we arrive at things not in one go, but by a process, “All roads are long, and no one can deny them, everything will come to those who wait.” In the words Mr Ian Brown, the text has changed hands many times, none of them need to be any further away from the truth than the one before, and the book on 3, may have something classic about it, with its large 3, but it was never meant to be a scripture, it was an amalgam of various ideas at various times and some new thoughts concerning some old history.



My way


You don't have to go their way; you can go your own way, like the IB album, "my way".


Does that sound Buddhist, the charm is to make things in your way, though you created in the image of the Lord God, you will only realise that if anyone tries to capture your soul, it begins to go in the 3 dimensions of space.


Maybe he means like Sinatra do it my way, I chose go, because it isn't about following in the footsteps as the Sufi Sheikhs like to believe, because for each a road, for everyman a religion.


Find everybody and rule


When Adam told the names of everything to the angels, was that the name of everything in existence, because that is one laborious task, to name then to define, and to observe to believe, I know Rashad chose the simple answer that it was the name of everything. But maybe it was the name of things with a meaning, like the threes, but I don't know. All I'm saying is when you find people then you know it, maybe that is what Adam was taught the name of things.


Because if the literal is true, then we can apply it to the story of Noah, and say a pair of every living creature was placed in the ark.


for each a road


for everyman a religion

find everybody and rule

forgive everybody and remember


for everything a reason

freeing excellence affects reality


forget everything and remember


for each a road


for everyman a religion





The light of certainty


Do you know things in the light of certainty, or do you apply the one size fits all rule. Everyone is at different stages of their lives, some are reaching old age and find letting go of the ways of their forefather very hard and almost as though it is betrayal of their ancestors. But when you confront the youth of today they say if our parents were guided we too would also be guided. And do children learn the difference between right and wrong, are schools losing their grip on their pupils, so that they begin to add up and conjure up speech almost as though it is Shakespearean before the formalisation of the English written word.


Do you see things in the light of certainty, whether something is black or white, red or brown, yellow or green? You need to observe something to believe it is as it is, how do all the people know that one thing is irrefutable no matter what, where or when.


When I was a child.


What did you say!


Where did he go?



The light of certainty, to refer to the 3s as monkeys, is not the light of certainty, it is the colourful language rather than precise, is adding together but not coming to a logical answer. So when they refer to the three attributes of hearing, sound is chaos, sight, causality of sight, speech, the will to learn the difference between right and wrong. What have monkeys got to do with these three, I am not learned in Buddhism, but mainly focus my attention on the 3 Semitic faiths, but recognise that there may be submitters to God in other faiths, those who devote to the truth, and do not corrupt their religion with idolatry. For them there can any colour under the sun, but for us there has to be speed, accuracy and precision.







Okay let's do it properly for Tolkien's sake, when I wrote


Elves with clipped wings


I was think of the immortal elf which sung and played music, it could also be a reference to my elder brother who has captain spock ears, as he noted himself, very angelic looking in his youth, praise be to God. May God protect us from the scheming of the devil, and help us attain the certainty of faith.


Dwarves with mines ransacked by goblins


I was thinking of the Europeans, also of demons, who are really short, and live underground, why Europeans, with the influx of people from Asia and Africa, or wherever, they seem to think they are goblins.


Mortal man with its lost King


Here it could be reference to the return of the king the third book in the trilogy Lord of the Rings, in which a nurse says, 'the hands of a King are the hands of a healer.' Aragon is well learned in herb lore, Alhamdulillah, it could also mean a challenge to the Masonic empire with its emblem the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, a refutation that there can be only one God, and their quest for independence. Do they think corruption will last forever, so sell their souls for a miserable price? For a place in the pyramid of souls, anyone who takes up gods besides God has strayed far astray. La ellaha ellallah or the Masonic one world empire.


The heir to Solomon’s ring


The Lord God says:

[24:55] GOD promises those among you who believe and lead a righteous life, that He will make them sovereigns on earth, as He did for those before them, and will establish for them the religion He has chosen for them, and will substitute peace and security for them in place of fear. All this because they worship Me alone; they never set up any idols beside Me. Those who disbelieve after this are the truly wicked.

So it goes back to Solomon, whether they submit to the Lord God like Solomon or take up gods other God, like the jinns under Solomon, and they worship the devils, rather than the Lord God, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent. And this is the challenge, by will of God, Lord of the Universe, the submitters have been guaranteed victory by the Lord God.



How should it read for Tolkien’s sake?


Elves with clipped wings

Dwarves with mines ransacked by goblins

Mortal Man with its lost King

The Hobbit with his precious ring






Solomon’s Ring


They are trying the best to seduce the truth, but the truth cannot be seduced. The seduction of lies, the power of seduction, over life and death, the weak question can God create a rock that he could not carry, so they see this as difficult, when it can be as easy as 123. Or hard, when it is easy, They say Saruman, is that a reference to Solomon, is this some sort of hateful pact against Almighty God, when the world witnessed only, the Earth witnessed only one wizardry of the sort and it was Saruman, but in this story he is seen as the evil wizard who wants to take over the world, and good wizard Gandalf, believes in conquering death and being the resurrection and the life like the Synoptic Gospels portray.

God controls everything.


They are trying to seduce the truth, when God is the Truth, and God cannot be seduced by lies.


They say no truth, but the submitters say God is the Truth.


There is no power except with God





God controls everything,


I was thinking of the wizardry of Solomon but I wrote Saruman, and continued, anyway my Lord God controls everything. The Masons want to spread the Masonic spirit, to be gay and believe good triumphs over evil, and that the three sides are all in the good, rather than there being apart, as the light and darkness, good and evil and right and wrong. They do not consider right and wrong and light and darkness all they show in their novels and their television and movies is the fight between good and evil. Try now to stop watching television for a week, say I will not watch television for a week, and see if this impacts your sub-conscious, will you start seeing random images that feel as though they are being broadcasted, or how will it feel when you take away their drug, they're belief in what they see as being the all- pervading truth, rather than what you hear and know being light, what you learn and what you say being truth and what you see and believe being good.


But like me if you wish to go deeper then you must switch the television off, so that you do not lose your train of thought. But sometimes you can let it in and see what it says to you, if you philosophies and wisely say something that is the truth of what was shown. Nowadays they come out of a movie, and feels as if it was spent being brainwashed rather than entertain, 'did you enjoy the movie.' "It was alrite", end of conversation, but was it exciting was it thrilling was it engrossing, no it was alrite, nothing new same old shit just a different day.


The Christians think all three are in them, in their brand of faith, first they lie to say the three are the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit, when nowhere in the whole of the old and even in the new testament that they preach, the Synoptic Gospels, the arrested development by evil people, can you find the mentioning of the Holy Trinity. And if you go further in the Quran, the mathematical codified scripture, you will find it is refuted.


And if the Christians feel a loss, then when they tried to force something, and get a result, then this is the conclusion, rather let things go, and see if there is an answer in the horizon, they chose to go in all out, and gamble, and therefore when the news came in the horizon it was not accepted.


A war has broken out between Saruman played Kashif and Gandalf played by Ian Brown, who wrote a song in which he says, 'I am the resurrection and I am the life.', we will see who the pretender is, and who is the liar, and who is guided and who is far astray.


A place in the eternal hereafter is the prize; mashallah, anyone who wishes to have a share of the hereafter must strive in the cause of God, and devote to God alone.


Everything is in its place

All is of its time




There was only one ring of power witnessed in the history of mankind, and it was the ring worn by Prophet Solomon son of David.


It's funny how the rights of the future person seem to be lost in the people of the past, Jesus given the titles son of David, Muhammad becoming part of the universal proclamation, la ellaha ellallah, how are the Jews fighting that the Messiah will be an heir or the son of David who will take them to the Promise Land.


Who are they looking at and try to take away from and give to their own kind. The future kingdom being fought by rivalries, schisms and manifest evil,


Solomon used to direct the winds, and they would go to certain places, but scientist will argue it doesn't make a difference the weather is governed by the suns position to the earth.


I killed ants, when I was in Pakistan, I felt them cry, and one my cousin came out and looked at me as if what have you done. But I remembered the verse where Solomon and his army were going passed a certain place, and an ant called 'o you ants get back to your homes, in case you get trampled by Solomon and his army."


Anything that happens is by the will of God.


I can analyse it and look for an answer, maybe it was rebellion, maybe it was a failure to understand, maybe it was a call for help out of the web they had put me in.


So what was Tolkien talking about the ring of power, after all he was at a Masonic place of Oxford, maybe he was a mason, and decided to delve into the art of deception, No one can read it now, and only because I was at a Methodist boarding school as a day pupil, and my brother had introduced me to Hobbit, that I gave it time. It is a white man Christian crusade, to say they can seduce the truth with lies.


Son of David, now that is a title, my friend.


Go to


For more unraveled mysteries, unveilings of the unseen and discoveries.



Son of David will reveal the truth behind the symbols



I do not want to be seduced by materialism; I feel the truth is deeper than materiality speaking louder than actions. I do not mind leading the people from darkness by the will of God, but I ask no wage, whatever I have will still be there tomorrow but my dreams may not.


I will continue to live in Bradford, I do not want to be part of the media circus, nor steal the limelight, nor even steal the kingdom like the French or the Masons, I feel once the truth is here, then falsehood will vanish,


La ellaha ellallah


There is no god besides God


They ask who is God, for example my elder brother?


He asked what my ultimate goal in life is,


I responded, 'to please God.'


He replied, 'who is God'.


I did not say anything, it did not register,


But let's see it a different way,


"Who is Allah?"


The response is between two, the one true God, or the Lord of the universe.


There is no other god besides God, Allah is the name of God in Arabic.


When you recite your prayer it is in Arabic, showing that you submit to the religion of Islam, the religion of the Prophets and messengers, that you follow Abraham


When you recite verses of the Quran, for the purpose of remembrance like the three kuls, ayat ul kursi, or fatiha, these are down because they are preserved in a Holy Scripture.


But when we study the Quran, we study it in the language we speak, so that we can derive meaning and are not like parrots just repeating sounds.


Even the statement la ellaha ellallah, is codified mathematically, if anything was added to it, it would break the code.


The people think of seduction, that wealth and status speak louder than anything else, what speaks louder than anything else, is a good soul. What do I know, I may be speaking to a brick wall.


I seem to understand Pink Floyds Brick in the wall, they think by becoming part of the educated group, you become another institutionalised person, true, but don't say things, and not see them to the end, kids in the seventies may have thought forget education, it will just make us institutionalised, but why can't they see the anti-thesis, why can they not know things by the opposite, everything will still be there tomorrow but your dreams may not, what about saying things inspired by Masonry, rather than submission to God,


Who is God?


The Lord of the universe or the Queen of England?


Who is the one true God and who is the pretender?


God is the Truth or the truth is seduced by lies


Was Jesus the son of David, so you write a long list of names and trace his lineage to David? Is that what son of David means, only the son of David can unravel the mysteries of the symbols.


Jesus was the Messiah son of Mary, but somehow they got the Messiah and the son of David mixed up, due to JEALOUSY.


No one possesses power except God



Bye bye badman every backbone and heart you break but still come back for more, submission ends it all


When the psychiatrist cuts you off in the middle of saying something, with the exclamation, 'What is your point.'


The heart responds, ' you shall never hear another word from me ever again.'


So we can have our chit chats, and formal talk, and he can accuse me of mental disorder, or try to make another case up, but as for me, as far as I am concerned the person is irrelevant, and resort to patience, instead of becoming his enemy. And when all is said and done, like the teletubbies, 'bye bye Kashif' 'bye bye Dr Beaven'.


I submit to the Lord of the supreme throne, not to these pawns of the British monarchy.


I am the anti-thesis and questioned whether I want to be another brick in the wall, I am the seventies child, I was born in 1979, the year Pink Floyd went top with Brick in the wall.


I am the anti-establishment, and fear the Lord God his retribution is eternal, and there is no escape, and the only way is submission to the Lord God, and He will direct to the easiest of paths, in one of the tracks I prayed 'my Lord grant me happiness in this and the next,', God willing I shall be granted happiness, and spend my days and my life and death in submission to God.


la qawata illa billah


No one possesses power except God



Half empty half full


Ever met wormtongue, really potty guy, his voice is slowed down to a two year olds, is it the effects of the drugs, or is it because his friend has reverted to being a child, who knows, but Saruman, who says only Solomon had the ring of power, and his aid wormtongue, Three years of uni, first as a child, second as a youth, third as an elder. I spent the second year abroad, and was there in total 4 years.


Why did I mention wormtongue, listen to the sound of my voice, does it go too slow into the depths of your soul, listen to it, does it hypnotise you and make you wish to escape, it doesn't make a difference what you wear as long as you feel alright wearing it, why did I say that, the memory of wearing white socks with sport written on them, and this luminescent light make it the writing luminous, and I tried to cover them up, as I was sat crossed leg, and my friend wormtongue was like it doesn't matter, but I was embarrassed. I remember we went to gatecrasher do in our first year, and he was telling me to wear my socks to my ankles, and was wearing them up to my shins, really uncool, but the second I was wearing white socks. Embarrasing.


They kept showing me the power of the now, being able to do things within the present moment, which used to make me really paranoid about time, I was always afraid of the now, rather think in retrospect, and as a submitter I try to be not attached to anything, because it would destroy my soul.


I go for coffees with this nurse, and because it's just two I can really talk, without feeling anxious that while talking one person the other would be staring, or even more people, he told me in front of my Dad, 'I believe in God, but not in any formal organised religion.' But because he said this, and still due to family wishes and ties he visits the Church and it tears him apart, because he doesn't like the term hypocrite. That's my psycho analysis of him, but bless him, he's alrite. It is a deep felt conviction to believe in God, to observe the good, to believe in the present, and to realise there is power in belief. But that's as far as it goes, he is a bit younger than my Dad, he helped me with an album cover for Retro, getting the images aligned, and I gave him a copy of the Quran.


We met today, 17/11/2009, we talked about the effects of medication whether they can cause depression, I told him I had a conversation with my elder brother, Saj, he said he thought I had a condition and that it needed addressing, whereas I was of the opinion I'm 30 years old, I'm no longer 22, fresh out of uni, and getting caught into the institution of mental hospitals, and some memories like when they locked my head between 6 nurses and dragged me across the corridor, and then gave me an injection of sedatives, all because I went to the nurses desk , and said 'I want my cocaine', because I rather take coke than there crap, but when I did take coke it had no affect on me it was just like candy, expensive type, whereas a single drop of it could crack a man open, on the other hand some people can take loads and it doesn't to anything, anyway I was like 'I want my cocaine', and they did me for that. If you're selling then I want the best, not this stupid gutter junk that makes you into a loser of the institute.

I told him that my other brother Dr, said that mental health was not a precise science, he has worked as a psychiatrist, he also told me that there might be withdrawal symptoms if they take me off it, but that is totally ridiculous, because they've chopping and changing my medication for the past 8 years, and don't think I can take any more, when is enough enough!


I mentioned how being marrried has changed me, my wife used to notice that my feet were constantly shaking when we first married, but yesterday as she was cutting my toenails, I noticed my feet were not shaking. I told the nurse sometimes the problem is being half empty or half full, and that when they come together they become whole. But then the elder start saying we want to see the faces of our grandchildren before we die, not my parents who say that but my grandmother who is really elderly.


That's what caffeine does to me, I miss out words in sentences somehow and start making mistakes, I will settle for tea instead, costa coffee is too strong, best but strong. I need to stay away from all drugs, if I wish not to end up depressed.


Mashallah, whatever God wills, praise be to God Lord of the universe.


The Holy word is in Arabic not Latin or Greek.



With pain there is gain


with pain there is gain, verily with pain there is gain (94:6)


The pain of schooling, the growing pains, the institution pains, for the first time I truly understand this verse in the context of how Dr.Khalifa translated it.


I look back on my life and see all the pain, even my friend wormtongue (Greg Keane used to live in Wakefeild) screamed once loudly 'PAIN', but I'm a tough nut to crack mister, don’t you know what would crack a man in two with a tiny bit, another man can take it all and wouldn't change a thing. That's philosophy what eff do you know? Nothing, nothing... nothing. But certain prophecies are certain like the Day of Resurrection, Gog and Magog, the prophecy of the smoke, so we have faith in things to come, that is what faith is to know certain things will take place in their own time or at a precise time. Ever wonder why doesn't God send a miracle like retribute people for their sins, so that we can all be witnesses thereof and become believers, maybe God has His own plan, and numbers turning to belief are irrelevent if they are stricken by it. Only when God sends a messenger does there become the threat of Divine retribution, but God says, 'He could have guided them unanimously', so we must take heart, only when we will to change our condition will God change it, if we continue to disbelief, reject faith, devote to this temporal illusive world, then God does not need anyone, but if we become appreciative then it is for our own good.


God controls everything; I firmly believe that, there isn't a leaf that falls that God is not aware of. God la ellaha ellallah.


Who is God? Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between,

Where is God? God is near He answers prayers of those who believe.

What is God? The Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent.



See if I can write a little verse about 'with pain there is gain'


All my life I have been searching

One to fill my heart with loving

To make this half empty person whole

To take away this feeling inside my soul


Slow and steady wins the race

If there was another god with God there would be chaos in its place

To tread this path you have to keep the faith

To be granted mercy and grace


I remember the little things people tend to forget

The Day of Resurrection on 2280, precisely set

Adding to 12, another miracle for the steadfast

Time has slowed down, now we remember what will outlast


No one can take this pain away

Even after you have found forever and day

But now God has granted me with a companion

To take some of the pain away


Verily with pain there is gain

Verily with pain there is gain

With pain there is gain

With pain there is gain


Only a wise old fool

Can bring this to an end

Only a wise old fool

Never will we start all over again



Chrystal Palace


Running in circles

Chasing up tales

O let's go back to the start


Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be so hard

O takes me back to the start


I remember singing this song at the top of my voice, with my headphones on in a mental hospital, seems lost in people who seem to think we should be allowed to do things over again and again, not realising history never repeats itself, only when you sense you have been left behind does it feel the need to start all over again. To not insult someone sometimes you have to join them, if you say no thanks, it means what they are doing is wrong in your eyes, and that can be a hard decision, but sometimes the problem never arises as such, I will never return to uni to be among freshers who drink the night away, nor will I be coping on living independently and among friends have a beer, and now the only excursion to the outside world is when the nurse who is like a parole officer comes to check on me every week. But when you tell them, where were you when I fell from the top of my house? I was on holiday skiing, and this is the man I can rely on when needed. Fool's gold, do not be betrayed by the size of it, or weight, or how it feels, it is a pretenders paradise not the real thing,


They say such that I must go to cinema and do activities, but the Quran teaches the jinn leads them away from remembering their Lord, and when they meet God they will say we enjoyed each other’s company until our lives were wasted. So you must understand they believe in demonic powers whereas the submitters believe in the Omnipotent. They look to Solomon and the jinns when Solomon asked who can bring me Sheba's palace, and one of the jinns said I can bring it in the blink of an eye, and so when Solomon saw it settled, he became appreciative of God. When Sheba visited she was asked is this your palace, and she replied it seems so, and when she entered she lifted her skirt above her ankles thinking she had stood in a pool of water, and then she was notified the palace had been paved with crystals.


Point I'm making the demon could lift something so big and carry it in a milisecond across such distances, that is the power they worship, but yet they claim can God create a rock he could not carry.


A supplication one of the last Suras of the Quran reads:



[113:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[113:1] Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak.

[113:2] "From the evils among His creations.

[113:3] "From the evils of darkness as it falls.

[113:4] "From the evils of the troublemakers.

[113:5] "From the evils of the envious when they envy."



You don’t know until you try


Someone said, 'true knowledge is that you know nothing.', but the truth is only when you try when you will to change will something take place, my Lord guides to the easiest of paths, the Lord does not want to create hardship, nor does He wish to burden. No soul is burdened with more than he can bear, there goes all the hideous sadism of violence on the screen that make out you must endure extreme pain until the hero of the hour arrives, but the truth is no one is burdened more than they can bear even if it seems a lot in our eyes. Another translation of the verse, usri ma'al usri yusra, with hardship comes ease, or with pain there is gain, the Arabic may be wrong though. Through chaos there is light, or is it out of chaos there is light, if we look to the world during the day it seems chaotic busy and bustling and brightly coloured under the sun, whereas at night things are peaceful under the light of the moon.

You don't know unless you try, that is why there are tests, why water is the source of strength, the food the source of energy, and the air the source of life. 40 is the age of decision, and reckoning, if you still do not submit by then, then you shall not be forgiven, if you die before forty then there is no reckoning, but when you reach forty, an age of maturity then you shall pray to God for forgiveness and submit to Him. God controls everything. Life until forty can be a learning process and a time of reflection and study. These are not my teaching but the late Dr.Rashad Khalifa who was killed and so some questions that I would like to raise to him, cannot be raised, nor would he have time for them if he was still alive.

They think you have to kill the Queen if you wish to take over, well we play it like a game of chess, and leave unable to move, and so concede rather than kill the King, my Lord God let this reach her, so she has to choose does she choose to submit to the Lord of the universe, or do they wish to continue to pretend that if there was a god then why does He not let the people decide what they want. Who controls who, is there free will, or is there the will of God.

How did the playlist titled, "the all three playlist, reflections, remixes, retro.", how did this have 3 tracks called Hear No See No, one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end, and there being 33 tracks in total, and then the title of Hear No See No, had 05, written before it, and there were three Hear No’s and 2 remixes of Ian Brown tracks. How did that all come about, was that free will, or the will of God, you can see for yourself on, it's got music, it's got geometric art, it's got writing, all three in See No's world.


la quwata ila billah


No one possesses power except God


My Lord, shower us with forgiveness and mercy, of all the merciful ones You are Most Merciful.




This is my last letter to the media, from now on I shall only write to people I know, so control the stimuli, it just opens me to too much and I'm older now so don't wish to continue.


Long live the King





Submitter Mix


Shouldn't take the Lord's name in vain, should have realised the hypnotic suggestion to add 'and I am a submitter', after a gap before which I said 'there is only one God'. After drawing a perfect circle writing a flawless speech, and becoming more free with the truth, I see this as a mistake, after all I did choose to object to the name of Muhammad being added to the kalima tawheed, the mathematically codified Arabic words which translate as there is no other god besides God. In years to come people may look to it and say well did he not say and he is a submitter, surely does that not mean there is no mistake. Only God knows the true timeline and how things came into being, everything is in accordance with God's will, I know my history but everything seems like a jumbled up dream, the consciousness springs up new dimensions and ideas and thoughts all the time, sometimes I realise that it is Satan who is trying to dupe me, and by the will of God I recite the three kuls, and then ask what was the meaning of what I recited, then remember the words, 'I seek refuge in God from the evils of sneaky whisperers be they from the men or from jinn.'


The video to Submitter mix, this was the first track I put my own vocals on, it was one of the earliest tracks I made, I asked myself what shall I say, a voice said, 'there is only one God', after a while I thought yeah okay, I remember I was thinking about one of the best Stone Roses concerts live at Blackpool, which started with Brown saying 'there's only one stop', I think he was referring to the concert only having one stop, and they played their set continuously without a break. People criticise Brown's vocals live, but I think the album are testimony that he has alrite vocals it is usually the sound quality in the place he's playing in, I? Remember he performed on MTV, with sunshine a track off his first solo album, and it was a good performance, live TV, studio and live concerts there are all different. Credit to him he can sing along in time and in synch with the music, The video is me pretending I'm John Lennon, there was an alt4ernative ending to it, with me singing love me do, but I couldn't get the sound to switch from audio to video so left it out.




It is also kinda strange how this track's is like Stellify, in the only two notes of a piano being played, but this track was well before I heard Stellify.



Hypocritical Catholics, lying Protestants and ignorant evangelists


The Pope and Roman Catholicism are hypocrites

The Queen and the Protestants are liars

The President and the Evangelists are ignorant


The top believe power lies in money

The middle believes power lies in guns

The final believes power lies in boys


The Pope is the elder

The Queen is the youth

The President is the child


Just as in Islam the three main sects of ahle Sunna (Sunnis) who are the hypocrites, the ahle Bayt (shias) are the liars and the ahle Hadith (Salefis) are the ignorant.


Jews are hypocrites

Christians are liars

Muhammadans are ignorant



Let us go to India for the third example,

The Hindus came first

The Muhammadans came second

The Sikh came third



Guess who the hypocrites are, who the liars are, and who the ignorant ones are. The elders think they know the future, the youth think they can believe in the present, the child think they can learn from the past.


One love not two

One heart not two

One soul not two


You cannot keep your hands in every pond, you have to choose one, decisions decisions

You can't keep looking for the answer, when you cannot look within, beauty is only skin deep

You cannot learn from the past, if the past has nothing to say, ignorance is bliss


Which fails first the body or the mind

Which is seduced first the body or the heart

Which is corrupted first the body or the soul


You come!

You go?

You stay.


Moses came

Jesus went

Muhammad stayed










Fabrications and innovations and adulterations


Well if you were to ask me, both Christmas and Eid are wrong, as for Christmas it is a pagan celebration marking the birth of the pagan god Mithra, and for Eid it is an innovation stemming from Hadith. As for the birth of Jesus it is more likely to be around August because that is when the dates are ripe and can fall off very easily. The Quranic story of the birth of Jesus, son of Mary is totally different to the one told in the Gospel, as for in the Quran there was no stable, there was no Joseph, there was no three Kings, or a star, Mary's birth pains took place against a tree a palm tree, and as she gave birth she became so ashamed of herself that wish she was dead before this, but then a child spoke, fear not for thy Lord has provided a rivulet beneath you. Jesus advices her to shake the tree trunk and that it would drop ripe dates. As for the Gospel accounts, well one can say they full of half truths and made up of many lies, as for example the lineage of Jesus, two gospel accounts get the number of people in the list wrong, is that another contradiction, or are we nit picking. But why try to make both the Messiah and the son of David one person, if you begin with a lie, then ultimately you will be seduced further to lie even bigger next time, and then next time, until you have a gross blasphemy at your hands. We do not want to divide the religion we follow Abraham, he was never an idol worshipper, he was a strict monotheist and a submitter. Bye bye all the mercenaries Bye bye you sold your souls So high our beautiful eyes can see How high , how far we've flown Everything is in its place And all is of its time I think it's so funny I left you so far behind ...(IB So high)




You can spend forever and a day talking about various parts and bits, you could write all kinds of things about it, but one word to sum it up, would be 'unpredictable', that is what was meant to be achieved, and the elder brother Saj was right. You got to fight for your rights, who is blessed whether they wish to turn a blind eye, or whether they want to steal, happiness can neither beg, steal or borrow. My brother Saj summed it up in one word, unpredictable, yeah man with only one listen he got to it, before it took me many listens, even though I produced it.


I'm the marathon man, catch me if you can

Got miles and miles already run,

Got my miles and miles still left to come


I understand marathon man, what might have triggered such a track, but isn't it amazing that time is such that we are coalescing in different ways on the same light. It has to be marathon man, it can be no other, whether you can tap into the real world or remain in strong opposition, or whether you become forsook, or if you are too stoned to realise the difference.


What does it mean to be stoned, to be free of any attachment, in my eyes, but when the unseen starts talking to you, then you know the weed has changed potency, to a child it is a herb, to an adult it is a potent drug, to diharmornise and to create tangents and points of delirium.


Days are gone when smoking weed seemed a recreation, days are gone when drugs were seen as great time killers, now there is only the joy of a woman can bring to the soul, to make the man rise above the world and take his soul to the height of yearning.


Guess it is just maturity and I guess it is shared among us few, they won’t let us in they barred the door, made us the anti-thesis, but they cannot evade us or make us fade away, when we shine in the light of knowledge, in the power of belief and in the wisdom of the past.


The scientist

The artist

The classicist


The headmaster

The GP

The professor






The headmaster works with the children

The GP works with the elderly

The professor works with the youth




A game


The whole mental health service is based upon the untold lie that it is to them no more than a game, in this Masonic world there is no light and darkness,. There is no good and evil, there is no right and wrong. For them there is apartheid, those deemed to be untouchable and those seen as cannon fodder, for them there is no equality that the circle has no side for them there is just tangents of the ego and a big hole in their minds to satisfy their pride, to them it is a gamble to see who gets what and to fight over everything, where is the justice, where is the equality and where is the freedom.


There is no god in their eyes, in their eyes there is blindness to the existence of everything without a mind, without a body without a soul, to them there is just me in the selfish loathing and pity. There is no denying that there is knowledge of the mind, that there is power of the body, and there is wisdom of the soul. But do they submit to the creator of time and space, to the initiator of the heavens and the earth, God does not guide the wicked.


A game is it, a game, a game.


So they go around saying the murderer of the vicar was a paranoid schizophrenic, did this label come first or after, only to scare monger people into believing that anyone diagnosed with schizophrenia is harmful. There may be psychos, but only after the crime has been committed. To them it is just a game.


But when one clocks the game, then what?

When one goes to achieve the impossible then what?

Radiohead can keep talking to the animal

When all I am is a son of man and woman

Gonna keep growing and nurturing the soul

Gonna keep mesmorising the world


Gonna start from scratch

Don't need titles and status

Don't need to take some else’s name

I am Kashif Hussain

The past was yours

The futures mine

You’re all out of time





How come if the Jews killed the messengers and the prophets, there was no justice for them


Because they are oppressors who do not know light from darkness


How come the Christians cry out for equality between the chosen and the gentiles?


Because they are transgressor who do not observe the commandments


How come the Muhammadans cry out for freedom to worship God free from Judaism and Christianity?


Because they are ignorant of the past, and fight as long as there is breath in them, they pump up and then blow it all out in one go, and see how far they go like a deflating balloon. Very fast in a hundred years they had reached Spain on one side and China on the other,


The elders shall rule

The youth shall own

The child shall control


He shoots and he score! Player of everything, it is life

He shoots and he hits the bar? Soldier of nothing, tis the call of death

He's on a mazy run, no one can seem to get to him, he shoots and he misses. Daddy of the eternal, the resurrection as butterflies from their cocoons


Player rules!

Soldier Owns?

Daddy controls.







Blurry eyes


There may be a problem with 3d films, if you take your glasses off, and watch it, your eyes will become blurry afterwards, I went last night on the assistance of my elder brother , I couldn't help feel that there were subliminal messages with the trailers and with things like a deep voice saying, 'it is decision time it is either us or them/' these are the same people who launched an offensive against Iraq, maimed so many children, killed so many people, destroyed a whole country, yet they want you to watch and pay to watch the trash, , as soon as I heard these words maybe it was my own volition or God's will, but I got up and left the cinema, my wife followed me, I said I'd wait outside you go in, I went to the bathroom, and when I came back I decided to sit outside and wrote a poem, on the notes on the phone,


I don't need TV to believe my eyes

I don't need to be seduced by lies

Don't need its subliminal messaging

Got to be able to believe my eyes


Caught in a whirl wind

With only a staff to keep me going

To keep me on the ground

While they lose what they found


It's only Kash

Will stand the test of time will it last?

It's only a man

There's no end to the damn


By which point my wife returned, then she said she buy me something, so we went to the sweets shop, I got some ice cream, and then she said lets go in, I got to the door and then decided I didn't want to so I went back to the seats outside the cinema, and sat down to eat my ice cream. As I was sat there some girls arrived and sat close by, I thought if my wife returns she already mentioned 'that I might be doing it to be checking out the girls,' so I thought better go in to the cinema. As I went in I had left the glasses on the floor and couldn't find them on my return, so began watching the film without them, it was the Christmas Carol, on a huge screen, then the next day as I was reviewing my work on my eyes started to blur.



One of the mysteries of the Gospel


Remember the time when a gentile woman confronts Jesus, and Jesus says something to the effect the dogs cannot eat at the same place as the children, and the woman replies but the dog can eat the crumbs and leftovers from their table.


How is it that these words seem eternal, how is it that this woman envisaged the chosen people as Kings rather than as fellow humans, and herself as a lowly poor peasant. Whereas Jesus saw it in terms of purity, that the children are clean, pure and good and the dog is dirty, impure and bad.



Then we come to a time, when everything is given to them, wait that doesn't belong to you, doesn't matter let them take it, be patient, now the woman’s words ring true they are the ones with great spoils and riches, pompousness and superiority they are the Kings, who have know no less, whereas the common fight over the scraps and leftovers.


The filthy dog has become the King, and the children of Adam have become the lowly poor peasant.


The life of my grandfather, my father's dad was one of a subsistent farmer from Kashmir, relocated to Punjab after the building of the dam, never saw the modern world, and died having lived all his life off the toils of his labor on the earth. Those are my roots,


Is that the answer, is that how the riddle is fulfilled, or is there another sting in its tail.



That is where I come from, not from a pig culture nor from a hateful innuendo, nor from a disagreeable nonsensical proverb.


Hear this if you have heart,


Let them have it, let them steal it, let them use and betray it.


Is there answer to this, the dog can eat the crumbs under the table where the children sit.


Pompousness, superiority and pig greed. That is what the gentile woman symbolises.


Jesus had no answer, he believed his eyes, and praised the Lord, for showing him His signs and to the wonder of the world the eternality of such words spoken yet written and so become part of the process.


Believe your eyes, do not side with Satan, do not betray your soul, kill your ego, and join the submitters.




Moo kalaa


They have been given the world, but go around saying 'God bless you', what is the meaning of this, they are only words spoken by these pagans, who think they can buy happiness, that they can worship the devil and still be allowed into the Kingdom of God, when they do not conform nor reform nor inform, they fear the shadow of the past, and believe in the demons and have faces contorted like devils, they think all is forgotten and nothing in the past to learn the truth from.


God bless you, words spoken in the form of wormtongue, who speaks on high, pretending he controls the mind of the Most High, give them the day let them have the right of everything in sight, let them forget their Lord in whose hands is the treasures of the heavens and the earth. Wormtongue is who they use, to besiege the King, wormtongue is who they set aside to talk to the Lord, be careful Kashif you may be on the imagined realm that becomes part of the truth.


God bless you, when in any other time have they mentioned the name of God, other than in this occasion, and isn't it funny that it began by a Priest in response to someone sneezing, that is how trivial of a beginning it had. Now here I stand with the hobbit Ian Brown talking in my ear, and I wonder who are these do they all represent evil, are there any good apples among all these vile, despicable and rotten apples.


I had a friend at university who spoke like a wormtongue, studied philosophy and sounded potty, more of an acquaintance than a friend. Now I fear a conspiracy, to attack my person, I have a written email from the CPN about an incident when he gave me a monthly injection whilst his finger on the left hand was bleeding, I have confronted him and asked what were you thinking when you gave me an injection whilst bleeding? It's alrite, it's only Kash! What were you doing while you were behind my back giving me an injection to the buttock, while your finger bled? Why did you not let me turn around?


So now you know various pieces in the jigsaw, what black people had to go through at the hands of white Satanists, and what I may have also become another transfused AIDS case?


It's a bit of a conspiracy as I see it, because firstly the nurse started to keep his hair long, he's old, bold and wrinkled but he thinks he can sport long hair, didn't say anything, never have mentioned it, don't look to the outside to say everything look within to the heart and soul, the body is a shell. So he looks like a tramp now, then he mentions fear of losing his job and becoming a tramp, then he talks of whether he will lose his job. Then I asked to be transferred onto general care from forensic, and they said it will take six months, I wonder if they conspired.

Also remember talking to the nurse about blood transfusion while I had been in hospital for my back injury, but he must think I have forgotten that. What do you think I am a piss head like that philosophy student?


No longer Saruman, now I'm Gandalf, and I will show you some wizardry before the end of my days.


History people, only become wiser when you learn right from wrong. I understand black man now, why he's so upset and angry, stay alive, just let them take everything, one day unana moo kala ho see, one day their faces will be black.


Who wants to put their lives in these people’s hands, when they are just as hateful and evil and malicious as any other criminal, devil worshippers, animals innately are very patient, but humans are impatient, who wants to put their hands in these people's hands, just jealousy, greed, hatred, malice, lust and pride, devil worshippers.


Jealousy that I should survive, and then let them back into my lives, and then they betray me by trying to contaminate and transfuse my blood. At least if I'm right I have bought my freedom from this rat race, no longer can anyone trust anyone unless they are comfortable with it, no longer forced treatment, no more sections and by passing courts of law, and no more new world order, return to the commandments of God and the rites of Abraham, and this is the best of courses.


I bear witness there is no other god besides God.


Yet they are lost in the term God, all there is to say is God does not guide the wicked. We have a simple answer there is only one God, for them there is a complex argument because they are deceived by the devil.



The tiny



When I quoted the Quran, I made a mistake when I wrote, 'Even something as tiny as a mustard seed deep inside a rock, God will bring it forth.' That was a mistake I made, there are a few points where I feel that I may be made mistakes, this mistake means that there is a size issue, whereas the infallible word of God, truly translates as ' even something as HIDDEN as a mustard seed deep inside a rock. God will bring it forth.' I make many mistakes in the verbatim understanding of the Quran, unless you know Arabic and also the Quran and have good command of the language but even still to translate the word of God into a different language, speech being free the essence and soul of it may be affected by the person who writes, whereas the true answer is really much more in reality not based on conjecture or dubious minds or even a corrupt ideal, we must strive to eliminate the threat of trying to achieve something without trying to hide a lie, we should strive to become as sincere and devout as is the will of God, and to try to free our souls from the evil of sin.


The proofs of God are immense, everything in the heavens and the earth glorify God, all creation is in submission to God except Iblis and those who follow him, for them there is the particular the tiny other side whereas for the whole there is only one God, the patience of animals is such that they know they die, but there is only death, but for humans there is the added question of resurrection and the afterlife. They are such who will say if the words la illaha illallah are codified in Arabic then anything added to this is breaking the code, so when we say ashadhu llah illaha illallah wahdahu la shareekala that is also breaking the code. There we must pause, no one knows the time spent in discourse and understanding and thinking only what appears seems free of time and is the effort of a person to understand the true nature of existence, reality and submission. How tiny is the life of this world compared to the eternal hereafter, how much is this tiny affecting our conscious to stop us from accepting the Almighty God, when there are witnesses of untold number of truths and wisdom and power of miracles and the knowledge of the mind and the wisdom of the soul, yet ignorantly we pass them by and cling to the tiny.


Truth shall set you free.


Alhamdullilah rabil alameen


Free speech

Infinite sight

Limitless hearing


Allahu Ackbar


The greatness of God, or the tiny particular of the other side. There are opposites, and so there are only a few chosen ones, and the mass ignorant lot on the other side.





How far can you go?


How far you gonna go

Before you lose your way back home


We can only take it so far, without becoming idolatrous or becoming blasphemous or becoming corrupt, if you apply one size fits all rule, then you going to face the added problem of what children figure out that to get things in the right slot you need the correlating shape and size. There is only one rule for all that is there is only one God.

Secondly without mathematics there would be no logic there would be no science and there would be no beginning or end, if we say that with the free speech we learn from the past we give meaning and definitions to things that occurred in the past, we find the truth but also with the infinite in sight to compute we do not say that there is everything in sight we say there is infinite in sight, be warned of the jinn companion with you for life who will work in the present moment and though you feel it is a natural response you do not know who is influencing your decisions, with the limitlessness of hearing, there is no stop no power or wisdom just knowledge when it comes to hearing. So the second part of the riddle is not the number of gods, how we are told not to become idolatrous and to worship solely God and to uphold the commandments and to devote to God alone. Question. Was Muhammad devoted to his companions or to God, if you say companions then it is no longer a religion but a cult, if you realise that the fact that the number of Suras when they were revealed and where they were placed in the Quran could surely not be the work of hearsay, therefore recognise that the Quran comes from the Prophet's own hand, then you will realise also that the Prophet was devoted only to Almighty God. Second problem of math’s therefore if the number of Gods has been established is the codification and the signature of God, 19, that is how I see it. This number shows that God, Lord of the heavens and the earth is the First and the Last, alpha omega, awal wal akhir. It is important in understanding how far one can go, the Christians believe in free love, they regard themselves as no longer the children of Adam but go further and say they are children of God. How far can one go, without following the commandments nor believing in one God but three and having faith in Christ, in other words they do not look to the Lord of the heavens and the earth controlling everything, and that it is not the people who show their nature as good but it is God who shows his nature as good, they serve the people and give the rights that belong to God away to these lowly humans who they set up as protector and savior. Then they pat each other on the back and say 'good man'.

The third part of the mathematical riddle after establishing one God, so we no longer become idolatrous, the second being the 19 the mathematical miracle of the scripture and the number which symbolises the First and Last, this stop us becoming blasphemous, the third number is 3, from which we realise the age old question could God create a rock he could not carry. When I sleep in the morning when the light comes into the room, my eyes whilst close show what seems like a rock glowing and suspended and in the middle of my eye, sometimes I used to view as a tunnel and try to climb out of it, but the more tried the more further away the goal appeared, I think. I think it is my pupil which shows as a rock whilst my eyes are closed and the light from outside make it seem glowing and suspended. But what we realised about this question, is that they wish for to trap the mind into yes and no or I don't know, like the question which came first the chicken or the egg? The answer being the chickens dad, but the integers are between two, like which would be more powerful the rock or God, but the answer is as easy as 123, because firstly it is the size which we question, so we can say this has to be fluid, then secondly the weight of it comes in and we say this has to be solid, then thirdly pressure and then we can say this has to gaseous. What we then realise is size is everything, weight is nothing, and the pressure is eternal. For life to exist there has to be the eternal, not just physics and chemistry but also the soul and the life and breath which we know is a characteristic of life. So we can realise the threes the Omniscience of God, the Omnipotence of God, and the Omnipresence of God.


So to avoid idolatry we say one God

To avoid blasphemy we say 19 symbolises the first and the last

To avoid corruption we say as easy as 123, God is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent.



Tiny edit


Actually it is tiny, what was I thinking, maybe got confused by an earlier attempt to write this verse, and then seen this then thought it was wrong, a lot of times going back to something I feel I have got it wrong.


"Even something as tiny as a mustard seed, deep inside a rock, be it in the heavens or the earth. God will bring it forth."


Forgive me our Lord, I am getting confused and lost and rather wearisome with text that become quite long, and slowly it begins to fall to pieces.


I read it in the dawn prayer on the 5th December 2009, in the Quran that the verse is actually tiny.



The Masons


Who are they?


A secret satanic cult.


How do you know?


Look on top of the Whitehouse there is a statue of Persephone the Greek goddess of the underworld, and they claim they are Christians.


What do they believe?


That the damn will be victorious.


What do they try to achieve?


A one world empire


What will happen when they read this?


They know like the verse says "truth is here, and falsehood shall vanish.", so they will become a non entity


What happens when you look them in the eye?


You see no soul


What is happiness to celebrate Christmas another pagan festival or to submit to God, Lord of the heavens and the earth?


Happiness is submission to God


Who shall win?


Submitters have been guaranteed victory, those who believe in God, devote to God alone, and do not set idols to rank with God, nor associate partners nor seek protectors other than God.


Who are shall lose?



The Queen of England



Heaven, earth and hell


God blesses those who uphold His commandments, for the sake of light, for the sake love for the sake of peace.


God is the Forgiver of sins, acceptor of repentance, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Praise be to God Lord of the universe.


Those who cherish the name of their Lord and lead a life of righteousness.


Those who exalt the love of God, before all other things and believe in purity of the heart.


Those who give from their earnings to the needy and the wayfarer and strive in the cause of God to eliminate oppression to stop transgression and to defuse the threat of aggression.




There is no other god besides God


We learn from history, only change comes when we acknowledge that there is need for reformation and for cleanliness of mind from hypocrisy, purity of heart from lies and goodness of soul from ignorance.


We come various lineages, orders and ties we can only move forward in the move of the piece we wish to move like in a game of chess, however where we start from and where we are going can all be decided, for example feudalism and divine right of kingship, have been removed though traces of it remain but hidden from the mainstream in case it brings disorder and disarray in society. What they must understand is how are we going to envisage a world without the truth of devotion without the belief in good, and without the light of knowledge. All of a sudden I sense a change in the heart of the monarchy, they want to become monotheist, maybe that is where there road leads to, maybe elsewhere. But I was surprised to hear in the program song of praises a strictly monotheist hymn being sung from a church in Cambridge, maybe there is change on the horizon.


I also sense a lot of hateful ego in my mind, maybe by giving copies of the Final Testament, the authorized translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, if any wish for a copy, I advice get in touch with masjidtucson,org, they only charge for postage and will even send two copies per envelope, if you ask, so that you can give to others.


I gave a copy to my psychiatrist, and it is strange the ego is very bad it will always try to lead to failure, but it has becoming more proponent since I gave the psychiatrist a copy. I wonder if there is some psychic dialogue going on, to see if he can defeat the purpose and win rights of subordination over me.


I get my say, every time I write, the words in my mind are conveyed throughout the unseen world, and even in the recitation of the Quran I have witnesses who listen, we changed the goal post, from out of this temporal world to the eternal hereafter, heaven earth hell, What appears on the right not our right but the right of the words on the screen is heaven, what appears as the center is earth and the one on the left is hell. That is the passage of the Children of Adam, from the Garden of Eden, to earth, and finally to hell. Positive, neutral and negative. Future, present, past


Down down, down,

I'm standing alone

I'm watching you all

I see you sinking


Was it the size of everything?

Was it the weight of nothing?

Was it the pressure of the eternal?




A few schisms appear in the voyage and discourse during the life of this page, first schism I noticed concerns the children of God, because in the Bible it is prevalent and very pronounced in the Gospels, but totally avoided in the Quran. Coming from a Sunni background I was led to believe that the whole idea of children of God was almost blasphemous and that you should not go so far, however during my studies and aid through the works of Dr, Khalifa and various other submitters, I began to understand that the term children of God or sons of God, is not blasphemous but sacrilege, not all are children of God, nor are there any begotten of God as they claim Jesus, son of Mary in Christianity and Ezra in Judaism. We find one of the most simplest and shortest and easiest of Suras in the Quran sura al ikhlas, Chapter of Absoluteness, a verse reads, God begets not nor is He begotten. Though our soul the biology part what gives us life, comes from God, but we are also born with a demon companion who will try to lead you astray. Earth is neutral and is therefore the middle and the center, during our brief stay we either redeem our souls or side with the opposition. We are either people of the right or the left.

It is mire, and also very perilous one move in the wrong direction could lead to the wrong destination. That is why we should remain steadfast, observe the contact prayers, read and study the Quran, and meditate during the night, and pray our Lord guide us to the right path.

Isn't it a wonder Arabic reads right to left, and English left to right. So that I get confused when I write heaven, earth and hell, thinking well hell appears on the right whereas heaven appears on the left, if we were to look from the readers perspective, whereas in Arabic the words would read right to left. I wonder how they would get around translating that bit into Arabic.

Other schisms have been noted but memory isn't that good to remember various details.



If you are letting the people decide then why the secrecy


Fkin Masons

Evil Masons

Bloody Masons


Question. If you are giving the people what they want, then why the secrecy?


Revolutionary words, but who will raise the banner.


Pride, greed, hatred, lust, envy and malice


No time for corrupt ideals


What is idealism?


Is this the ideal way of life?


Does this cater for everyone


Or only for the few


When the population in the next 200 years will be ten times the number now


Is the elixir of life scientific?


Does the eternal breath of life come from nothing?


Built on shifting sand


The illusion of grandeur



Munafiq! Chootay? Jahil.


Once when I came home from university, I played my older brother a game of chess, he used to play for school and I thought I'd give him a game, since he was one of those really slow methodical players that aggravated the opponent with boredom and waiting, many a fight between my two older brothers broke up due to making the elder angry, I never had fights with my brothers I was too young, the youngest, who had an older sister by 3 years and two older brothers by 5 and 7 years. Anyway I began wiping the floor with him, really easily and fast like a whirl wind, but the look of humiliation on my brother's face by beating him in his own game meant I thought let's ease off a little, maybe he will resort to peace, but instead give a centimeter they take a mile.


So you will see with the Muslim world, when the submitters began to wipe the floor with those who wished for corruption, but when they chose not to resort to peace but instead take the liberty for granted and try to exploit the weakness and opening, in order to keep face that they did not lose. So it becomes a competition on earth, and many pyramids being built, with tyranny in each one.


It is not meant to be, that at my hands they reform and resort to peace, and take the kind gesture as a welcome to peace rather than all out war. I sometime for the sake of the reader who happens to have just joined add extra information, which the experienced reader would not need and think frivolous To subjugate with due force and coercion may seem like oppression, but some do not understand they see things in terms of ownership rather than a gift from God, to test whether we appreciative or seduced by the temporal world.


Another time, I was feeling kinda down, and we were in the central library, me and my elder brother, we were talking and I mentioned how it seems kinda futile that whatever effort you put in the only thing to show for it is a piece of paper, certificates and printed money and curriculum vities,


Maybe it wasn't the look of humiliation or whether I wanted to wipe the floor with him, or anything it is just trying to let the truth prevail rather than falsehood, let there be peace on both sides East and West, What is the point of winning, what is the point of anything other to reach an objective, whether it is to laugh or to cry or whether it is to tell a lie or be good, or whether we learn wisdom or continue in ignorance.


Woe to the munafiq

Woe to the chootay

Woe to the jahil




Please forward a copy, in case it gets lost or sabotaged or corrupted



The Secret Service CIA were behind 9-11


They all know God is Most Gracious, Most Merciful, but then only the strivers in His cause should succeed, when will this web of lies be removed, who has the hand to remove this wormtongue of a people of Masons from the Kingdom of God. The pig lies, the pig lies, the pig lies, when will the children rise, when will the poor defend the rights, who attain the ultimate prize. When are they going to rise up from this depths of denial, despise and pride, when will they yearn for their souls to become wise, when will they search the eternal light for the right, when will the free their minds.


Think of the scale of things, to build their Masonic capital in Washington must have meant many secret workers, just as 9-11 shows many secret workers, the secret service CIA, that's who are behind 9-11 and the Mason world, that is no guess, remember in taxi driver when he goes nuts and goes up to one of the secret services men and says ' I've seen a suspicious looking guy', and somewhere along the lines he says 'just waiting for the senator', and he replies, 'I'm waiting for the sun to shine'.




That was another free mason and CIA produce trash, that they feed the American public on, They been playing with combination 1+2, 2+3, 3+1.. because they couldn't see beyond their two eyes, but now comes a time, when the third eye awakens, and a combination 1,2 and 3 an all 3, the fourth dimension according to Einstein is space-time, and combination of time and space, but we see it as three dimensions of space and three tenses of time, and three types of particles, so the fourth would be all three, not something different because three is the magic number, not because it is man woman and child as the song sings talking about Plato's divine trinity, but elder, youth and child, tree of knowledge, fountain of youth, elixir of life.


I'm a messenger, sent to divulge the hidden secret, unravel the mysteries and unveil the unseen.


Nor is knowledge power as they say in the song, knowledge is strength, mind understand it cannot fail, power is turning energy into mass, whereas knowledge is knowing you can lift without much mass like a see saw to be able to balance the scales you need equal weight but with very little mass can lift a larger mass..


Obama is a CIA chief

Causing too much mischief

Gonna set black man free

Away from the heart of the ghetto please

Gonna make him cry for mummy

Till he eyes are sour and runny

Gonna see through you disguise

See you empty soulless lies

No justice, no morals, no soul

Just plain evil, conspired secrets

Tend to understand when will the poor rise up

When will they make a stance today, tomorrow?



God controls everything!

No one possesses power except God?

Everything is in accordance with God's will.


Fiction just keeps going, and there is always a way for the hero


Just as children you tend to be as fair with them as possible, even though I have only just reached adulthood and experienced children at first hand. So we see the process of nation states maybe the will to be fair to all people and to allocate them with land to call their own, isn't it strange how the Jews were the last to secure their own land, in which they could celebrate Judaism, just as the Christians have their land and the Muslims have their land, and now also the Jews have their land. Two down, one up, one up, or one up ,one up, two down. The first go last, the second go first and the final go second.


But now comes the time, whether we can collectively overcome this proud ideas and feeling of place and worth, whether we can transcend these and just as when all the children wanted their own, can they now come together and become part of the whole. That would be a challenge, that we can lose the barriers and borders that divide us, and we trust and welcome people only to test them whether they wish to make it difficult and hard or whether they wish for peace and an easier path.


I find economics quite confusing a subject I dropped at A-level, but how is it that the British remain at the top, is that because in history they were the biggest empire, I wish for equality of economics, and the debt which is being accumulated suggest fraud and deception.


People should realise that they are turning idolatrous by not questioning the physics of the monarchy, the lies and hatred and the undying greed of lust and envy, which they are worshipping rather than the Lord of the heavens and the earth. How far you go in, is how much you can take out, if there is an obstacle you must strive to find another way or turn to God for help, you should look beyond the obstacle, sometimes when reading a Muhammadan comment, I was at first joyous to hear holiness, then later on inspection I realised corruption, like ' a true Muslim is devoted to Allah. The one true God', or when I asked the CPN to write what occurred on the day he was bleeding and still administered an injection, I think he did not realise that I have it recorded and it is in my inbox, which he may have been ignorant of, because the next time I confronted him, he did not respond at all. Also when he replied I became overwhelmed he wrote it down, and told him I will not take it further but need it for reference, in case I develop something. On close inspection of his letter there were many discrepancies, first he said he put plaster and an alcohol wipe on the cut before giving the injection, but where did he get them from? Was he carrying spare? It was untrue, then he said he cut his left hand on the ampoule, fair enough, but says he never got in contact with needle, but what about when he was drawing the injection wasn't his bleeding finger close to the injection, when he changed the needle wouldn't he be using his left hand. Anyway then one day comes to see me, tells me he has trouble with his eyes, that it is an age thing, then as he repeats it he sounded as if he said ,'it's an aids thing'.


He may have studied masters, maybe the level of education means he might prove the idea that Christians are cruel. Stress


Easy or hard


Justice, equality and freedom


These are the three things we can work towards, what is just is understood by the elder, what is equality is remembered by the youth, and what is freedom is loved by the child.


Not seeing things in their entirety or with any certainty. So what was once written as freedom, equality and prosperity has now become justice, equality and freedom.


See the world become whole, see the world surrender to the will, and see the world become returned to easy rather than hard.


The communist came and they talked of the proletariat revolution and the communist ideologue

Then the fascist came and they talked of the Aryan people and the master race

Then the capitalist came and they talked of Sovereignty whether la ellaha ell Allah or the one world empire, easy or hard, one love or hard as rock.



Before them came the French, and they talked of liberty, egality, fraternity,


After them came either the end of the Masonic quest and the hard as rock belief, or came the easy as 123.




To the elder there are some

To the youth they are all

To the child there is none


During the Old Testament sons and the term children were applied strictly to some people, i.e. the chosen people. The Children of Israel were called sons.


With the New Testament there was a shift to say all Children of Adam were children of God.


With the Final Testament the term children is obsolete, it doesn't occur, because of the blasphemy to say Jesus was God's begotten son.



So with the combination of all three, there is no clear answer one is no truer than two than three. However it has been written that there are children of God and on the other end children of Satan. There are those who say there is no right or wrong, and on the other side there are those who say we have mathematics which dictates right and wrong. It comes at a penultimate time in the history of mankind, those who say there can be another god and those who say there is no other god besides God.


Then we look to the scriptures, and find they mathematically coded, the Final Testament shows an intricate code impossible to imitate but yet full of wisdom and history, and is easy to understand. Then we realise through proofs in the world that everything is in accordance with God's will, from radio, to television to internet. From Judaism, Christianity and Muhammadanism, then Islam Submission being the all pervading religion acceptable onto God, whereas the iphone, will be an amalgamation of the radio, TV and the internet. From music, art and writing, the three arts under the heading power, from nothing something to behold, that is where the trick lies to not become critical but to flow like the clear water from one vessel to another, as is the case with the speed of sound. Then with art it is the physical manifest the weightier matter something to behold that appeared in view and became an artist impression, the accuracy to show something that is real in the present. Then finally writing the precise art, to learn the truth about what one wants to say. Power isn't about ruling it is about owning, the conversion of energy into mass.


If we said rule, then the player who scored with very little energy like taking one step, like my eldest brother used to do


If we said own, we look to my middle brother who could draw a perfect circle.


Then we look to control, then we look to the child of the family, and his writing.



Greek influence over the Western world


The Western world is based upon the works of the Greek philosophers, they were not monotheist, but polytheist, the Abrahamic faith of submission is obsolete not known in the whole of the Greek philosophers’ works. The following gave me the impression Plato was a monotheist,




All men are by nature equal, made all of the same earth by one Workman; and however we deceive ourselves, as dear unto God is the poor peasant as the mighty prince. (Plato)


But then I read


Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods. (Plato)


Aristotle seems more like Buddhist beliefs of enlightenment, and humans becoming gods


He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god (Aristotle)


And when I read the following, I thought maybe they have understanding of God and His attributes


A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end. (Aristotle)


But realised the wording is wrong, a whole is what has a beginning, a middle and an end. There should be a comma instead of and


No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.


Their inside me, I'm in discourse with them, but they only show up once a week, and I see the psychiatrist once every 3 months, so all the time I need to talk, goes against a blank page, and never reaches them, and when it does I still don't have the heart to take up the particular, and they try to change my wording and interpret everything I say, so that they can think along their own lines, rather than empathise. No two people ever think alike, but don't wanna put my life in their hands, don't want their filthy hands in my eyes, trying to remove a speck of dust and expecting me to stay calm. No one should have to be diagnosed an alien, and then forced to take drug and when no act of violence or crime takes place they band them into the bi polar category, it's a game. You should see what happened to other guys you meet in for their special treatment, make you think twice about letting these vampires near you. They all walking blinded by lies!

Am stern dam in Sodom and Gomorrah

I'm singing to kingstone, teaching this song

Say it's fable, whilst I'm Able

Slipped through the net, wanna bet it's a ramble and a sandstorm

One step you'll never forget, you could never forget.

Heading straight to the man.

And you know they trying to fade ya



One shahada not two


Polytheist dream up of all sort of colourful speech, but whether there is any truth to it, you only need to look at their history to realise that they come from polytheism, so you can say the polytheist after the time of Muhammad began the scheming of lies to cover up their corruption with their Hadith, which are no different to in comparison to Greek philosophers both are lies. You can also say the Buddhist began their colourful language of enlightenment after the polytheistic beliefs of Hinduism just as the Greek philosophers came from a background of Mythological understanding of polytheism.


There was no speed, no accuracy and no precision; this only comes in Abrahamic faith. With those whom God blessed, who bear witness there is no other god besides God, and then do not bear witness to anything more than that. That is the point I'm making the Muhammadans do not bear witness to one thing but to two. By doing so have become idolatrous. Only one shahada not two, There is nothing wrong with saying Muhammad dur rasollallah, because that is how it appears in the Quran, and it translates as Muhammad, the messenger of God. It is when you bear witness then a problem arises. Because even in the Quran it says, 'The hypocrites bear witness you are messenger of God, God knows you are His messenger, and bears witness the hypocrites are liars.


They take one step further by adding Muhammad they then place the Ashabs next and so on, so when it says


[48:29] Muhammad - the messenger of GOD - and those with him are harsh and stern against the disbelievers, but kind and compassionate amongst themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating, as they seek GOD's blessings and approval. Their marks are on their faces, because of prostrating. This is the same example as in the Torah. Their example in the Gospel is like plants that grow taller and stronger, and please the farmers. He thus enrages the disbelievers. GOD promises those among them who believe, and lead a righteous life, forgiveness and a great recompense.


You need to understand la nafaraqun ahadim min rasool. There is no difference between anyone of the messengers, why don't they say ashadhu wanna musa or saleh or isa or abrahim. Why do they choose Muhammad, it clearly says as one of the principles of a believer is to not differentiate between the messengers. It says:


[2:285] The messenger has believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and so did the believers. They believe in GOD, His angels, His scripture, and His messengers: "We make no distinction among any of His messengers." They say, "We hear, and we obey.* Forgive us, our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny."


[6:19] Say, "Whose testimony is the greatest?" Say, "GOD's. He is the witness between me and you that this Quran* has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches. Indeed, you bear witness that there are other gods* beside GOD." Say, "I do not testify as you do; there is only one god, and I disown your idolatry."


On track


And finally all the arguments against the Muhammadans are found on from the works of the late Dr.Rashad Khalifa, to continue from the Christian being criticized in the Quran.


What you will find is Jesus criticised the Jews after blindly insulting the Prophet of God with heresy and possession by demons, Muhammad was sent with a message from God which criticized the Christians, and Dr.Khalifa criticised the Muhammadans after deciphering the Quran to prove it to be God's word and nothing left to deny this. And I come to look over and across the threes, the combiner of 1,2 and 3, by the will of God.


When you get your life on track, when you discard the fallacies, the erroneous worship and the corrupt inspiration, then you come back to your senses, and sometimes you may feel like you wish to voyage and breathe the air and feel happy, but everything is in its place and all is of its time, be grateful to be on track, rather than lost in the maze and fed up with the game and hateful of the reign.


Just believe that though you are home bound you are not sick or feeling defeated or dejected, and though heaven is a place we long for and hope to share in, do not sell your soul to this temporal illusion. You can't be everything, to seek a place of proudness and self worth can be devil's hypnosis, and if you put God before money, you shall not fail. Nor those who think the world is not shared by many but only for a few, who keep looking to things in discrimination and pride, rather than letting them pass and not looking to arrest and intervene, with their insecticides and the gm modification and biofuels. These are seduced by the temporal illusion of perfection rather than see that the world is not simply fun and games. Then those who think they are the last and there is none to come after them, that they have the way to achieve control and freedom, when they have corrupted the truth with their falsehoods and denial of a future to the rest of those to come. Who lost their souls to the devil. Thinking there would be no reckoning and that their corruption would last forever.


Only a messenger of God can bring you this news.



Chosen people and the gentiles


To the Christians there are only two sides the gentiles and the chosen people, whereas when we come to the final third it is about both, those who are no more Children of Israel and therefore can be categorised as gentile but they still uphold the laws which make them like the chosen people. So again there is a question of justice, with the children of Israel who look for retribution for those who are oppressing them, or when they themselves oppress, it's all about the prize, some see great wealth as the prize, or dominion or popularity others see the Kingdom of God as the prize and others as salvation and saving from the torments of the hellfire as the prize and the reward of the hereafter as the ultimate prize. And there is a question of equality for the Christians who do not believe in the miracles of the Messiah son of Mary, but believe in salvation through him that God was killed, this is the only way they can accept the Biblical narrative if it suits their desire of dominion and polytheism so that they can say we do not have to believe that Jesus was sent by God to perform miracles only he was God incarnate and he died for our sins. So they neither uphold the laws, and like I heard in an interview with the Stone Roses, where they and it was quoted of Ian Brown said, the Dead Sea scrolls claim Jesus got his powers from a black woman. Auzobillah, the Americans could be lying, I would expect that from John Squire because it was reference to one of his songs Love Spreads, but if it is true, you’re just as Masonic as the rest and only selling for a fistful of gold in your betrayal. Disbelievers,


The white man is colour blind he likes to view the blacks as the future and as the Moors, when no black blood can be seen in any Sicilian nor Spanish, and themselves as the brown people who are just and clean and unprejudicial, and the brown people as the white devil worshipper. You see people like Brown and Eminem, trying to make the black man some sort of Messiah, like Bob Marley the stupid thick Rasta with no idea of submission or Abrahamic faith, just some cult from the States.


Then there is the question of freedom, why did we go on this long mazy run, rather than truth shall set you free, they think corruption will buy them freedom, they view the truth as slavery and the falsehood as living like kings or gods, they corrupted the text and with it led a multitude astray, they sold their souls to the devil. They think corruption will last forever, and truth shall not prevail, they think like children who built a gang, we'll see, whether who is last in their ignorance they see they are the third and think they are the last, so they will be able to lie and corrupt the religion. They think they are the last.




Playing the doom card because of impotence in finding a way to conquer death


My wife advised if you eat 10 almonds a day it is beneficial for your health, my response is simple, I'd do it if the act means I do not die, have they found anything for that yet? They say eat 5 portions of fruit a day, they say drink 2 litres of water a day, but people have come and gone they learnt to get along or fight or go to war, but there are no guarantees of a longer or a more healthier life, you are as healthy as you feel, as long as you are not in discomfort as long as you do not abuse your body and as long as you are pain free, that is all that really matters. I would do anything to be able to live forever, that is why I heed the warnings of the Quran and submit to God, and am appreciative of the blessing to be born in these times after the fulfillment of an amazing discovery and the restoration of the religion of Peace and Submission, from those who corrupted the religion believing they were the last and so their corruption would last forever.


I would do anything to live forever, can you scientist find the elixir of life among the world or in heaven, but due to this impotence instead they pray on people’s fears, oh the terrorist are trying to kill you, oh the climate is warming when in fact it is cooling, oh we cannot feed everyone so we need to increase output with genetically modified foods, but everywhere they are playing the doom card, because they can't find a way to eternal life so due to weakness exploit people’s fears. Oh Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and will launch them against its neighbors, we must do something.


How come people in the past never diagnosed people with mental illnesses, are you saying they never lived, or are this just another modern craze, stemming on getting people hooked on something or the other, so that you can leach off them. I've been forced to take medication for 2 years with the same drug, and before a various variety of drugs for the past 7 years, why? Why are they making me abuse my body, are they simply trying to keep me on it as long as they wish in order to cash in on me, instead of spending money on the things people would be grateful for, how much has gone into putting me in the net and keeping me sedated and caught in the network of beauracracies and tape. Who benefits from this system, vampires? I'll take it if you guarantee I won’t die, there now sets the goal posts don't try to twist me by saying something else.


Nor is science precisely going to be the same for everyone, you all know we react differently to medication, some can tolerate one kind but not another, some cannot tolerate them at all and some have alternative ways of treating the problem. We all react differently, just as in spinal injury there are never the same two injuries.


God never forsakes His servants, they were led to believe that the crucified Jesus, because God is in need of no one, and so the pagans can all be happy thinking God died with the end of the life Jesus, and go around talking about why children die if there is a God , or why accidents happen, They schemed a certain scheme, and God schemed, and God is the best of schemers. There is way to enter, and there is way to become arrogant, God does not guide the wicked.


All these miracles they pass them by, with little notice, not emphasizing them, because they are deceived by their own hatred, greed, lust, pride, envy and malice.


I am abusing my body, and that is dangerous, anything you take for too long will have adverse affect which are inevitable, just because they play on the doom card due to their impotence in finding the elixir of life or the thing to conquer death with.


The story of the Gospel were written just for you, you pagans with its talk of conquering death, and being the resurrection and the life, and all the rest, apart from the esoteric teachings of Jesus there is some truth to them. But remember how you enter and where you came from, power does not lie in money, guns or boys, there is power in art, the art of writing. Why did I say that because I thought of Manson murders where they wrote kill all pigs, and was thinking the old boy establishment cannot be killed it has to be defeated, I'm not Rambo or gun ho American who thinks they will fall with ease at every bullet, nor am I a Sicilian gangster, it isn't easy to kill a person, especially with your bear hands.


But that brings me to the second point where did the slaves who worked for Pharaoh get their strength from, because even in Biblical and Quranic story of Moses, he punched someone and the person died, Some serious strength there, must be the water they drink, the Nile river, also it has baffled people how the pyramids were built, how could they carry such huge rocks. All in good time, for the child only air is sufficient, for a youth food is a delight, for the elder only water can pass.


You can't be everything, you can't be liquid and solid and gas, there are 3s, the fourth only looks across the threes to make the fourth third, the dormancy of winter, the coming to life of spring, the blossom of summer, the shedding of leaves or seeds in autumn. The dormancy of winter is black, not white gold or platinum, the natural course of progression from colour to colour after gold, silver and bronze cannot be white, it has to be black, the dormancy of winter


You cannot be a child, a youth and an elder, you go through the passage of time to reach these points, the child is eternal. the youth is nothing, and the elder is everything.




12 appearing on the Day of Resurrection


I have spent the last hour quietly working through and reading early records of Submitters Perspective, which used to be called Muslim Perspective, of which Dr. Rashad Khalifa was the editor, I like to hear or read things first hand rather than after it has become transmuted through other sources, I like to see how he arrived at certain ideas.

Before I continue what I noticed, was in the June 1985 edition, which carried a review of a book by Khalifa, a passage near the end reads concerning the Day of Judgment:


Amazingly enough, this figure of 309 lunar years or 300 solar years is mentioned in the Quran in a separate context.


309 being the figure from the advent of the mathematical miracle of the Quran in 1400 AH to the day of judgment in 1709, and there being 309 years in between, which is also mentioned in the Quran concerning the number of years, I think, the sleepers of Ephesus slept for.


It is even more amazing to see that 3+0+9=12 and so does the date 2280 AD which is the year correlating to 1709 AH in the Western calendar, 2+2+8+0=12


It is also kind of relevant to find at the end of the Quran three short Suras beginning with Kul, i.e. Say or Proclaim, but there actually in total 4 Suras which begin with Kul, the first being 3 Suras before the three Kuls start. Suras 109 and 112,113 and finally 114, are the four Suras to begin with Kul.


Another thing I noticed, was the mentioning of deaf, dumb and blind in the second sura after al-Fatiha and regarded as the first main sura after the supplication which is recited during salat, that is as far as it goes, God never gave them the answer to the 3s, and even when talking of the hearing and sight the third is not written as speech but as brains. "He has given you hearing, the sight and the brains". But if you were to look at the Quran there is the continues assertion to Say, if Moses heard God, and became enlightened, and Jesus showed God and was potent, then Muhammad said what God told him, and so became wise.


And so the Muhammadans remained unaware, and to this day they still deny, reject and object that God has three attributes, through which we can also see a major link between them and the wider world, through the 3 dimensions of space, through the 3 tenses of time, which brings me to the point, hell has not been created yet, it will appear on the Day of Resurrection, then the reckoning of our deeds takes place. If we place the three tenses of time, future present and past and put heaven on the right, earth in the middle, and hell on the left and then the three dimensions of space, up and down, right and left and forward and backwards. You must bear with me, I may get the order of these things wrong, as I work through it will become clear, at present I am unsure which is first up or down or right and left forward and backwards. At present I see it in the form of the shape of the cross Christian place on the chest, which is rather 2d, up and down and right and left, then they take their bread and a sip of wine, so if these are the first two then the third should be forward and backwards. But in relation to the three Semitic religions I still do not understand the esoteric meaning behind each one. Then also place the three types of matter or rather three types of particles, positive, neutral and negative. In everything this rule applies apart from the type of creation concerning the three attributes, the angel with his knowledge, the demon with his power, and the human with his wisdom. Demon should be negative and human should be neutral. But human learns from the past whereas the demon is present and in the now.



The Wikipedia on its article concerning God, lists a fourth attribute Omnibenovelence, which when you click on it, you will find it is an innovation stemming from medieval Christianity of the 17th Century. Traditionally and even more truthfully there are only three attributes of God. After this we can say Allahu Ackbar.


At first as you may well read I was unaware how the tenses of time or the three places or even the three particles, in which order they appear.


Twelve hyphen three dot co dot UK, a study into the mysticism and relevance and understanding of 3




Mathematical Code of Qur’an Found in Previous Scripture

Continued from page 1

The people [Jews] in France made it a custom to add [in the morning prayer] the words: “'Ashrei temimei derekh [blessed are those who walk the righteous way],” and our Rabbi, the Pious, of blessed memory, wrote that they were completely and utterly wrong. It is all gross falsehood, because there are only nineteen times that the Holy Name is mentioned [in that portion of the morning prayer], 18 …and similarly you find the word 'Elohim nineteen times in the pericope of Ve- 'elleh shemot…19 Similarly, you find that Israel were called “sons” nineteen times, and there are many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined,20 and they contain many secrets and esoteric meanings,21 which are contained in more than eight large volumes.22Therefore, anyone who has the fear of God in him will not listen to the world of the Frenchmen who add the verse “ 'Ashrei temimei derekh,” and blessed are the righteous who walk in the paths of God’s Torah,23 for according to their additions the Holy Name is mentioned twenty times….. and this is a great mistake. Furthermore, in this section there are 152 words, but if you add “ 'Ashrei temimei derekh” there are 158 words. This is nonsense, for it is a great and hidden secret why there should by 152 words… but it cannot be explained in a short treatise. PLEASE NOTE THAT 152 = 19 x 8

Another aspect of the same process is the attitude towards the text of the prayers. Rabbi Judah warned his neighbors in France and Britain that if they allow even the most minor changes in that text, their prayers will become “like the songs of the uncircumcised non-Jews.” Free expression of feelings, religious or secular, was regarded by Rabbi Judah as a non-Jewish song, which has no place in the framework of worship. While this argument was not directed against rationalistic philosophers but against fellow halakhists and pietists, the problem faced in this commentary by Rabbi Judah is the same one that bothered the philosophers and all thinkers of that period: Why does God insist on a repetitive prayer, said again and again several times every day in exactly the same words, instead of allowing free expression of the individual’s religious feelings in his personal words, reflecting every special occasion? The framework of rationalistic philosophy did not offer a popularly accepted answer to this question, a fact that necessarily weakened the position of the traditional text of the liturgy in the eyes of the intellectuals of the age. It seems that the school that Rabbi Judah represented was the first to offer an answer to that problem – a nonrational answer, bordering on a mystical attitude, namely, the existence of a hidden, esoteric harmony between the text of the prayer and a divine structure, mainly a numerical structure, which is also reflected in the Scriptures, in history and in the creation. Therefore, every deviation from this structure destroys that harmony and secularizes the text of the prayers, turning them simply into collections of words and meanings, like the songs of the non-Jews.


It is possible that this new approach was merely “academic,” and it was not regarded as necessary to keep all the numerical combinations and associations in mind when actually praying. However, there can be no doubt that this new attitude had two results, one of which is manifested in this treatise, while the other is evident from all Ashkenazi Hasidic treatments of the subject: (a) No change can be tolerated in the text of the prayers, not even a minute one, because every change – even of one letter – would destroy the numerical harmony inherent in the text. It does not matter, therefore, whether the change is beneficial from



Taken from August 1985 edition of Muslim Perspective




What is the Kingdom of God?


*** THE ADVISORY BOARD OF UIN has already sent an invitation to every government in the UIN region, along with a copy of this Declaration.


*** Any government that expresses serious interest in studying the projected federation will be provided with all needed information, along with incontrovertible proof of authenticity and divine source of this Declaration.


*** The governments involved are in the following states: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates.


September 1985 Edition Muslim Perspective, titled United Islamic Nation





All these countries have sold out to the Masonic Western Satanist under the pretense of sovereignty under the Queen and her heir, may God extend her life until people rise up and dislodge this Satanic group who only use the truth to be seduced by the power of it. Like women, men try finding confidence through them, but instead the woman psychologically takes the confidence and leaves the man empty wherever there is a goal there is someone who tries to steal that happiness and success. Why should I give to him, when I can have it for myself.

We cannot turn back time, nor can we see them for what they have done, they have schemed against the solid proofs of the Lord, and have used to truth or hidden it from people, so that they can try and achieve the Pharoahic aspiration of saying there can be another god, Dr. Khalifa translated a verse of the Quran, 'truth is here, and falsehood shall vanish, verily falsehood is destined to vanish.' others translated vanish as perished.

Do you not see the obstinance, did you not notice the egotism and hatred for truth, and denial of what is right, stemming from their childhood when they became glued to the television.



They know the truth is you shall have no other gods besides God, yet they are deceived by their pagan blood, their transgressing sinful ways in which they deny the truth and try to create their own Kingdom, without one entity which they refuse, GOD.



My question if we go back to the thinking of 1985, where we are told





If the establishing of the Islamic world is inevitable, then who twisted the process? The only challenge to this is the term 'Kingdom of God', whereas Jesus rebuked the Devil when told he would be given the kingdom of the world, if he worshipped him, Jesus responded, fie, you know you shall have no other gods besides God. Yet here are the Masons selling themselves for this illusion of the Kingdom of God, and challenge the truth by saying this can be attained by mortal man.


All the miracles that have been beheld, yet they're confused to commit idolatry by raising man to the status of gods, and by not submitting to the will of God, how many people past present, have said whatever is happening is by the will of God, I submit to Him, I repent to God. Taboo ellallah. I be the first, who will follow me, in this affirmation.



12x19=228 Day of Resurrection 2280


I was trying figure out what the sum of the dhikr I did last night, I read the four Kuls three times each, then ayat ul kursi, then 33 times subhanallah, God be glorified, then ayat ul kursi again, and 33 times alhamdullilah. In total I read in spaces between 33 seven times ayat ul kursi. Then today I was calculating the number of times I read things 33 times, such things like rabi zidne ilma, my Lord grant me knowledge, and rabigh fir war ham wa anta khayrun rahimeen, ,my Lord forgive us and have mercy upon us, of all the merciful You are most merciful. I calculated the 33s, and in total it came to 231. Then out of curiosity I divided it by 19, and the result was something like 12.1578, so I thought let’s see what 12 times 19 is, and the result was 228. This then led me to realise that the date of the year of the Day of Resurrection, is 2280, and 2 plus 2 plus 8 equals 12.



I missed it by three.


I read the four Kuls three times

Then ayat ul kursi

Then subhanallah 33 times

Then again ayat ul kursi

Then alhamdulillah 33 times

Again ayat ul kursi

Then allahu ackbar 33 times

Then in-between ayat ul kursi

Then la quawata illa billah 33 times

ayat ul kursi

Then rabi zidne ilma 33 times

ayat ul kursi

Then rabigh fir warrham wa anta khayrun rahimeen 33 times

ayat ul kursi

then la ellaha ell Allah 33 times


So in total I read seven lots of 33s, which comes to a total of 231, which is 3 above 228 which is 12x19

I also read the Kuls three times each so in total 12

And read the ayat ul kursi 7 seven times


This was part of my meditation on Saturday 26th Dec 2009.


I do not think Rashad Khalifa or any other submitter realised the correlation between 2280, which was the calculated year when the Day of Resurrection will take place, after the deciphering of the Quran, and 12x19, being 228, if the last digit was anything between 1 and 9, then one could argue it is irrelevant and does not mean anything, but the fact it is zero suggest that this has remained a secret until now. Also before this I realised that 2280 adds to 12, then through the will of God realised that 19 was encoded into this number too.


Praise be to God Lord of the universe.



Messiah Jesus son of Mary


They're in hypnosis, and to snap out of it you need to be guided by the spirit of truth, but they put you in the game, there are two types of snapping, there is one where you lose it and become tempered by a particular, like why did she offer me a chocolate when I don't celebrate Christmas, could spent forever and a day explaining to her, that Christmas is a pagan festival marking the birthday of the Roman god Mithra, and where is the Aramaic Gospel, how come we never seen or heard anything of that, if one of the sources of the Synoptic Gospels is marked with an X, then surely there must have read something before compiling their books. The Apostlelitic Gospel from someone who witnessed the days of the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, whose mentioning of his name alone, reminds us of a transcendental history and awakens the spirit.

And so now we no longer venture into the wilderness, nor preach the gospel, we spend writing as quickly as the new machines allow, now is not the time of eye witness accounts now is the time to try and emulate and to become as sincere and free in our humility, with the overwhelming understanding and submission to the will of God, Lord of the universe.

Call out the name of your Lord, Allahu ackbar, shout it out, Allahu ackbar, from the depths of your soul, Allahu ackbar, and snap out of the Satanic trance.

Liberate yourself from the shackles imposed by subjugators of tyranny, who show humility for a prize, who sell and bargain their souls for a piece of the pie, whose humility only comes with wealth and glamour, not through submission and devotion to the Lord our God.

No point snapping at them, they will label you insane, but one day don't know where or when, you gonna have to awaken the soul, living in a Christian country you realise that to them Jesus was God incarnate, whereas now there are Muhammadans, and further from them and a newer following and belief a return to the religion of Islam, the religion of Abraham, renewed and restored and the Quran restored, and the belief not that Jesus was God incarnate, but a Prophet of God and that Muhammad was not the last messenger, which only occurred due to the corruption of Islam, where they made one messenger better or more worthy than the rest and gave them the authority to do as they saw fit, how many are complicit in this fraud. They await the Imam Zaman, or Mehdy, and the only answer of who is greater than the Prophets, that which will unite the Muslims, it is the Quran, when we return to the Quran alone, and devote ourselves only to God and His word, rather than the Hadith and Sunna, or the ahle Bayt or the Salefis.


Liars and thieves, that's what they are, what they have done, and what they became. Their beginning the Greeks, the godless civilisation stole the testament and sold it to the pagans, the disregard for Mosaic Laws and the deification of Jesus, just as Aristotle and Plato and even the Buddhist believe humans becoming gods, but I understand them deeply, but what of my own kind, what of the Asians, I have no love for them either, nor for anyone except the Lord of the heavens and the earth Their all under hypnosis by the master hypnotist Satan. You are either a child of God or a child of Satan, only some are given the honor and favour to be known as children of God, whilst most if you follow them will lead you astray.




You all have one soul not two, so you cannot be both.

You all have one heart not two

You all have one love not two


Snap, crackle and pop


Poor children led to snap in life, poor children with no supporter, who grow up to become murderers, why did they snap? Their actions of raising a knife against those who they deem with hatred or with discrimination or with pride of place, when will they all realise that the BBC is an instrument of evil, which indoctrinates people on there being no love, no peace no light, only continual denial of the truth, with their education the rich do not set the youth free, they encage them, they make them wait ages, and tie them up to slavery to money or drugs. What good comes from their education, their only worth is how much they return from being part of the process, never looking around them, only themselves, not even their families matter no more, only their own egos.


What's leading these people who come from disadvantage backgrounds to snap in their youth, and thus destroy their future, because once you have a prison sentence to your name no one will employ you, and all the jobs are being shipped to the Far East, because they don't want it in their own country, so then they will try and find a way so that it doesn't snow because they don't like it, nor there being night after day, but these are natural occurrence we accept, then why do the rich steal all the jobs and leave the masses to feed on scraps. The jobs that require no skill and are manual are all in the poorer countries, because all the textile mills have closed down, the mines have closed down, transport has been privatized and these were hard work.


Because they look back to the civilizations of the Greeks and Romans, that had no understanding of the Creator, the Innermost and the Outermost, the First and the Last, the Lord of the heavens and the earth. They avoid the Quran, the try to defuse the truth of the miracle of the Quran, and how apparent it became in the ministry of the late Dr. Rashad Khalifa, where 19 appeared in many ways not only in the Quran. They do not remember the father of the Arabs was Ismail, where as the father of Israel was Isaac, they return to a world without one God, rather to a world with many, which was in emphasised by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans.


Their foundations are laid in the godless civilisations whereas the few who reverence God alone, and who love God and follow the messenger , who do not distinguish between them. Who realise the wonder and amazement of facts concerning each messenger, rather than try to make one greater or more worthier than the other.


They never think what their actions lead to, what the answer will be, nor for what their minds are seduced by, they take the temporal world as though it has no meaning in the world only their egos need to be satiated and fed. F@$% ya Eastenders no one’s watching it, those who are are glued.


Praise be to God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, who guides from the depths of darkness into light.





I know I said something wrong there, I shouldn't have said the eff word, it is even written in the Final scripture, that God dislikes the use of bad language, unless one is forced through injustice. I do not know why I pinpointed Eastenders I thought I should be more universal than that, should be more sincere in my approach, instead trying to win and score a goal, I forgot how to get there, and when I got there I missed, I went round and round but failed to hit the target when the goal was gaping open. It happens, it revolves around our relationship with the transcendental questions could God create a rock he could not carry. Then, ballgames making out that you can do such and such, or this and that, or vice versa but there is no quite hitting the nail on the head answer. That is why we understand the three attributes, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent, knowledge to pass the test, power to answer the question, wisdom to win the competition.


La ellaha ellAllah wahdahu la shareekalah

la hul mulku la hul hamdu

yuh ye wa yameetu

wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadir



Authority, infallibility and incorruptibility


Do not say you are believers...


" what you should say is you are Muslims (submitters) until belief has been established in your hearts." (49;14)


They choose to follow the Arabs, such as Bin Laden, who has brought about the suffering of many, we can look against this but in the end, the Afghans had the truth with the mathematical miracle and the restoration of the religion, the gem of Islam re-emerged uncovered from the filth and dust of generations of corruption and fraud. How many are complicit in this fraud, mirrored by the United States, who like children who have done something wrong, hide behind lies and conspire with each other to not allow the grownups to find out. The gang mentality of the Muhammadans is similar to the Masonic American gun ho civilisation. They do not denounce the devil, they play its advocate. Whereas there are three servitude's to serve the ego, which was apparent with Zionism, then serve the people, as the British empiricism suggests, and then serve the devil, which American Presidents know a lot about, and so does Masonry.


You need knowledge to pass the test


Yet with all the knowledge they have they still fail, the test is of faith, but they become filled with jealousy that God should bestow His blessings upon whomever He wills.


You need power to answer the question


Yet all the power they have, over economy, over culture, over standard of living, they still give the wrong answer, the question of belief. Like John Lennon said in a song, 'don't believe in God, don't believe in Jesus', and this has been their leader in words, people like Neitche and Lennon, because they cannot believe in God, but they can believe in an incarnate God in the form of a human, or that they are gods like Aristotle and Plato. The question was of belief, but they revert to tribalism and cannibalism, rather than upright and righteous humans. They follow the seduced path and now their question of belief is beginning to haunt them. The Masonic aspiration of the human serving as god on earth is what they envisage, but they should know that there is no other god besides God.


You need wisdom to win the competition


Did they win the vast majority of them lost, it is a competition on devotion, a challenge on devotion, yet they still lose to the corruptions and playing devil's advocate. They had the final scripture, but still chose to desert it, and follow the authority of manmade fabrications of Hadith and Sunna, of infallibility of the ahle Bayt, and of the incorruptibility of the Salefs. You have the book of wisdom, but still you divide into factions and sects, and deviate from the path.


You three have let the Lord our God down


But they think it is a test of devotion

Or a question of faith

Or a challenge of belief


What do you serve?


Serve the ego = Pope of Roman Catholicism

Serve the people = Queen of European Protestantism

Serve the devil = President of American Evangelicism


If we look at these three in another way


Jews = Serve the ego

Christians = serve the people

Muhammadans = serve the devil


Or another way


Sunnis (Turks, Paks, Damashks)= serve the ego

Shias (Iranians) = serve the people

Salefis (Saudis)= serve the devil


or another way


Hindus = hypocrites, who make one of their deities Bhagwan as God, when Bagwan is one of the deities.

Muhammadans= liars,

Sikhs = ignorant


The Hindus think they ignorant

The Mohammadans think they hypocrites

The Sikhs think they are liars


Elder, youth, child



Fabrications, innovations and adulterations


Fabricating lies and attributing them to God, our elders fall in darkness

Innovating to try to prove that God does not exist, the youth succumb to evil

Adulterating the children, no longer seeing themselves as eternally free, but tied to their egos and hypnotized by the devil. The children lost right from wrong.;


Letter of support


asalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters at masjid tucson,


I was hoping you may be able to support me on a certain matter, it concerns medication, I have been forced to take anti-psychotics for the past 8 years, I complied as long as I did not suffer, but sometimes they work in such a way that it isn't obvious to someone who is ignorant of its effects like weight gain, and an addiction to junk food, or even thoughts of harm and self harm. I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on the subject, they hide behind various guises such as children are effected with weight gain or children experience suicidal thoughts, but somehow they try and eliminate the effects on people, because children are people, and they must be blind if they can't see all the obese patients with demented motor functioning, which they regard as a sign that the medication is working who roam their hospitals. I tried to commit suicide in 2006 after being on a serotonin and dopamine inhibitor, and you will find even on Wikipedia it states concerning the drug arriripripizole.


"One study reported depression as a side effect of the drug.[15]"


Another study on fluoxetine has found that it can lead to violent thoughts, again I have been on this drug. but somehow I never looked to the psychiatrist or the mental health establishment always thinking there was something wrong with me, when I did something, being institutionalised by the reports on your actions and your history.


Now they label me treatment resistant or has had too many relapses, so they put me on a clopixol injection and my weight is increasing, and I'm becoming worse, not better. At the age of 26 I threw myself off a 5th storey window from the loft of our family home, during home leave, before that I had ingested some washing powder from the cleaners trolley, but they still let me go home, and failed to notice the stench of detergent spew on the carpet of room 13 Oakburn Ward Lynfield Mount Hospital Bradford. There were so many variables that day that made it seem miraculous but they are medicating me for no apparent reason, I have lived without them for 22 years of my life, yet they still ask me what's the longest you have been out of hospital. No matter what happens now they can never put me back together again. They've failed,


n 1989, Joseph Wesbecker shot and killed eight people and injured 12 others before killing himself at his place of work in Kentucky. Wesbecker had been taking the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant fluoxetine for four weeks before these homicides, and this led to a legal action against the makers of fluoxetine, Eli Lilly.[52]


never seen no miracle of science that didn't go from a blessing to a curse. All these scientist play on the doom card, depression is such that with time you adjust, just like they force you to adjust when they detain you, no one likes to be detained, but they live with it, so just as it is willfully accepted that people can live under duress of lock and key, then it also goes to show people can beat depression, or AIDS or heroin addiction, it just the arrested development that stops them. They either die or they reach an age where they want to come off naturally. Sometimes money is the biggest incentive for any change. They don't work to the right they work towards the left that’s the Christians for you, the Jews don't go upwards they go downwards, and the Muhammadans go backwards instead forwards.


So now we know, up and down, right and left and forward and backwards is the correct order



I wish to come off the meds, any supporting article on Submitters Perspective or to me, would be appreciative, and what you would advice.







Islam ‘Submission’ is the unequivocal conviction that God alone possesses power



You don't have a heart you're doing it for the money, something I felt like saying to the cold calling woman from save the children, she could have told me before giving anything to the needy they would need to take a big chunk for themselves, how big about 30%, just as much as iTunes takes per sale of an album or whatever. But that is okay, 30% works out a lot, they said for their own admin costs they would need £27,000 that is they would make a telephone bill so high, I suggest changing tariffs to something that could accommodate such volumes of calls. First they asked for a one off payment of £80, when I refused they asked for £30 "which would feed three malnourished children", at the end I gave them £20. They are not trying to free the world, they are not buying freedom for the people, for everything that is given with no strings attached there is someone else who thinks they can profit from this form of charity. We need to free them from the bonds of oppression, and only by taking God alone as Sovereign over us, can this be achieved, where equality of everyman is achieved in that with the humility and sincerity of seeking to please God and ask for forgiveness for ourselves and pray for guidance for others. Before the end of the world, I read somewhere who do the demons leave alone, those who are filled with humility, I know the word chastise means punish, but it also sums up the feeling about being something else. How do you create a brotherhood of man, obviously there needs to be a great awareness of something which links us, but as much you will to put forth a proposition so there are others who try to become opposites.. In fact in all my time of writing, not a single person has actually said keep it up, or any other form of encouragement, yet when hearing someone profess his understanding that there must be God before the existence of anything, a God who is not limited to time and space, for the reasons he gave, when everyone like usual went against him, I was the to their astonishment the only one, to encourage him, and say well said , may God guide you to the right path. But then I wondered why is it that no one ever says that to me, yet what belong to me, I gave to someone else. They were all astonished how easy it was to believe, and only their egos would not allow them to believe, how easy it is but most of them fail to comprehend.


I also know having heard a Gospel account where Jesus said, whoever speaks of his own authority seeks his own glory, but whoever seeks the glory of the one who sent him is truthful. Masha Allah these words are like an opening into times gone by, so much could be understood from them, the relationship between submitters and those attached to religions, because the question is simply who do you love God or your religion? And that is what the main emphasis lies with the elders, my father loves his religion, cannot disown some of the idolatrous practices and innovations which have corrupted the religion, and even the Quran instructs the religion should be devoted to God alone. If you love God then there should be no reason to fabricate, innovate or adulterate the straight path.


These are transient beings, which come and go in various times, though people take transience as a goal in life and as the focus of their devotion. God says He will make Islam dominate over all other religions, Islam 'Submission' is the unequivocal conviction that God alone possesses power.


My money may be being used to support the Masonic world, but it could also be a bit of happiness for someone helpless individual. I readily give it away, no point counting have nots, and filling my days with the intoxication of wealth, I suggest we give them the undeviating light, the non-dividing love, and the non-diverting peace. Speaking in essence in words that bring worlds alight with gnosis, esotericism and spirituality.





Apple of my eye


Lesson learnt well through the misdemeanors of people gone by, so we become reverent and not ask questions pertaining to our hatred and fight the forces of selfishness, self pity and miserliness. Yet we succumb to becoming idealistic instead of realist, instead of seeing wisdom and clarity in things, we look to the apple of my eye, how to compete against the gangs to become top dog or alpha male. I am just as susceptible to this as any other, and realise that we have to struggle against the self, when sacrifices are made then you too must also give into your own humility and selflessness. We do not ask too much, though to get here, many treacherous journeys had to be taken, a load of sins has gathered, and do you know how many blessings are written for you, when you submit a total submission to the Lord of the universe. All the things that were thought were needed in order to achieve the necessary look are all tangents measuring to a soulless total, the things we strive for materially in the end do not bring any fantasy or dream to come about, and anyway who has the dream, those who glamourised perpetual youths living behind screens trying to emulate sixties idols, though they lived unrewarding lives and are plagued with hypocrisies and disappointing days. But we've been blessed the gem of Islam has been restored, and though Lennon said 'don't believe in God' whereas he lived in times when one of the great miracles was witnessed in 1974 saw the unraveling of the mathematical code of the Quran. Though with every manifest miracle, the scientist and the Masonic West turn ignorant and blind, because their lineages lies in Greece and Rome and in the pharaohs of Egypt. This appeared during the time Lennon was still alive, and we if we asked him 'do you believe in Allah?' he may have had a different response, but he couldn't break the shackles imposed on him, through his English heritage. He died in 1980, but somehow I also wonder about these other Westerners who turned Muslim or moreover Muhammadans, like Cat Stevens, they must have been aware of the mathematical discovery yet chose to side with the opposition and other people who were growing up during these times, people like Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller and Shiekh Hamza Yusuf. They must have realised that the victory belongs to God and His messengers, and tried to achieve victory for the wrong kind. There is utter silence from their camp now from Hamza Yusuf and Keller has buried his head like an ostrich and began to reside and retire in the Middle East. There's is a time and place for everything. God controls everything, and Rashad Khalifa even stated a liturgy to read constantly which other submitters state quite often, God is running everything. They are looking for a shepherd whereas we are looking for enlightenment through our teacher.




Seed of submission


Proven facts: Psychiatric drugs lead to violence, depression and suicidal thoughts. Is this some sort of sadistic game you employ to deal with the guilt ridden incriminated people your own way? Because you must have realised incarceration isn't always so bad, some people come to Peace and Submission whilst they are imprisoned, and one kind of punishment for all crimes does not make sense, lock them all up doesn't work, especially when you are an impressionable youth. They need more from their education they need to have consciousness of God, know how to keep the faith. I do not understand the mechanics of how things are built, America allowing people to possess guns but advocates capital punishment for murder, Britain does not allow guns and does not support capital punishment either. Whereas the Zionist employ marshal law and devastate lives without even a blink to know there should be incrimination for crimes against humanity. Only the seed of true submission will take root and succeed whereas all these bad seeds perish, like it says 'truth is here and falsehood shall vanish or perish, depending on which translation you are reading. Perish the monarchy and Masons, vanish the corruptions and devil advocacy. Then the scientist play god and keep dealing out the doom card, terrorism when the biggest terrorist are the CIA, global warming when the world is cooling, mental disorders when the drugs play a major role in what occurs in a stricken and oppressed and controlled person. They think just as much as they find God in these places we'll substitute it with demonic inspired drugs like fluoxetine and clopixol, and say they are working when the patient starts to sedate and put weight on. No longer realising if it is you who is doing the thinking or if it is the meds interfering with the pathways. And in the big wide world, where everyone is trying to get high, the inability to keep the faith among the faithless, the inability to believe in good with serialisation of violence through media and news, and the inability to devote to the truth with the prevalence of ignorance, all the miracles manifested yet they prefer to cultivate their farms on facebook rather than enhance, develop and cultivate their minds. I guess I wasn't the seed of submission as they got their hands on me, trying to tame a wildebeest or torture a human. They think we have all been filled up on eastenders all our lives, like they have, so expect certain types of behavior so that they can stick they labotimising tranqulisers in, because that is what these psychiatric drugs were supposed to replace lobotomy.




Even after the earthquake, only the Lord of the Throne could show His power over all things, yet they turn blindly away, when people have been retributed for their heedlessness, yet they do not bow their heads in submission to the will of God, arguing science, but where does knowledge come from, if you are so certain that the earthquake was caused by tetronic plates friction but where does knowledge come from, you may see to believe, but how do you know, for certain it is as it is, is it the history which teaches us when, is it the philosophy which tells what is what is it the linguistics that shows us where. How do you know if it never happened before, but everything is testament to Omniscience Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the one God, how can you deviate from this reality, how can you only know from history, rather than enlightened by what will come. I asked a question why doesn't God send a sign, and that will unite us and so that we can believe, and the response was what would it achieve if people were stricken by it. Now on the 12th of January 2010, 4:53pm we witness three twelve’s in different ways, yet we hide behind the Greeks and Roman and Egyptians and fail to comprehend the message and truth of Abrahamic submission to the will of God. Abraham was known to be kind and clement, I hope my Lord guide me to similar ways and understandings to be kind and clement.


When Rashad Khalifa brought the miracle of the Quran, as well as many things, the people turned averse, and now the fulfillment of God's covenant again takes place where we understand the relevance of three, and twelve, the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve months in a year, with four seasons with 3 months each. But we forget the tremendous and awesome design of the Almighty God and instead try to ignore the truth and limit ourselves to the cultural nationalistic pride of place and birth, rather than learn the universal truth, do you adore the Lord our God, or do you become seduced by Satan the Accursed. You have to will to change your condition in order for God to change it, to guide from the depths of darkness into light, life is precarious, life is uncertain, this short interim on earth should not suffice to sell our souls to glimmer in the world of illusion.


la quwatta illa billah


No one possesses power except God


You have no understanding of happiness, O Britain, the UN and USA and Zionists.




Adam the missing link


If Jesus was put up on the cross

If the atomic bomb fell on Japan

If the Jews were killed in the Holocaust


Where is the right from wrong, ignorance only fuels Satan's allies, ignorance only makes one deemed possessed so requires to be crucified, ignorance means man is uncertain to the nature of good and evil.


Anyone who comes to them and proclaims worship the Lord of the universe, submit to God and devote your religion solely to God, is mocked and ridiculed, leads to opposition and makes them averse.


Praise be to God, adore the Lord with the supreme throne, which of the marvels of your Lord can you deny?


If the natives were given the butchery of the colonialists

If the Iraqis were bombed from the sky

If the Palestinians were caged and demonised


Was that the ignorant human acting in his selfish will to cause oppression


Have you broaden your horizons, have you escaped from the pits and from the demonic suggestions, have you precisely brought the truth or a long winding road leading to hell.


If the Africans were indignantly treated

If the whites tried to steal the identity

If the Jews were sold to slavery


How long will it take for us to realise we need the will to change our condition, we need the will power to refute the devil insinuation, we need the belief and unequivocal conviction that only God possesses power.


What was once black has become white, like the snow on a winters day, like the start of a clean slate, like an empty page.


The whites think they are gods

The Jews think they are chosen

The Christians think they are begotten


See the thoughts behind your disguise, o white man, no wonder you treated the indigenous people indignantly making them feel like they are inferior, that the white man is the superior to the rest. We all come from on common ancestor, there must have been the same father and mother for all humans, before anything else humans have but one father and mother, but due to the cold some become pale and, because of the Mediterranean sun some become fair, because of the equator those born in the south of it are darker, and if we go east some are brown or fair. If all humans share the same gene pool, if all humans have one common ancestor, how then can you say millions of other creatures led to the development of man. No one knows the original colour of Adam, whose name means first man, did he come from the cold climate, the hot sub-Indian climate, or from the Fertile Crescent, or even from Africa. No one knows, and it is irrelevant, all we know, is white people think they are gods, for example, Sheikh Nuh who is a white Muhammadan, has studied philosophy and like the Greeks the Buddhist and the Salefis believes they are gods on earth. Even Ian Brown accepted the award godlike genius. And his fans write reviews, 'true god... like genius', they blaspheme. But what can you expect from the pagans, who made Jesus into a god incarnate, because it is perceived as the development of Greek thought, they were awaiting someone who would prove that humans are gods. Even my mother struggles with the idea of one God, and place Muhammad alongside Him, because as she says how would we have the 'paychaan' (Hindi word meaning knowledge or acquaintance) of God without Muhammad, so instead of realising the miracle of the Quran, as we know in this day and age, due to the beyond human capability of a mathematical code in the Quran, to prove the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of Allah subhana hu watallah, God the Exalted and the Most High, but of an illiterate man who taught his fellow men the paychaan of God. What can you expect from a woman born in Kashmir, Asia, whereas I have a no country, born in Britain to Kashmiri parents, so can see the world without the ties of place and birth.


Paychaan just like the Buddhist and the Greeks and the companions of the Prophet. Let me ask if the Quran came from word of mouth, then how did they recognise when a sura was revealed and when it was not, after all there are countless Hadith, but if the compilers came after the Prophet how could they decipher Quran from Hadith, and where the Suras are revealed, after all the two last verses of sura 9 are said to be Meccan when the sura is Medinan, and to remember only sura 9 does not start with besm Allah irrahman nirraheem . All these intricate things, therefore the source must be one and the same, and must come from the Prophet rather than the ashabs. There were submitters to God, who believed in God and devoted their religion to God, but there were also those who were averse to the love of God, who believed power lies in boys. They did not submit a total submission to the Lord of the universe and ignorance is a fact of human condition. And they thought their corruption would last forever, because as they saw they broke the code of the Quran, because it starts with 'zalikal kitaabu la rayba fihi', which literally translates this is the book, in which there is no doubt. So by adding two verses at the end of sura 9, meant that they defeated the code, and instead set up a cult following of the Arab religion, rather than the religion of Abraham. Whereas Rashad Khalifa whose translation in English was the nineteenth, translates the opening verse to sura al Bakarah, 'this is an infallible scripture, a beacon for the righteous', mashallah a real difference of time and place, because as we know from the mathematical code the Quran is really infallible and it exposed their addition. How we under esteem the Lord of the universe, when something like this takes place. My Lord grant me righteousness in this life and the next, and save me from the torment of the hell-fire. Whereas I'm using Quranic ayats, to pray for guidance from the Sustainer of the universe, the mureeds of Shiekhs like Nuh Ha mim keller, are asking him to show the righteousness and expect him to save them from the hell fire. As I remember well in 2000 when I was 20, after practicing the Sunni way for 3 months, I decided to speak to Sheikh Nuh, after a talk, but could not think of anything, so I just asked can I become his mureed, he said to go to Bin Arabi's grave, and prayer istakhara, and see if I get a response. So I went the next morning at dawn and prayed, I waited for a sign, people came and left, then I thought best to do so, in case I need intercession in the next life. And so I became idolatrous, instead of praying to God to grant me righteousness in this life and the next and to save me from the torments of the hell fire, and inherently did the worse thing by doing baya, to a man, a white man who enslaves the ignorant muhammadans into an indignant station under his domain, and if any one rose to challenge him, or to defy him, he will hide behind the coercion of ashabs and their lineages, but what is his true motive. Sincerity, what are his motives?


After all the whites thought the natives thought of them as gods back then 400 years ago.



The egg


There was a gamble, a gamble that brought evil, lead to darkness and caused corruption, there are two sides to the answer, was 9-11 a terrorist attack or was it a self-orchestrated conspired Masonic plan. Does God allow lies, or do we under esteem the Lord of the universe, were they prepared for the unraveling of three which exposed the inner selves and made plain certain mysteries of the truth concerning knowledge of what, power of where and wisdom of when. Did they think corruption will last forever, I read somewhere the words forgive everybody and rue, whereas the kingly song Fear, though I have trouble working him out from the rest, he says Forgive everybody and remember. Though this corruption seems hard to accept, but when we come to it, do we rue or remember, do we forgive and forget, or start pointing fingers, and making things difficult. But just as they distance themselves from the truth of God's word in the Old, the New and the Final Testaments, and His messengers who bring news, just as they do not question in relation to the light of the prophets or what their response would be but rather they look to their place of birth and circumstance in order to find their answer. We must distance ourselves to another polarity, the extreme right.

But as we should realise the cube, really sums it up, the 3 dimensions, the small 3 which symbolises the cubed symbol, just as on the compass there are four polars north and south , east and west, then there is another two polars going forward and backwards, and so these three pairs of polars make a cube, which is the shrine of the Kaaba, meaning cubed building built by Abraham and Ishmael, from whom descends the rites of Submission, which is mentioned in the Bible as the valley of Becca, and also in the Quran as such.

Maharishi wrote a book, 'the science of being, and the art of living,' but what about the classics, do we deny there are classics because like the Arabs who argue 'ummy' in the Quran translates as illiterate, whereas in relation to the Quran it refers to the opposite of the people of the Book, i.e. the gentiles. So they will argue Classics is the study of Greek mythology and philosophy because that is what we come to know it as. Then what is History, an art? what is linguistic an art? then how come there are only three arts, music, art, and writing. No they have a new term for it social sciences!!?. just as long they can give divinity to the Greeks they are happy, just as they can idolise and worship their idols they are satisfied.


They are trying to prove there is no god, where as the submitters believe have faith and devote to God. Then there is the mercy of God, and only those who are guided by God will attain faith, belief and devotion, whereas most refuse to think it to be as easy as 123. There is a question in all this, do we sell our souls, or do we denounce the devil and believe in God?


Classics of understanding


What is fire, it consumes everything around it and then consumes itself, it needs flammable gas, solid or liquid to combust, such as natural gas which is flammable, or coal which is also flammable, or petrol oil. But is it gaseous like air, is it solid like earth, is it liquid like water, I think it may be the fourth one or it may not really be part of it, because then we can also add electricity.


Losers America, seduced Britain and failed Zionist


You lost your souls

You seduced your bodies

You failed your minds


The ignorant aggress

The evil transgress

The wicked oppress


The ignorant

The liars

The hypocrites





Return to the great (Middle) Eastern mystic, the religion of Abraham


Schools at fault, media at fault, politicians at fault, people generally have shown their own degradation by the apparent lack of fear of God, by placing these other people as lords, be it the teachers, or the psychiatrists or the politicians, this is the sort of mess that occurs not only in this society but in others, China and India with its female infanticide and prejudices and stupid laws, Israel’s oppression, Muhammadans madness, Christian cruelty, in all levels there is a lack of acceptance of the great Eastern mystic, Submission the religion of Abraham. I was told by a white convert to Sunnism, that God is who you turn to when all else fails. Well communism failed, fascism failed, capitalism failed, look at the debt that is being amounted they are living on past glories rather than on their true worth. So we turn to God, because all else has failed.


He who speaks of his own seeks his own glory, he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is truthful, there is no wrong in him.



Big Family



One day we will be one big family, regardless of colour, sex and age, regardless of our wealth, position and status, regardless whether we are a child, a youth or an elder; fighting the forces of corruption, darkness and evil.


Known as the children of Adam and Eve, following the creed of Abraham, following the commandments of our Lord the Most High, following the eternal truth from the wisdom of the past. Remembering to give so that we get, remembering where we came from and where are going, remembering not to forget our Lord in times of ease as well as hardship.

One day we will be one big family, instead of exploiting the world through illusive ideals, tearing each of us into tangents and apart, dividing the world into small pieces, taking our teachers, doctors and politicians as lords.


The Satanist shall know, in the words of the Most Wise, Lord of the universe, in His final revelations


"Truth has prevailed, and falsehood shall vanish, falsehood will inevitably vanish"(17:81)


If the world is forever in denial of its creator, if there is more to the world than our history tells us, if we begin to analyse the socio-psychological pathologies of people that deny the knowledge. There are numbers of cothed people in Judaism, Christianity and Muhammadanism, who believe in God, who believe in the Hereafter and lead a righteous life. Being cothed or uncothed, is the same as going on pilgrimage and not going, whereas those who go have made a binding covenant with their Lord that they will uphold His commandments, not distinguish between His messengers, and to be steadfast. But many things mean people follow their corrupt leaders who burden them with so much that they will never pass, because hypocrisy is such, rather than to look at previous scriptures, they make up fabrications to appeal to the hero-worship of the final prophet.


But to remind them in the words of Jesus in the Gospel.


He who speaks of his own seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is truthful, there is no wrong in him.


Time of wisdom has come, times of knowledge, how do you know for certain O China O India these herbs are beneficial in certain things, where did that knowledge come from, old herbalists. Time of power has almost come to an end great feats of energy and physical shifts, now it is the time of learning. Just as when the radio, enlightened its audiences, then the television dazzled its viewers with many stories of good vs evil, then the internet brought out the child who was ignorant, and was taught the difference between right and wrong.


God controls everything


God says he has given you the Quran and the wisdom, al Quran and al Hikmah, the Sunnis claim the sunna of the Prophet is the wisdom, whereas only now after the delivery of all the scriptures, after the consolidating messenger, only now has appeared wisdom, the age of wisdom is upon us, God willing.




"Remember God’s blessings upon you, and what He sent down to you of the ‘Al-Ketab’ and ‘Al-Hekmah’ to enlighten you with it." 2:231


Condemn not lest you are condemned, judge not lest you are judged, forgive and you will be forgiven


You can still practice the religion whether you have been to Mecca or Arabia or not, they believe we have to return to the roots in order to find the true path, but they fail to know that God guides whomever He wills to guide, from the depths of darkness into light. It isn't a humble submission to God to go to Medina to visit the Prophet's grave, it is a proud statement, you must be weary of pride for it is evil.

If you must find light, then must have faith in future, that we will be reckoned at an appointed time, there is much in enlightenment in the elders, my eldest brother said, 'the word of God frees the intellect', insha Allah he will find guidance to redeem his soul for that is the purpose of existence. He said something about the freeing of the intellect, but not exactly these words.


By becoming cothed will not make you more righteous or upright, though the ones blessed by God as bearers of good news and warners are circumcised, just as doing pilgrimage to Mecca will not guarantee your salvation or make you blessed. You must strive in the cause of God, devote your religion to God alone, believe in the miracles sent with the prophets and messengers, and have faith in prophecies.


The Hindus mock the religion, through spreading lies trying to chastise the believers by distorting the words or trying to place their own words in contention to the scripture, hold on so do the Jews, they are known for this, but really the joke is upon them, in their ignorance they abide by the laws of hatred, malice, greed, lust, envy and pride.



God does not guide the wicked.


Do not commit idolatry, view the restored gem of Islam through the work of the consolidating messenger Rashad Khalifa, submit wholeheartedly to the Lord of the universe, repent to God and worship God alone.


Everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies God, the Almighty, Most Wise.


I will now God willing return and study the Gospels, which I read during schooling, then later whilst in Cygnet hospital in 2004, where it felt as though he was speaking to me. But I did not read John's Gospel, I did not like the language at the time, because I felt this Gospel played a pivotal role in making Jesus the son of God, but I have to free myself from the disregard of the term sons, in favour of servants, in the Quran, and realise Jesus came at the time the children of Israel, truly lived in the Fertile Crescent but had gone astray or incurred wrath, and his observations were based not on the paraclete who came after him, but on the scriptures of the Prophets of Israel, the Torah, the Psalms the Book of Solomon or wisdom. And overwhelmingly the term Father for God was used in Judaic practices, and God refers to the children of Israel, or to some as sons. Jesus came from a different setting and time, whereas I come from a different setting and time. I can understand the world Jesus lived in, and how the "disbelievers tried to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, but God intends to perfect His light, in spite of the disbelievers." (61:80)


Which is what every tyrant tries to do. Like Hindus and the Jews. Usually stemming from a lack of education.




Then one day this lad, who was in for knife crime but was sentenced whereas no charges were pressed against me, JC, would smuggle some speed in, and the first thing I did when I got up, was to start reciting the Quran, this was the energy level I needed to fulfill the Sunni way of Islam, to be on this drug forever and never come down. But JC was 24 same age as me at the time, and he wanted to convert to Islam, because he was good friends with an old Asian Muhammadan who was diagnosed bi polar, and was in really bad shape due to the lithium they were giving him. Anyway the black head nurse, there were lots of Zimbabweans working there as nurses, and the ward manager was a black woman, and she said you can't be Muslim because you're white, and refused him halal meals. I showed him the Quran, and was about to have recite sura ikhlaas, but he was taken aback by the Arabic letters. Anyway one day this nurse a young black guy asks me, do you masturbate, so instead of answering the question I said I was circumcised because later we would realise he was gay, then JC heard our conversation and told me he was too, his mother listened to these Christian cassettes. but why would I know that, lol, secrets that those Gestapo shouldn't know about.


When I first went into Cygnet I began practicing, reading 5 prayers the Sunni way, reading Quran in Arabic and English a Yusuf Ali translation, reading salat e tasbeeh which appeared in a book of Sheikh Jilanis, I was coping alrite they had me on quitepine, and it temporarily sedated you, but usually just in time for when they reopened the rooms after lunch or at night, so I would sleep. I was suffering from narcoleptics nightmares at the time, seizures and stuff. The psychiatrist thought I wasn't spontaneous enough, which was due to the level education I had, rather than any illness, they changed my meds. I started getting really bad side effects from the new meds, you could tell by my eyes, my tongue became really long and uncomfortable, I became restless and in pain and suffering from akithesia, which I still suffer from 6 years later and cope with by writing, so keep my mind off things but inevitably after writing I become restless again. They started giving me propanolol, a beatablocker, it didn't help, I began spewing the meds out after taking them, including my evening meal. I just couldn't tolerate the meds. So they began forcing me to take it, so I began hiding them in my mouth. So they decided a new technique of giving me the meds, to have them crushed in yoghurt and force me to eat the yoghurt, this by God's mercy stopped the side effects. But two years later I would attempt to commit suicide, and break my back, due to the initial side effects they should have realised I wasn't suitable for this medication insteading of trying to mask the side effects, and the psychiatrist did not keep his word that he would put me back on the old meds if the new one didn't work, just to get me on it he said yes, but later would refuse and deny me. I stopped praying after they stop giving me quitiapine, and changed it to arriprizole due to the side effects. In reality none of these drugs work, they do not do anything other sedate and stop you from functioning or damage the brain. And the amount of money these pharmaceutical companies make by saying they know better than God, and that what God creates needs their intervention. White man is cruel, Christians are cruel, because their souls speak like demons, full of hatred and evil. None of these drugs work, they cause more problems. But they like to exploit, and that is why they allow this. It was an accident waiting to happen as you should know these drugs bring suicidal thoughts and cause self harm. a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Harrop from a different hospital, Lynnfield Mount came to assess me, and ask me about the knife incident, I told her I wanted to be safe and my family safe and was having persecutory thoughts, as I had attempted to get on a ferry in Hull to Amsterdam and from there to Syria but the police stopped me, a lone Asian man with a one way ticket, the cops arrested me under terrorism laws. A few days later my dad had me stay at one of my cousins houses, as I was kept awake at night, by the shocks where I don't know how I got there but a place where I was scared and shocked into being awake and frightened in the middle of the night, I was coming off a different med. My mum told me lately when she was a child living in Kashmir, she would get scared at night and would get scared by the rustling of leaves or a dog barking. Well I was having similar thoughts everything became a proposition for fear, I just didn't feel safe. Now six years after the event, I see it differently, the person whose house they told me to stay had abused me as a child, and the next day I stabbed someone.


But the doctor who assessed me, don't know what I told her, but she recognised that I was above average intelligence, and told the then psychiatrist to keep me under lock and key and they had me assessed for medium secure saying I was dangerous, I was suffering real bad being locked up for over 2 months or so not allowed to go out, by the time the medium secure guy came, I dealt with it, he came a second time, and was surprised to see me so alert, and welcomed the fact, I wonder what these doctors react to when they can't even tell when someone's just dropped a bomb of whizz, they don't know anything other than what you tell them. They are not doing any psycho analysis, they just look at history and records, and come up with the same institutional bullshit every time. shouldn't take men as lords, even though they come from paganism and Greek thought rather than Abrahamic submission to the one God. JC was in for 5 years at least, I stopped speaking to him after apparently a deal fell through and cops got involved, I was transferred to a local hospital after six months in Cygnet, which made me go through all the procedure again, the reward and punishment, to get my release, for a whole year I was in hospital. But JC was on a home office section, and when I got out I fought for them, I told whoever would listen that they lived on pittance, the next time I went they seemed well treated, and sometimes money can put a smile on your face. but it's like a banana boat, a yellow submarine, from times gone by, people don't move with the times, they get stuck in the past.


JC is probably dead.


Life starts at 40




A fly is caught on a spider's web, the snake still has another skin to shed




What you gonna do when you just found forever

Where gonna get to when you can't get it together




Is it all a dream or have you just found forever

Get it altogether get like birds of a feather




The truth be told

You're more than stones and rings of gold

You can't be bought or sold


(IB-Forever and a Day)


Don't you know doctors life does not start till your 40, the time until then is a time of learning and reflection, there goes your idea of spontaneity anyway professional footballers are not spontaneous when spoken to over TV, what do you expect from me at 24 to be spontaneous to your liking, while give brain altering drugs and tranquilisers and serotonin uptake inhibitors, all in one pill by Abilify, some people can't face turning 40, some welcome it, some never reach it.


By all means necessary


We are at extremes, there are those who think we need to arrest in order to progress, and there are others who believe liberties should not be undermined for the sake of appeasing the delusions. The statement we need to study is 'by all means necessary', there are those who envisage some great evil that needs to be addressed and there are those who see the outcome of these sorts of ideas.


There is the establishment and the rage against the system. Can I really be part of the establishment or do I or we try to build a new horizon from the ashes of false hopes. They call for moderation in Islam, and right medium for the adherers of the faith, whereas when we come from the two polars of East and West, then we know for them it is hard to pass through the eye of the needle so why try, and for others it is easy with sincerity, humility and faith or belief or devotion. The question ultimately is do we denounce the devil or not, and if we do then what are the required steps in order to liberate our souls from the shackles of slavery, oppression and weakness.


By all means necessary, I first heard this statement from a black civil rights leader Malcolm X, and it underpins the Americans ideologue. But how many have sold their souls, how many do not look behind them to see their own state of being, and what they have build their words upon and what they think will triumph.


But just as they intervene the work of other scholars who bring a different perspective on things so they also try to silence and not give room to new thoughts.



In the words of Ian Brown,


2 million years before the burn out of the sun,

Dreams to be fulfilled, lives still yet to come,

If to fail is your fate, and to succeed is destiny,

Keep your eyes up on the prize all join hands with me.


If we become totalitarian where we only strive one world empire, whereas there are those who see the world shackled by men who think they can play gods on earth taking their frivolity to mean they have achieved something, when in reality it is a drop in the ocean, so someday we gonna have to come to the medium, and try and pass through the eye of the needle, and we will see this huge mass on one side, and very little on the other, and the balance on the left will be to Hell, and the balance to the right will be to Heaven.


And to end in the words of Ian Brown.


Bye bye all you mercenaries

Bye bye you sold your souls

So high, only the beautiful eyes can see

How high, how far we flown


Everything is in its place

And all is of its time

I think it's funny I left you so far behind




Light will destroy darkness

Good defeats evil

Truth prevailed over falsehood


knowledge of the future

power of the present

wisdom of the past


Hearing is limitless

Sight is infinite

Speech is free


What will we know

What do you see

What was learnt



Good and evil


The problem maybe where on the 3-dimensions we place ourselves, I for one can see Tony Blair in the dilemma with 'good defeats evil' and the 'power of the present', I think he is a good case to understand the Christian theme of good defeats evil. His whole outlook points to a world which could be viewed through these few words, how he said 'God can only judge him', and how he continuously argues he would even do it again to get rid of Saddam. Did he watch too many superhero cartoons or read comics when he was young, or maybe by becoming premier he saw it as a position of ostensibility and himself as Mr. Incredible and wanted to show his muscle in the world by ridding it of those who he disliked more than others and regrettably it was the Iraqi dictator.


On one hand we loud praise and belief in our leaders, scientists and army, no one is gunning down Oppenheimer for his invention of the atomic bomb, life is cheap, a lot people ended up on the right side of the spectrum simply because they died before reaching an age of discernment. No one is looking at the medical establishment on the number of suicides relating to treatment of anti-depressant and anti-psychotics, nor is the army having to use the penal code to decide who dies and who doesn't, and no repercussion for civilian losses, which are deemed collateral losses. But they think they are doing a GOOD job.


We come into life unprepared, as children we learn from our parents and schools, as youth we pretend to be living the dream, as elders we forget our purpose. We have forgotten the purpose of our existence, to redeem our souls, if we ever cherish the life we have, and realise childhood and adolescence can be difficult and can lead to suicide and self harm, then we must realise the least we can do is prepare them for the departure from this world, and though the television, the schools, the culture and living styles in Britain and even the politicians there seems to be a lack of soul.


People like Tony Blair will argue there is no love, Saddam hates us and we hate him, but when we start looking at what this leads the world of Iraq into, we, found on the final dimension the third one not the middle one which is occupied by the likes of Tony Blair and Dr Waheed Hussain my second oldest brother, will argue where is the peace. Then they will look to the vulnerable children, who have been maimed, or killed or lost their families. But children do not understand the world of adults and youths, they can barely speak and are learning their words. But they are not the only sufferers of tragedies, there are countless sons who died, or mothers who lost their children, or sons who lost their fathers, or sisters and daughter left with no protection. Also grandparents who do not want to see their families suffer.



There is only one God, God is the Knower, the Most Powerful and the Most Wise. God, so bring back God into your lives and seek refuge in God from Satan the Rejected.


No one possesses power except God


You won’t miss it until its ruined, got to ask yourself what is our purpose, to save the world from evil...but how on one hand there are those who wish to guarantee a long life, or by making small changes think it has impacted greatly on the overall despondency and despair of those caught in the misery of poverty. Or to save our souls, and these take the whole picture seriously and try to achieve Peace and ease for people, and to free them of the pitfalls of their ignorance, such as pride, greed, lust, envy, malice and hatred. We are, those who are born without defects, born with an inert being that comes from our souls, which is the breath of God, and this no matter what cannot be corrupted, we will always strive for right against wrong, but then we make the error of saying there can be another god and fall into the traps of Satan.


Search for peace, and you will inevitably come to the word Islam meaning peace in Arabic. Then you will have to search through all the different sects but then you must chose the group to your liking, the popular, the rich, the famous or just the simple, straightforward and easy.





size is limitless

weight is infinite

pressure is free


God is Omniscient

God is Omnipotent

God is Omnipresent


light will destroy darkness

good defeats evil

truth prevailed over falsehood


chemistry of the knowing angel

physics of the powerful demon

biology of the wise man


hear no

see no

speak no


The elder is the Head teacher who works with the children

The youth is the GP who works with the elderly

The child is the professor who works with the youth








W’Allahu ma’al sabareen


In the name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful


My Lord forgive my sins, forgive me for saying 'and I am a submitter', forgive me for writing 'the one' in reference to myself, forgive me for asking the people to let me lead instead of Charles the Satanist.


You are Forgiver Most Merciful, Lord of the universe, acceptor of repentance forgiver of sin. Guide me to the right path and to say that which pleases You and do not let me take my ego as a god. Make me of those who is blessed and seeks Your glory, Lord, and who is truthful, praise be to God for this moment of righteous obedience and for the time to learn the truth.


No one possesses power except God


The Most Kind, the Most Dignified, the Most Wise


There is no other god besides God



judge not less you be judged,

Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned

Forgive and you will be forgiven


What do these words imply

That you do not say to others you are going to hell

To not judge like you are God


It is an unspoken rule

Among the righteous who never condemn

They pray to be saved from the torment of the hell fire


They believe in the scriptures sent to the Prophets

They do not associate partners to God or set up idols to rank with God

They believe in Almighty God and devote to the truth and have faith in the hereafter




It is no longer a question of how did we get here, it is how did they get there. But then the question also arises how did the crop circles get there, or how the polar bear reached the Antarctic, or how the lion reached Sumatra from Africa, never looking at the whole, just focusing on a particular. The origins of humans, or the origins of life, or the origins of species. Science cannot answer these questions, the challenge of history, the question of art and the test of science. Just because we cannot see it, does not mean it doesn't exist, is it complicated or simple, is it complex or straightforward, is it hard or easy. The whole points to a higher intelligence, an Omniscient being, who manifests in humans through hearing, hearing is limitless, just as size is limitless, God is the Innermost and the Outermost, so to equate the question of God vs. a rock He created that He could not carry. For size has been equated to limitless, for weight has been written as infinite, and for pressure it has been put down as free. The question we ask is what would make the rock unbearable, its size, weight or pressure. Well hearing is also limitless, it is nonstop, and sight works on frames in cameras, whereas eyes work without frames, and are controlled through our own brains, then there is speech which differs in languages, styles and conjugation that proves everyone is different. There is speed, accuracy and precision, God rules over us, to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, God controls everything.


When they dug a hole to feed their egos, they thought it would get big enough to consume itself, but failed to realise light will destroy darkness and size is limitless, to have faith or dig. So the evolutionist dig, they start with one species and then another, but they think it will get bigger than its own self. The test of science, is what will happen will the hole get so big that it out sizes everything or will it become bigger than itself, or will it consume itself. But I am not a chemistry teacher, I cannot answer the combination of chemicals, and the knowledge behind of building something which is fool proof.


Then comes the notion of beauty and ugly, good and bad, the present moment to behold, like photographs flatter us or scare us, and seeing ourselves on camera can seem an alien thing, but some find it easy to lie in the present moment and expect us to believe that what they show is the present moment. The actors do not tell the truth behind their expression, nor do the music artist elaborate on the build up to their songs, how they were formalised and brought together, how they had to rehearse and practice until they were perfect or eluded to be.


Hit and miss, a gamble, depending on how they feel, you're like toy to them, which will inevitably break or become neglected or thrown in the trash heap. Momentary satisfaction, nothing to think about the long term implications, there is good and bad in everything, listening to one type of music may lead to emulation of lifestyles, but could also bring gnosis and feelings, and experiences which are hard to write about. I don't want to gamble, very principled concerning gambling, but the mental health establishment basically wants you to gamble, with their questions into particulars would you like this or that,, shall we do this or that, I usually say I leave it to you to decide, because the outcome will never be what I wanted deep down, and will only be as a superfluous as trying to give worth to one who has been given a loser label.


What do I want.


1.I don't want to gamble upon my life and health on medication, which only like homeopathic treatment work in the minutest percentages, and there is no 100% cure from it and percentages are not good enough.

2.I would like to choose who knows me and who doesn't, and do not want to be put into a pen with someone to see if I react or not, I do not want to be vulnerable to a mouth piece which goes off into one caffeine driven rhetoric and is no friend of mine.

3. I DO NOT WANT TO GAMBLE. my father was asked due to back problem, there was 50-50 chance he would heal with the operation, and the other 50 that he would end up paralysed. He chose to live with it. And I choose the same, if I got schizophrenia or any other mental disorder I don't want you to act in my interest, I reserve the right to say no, because you're hypothesis is based on not entire truths, that happiness is a chemical call serotonin, and to increase this will lead to happy people, when it really leads to fruitcakes, and that to stop any dopamine entering the brain will stop psychosis, when it like getting rid of one Saddam leads to untold millions suffering, but you think you're doing a good job.



What I hear from them is we don't have any answers, then fie, because I don't have time for ifs and buts and wishful thinking.



Control the mind...of the child

Rule the body... of the elder

Own the soul...of the youth










Oxford MA Oxon - First or Second best uni in England

Birmingham MRCGP- 2nd largest city in England

Durham BA Hons, traditionally the third after Oxford and Cambridge, ask those who know, forget the stats. You hear it all the time, after Oxford and Cambridge it is Durham


Enlightenment comes in the elder, who have an answer for everything, they listen and part with gnosis.

Power comes in youth, who see the balance of the universe, who see the good.

Wisdom comes as a child, learning from what is right, and remembering when there is a wrong


Moses hears what!

Jesus shows where?

Muhammad says when.


The light of faith, or the darkness of ego

The good of belief, or the evil seduction to lies

The truth of devotion, or the falsehood of corruption


The light of God

The good of God

The truth of God


The knowledge of the future

The power of the present

The wisdom of the past


The enlightened mind

The powerful body

The wise soul


Hear no

See no

Speak no



The whole or the particular


The scientist focus on particulars, for example they will view the cigarette as the thing to be eliminated in order to stop smoking, and they will say it requires a lot of discipline and a lot will power and a little aid from the nicorette patch or gum or sweet. But to starve it doesn't kill it, and really a lot of cognitions and mind altering consciousness has to be challenged re educated and re aligned, in order to stop not at the power of particular, but by viewing the whole picture through words and then the stop will be as painless and as easy as 123.


Humans are known for their drugs, if angels are known for their tests, and demons for the curses, and man for his drug. I do not advocate taking substances or not, you will have to answer the question in your own time, but it is mainly apparent in youths who have too much time to be idle, or to satisfy their needs. But you are not exactly freeing a person from a drug if you are replacing it with another, this will inevitably lead to a starvation of the initial addiction, and maybe an overdose later on.



Starvation doesn't work, nor does replacement treatment or feeding the imbalance. What needs to be done, is to make the removal as painless and as easy as 123, not a long laborious process and a hard road, in order to replace one problem with a million others.


I speak from experience, not only the mental health establishment which believes once a diagnosis has occurred then you are owned and become their property and they will never let you be free of drugs. I was also a smoker for 13 years. I attempted to quit four times, first when I went to Syria when I was 20 in 2000 as part of my degree to spend a year in an Arabic speaking country, away from peer pressure, and time to detoxify myself, and also a time spent living a Muslim life following Sunnism which is prevalent in Damascus. I stopped for 8 months, when I returned few nights after my arrival, we went out, had some skunk, and I didn't want to smoke it, so I chose the lesser of two evils cigarettes, and some vodka.


After my first year at uni in 1999,, I got caught by my dad building a spliff in my room during the summer vacation, I forgot to lock the door, more truthfully though my reasoning was no one ever comes up to my room, but my dad did as I had been away for a while at uni , and caught me with a bag of skunk. After this my parents thought I had a drug problem, and even told the GP who has very little time to understand what the patient is saying in a few minutes and took it to mean I was on heroin, then prescribed some opiate based drug, don't know what it's called at present, but they give it to injured people in hospital, a painkiller. I was forced by my family to take it, and this then made me even worse, and whenever I smoked weed after this it became really intense and scary.


They took my only drug that I liked, and made it into a nightmare. I have no faith in scientist or the medical establishment, or time to believe the lies of television, nor time to indulge on corrupting my soul with falsehood.


I was silenced in a nightmare of conscience but I knew it would take time to heal.


Second time I tried to stop in 2006, was when I saw program on television about smoking, which featured Allen Carr, he summarised his technique, but I failed to comprehend what he was saying, but it led me to buy his book, the short version of how to stop smoking. I read 80 pages and decided to stop when the book is only about 130 pages long, so any new advice he might have by the end, I was so fed up of waking up every morning repeating the same stuff like sparking a cigarette, that I couldn't wait till the end of the book to stop, and decided half way through that's it I don'[t need to be told anymore I stopped. Then about 4 months later, I was detained informally in hospital, I had starved myself from smoking, and then whilst in hospital I was depressed and I wanted to kill myself, I was in despair. But when I told my brother because all the other patients were smoking, to drop of some cigarettes, it felt even worse, I thought if you want to kill yourself then smoking would be a slow process, should have chosen heroin. I began chain smoking again.


Then I broke my back on a home visit, by jumping out of a window, a day where everything seem to feel as though it was destiny. I had swallowed cleaning powder from the cleaners’ trolley which went undetected, and they let me go home without noticing the stench on the bedroom carpet from being sick of cleaning powder a lot things fell into place. But I survived, praise be to God, and though I still cooperate with them, it is only because I blame myself for what happen, but really it is not my fault.


If I recognised it wasn't my fault, then, I would have told them to get lost, but sillily I cooperated.


My parents were away abroad, the CPN was a way, the ward round happened in my absence, my brother found me in the garden. And to clarify as soon as we got home, my brother was held up by some delivery people at the front of the house, I went in, and then to the kitchen, had the food that my brother had bought, and then went bare footed to the attic, the 5th floor and climbed out of the window, and fell. They say the rock on the ground was inches away, I remember as I fell, I fell off the roof head first, but then the wind picked me up, and somersaulted round and went upright again, then I remember lifting my right hand and pointing my index finger to the sky, and as I fell I saw a large rock, and thought I would hit my head against it and die, so I went into sky diving position, which resembles a person prostrating and tried to connect my head against the rock, when I landed I didn't feel a thing, but I heard some thuds inside, I realised after I couldn't move my legs. Then about 5 minutes later my brother opened the window to the garden and found me. I was taken into A&E told I had broken my back, they did not let me eat or drink anything while I was in BRI, if you can chase this up to see what happened after the event. Also no one from the hospital visited me. But I remember telling a nurse I was in despair, which was a confirmation that I was suicidal.


Then I began smoking again, at Pinderfields, there were three other lads, who were in wheel chairs, and so I began smoking again. Smoking weed too, I remember I was on a cocktail of stuff, an anti-psychotic a anti-depressant and smoked some weed, I had a new phone, and told one my cousins to put some music on a micro card, the music was good, stuff like Eminem go to sleep, when it was about 3am, and I was still wide awake, having heard about 90 track, on repeat. I liked that track a lot at the time, but when I first heard it, I was like this is really bad, really bad language, cruel statement, but on headphones it was a different experience.


By Jan 2007 I was home again, I thought I'd read the whole book, I quite again, but by June I was detained again and whilst inside, the only thing to do is smoke, so after using up all other avenues to get my head away from the situation I started smoking like most patients.



When I got home, I thought I'd quit, the fourth time, I thought I read how to permanently stop smoking by Allen Carr, It is a long book, and you wonder if you can be bothered, but it doesn't stop you from smoking. So I read like a page every day or two pages, and it took me about 4-5 months to complete, but when I finished, it felt like a marathon race, and it became so easy to quit by the point when he tells you to have your last cigarette, that the rest of the book was a breeze.


Then my sister in law brought a sheesha pipe, this is less addictive than cigarettes, but I tend to smoke it when it is available, but can live without it. But now is my second day without sheesha, and I feel I'm starving, the first day wasn't difficult, but now I understand their approach, the scientific approach, but weaning yourself of sheesha, where the flavor gets burnt in less than a minute, and really you are smoking smoke from charcoal, is easier than tobacco, but because you are smoking it for longer could be potentially more dangerous. But I felt like celebrating, having gotten quite far with my book, on, it was a good feeling looking back and someone bought a few tracks, , I'm getting all thirty tracks remastered next year God willing.




The good of belief


The light of faith, or the darkness of ego

The good of belief, or the evil seduction to lies

The truth of devotion, or the falsehood of corruption




The belief of good, gets into conflict with devotion to truth, but God reconciles hearts, to the child the simplicity of truth of the Quran, to the youth the pain of the good of the Gospels, for the elder the long road map to enlightenment through the Torah, Psalms and Book of Wisdom.







To a husband faithfulness is simple


To a wife devotion to her husband is straightforward


To a child believe their parents is easy





Today I realised we have to understand the difference in approach, will and understanding, whether we can realise that we cannot put light and darkness, good and evil and right and wrong in the same place. Though there is a transition from one thing to the other, like a person growing up from being a child to a youth to an elder. But whereas some come from the Old light of the world, some come from the new ethos of the world, and some come from the final fulfillment of the world. Some will not believe, others will not have faith and others cannot devote. I couldn't believe the CPN has the good of belief, and it is his guiding force, until today, always thought he would end up wrong or something, and I wouldn't believe otherwise, until now. And he probably would not devote to the truth of the writing, though there have been errors and mistakes, not an infallible scripture, just a progression of thinking and understanding, hopefully there may come some benefit for the future and for my own soul’s sake. Soon I sense, there will be a competition, a striving of people who believe and lead a righteous life, there is a amazing audio recitation of the Final Testament which I think people should put in their cars or at home, it really brings peace into you through the long Suras, I found sitting listening to something that goes on for 85 minutes, was quite an experience, though not unusual people go to theatre or movies and sit through hours also. The page, is hidden within a website, and only if you know will you find it.



The light of faith

The good of belief

The truth of devotion



Who is winning?


There is a deep philosophical understanding to the statement which stuck with me by Sheikh Nuh, 'who is winning, Allah has already won."


Because the development, the placing the timing, it is as others have noted 'the snake has another skin to shed', what seems frightening or a scary situation dissipates into something else, and whether I struggle with the horror of the darkness, and so do not wish to die, then see the curse of evil and do not want to live, then realise the wrong of corruption and seek mercy and hope.


Sheikh Nuh, who is to speak what is in the heart, or what was the true motive of what he was saying, was it like the Quran says of some, who twist their tongues as though it is the word of God, when it isn't, because it felt quite a great statement.


Or was it a prejudicial statement to make out Allah being the name of God in Arabic, by making Arabic more better than any other. He is a Sufi teacher, who resides in the Middle East, and remains tied to the Sunni Sufi order of Shadhilli, and the madhab of Shafi, in the sect of the Sunnis.


But the question is can you accept everything that he says, yes there is gnosis in this statement, written words cannot describe the thoughts concerning it, that is why we have to return to the only source which we agree we accept everything from, the word of God, the Quran. And that is a criterion of a Muslim or a submitter that he finds nothing objectionable in the Quran. I agree he is a distinguished person, highly regarded and someone who I am glad I met, at the start of this project I felt it was all trying to talk against the devil, without naming him. So instead of saying they were all misled by the devil, which I cannot say because I am a human and will face the same challenges and test and questions so will also only by the grace and mercy of God be among the blessed or among the doomed who joined the opposition to the Sovereignty of Almighty God. But when I looked at faith, belief and devotion, I thought they were entangled and did not really go straightforward. And I thought the three tree of knowledge, fountain of youth and elixir of life were muddled up too. But there may be some sort of order in what seems random.


But just seeing my brother compile, someone who got an unconditional 2Es offer from Oxford, in 1990, due to his entry paper in chemistry, then seeing his futuristic enlightenment in music, how he has fulfilled the faith of the artists that there would be something to come from it, even if it was intended for only one person. Or the world. Then BBC showing a program on chemistry, now, the history behind chemistry, concerning elements. And something struck me in the advertisement, to give order to something which seemed random, which felt like what I tried to achieve with the book on 3.





Find my brothers compilations on


Falsehood of corruption


Having looked at all avenues, I have come to the sensible conclusion to follow the submitters that religion should be devoted to God alone, so I discard the idolatry associated with seeking jurisprudence from scholars and madhabs, seeking the path through lineages and sheikhs, and possibly refusing to complicate the religion by taking others as lords beside God. I have no time for them, who have not accepted the mathematical miracle of the Quran, and put their own words in contention with the word of God, or by attributing to God and His messenger fabrications.


The problem with some is they believe no one is listening to them, or seeing them or speaking to them. When they think no one listening to them they make up fabrications or lie big or begin to innovate.


Rashad Khalifa was the consolidating messenger, yet they level to me questions that he has answered, and f they sat down and read them they will realise the answer to many of the questions they have. I do not expect to become his ghullam or mureed, but when I realised the falsehood of corruption I sought mercy from God, and accepted the truth of what he was saying, I did not condemn him, nor judge him, like most Muhammadans do.


I remember being in pits of darkness and feeling persecutory and terrified, the horror of darkness, and all I wished for was to be safe, even if it meant going to prison, which led to an attempted stabbing, but by the will of God it did not penetrate and hit his ribs, and luckily it was a nurse who had come out to see me, they are usually more lenient to violent conduct than a civilian would be, and later he did not press charges. I remember it well I was terrified. This was when I was 24, so I know how the Jewish mind works too. Then after a few years of taking stimulants such as speed and ecstasy. It led me to a point where the word Accursed appeared in my thoughts, and suddenly it wasn't about not wanting to die but not wanting to live. I became suicidal, but yet even while detained I remember I prostrated to the ground and read Glory be to God, in Arabic, but this time I was sweating and in fever and couldn't sleep, I thought my life would end as a curse, that I was accursed like the devil and I didn't want to live with it, thinking there was no good in me. This then when all the faces on a cube were the same colour, when everything seemed synchronised, I fell out of the attic window, in attempt to take my own life, but survived by God's will. Then while in a wheel chair I stumbled upon an introductory article, where it outlined the importance and prevalence 19 in the scripture, and how it codifies the prayers and other things, it was an overwhelming proof of something which I thought would be pivotal or shift the balance. So then after the horror of darkness, the curse of evil then came the falsehood of corruption, and so now with a broken back I have accepted submission.


Maybe it was the will of God, to go through these stages


Forgive and you will be forgiven, sometimes feel none of the teaching of Jesus, have been understood or read by the so called Muslims.


Free Afia Saddique


Those seduced, those evil perpetrators, those who test our patience.


They lock the kingdom of God from men, but open the evil to the people, they lock their sovereign in a formidable castle, and let go of the innocent sufferer, treating Hell with ineptitude, and vile ignorance taking Satan as their lord, not knowing he is man's avowed enemy, he leads them to Hell, telling them this is better than trying to strive in the cause of God, but Hell has not been created and so many have lost their souls through ignorance. No they take pride in Hell, the Satanist such as Charles and the Queen of England, who strive for the release of their citizens from Bagram or Gauntanamu, but when a citizen of Pakistan a woman Afia Sadique has been held without charge in Gauntanamu, and the officials in Pakistan cannot secure her release, instead a bogus charge is laid upon her, and she is found guilty by the Satanist jury. Ask the black civil rights leader, white man is the devil. There is no good in him, if I will end up wrong then there is no good in the Christian, a cruel liar.


Fighting for women rights? Liars who treat women as whores and bitches, woe unto you we don't want you bullshit ideology.

Fighting for freedom? Liars who send their pigs to kill and maim the innocent, woe unto you we don't want your evil devil worshippers

Fighting against evil? Liars who think there is a flaw in God's creation, woe unto you The West is heedless




There are two types of people, those who hypnotically bring about results in order to say see, when the sincerity means it wasn't the fault of the victim but the work of devil, then there is the other who believe in the good, the good of belief and accept and do not cynically impose control and subjugate by means of torture, games and hypnosis in order to achieve the idolization of there being other gods besides God.


So they come out with the same rhetoric, like me an Asian when I wished to lie about something, and the first thing I said he called me a paki, and so Americans the first call is always he is a jihadi and he said 'Allahu ackbar' and 'kill Americans’. that sounds like bullshit, a fake story, and to subjugate not a man but a woman to years of brutality and inhumane torture, only points too sadism of Satanists.


My Lord our God, I said, You have granted me life, You have given me a home and a family, and so many things, though these things question everything that I have learnt and read and know, even though I do not have an answer, and will argue there is much to be said of the methods and dealing of the Western forces, and the belittlement and hatred that flows out of their actions point to another demonisation of a people simply because they were different, just like the Natives and the Africans, but to them we are toys rather than living breathing experiencing beings, born with a mind, body and a soul. Do we remain ignorant as children, liars as youths, and hypocrites as elders. I do not know the ins and outs of this terrible thing happening to one individual Afia, but know my Lord is never unjust towards the people, as well as so many other things.


Anyway even if a detainee takes up arms there is no room for prosecution, there is always the threat but never the carrying out of prosecution. I've smashed things while I was detained, I punched nurses, I grabbed them by the balls and tried to bite their ears off, and even attempted to stab a nurse. But never did they prosecute, so firstly the problem arises not in what was supposedly took place, by a person with no energy and if did then you have to take into consideration she had a child with her, would think of protecting him. The fault lies with soldier he should not be so lax to leave a weapon unattended, then to put her through another ordeal of a huge operation that would take a lot of any person after being shot. There were no charges of terrorism against her, instead they tried her for defending herself.


For the sake of humanity, for the sake of love and for sake of peace release this lady, and let her have her say of what happened. In war all etiquette's and manners are thrown away, and replaced with brutality and evil and hatred.


Light will destroy darkness

Good triumphs over evil

Truth prevailed over falsehood


Part of your job


One of the perks for being an American soldier is if someone tries to kill you, you can try them in an American court for attempted murder of a soldier which carries a life sentence.


No one is taking into consideration the setting of the crime, the person involved firstly a doctor secondly a mother and thirdly a woman. Who did not get very far in trying to kill an American soldier, as well as getting shot in the process, and not taking into account the amount of torture and violations took place against her and her children, in this phony war on terror.


Just doing your job, nothing more, don't expect perks for doing a job, anyway Afia will be out on appeal, she needs good representation not these Jewish two faced lawyers who are seduced to the dark side.


She basically does not have a case to answer to. The soldier was simply doing his job, and it was part of his job, shouldn't expect perks for that, and she could be defending herself after years of torture and violations.


Woe unto you, no faith in the UN. or in any men, do not have in ourselves like the Jews, have faith in the light of God, do not seduce to evil like Christians, believe in the good God, do not lose to the false like the Muhammadans, but devote to the Truth, al-Haq, a name of God.


Al- Lahu








al- Nur

al- Jayid

al- Haq


al- Hameed








al-Malik ul Mulk



The puritan vs the fallible.


I got a free app yesterday, the Holy Bible, coming from a Muslim background we are kept away from it, I remember when I left university, I went into Waterstones and bought a copy of King James Version of the Bible, I wanted to read it. I got through about half of it, when it disappeared, my Dad had it burnt as it was the word of God and could not be thrown in the trash heap, coming from this sort of background where things are kept sacrilegious and respected and revered, I didn't bother with the Bible, maybe come across some extracts, but then yesterday I saw a screen shot of someone's home page on his iPod or iPhone, and saw a copy of the Bible, so this led me to have a look.


My foundations are not based upon the Bible, and so it came as a bit of an understatement to say I was appalled by the simplicity of the language, and it looks like some Rabbi must have had a look at it, and thought I know lets exaggerate let's use our new found knowledge in crafts and technology and add it to the beginning of the scripture. I read the NET version whichever that one is.


Isn't it hypocritical of the Israelites or the Jews, who are known to have tampered with the scriptures, and then to have the audacity to claim that Muhammad wrote the Quran through his own knowledge of the scriptures. They do not recognise their own offense, and instead should know people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and start accusing other people of offenses. And does that mean he received his knowledge from the tampered word of God and the lost books.


Question I have why should I care about their family history, or whether they were good hunters, or whether they lived hundreds and hundreds of years. There maybe some truth to the Genesis but it may have been a lot shorter instead including the lineages of Adam and Noah and Abraham. Who is to say?


But I cannot accept this to be the word of the Almighty God, because it is not fit for Him. Then it leads me to say, there is a lock in my mind on certain things, certain things will God willing remained locked and I will be servant of God for the rest of my days. But to tamper with scripture requires crossing the line, and I feel they've crossed without even thinking twice.


Example, when Seoul and his army were about march on Goliath and his army, Seoul said to his people God is testing you by means of this river, anyone who drinks from it cannot be with us, and most of them drank from it whole heartedly, and then they lacked the numbers, but by the will of God the words that inspired them, were many a small army has defeated a large army by the will of God. The additional puzzle is that the Children of Israel were asking to fight in the cause of God, saying they had been deprived of their homes, but when fighting was commanded they refused to fight.


That is the case with them every time, when a prophecy is fulfilled they reject it, but before it is fulfilled they await it and anticipate its arrival.


And David killed Goliath.


They think there is no line to cross, but there is with God, maybe not on earth or among men, but there is with God.


They believe in freedom, not in righteousness,

it suits their egos rather kills their egos,

it envisions distrust rather than trust of God.




Understand the mind of the Jew

Play the game of the Christian

Listen to the wisdom of the Muhammadan


It is psychological

It is law

It is socio-political ideology


(Quran.61:2) "It is deeply abhorrent to God that you say what you don't do," (psyche)


energy transfers from one thing to another but cannot produce itself, (law)


(Quran, 3:18) "God bears witness that there is no other god besides Him, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge." (wisdom)



Future knowledge of the mind

Present power of the body

Past wisdom of the soul


Have I been a fool


I had a moment where I felt not am I an Arab nor a Jew, but I do adore the Lord, but do not know how to accept the various things in the Bible. I like the title 'Genesis', but reading the NET version wasn't very good.


But I like how certain things are confirmed between the scriptures, that Hagar the Egyptian servant of Sarah the wife of Abraham, "The LORD's angel found Hagar near a spring of water in the desert." (Gen16:7), this seems to correlate with Mecca, which is in the desert and also the well of Zam Zam is also there, there are many stories told about the birth of Ishmael found in Hadith.

Another part is where it says Abraham built an alter to God, cannot find the exact reference but it appears in Genesis, is this the Kaaba, which is known to have been built by Abraham and Ishmael.


Then today I started questioning myself, through the anthropomorphic nature of God in the narratives in the book of Genesis, it doesn't seem like God is talking but more like some Rabbi,

'why did you laugh?' -

"no, I did not laugh",

'no! you did laugh' (Gen 18:13-15)


"Should I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?" (Gen:18:17)



This brought me to the understanding of a verse, because I describe the emotion by a word, and the word was fool, then I search my mind to find any reference to this word. And I remembered

a Quranic verse,


[2:13] When they are told, "Believe like the people who believed," they say, "Shall we believe like the fools who believed?" In fact, it is they who are fools, but they do not know.


This re-assured me that it was meant to be, I understood a great deal from this. The question I asked was have I been a fool all this time, but this re-assured me it is not foolish to believe, but to disbelieve. In silent reflection will you realise there is no where left to run or hide. And I am not alone in this, there are submitters around the world, who would agree with me on this, that none is worthy of worship except God.


Like I said my foundations do not begin with Genesis and end with the Revelations, for me it was to devote to the Quran, the Final scripture, a book befitting the Lord God, and one where we learnt to reverence God and to cleanse ourselves and purifies ourselves with righteous acts such as fasting, contact prayers and reading and studying the Quran.


They ask if you cannot accept the authority of the Hadith how can you accept the authority of the Quran. Answer, We know the mathematical code proves, and you’re living in the past.


I hope the Lord can forgive my sins, and forgive those who believe and submit, Strengthen our faiths and grants us victory against the disbelievers.



Studies of Genesis



One thing I do not understand is whether 'underdog' refers to the Gospel account where Jesus talks to the gentile woman, and she says the dog can eat the crumbs under the children's table.


Another thing I do not understand is the statement 'save the earth', with this type of thinking one would think that people think God is incapable of looking after the earth, but really it is humans who have been given the dominance on the planet, but instead of choosing righteousness they choose freedom, instead of killing their egos, they chose to suit their egos, instead of envisioning trust of God they chose no trust.


For some there is the mind of light - those who have certainty like some of the Children of Israel, the Prophets such as Jesus


For some there is the heart of love - for the youths - those who adore the Lord God, and praise Him


For some the soul of truth - the child- those who speak wisdom from what is learnt from the history


There are two roads the road of freedom, and the road of righteousness. When we disregard of forget God then we follow the road of freedom, when we remember and observe God we follow the road of righteousness. With books such as the Genesis, there is a lack of righteousness, but more freedom, people living their lives with no care and still expect the favor and blessing of God, you should compare the different stories in the Bible and the Quran, for example, Abraham met angels who gave him good news of a child, and as well tell him they had been dispatched to the people of Sodom. It wasn't God who gave them this news. When Sarah hears the news she laughs to herself, according to Biblical accounts, how can they give me such news when I am so old. But weren't these people supposed to have lived for hundreds and hundreds years, so being hundred or 90 isn't really that old if you going to live for 350 to a thousand years anyway.



But the Genesis in many ways seems to be confirmed in the Quran, the progeny of Adam, Noah and Abraham are mentioned in the Quran, but not given a detailed list of people like the Genesis.


I don't know what I'm reading first Lot is the only one favored by God and saved from the punishment that befell Sodom, and then later he has sexual relationships with his two daughters, though he was drunk on wine. I guess this where the Mormons get their thinking from. Only now at the age of 30, do I study the Bible..


Reading Gen 22, about the sacrificial offering of Abraham, here like to note this dream in which Abraham thought he was in communion with God, was Satanic, because as Dr. Khalifa noted one of the major rules is "God never advocates sin". By asking Abraham to sacrifice his son would be advocating sin. I also know through experience when I was tested too, but God protected me from it. Also it is proven that the child that was offered was Ishmael not Isaac. A sign of the jealousy of the Jews.


Then Ambilech takes Sarah, but isn't Sarah an old woman by this stage?



How Christians understand



Judge not less you be judged, condemn not, and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven


But the Christians have not understood the context in which it was said, it wasn’t a social policy or the way to deal with criminals as the countries like Britain try to do, but one thing is clear, they are imitating the Kingdom of God and instead replacing it with their own on Kingdom of the world, with the hierarchy and the British monarchy taking the place of God, and there is no belief in the life of the hereafter. And no regard that Jesus was a man of God. Instead they elevate him to godhood, due to the lies of the Gospels, that belief is to believe he died for your sins, and so you will be saved. So it becomes a game, and is not really universal in its approach because they have to go out and preach the gospel to everyone they meet, in order to save them, so they become like salesmen and mercenaries, rather than submitters and believers of God alone, in the following of the messengers and prophets such as Jesus.



Light of mind

Good of heart

Truth of soul


love is in the mind

care is in the heart

need is in the soul


What is love?

What is care?

What is need


To love is to be faithful

To care is to believe

To need is to devote




Jews think by saying Israel it will suffice

Christians think by saying Jesus died for our sins they will be saved

The Muhammadans think by sending salawat to the Prophet he will intercede


These are ways people have ignored the commandment of God, that you shall have no other gods besides God, and that you shall to devote to God alone, and uphold the truth, be patient or steadfast, and to believe and lead a righteous life.


[103:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[103:1] By the afternoon.

[103:2] The human being is utterly lost.

[103:3] Except those who believe and lead a righteous life, and exhort one another to uphold the truth, and exhort one another to be steadfast.


They are looking at words, to find something to ease their souls into corruption, in order to say well what was the meaning of this if it wasn’t to ease our longing for pride. But when they see they have been misled, they become angry some elevate one person over others, when God has stated that a rule for the believer is he does not distinguish between the messengers. Some elevate Israel, some elevate Jesus some elevate Muhammad, and become idolatrous. All the good things are missing from the Bible, but have not been forgotten by the Quran, the part where Abraham is in front of King, and questions him about his God, and Abraham says my Lord causes you to live or to die, and he said I too can do this, then Abraham says my Lord causes the sun to rise from the East and set in the West, you cause it to rise from the West. So the King was stumped. The stories of Abraham are forgotten in the Old Testament the beginning book of Genesis in particular. I expect it to change when I get to Exodus, a book certainly of a Prophet, from Moses, whereas the author of Genesis isn't known.


It seems to get from bad to worse, from stealing birth right, to being married to two sisters which is forbidden in the Quran, to incestuous father daughter relationships of Lot and his daughters, then to stealing the blessing of Esau by Jacob, there is a lot dishonesty in the early chapters. To the point where Joseph's brothers throw him in a well, this is where I got to at present. It will only lead to the idolatry of the Children of Israel at the time Moses by worshipping the golden calf. But so much to be said before then.


Ask yourself if salat and salawat come from the same root words, then how does one mean to contact, and the other to send peace. And to check it in relation to the Quran, God salawats believers too, and so do the angels. So ask yourself does salawat mean to send peace? Truth is it means to support.

God and His angels support the Prophet, o you who believe you shall support the Prophet.


Blink of an eye

I worship the Lord of the heavens and the earth. The Initiator, the Designer and the Creator. I believe there will the end of time and we will be reckoned for our deeds. I think people are misled to think choice, salivation or intercession are instrumental in who goes where.


"All this talk of who is and who isn't getting in."


In the words of Ian Brown which I think concerns Christian psyche.


People point to timelines how fast it would take to reach the outer limits. The numbers are so bewildering but seem to suggest what could seem an eternity could be as quick as a blink of an eye. One of the points I'd like to mention is mathematically what seems very long may not have been. Everything seems to have a reason. Yes we can say there were dinosaurs but the intriguing thing is the discovery of dinosaurs by humans through excavations. The story isn't about how long is a piece of string but the time and place for everything. Not the building blocks are interesting but the building. Not asking how they got there, how did the ball chair get there? There is a history that will be as long as the longest piece of string. Everything seems pre determined. The ball chair and all the building blocks which led to it being built shipped bought and placed were determined.

Well we could philosophise forever and a day but we have been given an answer in this day and age. We know the building blocks, the building and life cannot be distinguished, from chemistry, physics and biology, coalesced synchronised and logically compiled. The chemistry of the components of life to physical make up to the time and place.

A verse I remember kun faya kun. Be! and it is. But the three attributes make it apparent in perfection. God's attributes the Knower, the Most Powerful and the Most Wise or better known as the three Omnis.

Mind, body and soul.

Size is limitless

Weight is infinite

Pressure is free


Is what we learnt from the philosophical question about God creating a rock he could not carry.


Size is fluid

Weight is solid

Pressure is gaseous


Is size everything

Is weight nothing

Is pressure eternal


Just as it was pre determined that mysterious crop patterns and design appear out of the blue. Physically dented in the crop field, and for the word Allah to appear among creation. For the miracles great and small, glory be to the One who initiated these.

We can pull at tangents, make new points of discussion, focus on a particular problem. The reality is we're barking up the wrong tree, we need to re-align ourselves to nature and to what is natural, not what is manufactured. The manufacturing of 9-11, the manufacturing of mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia, the manufacturing of climate change. There is nothing natural about these things, and what they are achieving is adulation of fool's gold.


They are not prepared for the present, when the present is all there is especially in art, music can be heard during different times and have different meaning all in the now, the pictures of when you were young can be viewed in the now, the writing you write can also be viewed in the now., they are searching into the past to assume knowledge of the future, whereas we recognise there is light in the future, there is power in the present, and there is truth in the past.


I read in manner which goes back to the time of Abraham, but I'm not Jewish nor an Arab, I've been thinking, and ultimately I built on the treasures of wisdom,


Let us take the polar bear as an example, first it comes from within, the necessary physical attributes to survive in a harsh climate, then it would need a basis for survival, the fish as well as seals, did that happen over a period of millions of years or are we witnessing the power of now, the coalescing and the coming together without opposition of all the conditional requirements and all the physical requirements and all the things in place, it is chemistry but not of chemicals, it is also physically present in a certain place, and it is breathing and living and reproducing.


"It's all about the chemistry

Up and way beyond the mere exchange of pleasantry"


We can apply this formula to every living thing, not how it adapted and survived, but how it found its natural place in the present, so I guess I would believe in the Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient God,


Whereas the Bible states the God of Israel is God


Which happens to be the God of Abraham, and that is where we draw our lineage from, not from Prophet Muhammad, we do not try and find a line going back to the Prophet, but to Abraham, for by doing so you do not disregard the Old and the New Testaments.


And we read in the Quran that Adam was taught words with which he redeems himself. And so we too have been given words, the Key, or sura al Fatiha, to recite in our contact prayer, which is codified and harmonious, and which will redeem us.





Writing is a precise art, art, taking photos, drawing pictures, making films, painting and sculpting, is an accurate art, music is a speed art.


Writing is about going against the things you detest such as lies and boastfulness to things which we admire modesty and humility. We avoid these things like obstacles with maneuvers depending on our skill.


As for art, such as photography and film, there is always the question of is it accurate, I personally think I look different in every photo, but maybe it is due to the time difference and the aging and the various variables that make each photo unique. There is a sort of split personality on camera, the mirror version versus the camera version. but looking in the mirror is what we are used to, but seeing ourselves in photos can be a new dimension.


And the speed of sound, the art of music. ever wondered why most rock bands trash their instruments, rather than play out melodies, don’t know, I prefer bands that play melodies than bands which trash their instruments. But it is all about chemistry, some artist make it seem easy others cannot get together to achieve harmony, and some never get recognised.


The precision to avoid the pitfalls and errors

The accuracy to see beyond the lines

The speed to hear the no boundaries


There are no boundaries, is something we have to accept, even though they create artificial authorities to subjugate and enslave people, artificial boundaries, artificial big brother situations in the mental health. They are made into slave, not allowed to procreate, not allowed to work for a living, not allowed to live among people, instead they are confined, medicated drugged, and spoken about without their consent.


Artificial boundaries, so that we become slaves of the governments.


There is only one boundary that we worship the Lord God alone, and uphold His commandments and lead a righteous life and submit to Him. There is unity in taking only Almighty God as our sovereign, instead of making artificial boundaries.


When you read the Bible you find there are no boundaries, I cannot describe the feeling of the escape of the Children of Israel through the parting of the Red Sea, it felt like victory. And it points out God's immutable system. That they had not reached the limit, like in Genesis when it talks of the limit.


What silenced the man, when it felt they were talking about you, but not to your face.



For children there is freedom

For youth there is equality

For elders there is justice


Being free as a child

Thinking of equality as a youth

Bringing justice as an elder.


Israel was the first born, the elder


Jesus was the Messiah, the youth


Muhammad was the Final Prophet, the (orphan) child


Tree of Knowledge

Fountain of Youth

Elixir of Life


One trick pony


So you think your paradise on earth will last forever, never heard of the saying what goes up must come down. For the last 70 years have been spent on alluding people to the false notion of heaven on earth, when most don't know the difference between right and wrong because they spent their formal years in secular schools, I'm happy to see faith schools like Muslim schools, though I disagree with them on certain things and which are not Islamicallhy correct, such as a head scarf, and I do not see what purpose it serves to cover ones head, and the Quranic ayat which is used to suggest to cover your head actually ask to cover the chest. That as well as idolization of Prophet Muhamamad, when the Quran teaches a Muslim is distinguished by the fact he/she do not distinguish between the messengers. By elevating Muhammad to a higher rank than others is wrong.


I went to English schools and university, and where the Muslim families are very chaste and upright concerning sex, the West on the other hand isn't, so rather than wait until marriage I became seduced by pornography on television and the Western love model.


I think Muslim schools would be good for children, they will not be vulnerable to people who speak about them but not to their faces, who say things as though they are talking to you, which makes the listener uncomfortable and silent, as I experienced at university or when I go out.


Now you’re going bust, treating people as though they are lab rats, and in the certainty of science.

You only have a few moves, you're only a one trick pony, you can only increase the medication if things change and that is the only thing you can do. I do not think you know what you are doing. With every detention the inevitable move increase his medication to full whack that should help. Then let him deal with all the problems it causes, the artificial authorities, but BBC ran a story scientist found taking omega 3 oils is just as effective in preventing psychosis than anything, and natural solution is always better than artificially synthesised chemicals.


And in the case of going bust, all you can do is circulate more money.




Some couplets


Just live your life try not to think about all the ins and outs

Be grateful for what you have than what you could have


If you cannot smile with the real and become depressed by the artificial, then you are not me

What is happiness, to take to the limit with an ooh, and then expire with a yeah or with pain there is gain



Do not confuse the mind with the soul, or the body with the material

Possibilities of the mind are endless, the self is advocate of vice, and the soul is free to transcend the limits of boundaries


The elder knows, the youth observes, the child learns

Deaf, blind and dumb


Is life a test! Is it for living? Is it for worshipping.

To be faithful to the light, to believe in the good, to devote to the truth.


The knowledge of science, the power of art, the wisdom of classics

The Lord God is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent


The mind needs knowledge, the body needs power, the soul needs wisdom

Water, food and air





Before reading this, the only thing I knew of Nietzsche, was the statement 'God is dead', I thought this was some sort liberation from Christianity in pursuit of pleasure with no pain, and if pain occurs blame God, the all-responsible, because He knew the future but still decided not to do anything, and so we have to suffer. A kinda atheist doctrine.


In response God knows our actions and knows what they will lead us to, but knowledge of the future concerns the mind, it will lead you out of darkness into light, like the Exodus. whereas power over good and evil concerns the body, the present moment , the now and questions our belief whether God is good or because He did not stop the pain is evil. and wisdom of what was learnt concerns the soul, in terms of the written word, which is eternal and it is the truth of the soul, rather than lies, whereas knowledge, science and God's Omniscience, which translates as the Knower, concerns the knowledge of everything in existence, the sun moon and earth and their orbits, the birth of a child, the transition from childhood to youth to being an elder, The Knower of the future, the one God who controls everything.


If you are looking for correct history then read the Quran, a book of wisdom. If you want to believe in the present read the Gospels. If you wish to know darkness from light read the Old Testament.


The Old

The New

The Final


I had you Nietzsche misunderstood because atheist misinterpret what you say. But now having read your work, I feel that clarity of the mind, the purity of heart and the goodness of soul, would sway you away from the pitfalls of Christianity towards on more egalitarian principles of Light, Love and Peace.


We can either rise above or sink below, we can progress or regress, go forward or backwards', there is light among the chaos of the mind, there is good among the cause and effect of the body, there is truth among the will of the soul. Music, hearing and mid. Art, seeing and body. Writing, speaking and soul.



The test of faith!

The question believe?

The competition of devotion.


from the depths of darkness into light

If God is good why the suffering?

Do you denounce the devil or not.


One love

One heart

One soul


Anything good that happens to you is from God, anything bad is from you (4:79)



Golden Key


"The world can sustain a population ten times over, but cannot sustain man's greed." Gandhi

Not exact words, but something to that effect.

And the human population in the next 200 years will be ten times what it is now. Start becoming conservative rather than extrovert, try to be content with your lot, rather than look for more. Because one day will come when hell is filled, and it will be asked of hell, have you had enough, and it will reply 'give me more'.


Once you become capitalist, there is always the need to want more, to becoming bigger, to become richer, to become higher in the hierarchy, but people forget money is a test, money is a curse and money is a drug. You cannot buy happiness. Do not forsake the hereafter for this world, for this world is mere illusion compared to the afterlife. With you Lord is much greater reward, and with your Lord are the treasures.


Well you might have it all but still want more

There's law for the rich another for the poor

There a golden key unlocks all the doors

And the world is yours (Ian Brown, world is yours)


Establish contact 5 times a day through the passage of the sun through dawn till dusk, and recite al fatiha, the key, while standing, bow down and prostrate, and bear witness that there is no other god besides God, He is one, and has no partner, whilst sitting, send salaam to the two recording angels on your right and left. Make this your mantra for life, discipline yourself to prayer at the correct times, and establish contact with the key. No one possesses power except God.


Good place to find a method to prayer is, there is a link on the side under 'religious duties'.



Collective consciousness


I believe in collective consciousness, not individual responsibility, I think we are all fuel for a certain idea and will fight whim and heart to prove its veracity. So instead of saying scientists because there is broad spectrum of them, I generalise by saying scientist, instead of saying Satanists I refer to them as Satanist, the Satanist, instead Zionists it is Zionist. Some say it is poor English, but trying to free myself from the burden of mob rule and individual votes to ascertain who is the prime and who is not, we prefer to suggest know one know them all, we try not to view things as hierarchy where to talk to a group you must first try to establish who they recognise as leader and who they follow. I'm not against individual freedom, but with the wide spectrum of sociological, political, scientific, religious and cultural names and labels for people, it becomes difficult to not focus on particular and remember the whole. We look to whole things, and if they try to say things like 'he fabricated', then we know the opposite is true 'no you fabricated.' or 'he innovated' no you innovated, and 'he corrupted' 'no you corrupted'. The weakness becomes obvious, and like a double edged sword strikes its own yielder, or to spit at the wind, is to spit in your own face. Or like the deist who say the Quran is manmade, no what you say is manmade, borrowed ideas from the Quran.


Try to look for simplicity, instead complications, it's hard but to transcend tangents and polarities and come to a logical conclusion, So when I say be conservative,, because the world population will every 20-30 years double, so it needs to be implanted in your mind, not to focus on particular, like let's start by turning the light off after I leave, because to restrain at a gnat will lead to swallowing a camel, it is a collective consciousness that needs to be established, not practicality and coerced doctrines. When you wish to stop the exploitation of women and give them parda, a word in Urdu which means veil, not a head scarf not a physical veil but a meta physical veil, a covering from the harms and deceit of the world. And stop teenage pregnancy by giving them sex education, instead of giving them boundaries which are artificially created like the nation states, and Human Rights Act, that lead to the trade in weapons and guns, which leads to envy, greed, lust, hatred, malice and pride. But what we learn in life is the natural parameters of existence, we know not to fear the dark, because just as much as you cannot see into it, nor can anyone else, unless you live in the African Serengeti and become prey for lions and cheetahs and hyenas. We learn that imagination and the breaking down of natural parameters only occurs in film and television, and to not become deceived by it. We learn there is only so much we can do, and there is only so much we need, but don't know whether we have found what we are looking for, or whether we can be appreciative what we got rather what we would like. What is our reasoning behind wanting.


I like to think collectively, that my views are shared, and that there is a witness, my Lord, who witnesses everything, who encompasses all visions but no vision can encompass Him. How many times do people fall in movies, what if they smack their heads, especially the old Indian films? Yet in the West people worry about head injuries from falling off bikes, and so wear helmets. A plain case of artificial boundaries, I know the world moves pretty fast, but every time you make a decision to change, every time you send something into hyper space, we need to build collective consciousness not artificial barriers and boundaries.


I see it like running, or swimming, some swim in the big ocean, and some are riding the waves, and some are sailing along. Some have abandon ship, some cannot find a ship, some are being led astray. Some are on auto pilot and are not worried, jai sera sera, whatever will be will be, like my headmaster who used to teach me French once said in class, Mr. Welsh, who suspended me later for two weeks, for misbehaving against prefects and changing grades on my report. Others think they have found a ship, the ark of Muhammad and the ahle Bayt, as my brother Sajid once told me, but now I view him swimming in the ocean and I don't know whether he will sink or make it to shore. He used to be a long distance runner,


I do not know what they see, I only listen to know, but only learn in retrospect, I do and think later, no one can switch the hearing off, it is limitless,


I think I'm on a ship, but like my dad once mentioned who was quoted a Sunni scholar, who was debating with an atheist, and said 'there was ship marooned on one side of a lake, people got on board, and the ship went to the other side, the people got off and then there people got on board and it returned to near side, all by itself." the atheist responds, ' do not lie to me, why do you choose to lie.' the scholar 'is it because it is impossible?' and the atheist says yes obviously for an unmanned vessel to do this. And so the scholar responds, 'so too is it impossible for the existence of the heavens and the earth without God."



Can God be jealous?


I never thought of God as being jealous, I always believed the words of the Quran, 'to God belong the most beautiful names.' and jealousy does not seem to befit God. I know it appears in the Bible, but years of manipulation, alterations and fabrications means who knows what the true scripture once said, whether it pointed to the jealousy of the Jews or of God. Who knows, but I am afraid of saying God is jealous. I do not want to incur wrath. It is a bias argument what we have of the Old Testament, I do not know what is the word of God or the word of rabbis and priests who came after. A working example is the changing of Ishmael from the sacrifice which was inspired by Satan, and which God nullified, because God cannot advocate sin. This has been proven see the following concerning whether God commanded the sacrifice of Ismail or not.




I cannot find the source concerning whether it was Ishmael or Isaac who was sacrificed, I have come across it though.


This is what Wikipedia says concerning the sacrifice:


The Qur'an does not specify whether it was Ishmael or Isaac whom Abraham was ordered to sacrifice, yet many interpreters believe it was Ishmael. This is not unanimous among interpreters of the Qur'an. Among the evidence offered for this position are two arguments:

1. Muslims note that the text of Genesis, despite specifying Isaac, appears to state that Abraham was told to sacrifice his only son to God.

Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of

—Genesis/Bereshith 22:2[7]

Since Isaac was Abraham's second son, there was no time at which he would have been Abraham's "only son", and that this supports the Muslim belief that there was an original text that must have named Ishmael rather than Isaac as the intended sacrifice.

2. The Qur'an states that when angels visited Abraham's house, they told him and his wife that they would have a son, Isaac, and that Isaac would have Jacob as a son. So Abraham had a divine promise that Isaac's life is guaranteed.



I think what might have occurred, is something of political correctness but not being weary of angering God but of clearing any misdemeanors that occurred by the Children of Israel. Moses was the son of the daughter of Levi, who was older than Joseph, how then can the Bible say they were in Egypt for 430 years, should it not be 250 years maximum.


Jesus , son of Mary was a descendent of Aaron, not David, they only try and put the son of David, and the Messiah as one, and think son of David means a direct descendent. We will see.


Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.


Whatever God wills rather than jai sera sera whatever will be will be


No one possesses power except God


Where angels play


If the eldest sibling is more the year old than his/her younger sibling, I only know through my elder brothers children, but they tend to get jealous. And they fight a lot, the younger one tends to be crueler, will use weapons to beat his older brother up, the third one plays dumb, because he is the last.


the elder doesn't want to die

The youth doesn't want to live

The child doesn't want to go to Hell


If you don't believe in Jesus' existence, hear the stone roses 'where angels play', truly a very heartfelt and spirit driven song. That's what it was about the stone roses, they made you believe things about Jesus, and so you too become driven by the spirit. The chemistry is just right to find you believe in religion rather than science. At first it felt like melancholy when I heard it in my car in 2002, when I went on a road trip, and got arrested at 5:08am and later sectioned, my number plate was T508 PBU, it seemed almost like a hurtful person who is so talented but does not get the popularity, the wealth and fame, somehow it felt like it was Brown's story. But now when I listen to it, it seems happy, like I can play you songs over again and again. That's why I think he's touring all the time. He may not have the popular vote, where Turns into Stone is far more accredited and credible an album for the best in many years, but bands like Oasis seem to fill these awards and occasion. But the music of the stone roses is more credible, and I think that's what inspires him, people finding new ideas and spirituality through his music, that is unheard of.


And it isn't as if he is unaware, he is aware, he is aware of the miracles of the scriptures, he is aware of there being something about "the lies of the Emperor Constantine, to control your mind."


Whereas his anti-thesis is someone like Michael Jackson, who thought science could bring him happiness, and who I think thought of trying to emulate and copy the look of Ian Brown, but never seen a miracle of science that didn't go from a blessing to a curse in the words of Sting. Jacko has all the fake gold whereas Ian Brown is pure gold, Jacko represent the material whereas Brown represents the spiritual. The temporal or the eternal, "Only something with a meaning can stand the test of time."


In an early stone roses interview Brown said when asked what their ambition was he said ' to be as big as Micheal Jackson', he is probably the opposite but in a good way.


God controls everything



Skin as thick as nails


Do scientist know the future, they can speculate but cannot be certain, unless it is physically seen to be the case, because there are laws. But don't they pretend to know the future, but there is always a big IF, and some people like myself do not have time for ifs and buts and wishful thinking.


Because I have a condition on my feet which goes back to my time in Syria in 2000, when I was 20 years old, I used to be a Sunni then,, due to being kept in the dark about some of the wrong practices and corrupt teachings, I used to do ablution then go to the mosque, and wear my trainers, after a bit, my feet got really itchy and developed a fungal infection. Why am I telling you this you'll know by the end, sorry if it sounds disgusting. Ever since my feet have been problematic my feet suffer from something a bit like ex schema, and now because I cannot wear shoes indoors and socks also slide off, this has been the case since my accident when I broke my back, I like to feel my feet are there, so indoors I choose not to wear socks or shoes, this has been the case for the last 2 years, but because I am constantly washing my feet for ablution, my feet have developed a thick skin, but sometimes on the ball of my feet and under my toenails there appears cuts due to over stretching. Sometimes I think because my grandmother is diabetic what if I develop diabetes then if I start getting cuts on my feet which takes ages to heal, and leads to a thick layer forming which is as hard as toe nails. Then what if it gets infected, then they will have to take off my foot, and then I will not be able to walk and then I will face a hard struggle.


Then it dawned on me, this is usually what psychiatrist and doctors do, they pretend you require something, a prop, a crutch or an aid, it is the game psychiatrist play. By taking medication it will help you with your thoughts, with your motivation and with your esteem, and IF you don't take the medication you will lose self control, you will not know your own parameters and you will struggle. Okay let's remove this one aspect, medication, where does that leave me, not in an experiment, not a lab rat, not a fruit cake, not sedated 24/7, not under their jurisdiction, I will be free to get a job, to study, to not feel stigmatised. But who keeps pushing this one thing into the equation and why? Because they think they know the future, and in their artificial boundaries it is all they are capable of doing, because we all learn to live with how much we can do. It isn't in order to act in your best interest, it is to act in the capacity of your job. People in hospital or out of hospital their lives revolve around one thing, medication, and the media likes to hype every murder by a youth as someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, this leads to fear and panic among people.


So soon they will be caught , but will they learn from it, I doubt it they'll go and create another disorder. I remember a science teacher once said to me, for pulling back the snots from my nose, and said you could go deaf. Some people are like that, they prey on others fears, thinking the Creator does not know what He created, and scientist know a lot more, who created energy then, if energy cannot create itself, then how can physicist then argue who created God? What is energy?


And we know God knows the future, has power over the present and wisdom of the past. God is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, God never errs nor does He forget. Let me ask you if you know the future, would you look for those who are appreciative or not, would you not want to be worshipped, that's what I think, God knows those who serve Him and those who do not, He knows those who sincerely and with humility of heart and with truth of soul, serve Him, or will serve Him, willingly. that is why I worship God, because I believe God knows the future, so I devote to Him, after all God is the Omniscient.


They choose science, whereas I choose religion. I hope I can live as natural a life as possible by the will of God.



3rd World War


The moral of the story in the music I produced is it can happen twice, but three times you got to be kidding, if three time then there has got to be a fourth and maybe even a fifth. For example, my eldest was a cross country captain, my second eldest brother was a first team rugby player, 5 years and a sister separate me from my older brothers, does that mean I will be fast and hard, maybe I will start off quick and hard, but then growth pains, and various physical changes would mean I could not compete other than as a child.

The elder passed the test on the size of everything

The youth answered the question on the weight of nothing

The child won the competition on the pressure of eternal


So now there has been 2 World Wars, Britain and its allies have won both, what will happen the third time, will Britain change its colors or will it remain wrong sided, no one's talking about what it is about the British, where they sit on the fence, all they try and do is remain elusive and aloof to all the distinctions and understandings,


They won the dark war

They won the evil war

They won the wrong war


They don't want to answer any of the questions, they are too busy finding ways and means to seduce towards evil.


You can enlighten the chaos

You can question the cause

You can will to win







elder controls the mind of the child

youth rules the body of the elder

child owns the soul of the youth




They want to restrain people, always using the terror card, how many investigations have gone into finding the people responsible for the untold number of bomb attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is just assumed it was the act of terrorist but no one knows where they come from, where they manufacture their bombs and how they recruit would be suicide bombers.


Trying to distil it to its finest purity. They want to restrain Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, they want to restrain the Taliban from getting into politics, they want to restrain children from eating too much, they want to restrain me.


Live and let live

You get what you give


Heard those words in a song, titled higher than the sun, on earth everything under the sun, but what was higher than the sun, experience and innocence bleed inside, hallucinogens can open me or untie me, I'm drifting into space free of time, amazing words by Bobby Gillespie, amazing, I'll post it


My brightest star's my inner light let it guide me

Experience and innocence bleed inside me

Hallucinogens can open me or untie me

I drift in inner space, free of time

I find a higher state of grace, in my mind

I'm beautiful


I wasn't born to follow

I live just for today, don't care about tomorrow

What I’ve got in my head you can't buy, steal or borrow

I believe in live and let live

I believe you get what you give


I've glimpsed, I have tasted, fantastical places

My soul's an oasis, higher than the sun


I'm higher than the sun






Less of the restraining, not making people lose their marbles.




A religion of peace or a cult of Muhammad



The title of this post is 'a religion of peace or a cult of Muhammad', anyone familiar with the Muslim world, would realise there is an element of both or outright one sided arguments, what must be acceptable is that if we view our similarities and correlations we will find the essence and undeniable factors of validity lie not in our differences but in what we share, first of all we share the Holy Book, which in the middle ages people argued whether the written word is eternal, in fact it is, being the third dimension the third position it is eternal just as The Omnipresent can be distinguished as the Eternal and concerns time or history. The Quran is what binds us as a community, but where we differ is according to most concerns prayer and the rites of Islam, we say fatiha must be recited first of all when stood up, and this the madhabs agree upon, we say we read 'glory be to God' in Arabic three times, the madhabs agree upon, in many other instances the madhabs and the various sects are in agreement.


So where are the differences? Examples include things such as when to recite besmallah and when to leave it out, what to add to the declaration of faith to also send peace to Muhammad and Abraham. So we recognise underneath it all there is shared opinion, something the Sunnis try to argue about consensus, but rather than consensus we look for agreement not political elevations and disasters. The madhabs also agree upon the units of prayer, within the four madhabs and in Shiaism, they agree upon there being 2,4,4,3,4 units for the five prayers, but they differ upon the suna prayers and the nafil prayers which are additional units differing from madhabs.

So now we have distilled prayers to its simplistic form, before the idolization of Muhammad began, and the essence and truth has been restored. But this is just my view, however something people are still fighting and trying to defeat is the mathematical code which also points to there being 17 units daily of salat, briefly we find 24434 is a multiple of 19, so much so that the number it divides to 1286, which adds to 17, a double whammy, and beautiful reason to prayer just 17 units per day.


We are not looking for disagreement, we are not looking for consensus, we are looking for the principles and the enlightening way and to listen and obey, to find agreement rather than dissension, divisions and diversions.


Because the truth is the Muslim world has strayed by diverting from its core, and instead of being willing particles in obedience to the nucleus they have become free radicals and one of the ways it has achieved this is by the choice they made to either believe truth shall set you free or to enslave to enslave to the size of the dog.



It ain't the size of the dog in the fight,

It's the fight in the dog on the day or the night

There's no time to reflect upon the threat, the bark nor the bite (Ian Brown, illegal attacks)



It is a choice they made, to either set free or to enslave, every dog has his day idea.


The best comes to those who wait.




In religion I found submission to God, and to accept Rashad as a messenger of God. The best form of Islam


Verily God is with the steadfast.




Always tell the truth


Have you realised time moves quickly or slowly, sometimes a written piece can be whizzed through other times it becomes very hard to read and a struggle. I try to remain as innocent, and driven by experience as possible but sometimes I ask myself if there are any points of, I don’t know, something like how we hide the bad points and only show the good points, like Pacino says, which I'm reminded of, 'if I'm bad, what does that make you, good? You ain't good, you just know how to hide, how to lie, me I don't have that part, me I always tell the truth even when I lie.'


Sometimes things do not seem to be joining up fluently, other times they work out just fine, best thing is not to add things to the text at different parts, trying to add more information, it will become a mire and no one will be able to get through it without it affecting their equilibrium.


Weird film really, if you can whizz through movies, without seeing the bits they don't want to show you, how the camera stops and starts, how actors are trying to keep a straight face and not become demonic or caught out by the camera pointing at them, because we look through the camera, and see ourselves in opposite situations than we felt we were in, but the camera is giving the third persons account of what is being seen, it isn't what the actor sees but what the third person sees. I once thought of reading the script to Scarface, I was amazed at the level of detail to each scene, how the script writer wanted the film shot, he had it all planned out, but if I was marking it was piece out of this world, which showed great ability to write deeper than Shakespeare scenes and deeper than Tarintino, it was a script of great ability and just amazing. I struggle to read more than a page of it, but I felt sorry for the actors who would have to study the script and understand their roles, a highly professional job. Imagine if I could write like that, what would I do, go into movies? Nah, I'm just a Bradford boy what do I know about movies, I have an idea for a film, just my experiences in mental health services, a bit like that film with Sean Connery, who mentors this ghetto kid, but my story nothing really happens apart from breaking my back and writing on computers, how interesting is that to watch. It's like the film with Tom Hanks, where he is marooned on island, and half the film is spent watching him trying to make things happen while on his own, and how he struggles to sleep, really interesting, check out the sarcasm, though it was based on a true story.



Every time you see things, it will give you new meaning, you can look at something again and again, and it will keep changing, but there is a level about trusting your eyes,


Well how does my story evolve, don’t know I was born in the late seventies, very late about a month before the end, November 11 1979, the last of five siblings, but the second one died at infancy, there were two older brothers a sister and me. There is 3 and half year gap between me and sister. I never felt any sibling rivalry being the youngest, but feel kind of ignorant or dumb compared to my brothers, they were and so was my sister high fliers at school, they all did well at G.C.S.Es and A-levels and all got degrees, and masters, and such, comparatively my results were the poorest, and I just about made it to get a degree with a 2:2. Where my eldest brother had attended Oxford and became a deputy head at a secondary school, the second went to Birmingham and became a GP, and my sister studied Arabic at Leeds, and later would do computing Msc and become a secondary school history teacher. Me, on the other hand, well my story begins with a self discovery and finding my feet, in my final year at uni, due to a compilation the elder who was a Chemistry teacher, and got into Oxford on an unconditional two Es offer due to his chemistry paper. He built an album, which was mathematical, geometrical and logical, it showed different artist coalescing to bring together an amazing unraveling of music which I found I never really understood until I heard the album, my hearing at certain frequencies does not pick up things, especially vocals to a song, I usually have to read the lyrics to know what they are singing about.


I changed when I heard the album, I began to laugh a lot to myself, but there were no other changes, only the contained feeling I had until then became ever changing, rather than constant, and always in the right frame of mind, I began to become more artistic where my work would take different meaning and forms at different times, and never ever happy with any of it, highly critical. The album invoked such emotions that it brought me to tears, and I couldn't help but think the two people in the album were me and my elder brother, him in a relationship and me on my own. Reminded of a song I listened to on spotify, by Paul McCartney, 'for so long I was out in the cold, and I taught myself to believe every story I told, it was a fun hanging onto the moon heading into the sun, but it's been too long, and I wanna come home.' A song written in 2010, but my final year was in 2002, I like artist that appeal to you, who speak as though it could be you who they are talking to, someone who we share affinity with.



The day I went nuts, was when the CD got stuck in the car deck, and wouldn't play nor come out, I began to rely on it so much, I didn't know what to think. I took the car back to the garage, and because the car was still under warranty, they said they'd exchange the stereo but couldn't get the CD out. It felt it was the will of God, and nothing I could do about it, but it taught to read into things, to try and create a way of joining and creating chains of thought, which felt like a unique finding. But I would apply this logic to albums that you could buy from record stores, what can I say I’ve guided and there is still some way to go.


I came home, backed my bags, and early one morning, I travelled back to my family's home, I didn't sleep that night, and was ringing my brother if wanted to hit the road, and leave it all behind, but he said he had little ones to worry about. When I got home, I had a few albums on CD, one album which got to me was the Second Coming by the Stone Roses, I remember making a pledge to follow Islam, just like my parents and grandparents, and one thing got to me, where in the song love spreads, he sings 'let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean, the messiah is my sister ain't no king man she's my queen.' I went on Ian Brown's forum, but first I would have to go to another house where there was internet connection, and I began writing about what they said from a Sunni Muslim perspective. I said why do you refer to the messiah as a girl, Jesus son of Mary was the messiah, I wrote but I felt I was really incoherent, my mind was working too fast for the hands to type everything coming through my brain. I said if you want to know the truth, there is no god besides God and Muhammad is His messenger, I remember something skyward hit at that moment, and realise it is idolatry now, even though so many people ignorantly still accept this as the proclamation of faith, when it is an innovation to add Muhammad to it.


I went home couldn't sleep all night, I was continually talking to myself, words were spinning around in my head. The next day I decided to go for a drive, and while listening to their songs, I became tearful and scared, there is something about their songs which invoke a feeling of Jesus, a heart, and spirituality comes through their music. I went to a record store and bought begging you single, I had three albums and begging you single. When I listened to begging you, became like a script for a movie, a summer's day early June, before my graduation, a road movie. So I began to drive, and thinking I was fighting the devil, as the song about temptations made me feel. It's funny how I think of it, I would sometimes ask what will happen, and something like you will drive till 5:08 occurred in my mind, because your number plate is T508 PBU, I would do exactly that. I drove till 5:08 the next day and then while in Durham I was pulled over by police, exactly at 5:08, for doing a wrong maneuver, basically the road swerved to the left, and instead following the road round, I jumped onto the lane to take a turn to the right, and the police were close behind me. They like to cite I was driving on the wrong side of the road, but it was early morning, but seeing the police put me off the road. They stopped me, and took me in, for assessment, this story is told in detail elsewhere, and now I’m forgetting what it was I wanted to tell you...


Then next day I was sectioned for up to 28 days, unbelievable, in one the most downright warped places in the world, Durham mental hospital, an archaic institute which still employs ECT, electro convulsive therapy, and doses you would see in Belmarsh or Belmerol, high security looney hospitals. First they began to try to break me down, but I didn't break down, not in front of effing strangers, why should I. I asked to make a call, I remember making a call at about 6:30 am while in police custody, saying to my dad, 'besmallah kari thay aye joo' By the name of God come and take me out of here.' my dad didn't bother to respond urgently and decided to wait till morning. When morning came I had been sectioned, and they began to beady eye me, looking for an opportunity so that they could get some satisfaction out of devil worshipping psychiatry and its twisted means and methods of punishment and torture. I broke down when my parents arrived, because I was more at home with them about spirituality than these weirdoes the mental health institute employs. I was driven by the spirit and felt I could really emotionally bring about the same effect as Jesus, and have the same level of anger against things such as materiality outside the temple, so I became slightly elevated, and they saw this as a sign of aggression, so they ushered my family out of the room, I was like you don't have to listen to them, tell them fuck off we're out of here, we will not tolerate any kind of physical man handling of our son, I tried to get my mother to stay, but my brother who believe it or not, was a psychiatrist at the time, left the room, and so too did my mum. I wish I got some kicks and punches in, but being totally unaware of the future, since I had never been sectioned before. They got me to ground, with little resistance from me, and then injected me with haloperidol, and larezapam, when I lifted my headed, in imitation of Jack Nicholson; they stuck another injection in me.

They thought I was owned by them, they could do whatever they see fit. But a call to the Bradford hospital, meant, they wanted to transfer me to my hometown, so I got out the archaic institute, but only after they sedated me. I spent the night in Bradford.


The next day the Consultant saw me, and discharged me because he felt being a graduate, he felt they did not have to keep me in for longer.

I went home and due to the acuphase, I had a respiratory arrest, not only that it felt like Darth Vader was choking me, not only that, but my spine began to feel as though it was twisting, and my hands resembled someone who was very disabled. I got taken to A&E but my brother being a psychiatrist at the time, knew exactly what the antidote was. And before you knew it, I was back to normal. If I had been in Durham, they would have probably leave me like that, and watch me die.


Came so close to edge of defeat

But I made my way in the shade staying out of the heat


It was fun shooting out to the stars heading into the sun

But it's been too long now I wanna come home


Home where there's nothing but sweet surrender

To the memories far and far


Home to the place where the truth lies waiting

We remember who we are


For too long, I was out on my own

Every day I spent trying to prove I could make it alone


It was fun hanging onto the moon heading into the sun

But it's been too long now I wanna come home



Eat to live not live to eat


I've gone from being 78kgs to 90 kg, I'm 10kg away from being 16stone, and the speed of going from 80 kg to 90kg happened so fast that if this continues then I will be obese in less than 2 months the period it took from going from 78-80 kg to 90 happened within a few months. It's creeping up to 91kg now. If this happened in my 20s it would have seriously depressed me, but because it's happened when I'm a little bit more mature at 30 and having been married for a year, I kinda live with it, not really worried about a lot of the possibilities as yet, until they happen one can keep hoping you will not end up another statistic on the wall. Living with a broken back as well as mental illness, a double whammy, quite embarrassing to be both mentally and physically disabled, not out of being born with deficit but maybe my drug intake contributed to it, and we were living in the nineties where many teenagers were smoking cannabis, and I became the one who got diagnosed schizophrenic.


It doesn't seem too far to hit 16 stone on the weighing scale, it is only centimeters away.


I could question the cause, but also believe in the will of God, not free will, I believe as humans we search for the eternal, the need of the soul, sometimes the temporal escapes seem to fill this need, but do not last forever. And as humans who are known for manmade drugs we tend to corrupt ourselves with intoxicants without being too abusive or worse. I'm not an angel or a demon; I'm a human who will use substances to enhance the experience. Usually though I found running away from normality isn't the right way, you should face up to normality and live with it and be patient, and usually patience pays. But try telling that to adolescents and youths.


At school I never stayed for the full duration at any school, I went from one primary school to another, Lillycroft to St Barnabus, then when I was at middle school, I went from Stoney Lee to Woodhouse Grove School, in my second year, then whilst at Woodhouse I stayed there for 5 years from 11 to 16 and finished my G.C.S.Es then briefly stayed for six form then went to a college in Leeds, but finding I couldn't afford to stay for long, I went to a local grammar to finish my A-levels. After this I went to Durham, and in my second year I went to Syria and then came back for another two years to finish the course.


See what I mean by the will of God, or was that free will, how I never stayed the duration. Never had to see the same face twice, or have to question my sexuality or anything else. Nowadays children stay in primary school up to the age of 11, I don't know what this will do to their mentality, having to be in the same environment with people who you saw from preschool to teens, seriously screw up your balls.


That's why I have no friends lol.


The only constant factor were my family.


Now let's go back to the day after I got discharged from Lynnfield Mount, I went home, and fell asleep, when I woke, I felt as if I was driving again, and was fighting the devil, I kept trying induce a feeling of struggle and strive against the devil. Because the night before when I was driving had been spent trying to do things to defeat the devil every sixth minute, I was sort of programmed to continue. Really in retrospect I should have been cool, and not worry, but like a drug I needed it again and again, rather than let things pass that have already occurred. So I said to myself, what shall I do, what shall I do, I kept talking to myself, what will I do. Then a thought entered my mind you will smash the photographs, but before this I thought it meant to look at my photos, so I went and got the family albums out of this chest in the attic, I looked through them and any saw of myself I began tearing them to pieces. Then just as the voice said I would, I went downstairs and seeing the pictures on the shelf, in the corridor, I took them off and smashed them on the banister, I took all of them off and smashed them on the banisters. This has caused me a lot of problems, because people thought I was insane even my parents and brothers not my sister she stayed the same. Since then my parents always thought I had a mental problem. Due to this one incident. And because they were still in contact with the services I got embroiled into the mental health institute. They said I could not drive for six months, if I had done anything wrong criminally I would understand but having to listen to people who only have a few tricks up their sleeves annoyed me. You have to live with so many pathetic excuses, like the reason why I can't buy a Japanese import Evo or whatever is because the engine is too big and the insurance cost a lot more, but how many crashes have evo's been involved in and how many have other cars been involved in, maybe that would make more sense as to know which cars are dangerous on the road instead of the size of the effing engine. But they have to have some kind of system in place even it is totally bollox, but everyone seems to live with it. 6 months without a car, and then they began testing their drugs out on me. If you are not schizophrenic by then, you will be once they try their drugs on you.


Scientist forgot to understand, there is knowledge of the future, there is power of the now, and wisdom of the past, mind body and soul, not just an experiment to test who is what in terms of psychological makeup. Psychiatrist do not try to empathise and sympathise with the patient, they are not allowed to be seen soft or considerate, they have to try to hypnotise the person in order to be able to carry out their program. And Satan is a master hypnotist.


I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.


Six months without driving, it drove me even more madder than before, that's what it was not anger, but mad at things like Jesus used to be. I'm not hundred percent secure with who I am, but every natural phenomena has tried to be abolished and innovated against, when we return to the principles of our true selves we will be able to defeat the devil's allies.


I wish I ran away, ended up in some foreign country, make a hijra for the sake of God, because God recompense those who migrate for His sake.


See last night I slept, after finishing the post 'always tell the truth', after reading my night prayer, but I couldn't read the Quran because I was thinking of other things, sometimes it helps to make a decision consciously what you will do and then you will see it through. So I said what will I do tomorrow, and the response was you will write about what happened at home, the déjà vu, of thoughts, and here I am writing the next day.


I ended up back in hospital, and every time I had admission even since the first day I stayed briefly there was this guy called Fred, and Fred never changed places all the time I went in and out of hospital for the next 4 years until 2006 when they let me out on home leave, and instead of being a good doggy I throw myself out of an attic window and nearly killed myself.


Fred was so messed up on the drug they gave him, he could hardly speak, and to any new patient was a warning you do not want to end up like Fred.


The first drug they tried on me, in my first admission, was olanzapine, they said it would help with the thoughts; it was one of the most horrible feelings imaginable, it felt as if your limbs were falling off, and you would end up sleeping for 16-18 hours at a time. Even at lower doses it was the same, but somehow I had managed to get discharged, and was at home but the doctor wanted me to stay on it for at least 6 months. The drug is known to cause suicidal thoughts if stopped abruptly, after a few weeks of taking it, forcing myself thinking they may have a valid reason to give it. I stopped taking it, and just as you knew it, I began having suicidal thoughts. My dad and I decided on trip to Pakistan to see my uncle, Pakistan if you've never been can be frightening place, but second time round you will adjust and become familiar with it. The fact there are no proper roads, and people drive on memory day and night, there is no electricity properly installed, there is an open sewage system, but the houses and villas are quite beautiful in their own right. But it was a shock to see people living without a proper shelter, or without water or electricity. Like most people, my family tried to marry me off, but I held out, I remember when we arrived I was like I want to come back to the UK, after ending up in some village in Punjab Pakistan, I was like Dad I knew we should have gone to Syria, much better climate and they got proper roads and infrastructure there. Pakistan never benefitted from the colonialists in that sense like the Syrians did. But the outskirts of the capital places like Hom and Nawa are really village type places just like Pakistan.



How did I get myself out of hospital? Well I decided to ask the nurses to not give olanzapine like an acid tab that melts in your mouth; instead I wanted in tablet form. So I never swallowed it, and they thought I was doing wonderfully. Aliens, they expect you to be normal but give you mind altering drugs. If I carried on the way they wanted me to, I would have ended up like Fred, my family would have disowned me, and I would never be allowed out of hospital premises, deranged and obese and brain damaged.



I never been back to Pakistan again since 2003, but my wife's parents still live there, and I plan to go, but I'm scared what if I end up in Begram or kidnapped, luckily they do not live in a hotspot, so should be able to go discreetly and return in one piece. It's funny how, most Pakistanis get married in Pakistan and bring their partner to the UK, but I might be the first to do the reverse I might have to go from the UK back to Pakistan, my wife does not have stay. O well I had a need, and she had a need, and we will try and fulfill each others needs, God willing. Sometimes I think of that song by Phil Collins Another Day in Paradise, a weird idea of a homeless woman or girl, and I think it could be my wife, and that makes me think again.


How do you eat an elephant? In small pieces


I wish my wife could understand that, when she tries to learn English, but really languages are best learnt as a child your brain is like sponge, but by the time you reach your late 20s it becomes kinda full.


My CPN told me that one. So same time tomorrow I will God willing get to the part where we can join the lines.



The escape


After returning from Pakistan, where they continued to try and make me take olanzapine, I returned after 2 months, I was actually counting down the days. But when I returned I was struggling to come off the meds easily, but began working for my brother in his locum agency, I wasn't any good at it, phoning hospitals to find vacancies and then finding doctors to fill them, I was struggling with my esteem and confidence, and felt there was a lock on my mind so that I could not respond or to do simple tasks. Then suddenly I began hearing voices, they were voices of film actors and music artist, I try follow what they were saying and at one point thought of writing it down. But before long the voices started taking a cynical appearance and I became paranoid. I worked for my brothers firm for about 6 months. I had accepted God into my life, and knew everything would be okay, but at the time films I had seen and their scripts started to delude me, the image I have is like rolling stones, once they get shifted it is hard to stop them, but like they try to trap God into creating and then seeing if He could carry it, and then created another size, so that there is a spiral into a cortex or vortex, but how could God go from one size to another with just being Omnipotent, surely He would require knowledge of the future, so would need to use Omniscience, and if He could not carry it then He would require Omnipresence in order to bring wisdom from what is learnt from the past. But like we say there isn't an equation or mathematical problem that God does not have an answer to or a better response to.


So we find we ask instead what is it about the rock. Then we find it connects with mind, body and soul, and find it is as easy as 123 rather than as hard as rock.


That is what science try to do, and sports try to limit the spectrum and see who can reach the point of highest or furthest, test the limits when in reality size is limitless, God is the Innermost and the Outermost, there isn't even an atom which He does not control, or anything smaller than an atom or larger. These are Quranic points on the nature of God, if we need to find a common viewpoint we use the Quran, but even there is variance in what people think and interpret the Quran to mean. In fact not many can agree upon the Quran, and each new Arabic to English scholar has his or her own manner in which to translate the text. And it can be confusing,


By testing limits, you forget all else, only when you see the huge devastation left in its wake, do you ponder what was the point of testing to the limits, when there are no limits only folly to try and reach certainty when the only certainty is death not oppressive means to establish whether there were any abnormalities that man has caused into the natural world.


Everything perishes except His presence (28:88)


Everything is in a state of flux and reflux, new and old, birth and death.



When these satanic minions turn against their Queen, that's what I want to see. What goes up must come down; there is only an illusion of paradise on earth, with their ethics instead of the Holy Book, with their philosophical morality when they disregard the Quran, a beacon for the righteous, probably because no one can agree upon it.


Try to think for the future, if you collapse, then let those in whose heart is the care for the people of God not thinking of money, the mind full of love of God not religion, and a soul that devotes to God not Satan, take over, we have seen where the Greeks and Romans lead us to, let us see where the Abrahamic lead us to.


When I was admitted the third time, or was it the second, cannot be certain, I remember we broke out of hospital, I remember this lad said if someone kicked the door really hard it would open, but before we tried I said let's put some chewing gum wrapper, which is like foil, on the magnetic part so that the alarm doesn't go off, I remembered seeing it in Beverley Hills Cops, Axel Foley or Eddie Murphy does it. I had a go but couldn't open it, then this one lad who was watching, he goes you have to do it like this, and took a run and followed through with his leg, and bang the door opened. We ran out, but the guy whose idea it was to open the door, went a little bit out but then went back in, but me and the lad who banged the door down, ran out, we went into to town, by foot, running, it was evening time. I had a credit card so we withdrew some money, then we went to Lumb Lane to this pub, and he wanted a bag of skunk, which I paid for, and I wanted to try out coke, because I wanted to have balls like Tony Montana, I was upset with being sedated and injected and stuff by nurses, so I thought this stuff is known to make you feel like ten men, so I thought that's what I need. So we had the weed and the coke, I couldn't smoke weed anymore it made me tense and fearful, I was alright to smoke it alone, but in the company of others I freaked. So we were walking along, the next thing you know my dad and brother who were looking for us, spotted us. I was like shit, if they find the coke on me, I'm gonna be in serious trouble. So we try and hide from them, but we get caught, as we were getting in the car, I say to the guy who banged the door down, and I got a bag of weed, you get in first, so he gets in, I close the door behind and leg it, I ended up outside this sport center in Mannigham, I hid under a truck. Then when I thought all was clear I thought let's book myself into a hotel. First I saw this pub on Carlisle road, so I went there, but I didn't like the look of it, and the bartender seemed to get suspicious so I thought I go into town center.


I went to one of the best hotels in the city, I said I’ll stay here for the night; I had a gram of coke, a credit card which had some limit on it, and a room in Midlands Hotel, and drinks. Yeah I remember that night, it was better than any holiday I had been to, and I try to live it up just like that night every time. First I had a shower. Then sat by the dressing table, bashed a line, snorted it waiting for the magic, so I could hit the town, but nothing happened. So I thought try some more, but I made it last, I didn't sleep all night, just doing lines, having showers doing press ups, doing lines, small ones so that the coke would last. I remember seeing a program on tele, with Sara Cox, she was putting on a face like it was demonic, and this guy throws himself out of a window to land on a mattress. Christmas time 2003.


I pressed my clothes, and in the morning I went to downstairs for breakfast, yeah it was the best breakfast I had, fresh fish, all kinds of stuff, I enjoyed it. I checked myself out, took the key with me, in case I need a place for the night. I decided to catch a train, to see a friend in Durham, who had remained behind for an extra year, Jonny, and thought maybe he let me stay there. I got to Durham, and Johnny wouldn't put me up, he had put me up while I was at uni a year earlier, when I was living with a group of girls, and this girl from Tennessee, Texas or somewhere we were getting it off one night, and I got really drunk, the only time I have ever been drunk, never again always stayed level headed, but this one time I got drunk. She called her friends, they were what were you doing, I was like I don’t know I can't remember, I started to cry. But after that we got into a few problems, those girls were really slutty, my next door neighbor brought her boyfriend in, and they were at it night and day, crazy. The American girl, didn't say anything but I really wanted someone to take the pain away, I felt a lot better after being with her, but wished it would last, instead she calls her friends, and I get scared of rape charges. I sent a letter to describe the way I felt about her, but she got my neighbor involved, and so the landlord had to get me kicked out. But he was willing o give my deposit back plus some extra cash, and Johnny and Ben who lived above Raj Put restaurant said I could stay there until term finished. They respected me a lot being in my final year at uni, but couldn't understand my way with women, which comes from the streets of Bradford, with my homies.

So I went to Johnny's above Raj Putt. Ask him if I can stay, he says no house is full. He got a bit unnerved me coming unattended, so was asking why and what reason. So I tell the doctors think I'm mentally unwell, and I just escaped from hospital, put me up for a few nights, I'll get a new passport from Durham, where the passport office is and I'll jet off to Pakistan to my uncle. This was before I had been to Pakistan with my dad. Johnny was saying you can't stay here. He said he'd ring his doctor, and see if he could make an appointment, he wanted me to see him, because I think he felt if I talked to the doctor, then he would understand that I wasn't unwell and didn't need medication, I think that was what Johnny's idea was. But I was afraid to see doctors, told Johnny doesn't matter I'll head back home, nice seeing ya. Johnny had my home number, so he called my brother and told them I was on my way home.


When I got to Bradford, I saw this news agent and saw them selling Cuban cigars for £5 so I bought one or two, this was my Tony Montana moment, I had the Cuban cigars, I started walking towards my home. I got home, and they were like get in the car , I said no, so we went for a long walk, while I smoked my Cuban, I wanted to head to my gym, so I could have a meal. By the time I reached halve, they grabbed me, my brother and uncle, and put me in the back of a car, and took me to hospital.


They wanted to know where I had been, I said I stayed in a caravan, I was thinking of the video in Street Spirit where there are lots of trailers. But I had no coke on me, so they couldn't incriminate me. The other lad was back in hospital, he was smoking his skunk for a few days, mellowing out.


Then we escaped again, that will be tomorrow’s headlines.


I gave the hotel key back on the way home from ~Durham, not true I took it to stay without paying; I really forgot to give it back.


And the university American girl I was staying with, was from Virginia, Tennessee, I think, same place where that guy went on a shooting spree, high on anti-depressants due to woman trouble, quite a coincidence, but when it happened I was like #I knew a girl from there too.


Also the door was banged open by this black guy, the white guy whose idea it was couldn’t open it, and I didn't even try, I caught up in the moment and made some mistakes in the text, which seem like lies.


The Escape P2


They sedated me as soon as I got back into hospital, knocked out for 3 days. On the fourth day I rose, by then the black guy was still smoking his weed, he was seeming to be putting on weight, whereas I was doing a monkey dance after every meal, tightening my stomach, I was reading books by Bruce Lee about Taoism, I weighed about 68 kg and was about 23 years old. I didn't want to smoke weed, because of the delay in response and the obvious feeling you know you are stoned, so with my family visiting I didn't bother smoking. After about a week a so, the black guy who was probably my age, no he was 17 I remember now, wanted to bust out again, so he could get some more weed. I wanted to go to a hotel, for another night. So we did the same thing, the guy just launched himself leg first like Cantona and went through the door, which just banged opened, the alarms went off. I think the only reason he got involved, was because he saw me do the Eddie Murphy thing, and it made him crazy. We legged it into town, again this time I didn't want to blow all my money, so we got £15 worth of skunk, he built up and I had a little bit, but this time you could tell it had got to him.


We thought let's get out of the city, so we caught a train into Leeds, and from there to York. He was like we can start mugging people and live like that, I wasn't really interested. Seeing him being quite stoned whereas I was fighting the feeling. The train stopped at a station. I slowly got up, then stood opposite the door, saying I wanted some fresh air, he stayed seated, just as the doors were about to shut, I jumped out, and the train doors closed behind me. He was looking at me through the windows, like you done it on me again, well Germany's fought and loss two world wars will they fight a third, shit happens twice not three times.


I didn't know where I had ended up, it was late evening, very late around the time of the last trains, I got off the platform, noticed this Asian restaurant, so I went there, I said I got off at the wrong train station can you tell me anywhere I can stay. They were friendly and willing to help. They rang me a taxi, and had me stay in the bed and breakfast. I can't remember the place, it was some village on the way from Leeds to York. The folks whose place it was, didn't say anything. So I stayed there the night. In the morning, the landlady asked for money, I said do you have a credit card machine? She responded no, the only place Barclaycard didn't seem to work. She got really agitated, and one point threatens to call the police. Her husband was there, I was like let me withdraw some money and I will pay you. The husband advised to take me to a local shop, where I could pay them by buying their alcohol for them.


So we went and I bought them some alcohol, to pay for the night.


I made my way to Bradford. The black guy, had gotten to York, but because he didn't have a ticket couldn't get pass the turnstiles, he handed himself in, got into loads of trouble because he was stoned, and they took him back to the hospital.


At the time I was angry with my family, for making me go through this institutionalisation, and being put on drugs which never helped and I could do without, or added more problems. I went for another walk, really angry, this local man called Azzy was trying to calm me down, and was saying is it about money, have some money, what is it, I couldn't explain myself.


But again this time they called the police, and the police took me back to hospital. After they couldn't calm me down, or anything, they were looking for an opportunity, but I was pissed at being taken back to hospital by my family the previous time and being sedated for 3-4 days.


They took me back to hospital. This time they didn't sedate me, but the black guy I think got caught with the weed. He was banging on my door, why did you leave me. He got transferred to a different hospital. I wouldn't see him again until 206 when I was informally detained in general acutes and he was in forensics, he had put on a lot of weight, but he was smiling almost laughing to see me.


I had the credit card from my days at uni, they were registering people outside the student union, so I signed up, gave them one of my parents other properties address. Later I would put one my wages into it, and kept it there for like 3-4 months, after which they were willing to give me a credit limit 10 times the value I had in there. I did pay it off, now all I have is an overdraft to pay off. And student loans which I have never paid off, because I've never earned more than 16 grand.


They tried all sorts of bizarre and torturing drugs on me, while I was detained the second time, I think I was on a Section3, which was a six months section, amisulphuride would make me have hallucinating dreams, depot mood stabilisers were the most depressing things ever invented, but I pretended to take them, and as usual they thought I was doing wonderfully, and let me go home.


I stopped taking them when I got home, just plain flatly refused. I was thinking my parents would support my decision, and would help get these wicked group of people off my back. So when I had an outpatient's appointment, I told the Consultant I was taking the meds and everything, he was happy to see me doing wonderfully, amazed in fact. Then he calls my dad in, and my dad admits to him, he's not taking his medication. I have heard those words many a time. The consultant changed tune, but before he did, I blasted him, and said the drugs were not fit for humans, and they were worse than any other invention imaginable. I was ready to punch him, noticing that I was getting quite angry, the doctor says 'well what medication would you like to be on', like I knew, I've been on them all have I? but I heard a patient tell me respirdone was alright, so I said'resperidone'.


He put me on resperidone, which gave me pains throughout my limbs, and really painful pain, can’t remember what it's called but I read up on it, kenetic something. But no one seemed to understand because they could only deal with something that was transmuted or communicated across to them. My health took a nose dive, being given different anti-psychotics over a period of a few months. But never letting me live without, always saying I need to take my medication.


Soul Survivor


I fell out with my dad, after he grass me up to the Consultant, I thought they were trying to make my life difficult, at the same time I really wanted to get moving, I didn't like living with my parents and wanted to start making a career for myself. I applied for a job in the army, and because I had a degree they were willing to start me as an Army Officer, I thought this would be a good move, since one of my brothers is a school teacher and the other a doctor and my sister the manager of a locum agency at the time. I just wanted to get the psychiatrist off my back and start a new life in the army. I got into my second interview and they called me to Nottingham for another interview and from there I would go for testing to Sandhurst. But my consultant found out and would not let me continue to pursue a career in the army.


I had a few rows with my dad, told them I wanted to leave home or leave the country. I was having difficulty getting my passport, but eventually I got hold of it. I remember having a really bad time with my thoughts, waking up from nightmares shocked every time I approached deep sleep; it was annoying and really distressing. The resperidone wasn't helping it was causing kinesia or something, where your limbs feel as if they are being hurt from toe to top of your head all you felt was this annoying uncomfortable pain. I packed my bags, and was constantly having rows with my parents, they were like be patient we will go sometime, just try and sort yourself out.


But because they had stop me from driving for six months and took my passport, now that I was in possession of both, I wanted to prove my point, they thought let's give him his things and hopefully he shouldn't abuse the privilege, I was like I am no dog I'm a dolphin. While I was on medication, while my parents were busy elsewhere, I got my bag, which had my clothes and a copy of the Quran, and got into my Mitsubishi and started to drive. In retrospect, I should have booked myself into Midlands Hotel, next day arranged for a flight out of the country I was thinking Amsterdam, and then made my way. But with the added weight of the medication and the reliant on my thoughts to guide me, instead I drove to Hull. I remember stopping at a petrol station asking them the way to Hull. One of my uni colleagues a good friend in my first year, who did some acid with me and we went around Durham trekking, he was from Hull. So I headed there knowing there were docks there so I could get a ferry to Amsterdam. I was confused as to how to do things, it really made me indecisive I would think let's go to a hotel and get the ferry the next day, then I would change my mind, and say let's go to the dock and get the next ferry, then I would think where should I leave the car, first I thought leave it outside a taxi rank, then I thought leave it outside the dock. It was all about time, and it was making me scared.


I wasn't 100%; the meds were seriously hammering my brain and was trying to come off them. I stayed at the dock until it was time for the ferry, but I had attracted too much attention to myself, being stood alone for far too long, so the police who were monitoring the dock, as soon it got time to board the ferry, they stopped me. They began to ask me questions, asking where I was going, I said I'm off to see some friends in Istanbul but want to go via Amsterdam. They were not willing to accuse me of anything, but they searched my stuff, and everything, but this time unlike the last time I got arrested I kept cool, a lesson when you are involved with police don't mouth off and attract undue attention, police hate people who waste their time and annoy the life out of them, like I did when I got arrested for doing a wrong maneuver in Durham but they said I was driving on the wrong side of the road at 5am, and later I got sectioned, undue attention for nothing, really painful mistake. The police started asking me questions about how I got there and everything. Soon they realised the car outside the docks was mine. They arrested me on anti-terrorism laws.


They rang my parents, telling them that their son was under police custody and that they had the car and had stopped him boarding a ferry to Amsterdam. While I was in police custody I had learnt my lesson from the last time, I cooperated, they wanted to change m clothes, I said no problem I even told them I was wearing an extra pair of shorts which they failed to notice, which they took off me because of the drawstring in case I try committing suicide. They had me assessed by a local doctor, and a psychiatrist, I did not show any emotion or any anxiety they asked me questions, I gave them no reason to admit me. My parents and my mum's step brother, one of my uncles drove up to get me.


I got released after telling the doctor the meds made me feel gay, like I was being punished for my sins in hell, I knew what hell felt like, it was something like the depot mood stabilisers. The doctor let me go. They gave my passport to my dad, and we drove back to Bradford. I drove with my uncle because he was a smoker.


When we got home, I was again upset to stay at my parents because of the nightmares and fear at night. My parents and my family decided to take me to one of my cousin’s houses, I don't know whose idea it was but they said just stay here. They changed my meds to quitiapine, I had been on all the atypical oral meds apart from the new ones like arripripozole and the old one clozapine. Quietiapine knocked me out so I could sleep. The next day was Eid, it was kinda strange situation because of the paranoia and fear and persecutory thoughts maybe my black friend was doing voodoo, but I wanted to go back into hospital, I thought I wasn't fit to be outside. The health professionals wanted to treat me out side of hospital, and my consultant was unwilling to put me back in Lynnfield because my brother who was a psychiatrist was said to interfering with my care. Like noticing the Consultant had forgotten to give me pro cyclodine an antidote to an acuphase, which later was witnessed by people to lead to a choking and paralysis and a respiratory arrest, like that was interfering mister!


I don't know why maybe it was the fear of being attacked or my family hurt, that led me to do what came next, or maybe it was Machiavellian to strike before being struck, or maybe because I had spent the night at a house of a person who had abused me as a child. But two nurses came to see, maybe even it was revenge for the respiratory arrest, and I took a knife, and while he was leaving and putting on his shoes, by the stairs, I fell on him and hit him with the knife. Luckily for him and for me, it hit him on the chest, on his ribs, and the knife slide into my hand, like a sign I had blood on my hands and cut my palm. It wasn't a big knife a really small knife and quite old, which I found in the kitchen. My brother physically lifted me off him, before I could hit him again. The guy got up and left the house, and another nurse this woman, said that's it then, we know what we have to do, like they were finally allowing admitting me. My brother took me to hospital, and they were willing to take me in, but the police got involved and outside the hospital they arrested me.


I stayed in cells for three nights, I felt safe and my fears were allaying, and the quietiapine was helping me sleep. I read a few prayers while I was in. I phoned home a few times. And got assessed for various hospitals like Manchester, where they had taken my friend who used to look like 50 Cent, the young homie who ended up in hospitals at the age of 17. I didn't give the police any problems. They took me to a private hospital, Cygnet, and their clocks were making me scared, the tik tok used to get to me, and used to bring it upon myself by giving meaning to time, and until it happened to pass I would be paraz. I got a phone call from my dad, and he told me the nurse did not press charges, and so they could work to get me released.


I was praying five times a day, reading Quran, in English and Arabic, praying like Sunnis, I was memorising Suras from the final chapter of the Quran and I was taking my meds. But the psychiatrist felt I wasn't spontaneous enough, so decided to change my meds, I was reluctant. But instead of changing it to something to avoid suicidal thoughts they changed it to a serotonin uptake as well as dopamine blocker, all in one, the new one pill a day, arripripozole.


How does it feel?


First six weeks went fine, I could tolerate quietiapine, and my weight slowly reached a plateau of about 75kg, knowing that some people keep the best inside, and if there was a reason I was not spontaneous I was glad to hear it, but if they don't have an answer then best leave me to my own devices. So the consultant took me off the only anti-psychotic I could tolerate and put me an all in one pill a day. Like I showed from the onset I was very hyper sensitive to these drugs, from the respiratory arrest with the acuphase to the kinesia with resperidone throughout the whole list of drugs they tried on me I could not tolerate any of them. But one thing has remained constant and no matter what I say or do, it will never change and that is I have to be medication no matter for better or for worse.


I may not be very spontaneous but I am articulate and I can articulate better than most of these type who write reports day in and day out in mental hospitals, stigmatising, prejudicing and discriminating against people because they do not care about them, all they care about is what car they driving and how much money they are earning.


The NHS is like a religion to them, instead of worshipping God, they worship they personification of the suffering, they learn all the protocols of how to deal with patients, and various other things.


Every job is like a religion, be it in the army or in the police force or in the government or in teaching. That's why I like my job it offers a good retirement policy, when I die I will go to heaven. No shouldn't use the term job, I'm more of man of leisure than an employed professional.


People say it is survival of the fittest, which seems to suggest it is a physical struggle, so you will see men trying to build their bodies and test their stamina and pain barriers, but I think it is soul survival. The will of the soul, the will to win, not free will but the will of God, this is a story of survival, it asks the question like Blue Monday, 'how does it feel to treat me like you do, when you put your hands upon me, and told me who you are...I thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard you speak, tell me how do I feel, tell me now how should I feel." Till you reach In the Air Tonight and he sing 'I can feel it coming in the air tonight, O Lord,'


The new drug, they gave me caused even more problems, my eyes were noticeably under the effect of the drug, and my tongue became elongated, and I could not swallow and started to slur. I also became restless, something that remains with me till this day, I cannot sit in one place for long, I have to keep getting up and walking, it is called akithesia, but while I was on arripriprizole it became even worse. The doctor tried to mask the side effects, instead of taking me off the meds first he put me on a beta-blocker, proponanol, then later put me on larezapam. Because none of this was helping I stop taking the meds. And again they thought I was doing wonderfully. But somehow this time they realised; I was on a section3, so again could be detained for up to 6 months. They found out I wasn't taking the meds. But instead of recognising the meds were just not suitable for me, they tried to force me to take it. First they made sure I swallowed it, but then I used to go to my room, and spew them out with my evening meal. Later one of the head nurses, Jacob, a black South African, there were many black people working at this private hospital, which was charging something like 450 pounds a night, imagine that, to stay in a dive like Cygnet and take the worse kind of concoctions ever invented cost more than a 5 star hotel in Barbados. They were ripping the tax payer or whoever has to take up the debt, seriously. This nurse realised I was puking the drugs back out. So then the consultant who was upset I proved him wrong, by not taking the meds for so long, and him thinking I was doing well, decided to try another way, this time they thought of crushing the pills in yoghurt and making me take them like that. This fortunately stopped the side effects and I could tolerate the meds, but those meds that work on serotonin uptake are really dangerous they lead to suicidal thoughts, self harm and violent thoughts.


In fact psychiatric drugs can cause suicide, violence, and depression.


I met another Jonathan in there, this Jonathon was from Grimsby, but had a home office section, because he got done for stabbing someone, he was my age 24 years old. He got some speed in once, and I had some, and this helped me more than any of the drugs they gave me, but I wanted more, I wanted to escape from hospital because time was dragging. At the same time, this bitch, Dr Harrop, came to assess me from forensics in Bradford, moorlands View, I try and articulate that I was not a threat but more of a fool, and maybe suffering from command hallucinations something my brother the psychiatrist thought I should say and thought was the case. This bitch, made it really difficult, I could have been out in 3 months, the doctors were all willing to get me on a med and let me leave. But she then started saying stuff about how dangerous I was, and so they refused to let me leave, and she said she wanted me assessed for medium secure. This doctor came to see, luckily I was coherent and not suffering from any side effects, he try and sell me the idea I should go to Wakefield, I argued well, so he decided to leave me alone, said he would come back in a month’s time to check on me. Usually people would freak out at having to see doctors from medium secure, but by facing up to them, they realised there was actually nothing to fear, and the incident was a one off, wouldn't re occur, unless someone really twisted my mojo.


The second time he came to see, I was high on speed again, we had a wonderful chat, and he was amazed at how well I was doing. He let me stay in low secure. But then the consultant at Cygnet changed his tune, and wanted to extend my section for another six months. During the appeal hearing the consultant diagnosed me paranoid schizophrenic. They were going to transfer me to the local hospital just pass Lynnfield, the forensic unit called Moorlands View; there were good views of the moors from the second floor.


At this time I had to go through the whole process again of getting my leave back, and but after two or three months I was going home frequently, me and Jonathan were still in touch, and he used to get his brother from Grimsby to post me some speed. But never again did I get the same feeling from it, it never tingled, only just kept me up, and one time I started seeing ghost writing things on the notice board in my room. The staff didn't notice anything.


This time they didn't renew my section, and when it expired I was free to go home.


You can hear my brother compilations on




They people like Dr Harrop, thought my foundation lay in being in their institution, but I was already sold into the academic world, if I hadn't had gotten my degree, and at one point it seemed like I would end up with a pass for attending the course or a 3rd, then things in my eyes would have been different. Maybe they could have twisted my mojo enough to make me an ape man, make me violent and savage, but something she did not understand was that I was a thinking man, once I completed the degree and could deal with situations as they came.


I remember in my finals, I had not been turning up to my Arabic modules and fell behind considerably, at the end of the year I gambled on pass papers on what I thought would be in the exam paper based on pass papers. I spent my revision on pass papers rather than concentrate on the course work we had been doing. When I went into the exam, I remember I had even told one of my class friends what I thought would be the exam paper. When I realised it wasn't the same one, I panicked, because I couldn't answer a single question. I used to hyper salivate in class, and did not like swallowing it back, felt like spitting all the time. So I got up and went out of the exam room, the tutor who was supervising followed, I told him I was having problems with my throat, and I could not understand why, he said doesn't matter, go and see a doctor and get it checked up, and bring a doctor’s note because you cannot take the exam. Sorted, I did just that, and got out of taking the hardest exam, and wouldn't be marked for it.


When my exams finished I didn't stay in Durham, and went back home, but I came back for my results, everyone had gotten 2:1 in the class, except two people, this girl called Alexandra and me, we got 2:2, she stayed behind to continue to do Masters because the only place who would let you continue to masters would be your own uni where you graduated from with a 2:2 most universities expect at least a 2:1, whereas I didn't even turn up to my graduation. When they sent the year photos for the graduates in our department there were three people missing, me this guy called Imy who I knew before we went up to Durham, who was from Birmingham where my brother used to study, he became a bit of gambler, I used to play him, he couldn't understand how I was pulling out royal flushes and stuff, but I don't gamble, only to pass time with friends. The other person was Alexandra she wasn't in the picture, whenever I hear the compilation, by my elder brother compiled, which I called 'university blues', it reminds me of her and me.


When I got out of hospital, I had been saving by the looks of things, they were continuing to pay me income support, which was about £60 a week, so when I got out I had saved about £3400, as well as paid of the overdraft so had about £5000 to spend. But again the doctors would not let me drive for 6 months, and I could not leave the country. So instead I spent it on a set of turntables, a bit old school this was in 2005 just when iPod was taking over, but remembering my friend Johnny in Durham who was a DJ I thought f getting some too. I got the mk5, the industrial standard turntables, but really because I could not drive nor go abroad it was only a matter of time that I waste my money. But I wanted to prove to the doctors that I could make my own way and lifestyle rather than be in their pockets. You learn from your mistakes, sometimes what seems like the easy answer you arrive to at later than earlier so I guess you start somewhere and then you progress


By the time the six months were over I was back in deficit, I had gotten caught up in a scam from Indonesia, and while everyone was warning me that it was a scam, I went ahead with it. Personally I was looking for a camera, but ended up on Ali Baba website, the forty thieves, people put tantalizing pictures of warehouses full of cameras like Canon Eos 450D or the 20D which was a good camera back then. So instead of buying a camera for £700 I thought I would invest from the Far East, so I sent £700 bank transfer to Indonesia, and didn't get anything for it. Then was looking at quad bikes, they were just coming in, then I bought a crappy Chinese import for £600, which was not road legal so pretty soon I was not in a position to buy a car or go abroad.


But when they said I could drive again, I started looking at cars, and was hoping someone would buy me one, my old car the Mitsubishi, had been driven by my brother and now my sister was driving it. But I found a reasonably priced car the new shape Seat Ibiza, 02 which meant it was 2 and half years old which was selling 2-3 grand cheaper due to it being accident repair. I picked it up, my brother the Dr paid for it. It was a nice car, and after five years of various people driving it, we still manage to sell it for a good price, so it turned out to be good buy and didn't give us any problems. My dad went with me to buy it, and haggled them to reduce the price by another 3-4 hundred pounds, whereas I was thinking the price was alright as it was. But it had very little mileage on it, and in the 5 years we had it we only did 25000 miles, I only drove it for a year, I've ever been on the road twice and both time only for a year. But it was low mileage, but had a passenger air bag missing, which wasn't a problem with MOT as there were and are cars without airbags.


I started taking ecstasy again, something I was doing quite often at uni. My dad and brothers were busy building a property, they were converting an old electricity substation, a place which had concrete roofing, and was built during the time of the Second World War, so was bomb proof, they were building a house there. The project took since 2002 when I had finished my degree till 2005 to complete. While me and my dad were in Pakistan my brother decided to make changes to the architecture, he thought by raising the roof by a meter he could get an extra floor. This caused problems with the neighborhood who thought we were building a block of flats. I was against it, but being away from the country there was nothing we could do, and when we saw it was bewildering to see the height of it, really big. But we live in an ever growing world, it may have been a good decision, some day the British roads and houses may seem too small for a growing population, who knows.


We moved in Summer 2005, we were going to buy the land with it, from Yorkshire Water, but some drug dealers put a higher bid in at the last minute, and we lost out. There was still some work to be done, like building a balcony around the back, to break up the building because it does look kind of tall and not much character, but now in 2010 with a lot trouble with the builder the house is almost complete.


The falling beautifully




An artist impression of the house my dad and brothers built which won the appeal in planning, so that we could go ahead with the building.


We moved in 2005, we left our cat behind with neighbors due to complaints from my sister about cat poo which would make her nuts. I was feeling really depressed with the meds, it was affected me in such a way that I felt a lot of despair at the time, I think the serotonin uptake part of it was contributing to this, this led me to try and sort myself out so I started using ecstasy just like when I was at uni. Ecstasy is relatively cheap but after a number of uses you become immune to it. I had stop talking to Jonathon, due to some deal in which police apparently got involved, never heard anything from him since. I remember writing a piece while on ecstasy about how Dar es Salam and Jerusalem were synonymous and point to Muslim land rather than Jewish land, I had no idea that Jar esh shaliom was Jewish for something or the other and Dar es Salam was the capital of Tanzia in Africa meaning the abode of Peace. But just by the hunch they seemed similar I followed through with my great discovery, like always no one paid any attention, and there was no point to prove I think praise and aptitude to homage can be a destructive element in any career be it in the arts or whatever, people just giving their opinion seems quite upsetting, but because that was not the aim, the aim was to aim to enjoy what you are doing, something you enjoy, it may be basic, but energy wise it is a wise choice to write, and I seem to think of myself as a pupil to Einstein, who commented on the simplistic way being best rather than complicated way, so I tend to write a simplified way, to enjoy the passage rather than try to prove I am better or more worthy of praise.


Do what comes easy, shame how so much money is earned in frivolous activities such as entertainment and sports, when the only reason people succeed is by the will of God or do not, God controls everything. We can all look up and down, right and left forward and backwards, but try looking at yourself, and start there rather than where others find themselves, grass seems greener on the other side, the circle has no side, I hear thoughts of easy come easy go. But let me point you in the right direction, this verse comes from the Quran, and some refer to it as the philosophy of 'I believe you get what you give.'





"The similitude of anyone who spends in the way of God, is like a grain which produces seven spikes, each spike with a hundred grain, God increases this manifold for whomever He pleases. God is Bounteous, Knower" (2:261)



You got to wake up on the right side to find your path in life, if you wake up on the wrong side then you are susceptible to all kinds of problems, I think not to say I have not had my fair share of problems too, but masha allah I have learnt I will survive.


After about a year out of hospital, I began struggling again thinking there maybe an ulterior motive to my writing and will lead to torment and suffering, rather than a fun thing to be doing at the time, so I began torturing my thoughts about the future, and became embroiled in very fearful ideas. But like the Quran teaches, 'it is the devil's system to instill fear into its subjects. And being really not that practicing or anything at the time, I found it hard to remove the horror from my thoughts.


They admitted me informally in April 2006, but they followed all the protocols and after a week I wanted to discharge myself because patients like Fred were heard laughing really loud in the corridor, and the nurses were not monitoring the patient bedrooms, probably busy playing cards at the nurses desk. So like I said the meds never solved my problems they added more problems, but medication never helped me. They gave me a number of drugs to take home after the doctor had assessed me. When I got home that night, I took the lot, about 18 tablets of larezapam, a box full of arriprripozol, and some sleeping tablets. But I remember I drank some hot milk to help me fall asleep, after taking them. I woke up the next day as fresh as a daisy, as if I hadn't taken anything; I think I was immune to the larezapam and arrirrpripozole.


I think I never had the selfish gene, as such. Whenever someone would say when we used to own a shop, this is my shop, and I was only a kid, but I already had learnt to not be particular and fight over everything, and knew everything was nothing to an extent. But I had my needs, just like everybody else, I'm fortunate to God for catering my needs even though I did not know at times whether what I wanted was right for me, or wanting something which is bad for you, whereas something which seems bad may be good for you in the end, as the Quran teaches.


In August 2006 I fell


Cat has nine lives


The next few months were a bit tumultuous really difficult to understand my thoughts, it was the beginning of 3; first I saw it terms of money, money, money. Then basing it on my favorite childhood novel Lord of the Rings, I thought what if in this world there was no ring of power, instead the power of darkness was money, anyone could yield it, to all it seemed precious, and to most was the elixir of life, I saw it as an angelic test, somehow I feel people start of perfectly but by the time they reach 40, they do not submit and give to charity instead they spend on themselves, a sign of a mid life crisis, buy a Porsche (on lease you cannot afford) marry a white girl, no offence to the English girls but like they say about blacks and Asians, they all seem the same to me, so I too see things in a rose color taint and think white women are all the same. If this was a test, if you knew everything, then how could you do such a thing, in the afterlife he will blame his mullahs and religious leaders and even his parents, but when he looks back at the root of corruption it will be far in the past just as much as he felt they were honorable and righteous, so too will he know them as being corruptors of Islam, and in their bid to monopolise and diverting them from the truth, enslaving them to making lords out of scholars and leaders. Was he unaware? Could he not see beyond the lies and deceit of the Hadiths?


I wrote the three sides of money during this period, I called it an angel's test, a devil's curse, and a manmade drug. First I saw it as power, which I see as the second of the three linking with Omnipotent, but of darkness, then I see the curse a root, this links with the Tree of Knowledge, and then thirdly a corruptor of people, and people to serve people was the second of the three.


Money the power of darkness

Money the root of all evil

Money corrupts the people


This gave me a fair few giggles, knowledge of the future, power of the present, wisdom of the past. If you read the Masonic book lord of the rings, you will understand Saruman and Solomon are similar, Gandalf plays the resurrection and the life, and Sauron all-seeing eye is reference to the Masonic one eye. You will also understand Solomon used to have a ring of power, as legend tells, so what is the idea from this book, who knows I've talked about it before.


Then came the penultimate day, in 2006 around August time, two months after the screening of the film Omen, on 06/06/06, and whilst writing I made reference to myself alongside Paul, the early Christian slayer, and the word Accursed came into my writing, this frightened me quite a bit, I could not see myself as someone God loved, but started thinking I too was accursed just as Paul, maybe him for killing believers in God, but me for my writing , which may be impacting reality.


I remember now, when I was in Syria in 2000, I was 20 years old, a person who had performed the pilgrimage that year, quite a young person, around my age, who was originally from Bosnia and his parents were Muslims, my Lord already knows this, my Lord never errs nor does He forget. He was from New York, and he prayed while performing his pilgrimage, 'Lord take me to those whom you love the most.' He told us this story when he arrived, so now I take it as a sign my Lord loves me.


But back in 2006 I don't know what frequency my brain was working on, but while writing these scary things, and even now whenever I wake up to read the dawn prayer, whenever I pick the Quran up, I say 'I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.' and somehow most of the time, I yawn, I take that as a sign of the unseen, that there must be an unseen that I cannot see.


I had a meeting with my Consultant; it was no longer Dr Harrop, a new doctor who was just started in forensics. I was quite fearful at the time, not really sure of myself, and almost timid like a mouse. We had a discussion and he thought first I could go, but then he changed his mind, and then we discussed whether where to go was the option, I didn't want to stay on Oakburn which was the general ward, because the beds were awful and patients messed about all night like Fred. I wanted to stay in Moorlands View in the outpatient ward there, but he said there were no beds available. He rang my brother to ask him to take my car, and he felt I should stay in hospital for a few days. He kept re assuring me it would be a short admission.


When I got on the ward, I was quite frightened in my head, but then they took me to my room, and the room they gave me was room 13, I said is there any other room, I don't fancy staying in room 13. But they said there were no other beds available. This was the time /I became feverish, I was tormented and scared.


My parents, my sister and my elder brother's wife and some of her family were in Saudi doing the lesser pilgrimage. There was just me, my elder brother and my grandma at home, as well as my brother's children. When we moved into the big house, my elder brother wanted to move in too, his wife wasn't keen on the idea, but my brother kept giving a cock n bull story he couldn't pay his mortgage where he lived. Thinking of it now, it was a bad idea, but my brother was like I want to live with my parents, I want to be able to do ziara everyday of my parents, ziara is meeting o visiting in Arabic, usually when you go to a grave or a tomb, it is called a ziara in Sunnism. His wife wasn't happy, but relented on many conditions.


Before I put my life and his life in danger I better shut up.


But while in hospital, I began smoking again, after quitting for a few months, this made me even more depressed. I was having thoughts which seemed to similar to the story in Omen, and it frightened me a lot, I would break into cold sweat, and my body temperature would start rising and felt really scared. I have never seen the film.


I was admitted on a Thursday, I stayed the weekend, and then by Monday I wanted to see the consultant because the drugs weren't helping nor the admission in dealing with my thoughts, actually it was getting worse with this drug they forced me to take initially and I had become institutionalise to continue for 2 and half years, which was causing the suicidal thoughts.


That day many things happened which meant it was synchronised and destiny what happened. The doctor did the ward round in my absence, I had swallowed some cleaning powder from the cleaners trolley around 12, and even manage to put it back so no one noticed anything, because in hospital they do not pay attention to your actions, after all you are in a mental hospital, they look for signs, like something missing or such. I began vomiting severely, there were nurses who heard me vomiting but couldn't care less, and didn't ask what was the matter. I went back to room 13, and began vomiting even more. All over carpets, I got a drink from the drinks machine, and tried to get rid of as much cleaning powder from my guts as possible.


There was a right stench in room 13, still though they couldn't care less. I tried to sleep it off, around four pm; my brother came to see me. They called me that I had visitors, I went to see him, but while going to the visitors room my brother changed his mind, it was quite smoky in there, and so he asked the nurse if there was another room. Instead of obliging to provide another room, because there were plenty of rooms, she decided to let me go home, for a few hours.


That was the moment where my life and Fred's differed, because if I had stayed in hospital any longer they would have realised I had swallowed something then they would have detained me for another 6 months or longer, maybe 4 years like Fred, O my God, four years in one place, can't get high, can't go out, can’t meet a girl, nothing, just take sedatives which make you more incoherent than before.


I remember my nephew likes watching 'dum dum' his name for ' a night in the museum' starring Ben Stiller, and there is a part, where the two kinds the Wild West and the Roman legions are next to each other and they are trying to break through the other side. Then Larry gives them a talking, says he will let the roam free, but they got to play fair, they don't want end up like those people in 'mime' 'do they look happy?' he says. My nephew has it on all the time.


So much can be learnt from movies. On the way home my brother decided to stop at a take away, and ordered some chicken wraps, we went home. My grandmother was happy to see me, and we sat in the kitchen in the basement while I ate. At the same time my brother was out with delivery people at the front of the house.


I was planning to commit suicide while I was in hospital, but being in a sanatised environment it wasn't possible. So when they let me home, I was already thinking, if I jumped out of the attic window round the back, I would certainly die. I walked up to the attic, opened the sky line window, and fell head first down the slates of the roof, when I saw the fall I/ was having second thoughts.


It was a silent fall, I fell head first, but the wind took me and and did a summersault and became upright again, as I fell my right leg bent towards my left knee, and my right hand raised skywards and my index finger, or the first one next to the thumb lifted sky wards.


As I was about land, I saw a rock; I thought I hit my head against it. I went into a sky diving position almost like someone prostrating, and when I landed, I did not connect with the rock, all I heard was some shudders through my body. Later they said my head was inching away from the rock. I had broken my back, but had survived


A cat has nine lives


Survival stories


I was at the time saving, I used to get around £600 per month, so decided to put £400 a way in a camaytee something Pakistanis do to save money, that way they don't have money to burn, and can save money instead of waste it. I thought it was a good idea to do the same, live off £50 a week and the rest put aside, so I could buy a property or something. I was all set to complete the course it was an 18 months camaytee I got to about 4 months without struggling, could rely on my overdraft and some savings for the long haul of 18 months, plus I had two credit cards just in case. Then I made two mistakes I bought a quad bike, which turned to be not road legal, but still had some wild rides around the local park, but Lost £500 in it, and then I got scammed £640 in cameras from Indonesia, one way of giving charity I suppose but I wasn't too happy being ripped off, but one way of giving without getting anything return, but money just doesn't seem to stay with me, it goes. Pretty soon I wasn't in a position to cope with the camaytee, so I sold my decks to cash convertors, they gave me half price, but still quite a lot of money because brand new they cost like £800, I gave this to the people who we were saving with, and said that’s it I cannot continue to finish this camaytee. While I was in hospital recovering from my injuries my camaytee came through, but my Dad spent it on doing the front porch of the house.


Funny I was thinking if I could go on holiday if I hadn't have broken my back, But later felt like owed them for the car they bought earlier on.


While I lay on the freezing ground I was still conscious, I cried out a few times but no one could hear me. I didn't have my mobile on me, I wanted to become ascetic as possible, and started throwing all my material possessions away, like money, credit cards and phones. My brother was still at the front of the house with delivery people, when he came inside, he was going to eat, he asked my grandmother where I was, she said I had gone upstairs. I'm not sure if my brother ate his meal or began to start looking for me. But he realised I could not have gone far because my trainers were at the front of the house. Eventually he peered out of the window to the back of the house and found me lying on the ground.


Luckily the kids have been told I was messing about near a window and fell out, they don’t ask me about it, and I'm too embarrassed and ashamed to tell them. But I used to take them everywhere before my fall, to park and to the local shop, but since the fall I have to stay indoors because my pace of walking and ability to walk has been impaired considerably, but masha Allah I am totally independent in the home. Maybe it was my fault they had their teeth taken out, two of my eldest brothers sons had all their teeth removed, one of them had his fang teeth remain, like the dentists were having a joke with, he used to be called Dracula.


I was in hospital for 6 months after, and they continued treated me, and put me on an anti depressant. I'm tired, still away to go, to get to my present moment, and a few more survival stories


Recycled Gen


There other ways at looking at the three statements concerning money, it isn't all negative, but when you view kids fighting over everything, it seems truer than what can be expected.


But money can also enlighten the chaos, just as much as it can be the power of darkness. We looked to the Jewish people, who built their land and developed it, with a modern infrastructure, where they can enlighten the chaos. By enlightening I do not mean the certainty of the mind, the stage of enlightened minds, but the other meaning of making things easier.


Money can be the root of all evil but it can also be a source of happiness. How the Christian work to provide devices which would really be out of the depths of most people to buy, and to make things such as these affordable and available to certain classes of people. I think this is a good example, I wonder what environmental impact it would have on the future,


Money corrupts people, but viewing people from the sub-Indian continent, places like Kashmir, you will notice a very praisegar and saf and pak kinds of people, who will wear simple clothes, eat simple food, live a simple life, and their lives are spent trying to care for others and putting their children, their parents and their siblings needs before themselves. But in some ways they are not corrupted by money, they work and reap, find earth and reap.


All this drive to educate I don’t see what it will achieve, there is already an elitism in education


So we can say money corrupts people, but we can also say there are those who work really hard to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

And we can say money is the root of all evil, but we can also it is a source of happiness.

And we can say money the power of darkness, but we can say priorities are such whether we place money before our faith, belief and devotion to God.


Money is a test, but see it in terms of easing the chaos can be beneficial rather than harmful

Money is a curse, but see it in relation to good and evil, to have a heart to put others needs before your own.

Money is a drug, view the end with less fear then you will come closer to yourself.


Microsoft may have eased the chaos for word processing, but apple may have gone further by adding a spell checker on their browser. Microsoft contributed to the Shakespeareanisation of English with msn, whereas Apple restored the proper language in text messaging, emails, chat and articles.


My own language skills, have been corrupted by this new gen of broken English, I have been become somewhat lazy. Missing out capitals, question marks, and full stops.


Funny I remember one my first cousins, who was born the same time I was in Pakistan as a child, I was around 7-8 years old, he was born in Faisalabad, I used to compare sizes, saying when he is my age of 8 years, what will I be, he will have grown so much and will I have grown too. He says to me the other day talking about cars, because he just passed after his test after a lot of attempts, he says 'it's not the same thing you know, getting something brand new, and getting something second hand.' He was talking about iPhones. I remember this because I understand what he is saying now; he was upset with all the recycling people have to do with, these days whereas people in my generation enjoyed them brand new. He says ?I went to a car auction, and a Mitsubishi FTO was selling for £600, then he says they're going for around £2500 in the trader, which is not true, I'm quite certain, I remember seeing them 9 years ago while at uni in Durham, and they were quite old but quite a novel car. I thought they were nice, but couldn't understand why anyone would be interested in such an old car. They were good nine years ago , but if people are still talking about them 9 years later then you know, there is some recycling going on.


He bought a Seat Ibiza, 1.2 which struggles up hills, he